Barber family of Padfield, Deepclough and Torside.

Robert Barber of Little Padfield married Mary Bennett of Hilltop on 21 August 1718 (see Bennett family of Hilltop). The Lichfield register of probates includes a Robert Barber whose estate had a probate date of 16 May 1754 but the documents are missing. This Robert (or, indeed Roberts) may be the forebear(s) of the family detailed below. The loss of parish records in the past means that no proof can be documented.

Generation One.

Robert Barber was a farmer of Padfield and Deepclough. In his will, dated 20 October 1780, he mentions all his living children except Robert, including his daughter Ellen Sykes (wife of William Sykes). Robert and his wife Sarah had eight children:
     Robert Barber, baptised 29 April 1722 in Glossop.
     Sarah Barber, born about 1725, died 27 April and buried 30 April 1793 in Glossop aged 68. She married John Bennett (see Bennett family, blacksmiths of Rose Green).
     Ellen Barber. She married William Sykes.
     Margaret Barber born about 1731.
     William Barber, baptised 22 July 1732, buried 3 December 1807 in Glossop, aged 75 of Torside. He was left the tenement in Little Padfield in his father's will which was let to Thomas Barber 1731-1811 (see The Barber family of Hilltop and Padfield).
     Nathaniel Barber baptised 23 January 1737.
     Mary Barber, died 13 May 1754 and buried in Glossop.
     Rachel Barber, buried 10 April 1756 in Glossop.

Generation Two.

Robert Barber was baptised on 29 April 1722 in Glossop. He died on 28 March and was buried on 1 April 1796 in Glossop aged 75. His will, dated 7 February 1796, describes him as "now of Torside but late of Saddleworth". He was not named in his father's will but names his brother in law William Sykes of Torside, farmer (who was named in Robert senior's will) and son in law Joseph Newton as executors. Robert had three children:
     Ellen Barber. She married Joseph Newton of Woodhead.
     Martha (Matty) Barber born about 1781.
     Robert Barber, under 21 when his father died.

Margaret Barber, born about 1731. She married Thomas Hadfield, born 1730, son of John Hadfield (see A Hadfield family of Deepclough) on 16 November 1766 in Glossop Parish Church.

Nathaniel Barber was baptised on 23 January 1737. A farmer, of Deepclough, he died on 20 October and buried 24 October 1792 in Glossop aged 55. He married Ellin Martin (daughter of Samuel Martin of Beacom, Stockport, taylor). They had two children:
     Esther Barber born 24 October 1787.
     Ellen Barber, born 14 January and baptised 2 April 1790 in Glossop.

Generation Three.

Martha (Matty) Barber was born about 1781. She died on 28 December 1807 and was buried in Glossop aged 26. She married Thomas Winterbottom of Lanehead on 19 May 1805 in Glossop. They had a daughter, Mary Winterbottom, born on 15 January 1806.

Esther Barber was born on 24 October 1787 and baptised on 6 January 1788 in Glossop. She had a son, Robert Barber, baptised on 22 October 1813 in Glossop.

Generation Four.

Mary Winterbottom was born on 15 January and baptised on 6 April 1806. She married Thomas Higginbottom, a painter born about 1797, on18 September 1827 in Glossop. They had four children:
     Charles Higginbottom, born in 1830, died 31 August 1831 and buried in Glossop aged 10 months.
     Syrena Higginbottom, baptised 29 September 1833 in Glossop, died 5 July 1835 and buried in Glossop aged 1 year and 10 months.
     Martha Higginbottom, born in 1840, died 7 April 1841 and buried in Glossop aged 13 months.
     Harriet Higginbottom, born in 1844, died 6 June 1848 and buried in Glossop aged 4 years and 4 months.
Mary died on 26 January 1866 and was, buried in Glossop aged 61.
Thomas Higginbottom died on 26 September 1868, buried in Glossop aged 71.

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