Glossop Area Family Histories.

When we started researching my Glossop family history back in the Autumn of 1994 we soon realised that my paternal family had been in the area so long that we were able to trace family lines forwards as well as backwards (as is the convention) using parish and probate records. We also confirmed the truth of the assertion that if you can trace your family history in the Glossop area back before the industrial revolution then you are probably related (by marriage if nothing else) to everyone else who can do the same.

As we didn't live in the area we needed to gather as much as possible on visits we made. No domestic Internet in those days so we made a great deal of use of the parish register and MI transcripts created by the Glossop & District Historical Society, held by Glossop library, and obtained copies of wills and admons from Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire record offices.

The approach we took was to transcribe every entry we could find and then analyse the data into family groups (with help from newly identified cousins) when we got back home. By 1996 we had an Internet presence so I created a set of web pages - one for each of our family names plus some others - containing the results of the analysis which we thought might have been useful to other researchers (happily it was in some cases). These included some marital links between the various families.

Our research then stalled to an extent between 2005 and 2016 because of various other calls on my time. Returning to research in 2016 I was able to easily access far more information than was possible in the early days and discovered errors in those early pages which should not really be published as they only serve to confuse. Over the years I had created a family history database (using the Brothers Keeper program) which contained details of more than 12,000 people (from Glossop and far beyond) who all link to my family in some way, shape or form. The old pages were, therefore, deleted and replaced by a set of pages generated from the database by the Ged2www program. I have used the parameters within the program to remove, as far as possible, details of people who are still living but in the knowledge that the parameters are a little crude so some people thus identified will be deceased. If I have displayed details of living people that upset anyone please get in touch so that I can delete them. To browse our family history database click Here and follow the links.

Because so many families stayed in the Glossop district for so long, the local history of the area is inextricably bound up with the history of those families. They may not have made the fortunes of some of the incomers who owned the largest mills but they were the backbone of the development of the area in the 19th and 20th centuries the people who owned smaller businesses and shops and the people who did the work that the mills relied on.

I have now gone back towards the idea of creating a set of web pages based on families, but with more detail where available. The pages have been constructed from information gathered from various sources (and very helpful people) over the last 25 years. Some families have been researched more thoroughly than others but the pages can be added to as time passes and more information comes to light (for instance, the number of children identified may well be less than the true total in some cases). I have no doubt that there are still links to be found between some of the (currently) separate family groupings for some of the names.

AlsopThe Alsop family of Glossop and California      The Alsop family of Glossop and Illinois
BarberThe Barber family of Hilltop and Padfield      Barber family of Padfield, Deepclough and Torside
BennettThe Bennett family of Simmondley and Birch Vale      The Bennett family of Turnlee      The Bennett family of Whitfield      Bennett family of Hilltop      Bennett family, blacksmiths of Rose Green
BoardmanThe Boardman family of Castleton and Glossop, blacksmiths
BoothA Booth Family of Hargate Hill      A Booth Family of Simmondley (Hare & Hounds)      A Booth Family of Charlesworth (George & Dragon)
Bower/Bowers/BoyerA Bowers family of Glossop      The descendants of John Bower of Hadfield
BramhallA Bramhall family of Glossop and Hadfield      A first Bramhall family of Chunal      A second Bramhall family of Chunal
BuckleyA Buckley family of Staley
ClarkeClarke Family of Hadfield
CollierThe Collier family of Howardtown      Vaudrey-Collier connection      The Collier family, Publicans, Commercial Inn, Glossop
CooperDescendants of William Cooper of Whitfield      A Cooper family of Gamesley and Throstle Nest
CrosslandCrossland family of Glossop
CuthbertA Cuthbert family of Glossop
DewsnapDewsnap family of Glossop      Dewsnap family of Hadfield      Dewsnap family of Hargate Hill and Simmondley
EllisonEllisons of Glossop Hall
Fielding/FieldsendDescendants of Jeremy Fielding of Whitfield 1721      Descendants of John Fielding of Whitfield 1674
GarlickA Garlick family of Dinting      The descendants of John Garlick of Padfield and Waterside      The descendants of Thomas Garlick of Hadfield      The Garlick family of Charlesworth and Illinois      The Garlick family of Padfield      The Garlick family of Pikes and The Junction
GeeThe Gee family of Ludworth
GillThe families of Priscilla Gill
GoddardThe descendants of James Goddard of Waterside
GoodisonA Goodison family of Glossop
HadfieldA Hadfield family of Whitfield      The family of John Hyde Hadfield      The family of James Hadfield of Cross Cliffe      The family of Joseph Hadfield of Whitfield      The family of Robert Hadfield of Throstle Nest      The descendants of John Hadfield, farmer of Hadfield      Descendants of Jonathan Hadfield of Hadfield      The Hadfield family of Cowbrook      The Hadfield family of Crowden Hall      A Hadfield family of Deepclough      Hadfields of Willow Grove      The descendants of James Goddard of Waterside      Hadfields of Lees Hall      Hadfields of the Old Halls
HagueThe Hague family of Glossop and Minnesota
Ham(p)sonThe Ham(p)son family of Whitfield
HoldenA Holden family of Charlesworth
HowardThe Howards of Ludworth and Bridgefield
HydeA Hyde family of Hayfield      The Hyde family of Hollingworth Head      The Hyde family of Mellor      A Hyde family of Holehouse and Whitfield
KershawThe Kershaw family of Hurst and Whitfield      Robert Kershaw, Philanthropist
KinderA Kinder family of Mottram and Dinting      The descendants of William Kinder
LeesThe Lees family of Padfield and Woolley Bridge mills
ListerThe Listers of Mirfield, Glossop and Paddington
LomasThe Lomas family of Chinley
MarslandThe descendants of William Marsland
MellorThe Mellor family of Sparrowpit
NealNeal family of Gamesley and Brookfield
NewtonThe descendants of George Newton of Padfield
Nield/NeildNields of Mouselow      Nields of Chunal and Dinting      Nields of Whitfield and Hadfield
OatesThe Oates family of Handsworth and Glossop
OldhamThe descendants of William Oldham of Hayfield
OliverThe Oliver family of Chapel en le Frith, Ludworth and Glossop
PatchettThe Patchett family in the Glossop area
PlattA Platt family of Mottram      The Platt family of Glossop
RhodesThe Rhodes family of Tintwistle and Mersey Bank
RidgwayThe Ridgways of Little Hayfield
RobinsonThe Robinsons of Gnat Hole      Descendants of Robert Robinson of Cross Cliffe      Descendants of William Robinson of Marple and Dan Bank
SandhamA Sandham family of Glossop
ShepleyThe Shepley family of Old Glossop and Brookfield      Shepley family of Laneside      A Shepley family of Chunal and Crosscliffe      A Shepley family of Charlesworth
SheppardThe Sheppard family of Whitfield
SidebottomSidebottoms of Hollingworth
SlackSlack family of Hayfield      A Slack family of Mellor and Glossop
SwireThe Swire family of Keighley, Hyde, Glossop and Hollingworth
Syddall (various spellings)The Syddall family of Glossop
WagstaffeWagstaffe family of Bridge End      Wagstaffe family of Hadfield
WardlowThe Wardlow family of Charlesworth and Bridgefield
WarhurstA Warhurst family of Hadfield
WoodA Wood family of Whitfield      Wood and Hill-Wood families      Jam o' Jonathan's      Wood family of High Stone and Woodhead

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Last updated: 20 November 2023