Slack family of Hayfield.

Generation One.

William Slack, died about 1640 in Brownside. He had eight children:
     William Slack, died about 1672.
     Robert Slack, born about 1624.
     John Slack.
     Nicholas Slack.
     Adam Slack.
     Mary Slack. She married E Jackson.
     Elizabeth Slack. She married Robert Pott.
     Ellen Slack. She married Richard Hague.

Generation Two.

Robert Slack of Little Hayfield was born about 1624 and died about 1714. He and his wife Ann had six children:
     Robert Slack, died about 1701.
     John Slack.
     Ann Slack.
     Mary Slack.
     Ellin Slack.
     Elizabeth Slack.

Generation Three.

Robert Slack, died about 1701. He had five children:
     Robert Slack, died about 1731.
     William Slack.
     John Slack.
     Elizabeth Slack.
     Mary Slack.

Generation Four.

Robert Slack, died about 1731. He married Dorothy Yeavley (daughter of George Yeavley) in 1710. They had a son, Robert Slack, baptised 28 January 1719.

Generation Five.

Robert Slack was baptised on 28 January 1719 in Hayfield, died about 1803 in Hayfield, buried 28 September 1803 in St Matthew's, Hayfield. He married Ann Pickford, of the Parish of Chapel, on 30 October 1753 in Peak Forest. They had eight children:
     Robert Slack born about 1754.
     Mary Slack, born about 1755, died about 1757.
     John Slack, born about 1756.
     Thomas Slack, born about 1763.
     John Slack, born about 1765.
     William Slack, born about 1769.
     Adam Slack, born about 1769.
     Ann Slack, died about 1774.
Robert Slack was buried on 28 September 1803 at St Matthew's, Hayfield.

Generation Six.

Robert Slack of Little Hayfield was born about 1754. He married Ellen Bradbury on 6 September 1774 in Glossop. They had two children:
     Betty Slack.
     Ann Slack. She married ? Steel.
After Ellen died he married Mary Tym (daughter of Nathaniel Tym). They had five children:
     Robert Slack born about 1782.
     John Slack, died about 1853.
     Thomas Slack.
     Dorothy Slack.
     Grace Slack. She married ? Marriott.
Robert died on 9 June 1822 and was described as Robert Slack the Elder of Little Hayfield in his will.

Generation Seven.

Robert Slack was born about 1782 and died about 1851. He owned Bankvale paper mill, Hayfield and as a lieutenant in the High Peak Volunteers. He married Anne (Nancy) Ibbotson of Glossop and they had two children:
     Robert Slack born about 1807.
     John Slack. Took over Bankvale Paper Mill after his brother Robert's bankruptcy.
Robert Slack was born about 1782, died about 1851.

Generation Eight.

Robert Slack was born about 1807. He lived at Swallow Houses, Hayfield and took over Bankvale paper mill from his father. He was declared bankrupt on 27 October 1837, after which he became a farmer in Whitfield (by 1839) but moved back to Hayfield by 1846. He was described as of Hayfield in the will of John Kershaw (Margaret's brother) which was signed 2nd May 1848. He married Margaret Kershaw on 29 February 1832, born 23 July and baptised 7 August 1810 in Glossop, daughter of William Kershaw and Mary Robinson (see The Kershaw family of Hurst and Whitfield). They had seven children:
     Robert Slack. Emigrated to Victoria, Australia in 1854.
     William Edward Slack, born 16 November 1834, died about 1902. Emigrated to New South Wales, Australia in 1852.
     Harold Slack.
     Tomas Samuel Slack. Emigrated to New South Wales, Australia in 1852. Became a mounted policeman.
     Christopher Slack, born 30 July 1841 in Whitfield. Became Chairman of Hayfield Parish Council in 1895.
     Margaret Slack born 7 September 1843.
     James Kershaw Slack, born 25 October 1846 in Hayfield, died 5 December 1846.
Margaret died, aged 38, on 19 October and was buried on 23 October 1848 at Hayfield.
Robert married Eliza Wagstaffe, baptised 19 September 1822 in Glossop, daughter of John Wagstaffe and Maria Robinson (see Wagstaffe family of Bridge End).
Robert Slack died about 1857.
Eliza died on 2 May and was buried on 8 May 1878 in Glossop, aged 55.

Generation Nine.

Harold Slack. Emigrated to New South Wales, Australia in 1852. He had a son, Thomas Donald Sinclair Slack.

Margaret Slack was born on 7 September 1843 in Whitfield. She married Frederick Bennett on 17 April 1873, son of John and Mary Bennett (see The Bennett family of Simmondley and Birch Vale).

Generation Ten.

Thomas Donald Sinclair Slack. He had a son, Edgar Slack, born 28 May and baptised 17 July 1898 in Wollombi, Australia, died 21 September 1990, cremated 26 September 1990. He was a sergeant in the Australian army in WW1 (Serial Number 16089) and later an officer. Served in France & Belgium. In 1919 he became a teacher in Toongabbie, New South Wales. Forced to retire at the age of 88, which he strongly contested. He married Ivy M. Thompson in 1929 in Cowra, Australia.

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