A Booth Family of Charlesworth (George & Dragon).

Generation One.

Samuel Booth was born about 1783. He became the landlord of the George and Dragon, Charlesworth, where he was also a butcher, baker and victualler, being listed in directories as early as Pigot's Directory of Manchester, Salford &c for 1824-5. He married Martha Shepley, born about 1789 in Staley, daughter of John and Nancy Shepley (see A Shepley family of Charlesworth), on 22 September 1807 in Glossop Parish Church. They had ten identified children:
     John Booth born 20 August 1808.
     Thomas Booth born about 1810.
     Samuel Booth born about 1812.
     Mary Booth, born 4 November 1814, baptised 12 June 1815 in Charlesworth Independent Chapel.
     Elizabeth Booth, born 14 January and baptised 5 April 1818 in Charlesworth Independent Chapel, died aged 5 on 4 July 1823 and buried at Charlesworth Independent Chapel.
     Mariah Booth, born 1 May 1820, baptised 25 January 1821 in Charlesworth Independent Chapel.
     Charles Booth, born 27 January 1823, baptised 10 February 1824 in Charlesworth Independent Chapel.
     Joe Booth born 29 March 1825.
     Elizabeth Booth, born 29 March 1827, baptised 23 March 1828 in Charlesworth Independent Chapel.
     Nancy Martha Booth born 23 July 1830.
Samuel Booth died aged 47 on 20 October 1830 and was buried at Charlesworth Independent Chapel.
Martha took over the George & Dragon and is listed in various directories and the censuses as a shopkeeper and farmer of 7 acres as well as running the pub.
Martha died aged 80 on 25 March 1870 and was buried on 30 March 1870 at Charlesworth Independent Chapel.

Generation Two.

John Booth was born on 20 August and baptised on 11 September 1808 in Charlesworth Independent Chapel. He became a druggist in Glossop, initially at Milltown then Bridge End, Market Street (where he also ran the stamp office at the time of the 1851 census) and at 9 High Street East. He married Mary Lee, born 7 November 1809 in Kirkburton, Yorkshire and baptised 24 December 1809 in All Hallows, Kirkburton (daughter of Stephen and Hannah Lee), on 22 March 1832 in Glossop Parish Church. They had eight identified children:
     Samuel Booth, baptised 6 June 1832 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Thomas Booth, baptised 25 February 1834 in Glossop, buried 23 March 1836 in Littlemoor chapel, aged 2 (of Howardtown).
     Jane Booth, baptised 17 April 1836 in Glossop Parish Church. She married William Higginbottom Pedley, born about 1822, in 1890 at Shrewsbury St. Methodist Chapel. He died, aged 68, later the same year and was buried on 5 November 1890 in Glossop cemetery. Jane married William Hobson, born about 1840 in Tideswell, an overlooker of 10 Slatelands Road, in 1891 at The Tabernacle, Glossop. Jane died aged 61 on 15 June 1897 (of 10 Slatelands Road) and was buried in Littlemoor chapel.
     John Lee Booth, born 1838 in Glossop. He married Elizabeth Watkinson, born about 1843 in Denby Dale, Yorkshire, in February 1861 in Shrewsbury St. Methodist Chapel.. They moved to Wrexham where John was working, at the time of the 1861 census, as a chemist's assistant to Walter H Johnson at 3, High Street, Wrexham Regis, Wrexham. They then moved to Liverpool where John did various jobs at the docks and they lived at 3 Hardwick Street, West Derby (1871), 21 Falkland Street (1881) and 15a Lancaster Street, Kirkdale (1891). John died aged 59 and was buried on 12 September 1897 at Littlemoor chapel.
     Mary Lee Booth born 1842.
     William Henry Booth, born 1845 in Glossop, buried 1 January 1846 in Littlemoor chapel, aged 1.
     Martha Hannah Booth born 1847.
     William Henry Booth, born 1850 in Glossop. He married Hannah Haughton in February 1886 at Shrewsbury Street Methodist Church.
Mary died aged 64 and was buried on 15 June 1874 at Littlemoor Chapel.
John Booth (of Gladstone Street, Whitfield) died aged 72 and was buried on 11 March 1881 at Littlemoor Chapel.

Thomas Booth was born about 1810. After his father died he took on the butchery side of the business at the George & Dragon, being listed there in several directories and in the censuses of 1841-1871 inclusive. He married Sarah Hegginbottom (Higginbottom in some records), born about 1818 in Mellor, and they had five identified children:
     Samuel Booth born 9 November 1845.
     John Thomas Booth, born 1847, baptised 28 November 1947 in Mellor. He became landlord of the George & Dragon after his grandmother died, being recorded there in the 1871 census and the Post Office Directory 1876. He married Mary Bradbury, born about 1851 (daughter of Joseph Bradbury), on 31 January 1876 in Glossop Parish Church. He died in 1880.
     Martha Booth, born 1850, baptised 29 September 1850 in St John's, Charlesworth. In the 1871 census she was aged 20, housekeeper, living at the George & Dragon.
     Alfred Booth.
     Frances Mary Booth born 31 October 1856.
Thomas Booth (late of Charlesworth) died aged 69 on 14 December and was buried on 18 December 1879 at Charlesworth Independent Chapel.
Sarah died in 1889.

Samuel Booth was born about 1812. He married Mary Wagstaffe, baptised 29 April 1816 in Glossop Parish Church (daughter of Robert Wagstaffe and Mary Handford), on 12 January 1834 in Glossop Parish Church. They had seven identified children:
     Robert Booth.
     Thomas Wagstaffe Booth, baptised 12 February 1837 in Glossop Parish Church, died 23 March 1837, buried at Charlesworth Independent Chapel aged 3 months.
     John Shepley Booth born 1838.
     Job Booth, born 1840, died 23 January 1842, buried at Charlesworth Independent Chapel aged 18 months.
     Grace Booth, born 1843, died 29 January 1844, buried at Charlesworth Independent Chapel aged 8 months.
     Ruth Booth, born 1845, died 15 November 1857, buried at Charlesworth Independent Chapel aged 12.
     Alfred Booth, born 1847, died 17 February 1852, buried at Charlesworth Independent Chapel aged 4.
When their first two sons were born they were living at Charlesworth, where Samuel was a bookkeeper, but in the 1841 census they were living with Mary's parents at Whitfield, Samuel being a warehouseman. They subsequently moved to Broadbottom where they had a druggist business at Stone Row (which became Market Street) but in the 1881 census were farming a 5 acre holding at Hade Edge, Hopefield House, Wooldale, Huddersfield.
Samuel Booth (of Broadbottom) died aged 74 on 4 October 1886 and was buried at Charlesworth Independent Chapel.
Mary died aged 72 on 8 January 1889 and was buried at Charlesworth Independent Chapel.

Joe Booth was born on 29 March 1825 and baptised 12 February 1826 in Charlesworth Independent Chapel. He became a mechanic and moved to Harpurhey. He married Elizabeth Broughton, born about 1829 in Manchester (daughter of Thomas Broughton), on 1 January 1852 in Manchester Cathedral and they had five identified children:
     Martha Ann Booth, born 1854 in Manchester (registered as Martha Hannah), died 14 June 1857, buried in Charlesworth Independent Chapel in the 4th year of her age.
     Mary Ellen Booth, born 1857 in Charlesworth.
     Joseph Edwin Booth born 1862.
     Sarah Ann Booth born 1866.
     John James Booth born 26 May 1867.
They lived in lodgings at 91 Hyde Road, Ardwick (1861 census) and at Hague Bar, New Mills, before moving to Hollingworth where Joe Booth died in 1890.
Elizabeth is recorded in the 1891 census age as aged 65, a widow living on her own means at Market Street, Hollingworth.

Nancy Martha Booth was born on 23 July and baptised on 15 October 1830 in Charlesworth Independent Chapel. She had two children as a single woman:
     Samuel Thomas Booth, born 1861, baptised 13 March 1861 in St John's, Charlesworth.
     Nancy Martha Booth born 14 March 1864.
She married John Hawkins, born about 1821 in Cuddington, Buckinghamshire (son of John Hawkins), a 50 year old widower and signalman on railway, on 24 January 1871 in St John's, Charlesworth. They lived at Long Lane, Charlesworth and had two children:
     John Charles Hawkins, born 1872 in Charlesworth.
     Mary Elizabeth Hawkins, born 1875 in Charlesworth.
John Hawkins died in 1892 in Glossop.
Nancy Martha died in 1900 in Warrington.

Generation Three.

Children of John Booth born 1808.

Mary Lee Booth was born in 1842 in Glossop. She married William Hague, born about 1841 in Rowarth, in 1860 in Ashton under Lyne. They had six identified children:
     Sarah Jane Hague born 1860.
     Mary Hague, born 1871 in Glossop, buried 22 March 1874 in Glossop cemetery aged 2 years 6 months.
     Alice Ann Hague born 13 April 1875.
     Clara Hague born 24 March 1878.
     Annie Hague born 1881.
     William Hague born 13 December 1886.
They lived initially at 1 Wood Roe, Cross Cliffe, at 101 High Street East., at 24 Milltown and finally at 133 High Street East where Mary died on 29 April 1899.

Martha Hannah Booth was born and baptised on 28 July 1847 in Glossop Parish Church. She married Thomas Roberts, an engraver in the print works, born about 1847 in Ramsbottom, Lancashire, on 23 December 1869 in Littlemoor chapel. They had five identified children:
     Annie Powell Roberts, born 1870 in Glossop, died 1874 in Manchester, aged 3.
     Lillian Roberts, born 16 August 1875 in Prestwich, baptised 16 March 1898 in Accrington, Lancashire.
     John Robert Roberts born 1877.
     Jane Roberts, born 1879 in Prestwich.
     Thomas Roberts, born 1882 in Prestwich.
Their initial home was at 89 Dinting Vale but they subsequently moved to 28 Cedar Street, Cheetham, Manchester, 24 Hollins Lane, Accrington and 5 Holly Bank, Accrington.
Martha Hannah died in 1889 in Haslingden, Lancashire.
Thomas Roberts died in 1905 in Haslingden.

Children of Thomas Booth born 1810.

Samuel Booth was born on 9 November 1845 and baptised on 28 November 1847 in Mellor. He married Jane Heaps, born about 1850 in Liverpool, in 1872 in Stockport RD and they had twelve children:
     Esther Harrison Booth, born 1873 in Stockport RD, buried 10 November 1873 at Charlesworth Independent Chapel aged 8 months.
     Benjamin Harrison Booth, born 1874 in Stockport RD, buried 28 November 1878 at Charlesworth Independent Chapel aged 4.
     Thomas Raffles Booth, born 1876 in Stockport RD, buried 20 October 1876 at Charlesworth Independent Chapel aged 7 weeks.
     Helena Booth, born 1877 in Woodley.
     Sarah Ann Booth born 1879.
     Jessie Booth, born 1881 in Stockport RD, buried 26 October 1881 at Charlesworth Independent Chapel aged 5 weeks.
     Jane Booth, born 1883 in Stockport RD.
     Margaret Ellen Booth, born 1884 in Stockport RD, died 1885 in Stockport RD aged 1.
     Laura Alice Booth, born 1885 in Stockport RD.
     Samuel Booth, born 1888 in Stockport RD.
     Frances Mary Ellen Booth, born 1892 in Stockport RD.
     John William Booth, born 1894 in Stockport RD.
Samuel was listed in the 1871 census as a science teacher general drawing, living at the George & Dragon but in 1881 was a coal and general labourer, at Hyde Road, Bredbury. In the 1891 census age he was an assurance agent, at 3 Spring Street, Godley, and in 1901 a sewing machine salesman at 12 King Street, Hyde.
Jane died in 1907 or 1909 in Hyde.
In the 1911 census Samuel was a 65, widowed assurance assistant at 56 Dawson Street, Hyde.

Alfred Booth was baptised on 4 September 1853 in St John's, Charlesworth. After becoming a band maker he moved to Lowerfold Farm, Back Rowarth Road, Thornsett, where he is recorded in the 1881 census as a farmer of 49 acres and band maker. Ten years later he was a farmer and band maker at Gun Farm, Gun Road, Mellor. He married Selina Ashton, born 1856 in Chisworth (daughter of James Ashton and Hannah Rowbottom), on 10 November 1884 in Glossop Parish Church. They had five identified children:
     Annie Sarah Booth, born 14 January 1885 in Mellor, baptised 7 June 1885 in Mellor. In the 1911 census age she was recorded as 26, a general servant domestic for the family of John and Elizabeth Cooper at 84 Market Street, Hyde.
     Rhoda Booth, born 1886, died 30 April 1886, buried at Charlesworth Independent Chapel aged 1 month.
     Edith Frances Booth born 15 January 1888.
     Lois Ella Booth, born 5 October 1890 in Mellor, died 1920 in aged 29.
     Frederick Thomas Booth, born 1895 in Mellor.
Alfred Booth died in 1896.
Selina died aged 57 in 1914.

Frances Mary Boot was born on 31 October 1856 in Charlesworth. She married John Robert Bradley, a 34 year old widowed farmer born about 1856 in Glossop (son of Henry Bradley), on 14 June 1891 in Glossop Parish Church. They had three children:
     Sarah Bradley born 19 May 1893.
     Albert Henry Bradley born 8 January 1895.
     John Purcell Bradley, born 1 July 1898 in Glossop, baptised 15 January 1899 in St John's, Charlesworth (private baptism at Glossop). He moved to Lowestoft where he married Martha Elizabeth Harvey, born 10 March 1899 (daughter of John Harvey), on 1 January 1921 in St Margaret's Church. They ran an off licence and general shop at 49 Queen's Road, Lowestoft. John Purcell Bradley (of 42 Cambridge Road, Lowestoft) died on 16 September 1975. Martha (of 7 Manor Court, Lowestoft) died on 12 June 1994.
John was landlord of the Britannia Inn, 38 High Street West, Glossop from 1894-1899, selling Newhouses Farm at Rowarth to move there but then went back to farming, at Woodseats, Charlesworth.

Children of Samuel Booth born 1812.

Robert Booth was baptised on 25 April 1835 in Glossop Parish Church and became a joiner. He married Ann Wood, born about 1837 in Smedley, Lancashire, baptised 17 December 1837 in Manchester Cathedral (daughter of Richard and Martha Wood), on 17 August 1856 in Attercliffe, Yorkshire. They had five identified children:
     Alfred Booth born 1857.
     Ruth Booth, born 1858 in Glossop.
     Walter Booth born 1860.
     Emma Booth, born 1861 in Glossop, died 1861 in Glossop.
     Robert Edwin Booth, born 1863 in Glossop, buried 19 February 1874 at Charlesworth Independent Chapel aged 10.
The lived in Charlestown Road, Ann Wood being listed in the 1881 census as a grocer at 84 & 86 Charlestown Road.
Ann died aged 63 on 12 April 1902 and was buried in Charlesworth Independent Chapel.
Robert Booth died aged 70 on 15 June 1904 and was buried at Charlesworth Independent Chapel.

John Shepley Booth was born in 1838 in Charlesworth. He became a railwayman (an industry into which several descendants followed him) being listed as station master at Barton Road, Wrawby, Glanford Brigg, Lincolnshire in the 1881 census before returning to Glossop in a similar position (in the 1891 census as 52, station master at 12 Turnlee Road, Glossop). He married Eliza Hambleton, born about 1846 in Mellor, in 1870. They had nine children:
     Samuel Booth born 18 May 1873.
     Thomas Booth born 5 February 1875.
     Alfred Booth born 24 November 1876.
     Mary Ellen Booth, born 1878, died 29 December 1879, buried at Charlesworth Independent Chapel.
     Fred Booth, born 1881 in Wrawby, Lincolnshire, died 28 February 1883, buried at Charlesworth Independent Chapel aged 2.
     John Herbert Booth born 14 April 1883.
     May Gertrude Booth, born 18 April 1885 in Wrawby, Lincolnshire. She became an elementary school teacher, living at 54 Sunlaws Street in 1939. May died aged 92 on 11 January 1978 at Whitfield House, Glossop and was, buried 20 January 1978 in Glossop cemetery.
     Joshua Booth born 22 October 1886.
     Walter Booth, born 7 July 1889 in Glossop. He became a railway clerk and moved to Doncaster, being listed in the 1939 register at 15 Alderson Drive, Doncaster. He had married Harriet May Platt, born 18 January 1893, daughter of Bernard Platt and Emily Turner (see The Platt family of Glossop), on 11 February 1918 in St James', Whitfield. Walter Booth died aged 78 on 27 February 1968 in Doncaster and was buried on 10 April 1968 at Glossop cemetery. Harriet died aged 86 on 10 June 1979 in Doncaster and was buried on 2 July 1979 in Glossop cemetery aged 86.
John Shepley Booth died aged 60 on 7 March 1899 and was buried at Charlesworth Independent Chapel.
Eliza, who was living at 47 Charlestown Road at the time of the 1901 census and at 54 Sunlaws Street ten years later, died aged 80 on 3 April 1926 and was buried at Charlesworth Independent Chapel.

Children of Joe Booth born 1825.

Joseph Edwin Booth was baptised on 2 June 1862 in Charlesworth Parish Church. Living at Hague Bar when he married, the family lived at Royal Oak Row, Mellor. He married Maria Sidebottom, born about 1864 in New Mills (daughter of John Sidebottom), on 18 August 1884 in St James', Whitfield. They had one identified child, Fred Booth, born 1884 in New Mills.
Maria died in 1906.
Joseph Edwin Booth died in 1908.

Sarah Ann Booth was born in 1866 in Charlesworth. She married Joe Handford, born 1857 in Glossop (son of George Handford), on 10 May 1886 in St James', Whitfield but the marriage seems to have failed as she was recorded in the 1891 and 1901 censuses as married but with the surname Booth. In the 1891 census, Joe Handford was recorded as a married cotton weaver, lodging with the family of James Seel at Summer Brook, Little Marsden, Burnley and in the 1901 census he is a widowed cotton weaver, at 32, Reedley Road, Brierfield, Burnley. Sara Ann had two children:
     Lily Booth born 19 July 1888.
     Gladys Fletcher Booth, born 28 December 1896 in Hollingworth. In the 1939 register she is recorded as a ring spinner cotton operative at 8 Albert Road, Hadfield. She spent all her working life at Waterside Mills and died aged 54 on 19 February 1954 in Hyde Isolation Hospital, being buried on 24 February 1954 in Glossop cemetery.
Joe Handford (of 28 Hardman Street, Failsworth) died on 7 June 1906.
Sarah Ann was listed in the 1911 census as a widowed cardroom hand at 8 Albert Street, Hadfield. She died aged 68 and was buried on 31 October 1934 in Glossop cemetery.

John James Booth was born on 26 May 1867 in Charlesworth. He married Hannah Maria Bradbury, born 23 August 1869 in Manchester (daughter of William Bradbury), on 17 August 1891 in St James', Whitfield. They had six children:
     Louise Booth, born 1892 in Hollingworth.
     Henrietta Booth, born 1893 in Hollingworth.
     Florence Booth, born 1895 in Hollingworth, died 1896 in Hollingworth.
     May Booth, born 1901 in Hollingworth, died 1902 in Hollingworth aged 1.
     Lily Booth, born 1904 in Hollingworth, died 1904 in Hollingworth.
     Nellie Booth, born 1906 in Hollingworth.
John and Hannah moved to Hollingworth, living at 53 Moorfield Terrace and then at 85 Market Street.
John James Booth died in 1941 in Hollingworth.
Hannah Maria died in 1943 in Hollingworth.

Child of Nancy Martha Booth born 1830.

Nancy Martha Booth was born on 14 March and baptised on 17 May 1864 in St John's, Charlesworth. She married John Thomas Booth, born about 1864 (son of Robert Booth), on 12 February 1890 in St John's Charlesworth. They lived at 6 Crowther Street, Heaton Norris, Stockport then 13, Hollingreave Road, Burnley and, by the time of the 1911 census, at 7 Berry Street, Spring Hill, Burnley. They had six children:
     Maria Booth, born 1891 in Heaton Norris, baptised 13 March 1895 in St Stephen's, Burnley.
     Elsie Booth, born 13 January 1893 in Burnley, baptised 13 March 1895 in St Stephen's, Burnley.
     Harvey Booth, born 1894 in Burnley, baptised 13 March 1895 in St Stephen's, Burnley.
     Eva Booth, born 2 September 1894 in Burnley, baptised 13 March 1895 in St Stephen's, Burnley.
     Tom Booth, born 1898 in Burnley, baptised 6 July 1898 in St Stephen's, Burnley.
     Ada Booth, born 8 May 1899 in Burnley, baptised 10 January 1900 in St Stephen's, Burnley. She married Whalley Allen, born 1898 in Burnley, in 1942 in Burnley. Ada died in 1984 and Whalley in 1985, both in Burnley.
John Thomas Booth (of 7 Berry Street, Burnley) died on 3 March 1928.
In the 1939 register Nancy Martha was a widow at 7 Berry Street, Burnley. She died in 1947 in Burnley.

Generation Four.

Children of Mary Lee Booth born 1842.

Sarah Jane Hague was born in 1860 in Whitfield. She married Frederick Rose, born about 1858 in Glossop (son of Jabez Rose), in 1888 in The Tabernacle, Glossop. They lived at 20 Milltown then 61 Sheffield Road and finally at 135 High Street East. They had four children:
     Walter Rose, born 1889 in Glossop, buried 19 October 1889 in Glossop cemetery aged 9 months.
     Mary Lilian Rose, born 1892 in Glossop, buried 8 April 1893 in Glossop cemetery aged 7 months.
     Alfred Rose born 15 February 1894.
     Alice Rose, born 1895 in Glossop, baptised 10 November 1895 in Tabernacle, Glossop (age 6 weeks).
     Ruth Rose, born 20 February 1897 in Glossop, baptised 23 May 1897 in Tabernacle, Glossop.
     Frederick William Rose, born 21 July 1898 in Glossop, baptised 4 September 1898 in Tabernacle, Glossop.
Sarah Jane died aged 42 and was buried on 24 June 1902 in Glossop cemetery.
Frederick Rose died ages 76 and was buried on 27 August 1934 in Glossop cemetery.

Alice Ann Hague was born on 13 April and baptised on 30 May 1875 in Glossop Parish Church. She married James Beverley, born about 1875, in 1901 in The Tabernacle, Glossop and they had one child:
     Ethel Beverley born 8 October 1905.
James Beverley died aged 33 and was buried on 24 December 1908 in Glossop cemetery. In the 1911 census Alice Ann was recorded as a 36 year old widowed calico weaver at 16 Charles Street. In the 1939 register she was living at at 119 Manor Park Road.
Alice Ann died aged 75 and was buried on 16 May 1950 in Glossop cemetery.

Clara Hague was born on 24 March 1878 in Glossop. She married Joshua Scholes Roberts, born 9 July 1880 in Simmondley, in 1908 in Charlesworth Independent Chapel and they had four children:
     Hilda Roberts, born 20 March 1909 in Glossop. She married Walter Hill, born 14 July 1905, in 1936 in The Tabernacle, Glossop. In the 1939 register they are living at 40 Freetown. Walter was a textile bleaching mangler who worked at the River Etherow Bleachworks. Walter (of 1 Todd Street) died on 11 October 1961. Hilda (of 1 Todd Street) died on 4 June 1988.
     Edith Roberts, born 12 October 1911 in Glossop. She married Albert Booth, born 7 February 1909, in 1933 in The Tabernacle, Glossop. In the 1939 register, Albert was a solicitor's clerk of 3 Hampson Street.
     Norman Roberts, born 31 May 1914 in Glossop. He married Elizabeth Shaw, born 22 August 1917, in 1937 in Holy Trinity Church, Dinting. In the 1939 register they were living at 199 High Street West where Elizabeth was an overall machinist and Norman a stone sawyer.
     William Roberts, born 12 March 1917 in Glossop.
Clara Hague (of 3 Regent Street) died aged 68 and was buried on 3 August 1946 in Glossop cemetery.
Joshua Scholes Roberts died aged 95 and was buried on 25 September 1975 in Glossop cemetery.

Annie Hague was born in 1881 in Glossop. She married George Shaw, born about 1881 in Glossop. They lived at at 133 High Street East and had one child:
     Clifford Shaw, born November 1919 in Glossop, buried 6 December 1919 in Glossop cemetery aged 22 days.
Annie Hague died aged 43 and was buried on 3 April 1924 in Glossop cemetery.

William Hague was born on 13 December 1886 in Glossop and became a house painter house painter living at 133 High Street East. He married Cecilia Brophy, born 14 December 1881 in Glossop, on 13 April 1910. They had six children:
     James Hague, born 3 July 1910 in Glossop.
     Mary Hague, born 31 May 1911 in Glossop.
     William Hague, born 2 August 1912 in Glossop. 1939 register, house painter at 133 High Street East.
     Lucy Ann Hague, born 24 September 1913 in Glossop.
     Teresa Hague, born 1916 in Glossop, buried 25 April 1917 in Glossop cemetery aged 11 months.
     Frances Hague, born 6 December 1921 in Glossop. 1939 register, confectioner cake maker at 133 High Street East.
William Hague died aged 60 and was buried on 11 November 1946 in Glossop cemetery.

Child of Martha Hannah Booth born 1847.

John Robert Roberts was born in 1877 in Prestwich. He married Edith Ingham, born about 1880 in Haslingden, married 1901 in Haslingden. After initially living in Haslingden they moved to Leyton. In the 1911 census John is listed as a Steel Die Cutter To Calico Printing And Wallpaper Printers, the family living at 82 Adelaide Road, Leyton, Low Leyton, London. John and Edith had three identified children:
     Thomas Alfred Roberts, born 1903 in Accrington.
     Jack Roberts, born 1908 in Leyton.
     Edith Roberts, born 1910 in Leyton.

Child of Samuel Booth born 1845.

Sarah Ann Booth was born in 1879 in Woodley. She married Joseph Beswick Lancashire, born about 1878 in Haughton, Lancashire, in 1899 in Stockport RD. They are recorded in the 1901 census at 5 Tower Street, Hyde and in the 1911 census at 16 Orchard Street, Hyde. They had four identified children:
     Arnold Lancashire, born 1900 in Stockport RD, died 1901 in Stockport RD.
     Wilfred Lancashire, born 1902 in Ashton under Lyne RD.
     Doris Lancashire, born 1904 in Ashton under Lyne RD.
     Annie Lancashire, born 1907 in Stockport RD, died 1907 in Stockport RD.

Child of Alfred Booth born 1853.

Edith Frances Booth was born on 15 January and baptised on 22 July 1888 in Mellor. She married Jeptha Fish Beaumont, born 12 September 1886, in 1912 in Bank Street Chapel, Hadfield. The family are recorded in the 1939 register at 7b Paradise, Hadfield..Edith and Jeptha had three children:
     Alice Fish Beaumont, born 16 January 1916. She married George Hallsworth in 1946 in Bank Street Methodist Chapel, Hadfield.
     Walter Fish Beaumont, born 18 November 1921. He married Dorothy Bowden, in 1957 in Woolley Bridge Road Methodist Chapel, Hadfield.
     Nancy Fish Beaumont, born 2 June 1926.

Children of Frances Mary Booth born 1856.

Sarah Bradley was born on 19 May 1893 in Glossop. She married Thomas Chatburn, born 9 July 1878, in 1919 in St John's, Charlesworth and they had one child:
     Russell Chatburn, born 3 October 1924.
Sarah (of 14 Marple Road, Charlesworth) died on 29 June 1943 in St Mary's Hospital, Manchester.

Albert Henry Bradley was born on 8 January 1895 in Glossop. He married Constance Foster, born 22 October 1908, on 3 August 1930 in St John's, Charlesworth. They lived at at Pink House, Woodseats Lane.
Albert Henry Bradley died in 1989.

Children of Robert Booth born 1835.

Alfred Booth was born in 1857 in Broadbottom. Starting as a paper finisher, he moved into sales and is recorded in the censuses of 1891 at 16 Croft Street, Broughton, 1901 at 52 Alexandra Road, Croydon, Surrey and 1911 at 44 Alexandra Road, East Croydon, Surrey. He married Elizabeth Shaw, born about 1855 in Crowden, Cheshire (daughter of Thomas and Nancy Shaw), on 28 February 1881 in St James', Whitfield. They had two children:
     Margaret Ann Booth, born 4 December 1881 in Glossop, baptised 11 January 1882 in St James', Whitfield (recorded as Margaret Ellen).
     Ethel Booth born 14 July 1886.
Alfred Booth (of Rowarch, Crichton Road, Carshalton) died aged 69 on 5 November 1926 in Shrublands Nursing Home, 2 Sydenham Road, West Croydon and was buried on 10 November 1926 at Carshalton parish church.
Elizabeth Shaw died aged 83 on 20 February 1938 in of 42 Oakfield Road, West Croydon and was buried on 25 February 1938 at Carshalton parish church.

Walter Booth was born in 1860 in Glossop. He also started as a paper finisher and moved into sales being recorded in the 1891 census at 58 Earl Street, Broughton, Lancs, in the 1901 census at 48 School Lane, Didsbury and in the 1911 census at 61 Atwood Road, Didsbury (where the family still lived when he died). He married Mary Monks, born about 1860 in Bury (daughter of James Monks), on 25 March 1883 in St Philip's, Salford. They had two children:
     Fred Wood Booth, born 23 February 1888 in Lower Broughton. He married Gladys Gertrude Smith, born 13 September 1896, on 1930 in Whalley Range. Fred was buried on 2 August 1952 in Southern Cemetery, Manchester. Gladys Gertrude Smith died in 1973 in Manchester.
     Dorothy May Booth, born 15 May 1895 in Lower Broughton. She married Geoffrey Lambert Lowcock, born 8 September 1894 (son of Richard Lowcock), on 5 August 1916 in Manchester Cathedral. In the 1939 register they were living at 31 Maycot Bower Road, Hale U.D., where Geoffrey was a cotton mill director. They retired to Bournemouth where they lived at 5 Barclay Mansions, St. Valerie Road. Dorothy died on 10 February 1967 at 23 Stokewood Road, Bournemouth and Geoffrey on 16 June 1969.
Walter Booth died on 28 August 1922 at Auxiliary Hospital, 20 Nell Lane, Withington, Manchester.
Mary (of 61 Atwood Road, Didsbury) died on 26 February 1935.

Children of John Shepley Booth born 1838.

Samuel Booth was born on 18 May 1873 in Marple. In the 1891 census he was a railway booking clerk boarding at 73 Croft Street, Hyde and was station master of the Station House, Strines, when he married Kate Ellen Saxton, born about 1869 in Sheffield (daughter of Thomas Saxton), on 29 December 1898 in Brightside parish church, Sheffield. They had two children:
     Florence Joyce Booth, born 29 August 1901 in Torksey. She married Harvey Wilfred Wilson, born 14 January 1895 (son of Henry Wilson), on 28 August 1924 in Clee, Lincoln. In the 1939 register they are listed at 4 Clee Crescent, Grimsby. Harvey (of 13 Kings Road, Cleethorpes) died on 6 July 1970. Florence (of 20 Aldrich Road, Cleethorpes) died on 28 November 1977.
     Thomas Leslie Booth was born on 6 July 1907 in Sudbury, Harrow, Middlesex. He married Frances Ethel Waller, born 24 April 1910, in 1935 in Grimsby. In the 1939 register, they are living at 162 Chelmsford Avenue, Grimsby where Thomas was a railway clerk. Frances died on 19 April 1970. Thomas (of 54 Sea View Street, Cleethorpes) died on 25 January 1981.
By the time of the 1901 census Samuel had become station master at the Station House, Torksey, Lincolnshire and ten years later was recorded as station master at Kirton Lindsey Station, Lincolnshire.
Kate (of 13 Wellowgate, Grimsby) died on 4 March 1937 and was buried on 6 March 1937 in Scartho Road cemetery, Grimsby.
In the 1939 register, Samuel was a retired station master living with Thomas at 162 Chelmsford Avenue, Grimsby. He was still living there when he died on 10 August and was buried on 13 August 1949 in Scartho Road Cemetery.

Thomas Booth was born on 5 February 1875 in Marple. He married Jane Ann McKenzie, born about 1876 (daughter of David McKenzie), on 17 April 1900 in St James', Whitfield. Jane's address was 18 Turnlee Road and that is where they lived initially, Thomas being listed there as a railway clerk in the 1901 census. By the time of the 1911 census they had moved to Ingleborough, York Road, Croxley Green, Herts. Thomas and Jane had four children:
     Gertrude Victoria Booth, born 23 January 1901 in Glossop. In the 1939 register she is listed as housekeeper for John F and Mary McKenzie at 88 Austin Street, Shirebrook, Blackwell, Derbyshire. She died on 4 October 1977 (of 14 Higher Shapter Street, Topsham, Exeter).
     George McKenzie Booth, born 19 August 1903 in Glossop. He was an assistant superintendent, British Railways, when he obtained probate of his father's will on 2 June 1954. He died on 25 May 1984 (of Flat 14, Roseberry Court, Sea Road, Felixstowe).
     Margaret Henderson Booth, born 16 January 1907 in Rickmansworth, Herts, baptised 17 February 1907 in Rickmansworth parish church.
     John Hambleton Booth, born 1911 in Croxley Green, Herts.
Jane died on 5 January 1933 and Thomas on 14 April 1954. Their home address was 17 Welldon Crescent, Harrow on both occasions.

Alfred Booth was born on 24 November 1876 in Marple. Starting out as a railway clerk he became a fireman and then an engine driver. He married Betsy Hirst (a 25 year old domestic servant of Inglenook, Dinting Road), born 19 July 1876 in Carlecotes, Yorkshire (daughter of James Hirst), on 31 March 1902 in St James', Whitfield. They lived initially at 8 Shaw Fields, Dinting but later moved to Glenfield, North Road, Glossop. Alfred and Betsy had three children:
     Lily Booth, born 14 September 1904 in Dinting, baptised 23 October 1904 in St James', Whitfield. She married Joe Hough, born 13 December 1892 (son of Charles Hough), on 10 December 1929 in St James', Whitfield. They lived at 45 North Road. The 1939 register lists Lily as manageress of a retail wines and spirits store. A railway accountant and well known local sportsman, Joe became a Glossop councillor in 1938 and was Mayor in 1944-45. He died aged 59 on 23 November and was buried on 25 November 1952 in Glossop cemetery. Lily remarried to a Clifford Potts in1967 in Bucklow, Cheshire. He also predeceased her as she subsequently married someone named Ravenscroft. She died aged 87 and was buried (as Lily Ravenscroft) on 8 June 1992 in Glossop cemetery.
     Edith May Booth, born 23 April 1907 in Dinting, baptised 2 June 1907 in St James', Whitfield. She married John Blacker, born 6 January 1904, in 1936 in St James', Whitfield. In the 1939 register they are recorded at 40 Grey Street, Stalybridge. John died in 1976 and Edith in November 1996.
     Bessie Booth, born 30 June 1909 in Dinting, baptised 4 August 1909 in St James', Whitfield. She married Frank Hadfield, born 14 January 1907, in 1933 in St James', Whitfield. In the 1939 register they are recorded at 8 Ralph Street, Portmadoc (Frank was a schoolmaster). Frank died on 1991 in Birkenhead.
Alfred Booth (of Glenfield, North Road) died aged 82 on 9 May and was buried on 12 May 1959 in Glossop cemetery.
Betsy died aged 87 on 2 February and was buried on 4 February 1964 in Glossop cemetery. She was living at Shire View, 45 North Road at the time.

John Herbert Booth was born on 14 April 1883 in Wrawby, Lincolnshire. He was a railway clerk of 54 Sunlaw Street when he married Eliza Matilda Stubbersfield of 75 Primrose Terrace, born 20 August 1883 in Manchester (daughter of Henry Stubbersfield), on 29 August 1910 in St James', Whitfield. In the 1911 census they are recorded at 5 Sumner Street, Glossop, John being a railway clerk. They had one child:
     Celia Booth, born 28 November 1916 in Glossop, baptised 24 December 1916 in St James', Whitfield. In the 1939 register Celia, a railway clerk was living with the family of Stanley Harrop, joiner undertaker, at 20a New Road, Tintwistle. Celia and Stanley, born 4 November 1914, married in 1940 in St James', Whitfield. Celia (of 26 Conduit Street, Tintwistle) died on 4 March 1992 and Stanley died on 2005.
John Herbert Booth (of 25 North Road, Glossop) died aged 65 on 28 December 1948 and was buried on 1 January 1949 in Glossop cemetery.
Eliza (of 25 North Road, Glossop) died aged 65 on 17 March and was buried on 22 March 1949 in Glossop cemetery.

Joshua Booth was born on 22 October 1886 in Wrawby, Lincolnshire. In the 1911 census he was recorded as a 24, year old railway clerk, boarding with the Lowen family at 11 Priory Park Road, Sudbury. He married Alice Maud Mary Lowen, born 23 August 1888 (daughter of Thomas Henry Lowen and Prudence Dickens), on 18 September 1911 in Christ Church, Roxeth Hill. In the 1939 register they are listed at 32 Brendon Way, Edmonton, where they were still living when they died. They had one child:
     Norman Colin Booth, born 22 September 1919 in Hendon, died 2005 in Colchester.
Joshua Booth died on 28 November 1974 and Alice on 2 March 1978.

Child of Sarah Ann Booth born 1866.

Lily Booth was born on 19 July 1888 in Hollingworth. She was a 19 year old card room hand of 12 Wesley Street, Hadfield when she married William Torkington (20 year old fish dealer of 21 Station Road, Hadfield), born 1886 in Hadfield (son of Samuel Torkington), on 5 May 1907 in St Andrew's, Hadfield. They had three children:
     Horace Torkington, born 1907 in Hadfield, died aged 18 months and buried on 15 May 1909 in Glossop cemetery.
     Clifford Torkington, born 13 December 1910 in Hadfield, baptised 15 January 1911 in Woolley Bridge Road PM Chapel, Hadfield, died 27 March 1974 (of 189 Millbrook Road, Southampton).
     William Torkington, born 1912 in Hadfield, died 1915 in Ashton under Lyne RD aged 2.
In the 1911 census they were living at 51 Bankbottom, Hadfield where William was a fish salesman.
William Torkington (of 17 Lord Street, Glossop) died aged 50 on 5 September and was buried on 8 September 1936 in Glossop cemetery.
In the 1939 register, Lily and Clifford are recorded as fish dealers at 17 Lord Street.
Lily (of 129 Millbrook Road, Southampton) died on 29 March 1969.

Generation Five.

Child of Sarah Jane Hague born 1860.

Alfred Rose was born on 15 February and baptised on 29 March 1894 in the Tabernacle, Glossop. He married Winifred Mary Timmons, born 18 May 1899 in Whaley, Derbyshire (daughter of Herbert Timmons and Ella Alley), baptised 11 June 1899 in Whaley Thorns. They had one identified child, William Frederick Rose, born 13 November 1925.
In the 1939 register they were living at 122 Model Village, Clowne, Alfred being a colliery weighman.

Child of Alice Ann Hague born 1875.

Ethel Beverley was born on 8 October and baptised on 19 November 1905 in the Tabernacle, Glossop. She married Lester Rothwell, born 16 June 1906, on 8 December 1928 in Glossop Parish Church. They had one child:
     Vera Rothwell, born about 1933, buried 8 February 1982 in Glossop cemetery aged 49.
In the 1939 register they are listed at 39 Edward Street, Glossop, where Ethel was a cotton weaver and Lester a master boot repairer.
Lester (of 91a Station Road, Hadfield), died aged 58 on holiday at Oakfield Park, Abergele on 19 September and was buried on 24 September 1964 in Glossop cemetery.
Ethel was buried on 26 April 1984 in Glossop cemetery. In the records her age is given as 78.

Child of Alfred Booth born 1857.

Ethel Booth was born on 14 July and baptised on 27 August 1886 in St James', Whitfield. She married Isaac Ashton, born 1889, in 1913 in Croydon. They had one child:
     Marjorie Booth Ashton, born 2 May 1914 in Lambeth. She married Stanley Vaughan in 1945 in Croydon.
Isaac Ashton (of 42 Oakfield Road, Croydon) died on 21 March 1936 in Guy's Hospital, Southwark.
In the 1939 register Ethel and Marjorie were listed at 30 Dingwall Road, Croydon.

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