The Hyde family of Mellor.

Generation One.

Ralph Hyde was born about 1700 and lived at Bradshaw, Mellor. He and his wife Alice had six children:
     Martha Hyde pre-deceased her father and was buried on 13 January 1773 in Mellor. She married Jonathan Gee (see The Gee family of Ludworth).
     James Hyde baptised 28 November 1732.
     Elizabeth Hyde baptised 7 August 1734.
     Ralph Hyde born about 1740.
     Ann Hyde baptised 11 November 1744 in Mellor. She married Peter Marsland on 22 December 1761 in Glossop.
     Thomas Hyde baptised 25 December 1747.
Ralph Hyde died on 31 December 1779.

Generation Two.

James Hyde was baptised on 28 November 1732 in Mellor. He also died before his father. He married Ann Bowden on 9 June 1756 in Glossop and they had four children:
     James Hyde baptised 17 February 1758 in Marple.
     Nanny Hyde baptised 1 December 1762 in Marple.
     Thomas Hyde baptised 17 April 1768 in Marple.
     Mary Hyde baptised 22 September 1770 in Marple.

Elizabeth Hyde was baptised on 7 August 1734 in Mellor. She married Robert Heginbotham, the son of Joseph and Margret Higginbotham, who was baptised in May 1726 in Mellor. Elizabeth and Robert, who lived at Lower Hall, Mellor, had seven children:
     Joseph Heginbotham.
     Martha Heginbotham.
     Ann Heginbotham. She married John Stafford.
     Elizabeth Heginbotham. She married Thomas Howard on 30 March 1777 in St Mary's Church, Stockport.
     Hannah Heginbotham.
     Mary Heginbotham.
     Alice Heginbotham.
Elizabeth Hyde was buried on 16 May 1772 in Mellor. She pre-deceased both her father and husband.
Robert Heginbotham was buried on 24 January 1809 in Mellor at the age of 82. Robert named a grandson, James Longson, in his will.

Ralph Hyde was born about 1740. He married Sarah Kenworthy on 18 November 1762 in Glossop. They had eight children:
     James Hyde baptised 18 Sep 1760 in Mellor.
     Mary Hyde baptised 2 Jun 1771 in Mellor. She married Matthew Turner on 22 November 1804 in Glossop.
     Betty Hyde baptised 31 October 1773 in Mellor. She married a man named Williamson.
     William Hyde baptised 24 Mar 1776 in Mellor. He married Mary Wood on 28 August 1803 in Glossop.
     Ralph Hyde born in Offerton, Cheshire, and baptised on 13 August 1780 in Mellor. He married Martha Wood on 7 October 1802 in Glossop.
     Hamnet Hyde born about 1781.
     Sarah Hyde.
     Martha Hyde.
Ralph Hyde's will, dated 1817, describes him as a yeoman of Ludworth.

Thomas Hyde was baptised on 25 December 1747 in Mellor. He married Sarah Moss on 22 January 1770 in Glossop and they had eight children:
     John Hyde, died 2 May 1792 in Mellor and buried 6 May 1792 in Marple United Reform Church.
     Thomas Hyde baptised on 22 June 1772 in Allostock Presbyterian Chapel, Cheshire, buried 18 June 1853 in Mellor. He married Hannah Saxton on 2 June 1795 in Glossop.
     Elizabeth Hyde born about 1774. She married Joseph Mason on 9 July 1793 in Glossop.
     William Hyde baptised 24 May 1777 in Allostock, Cheshire and buried on 5 November 1841 in Mellor. He married Ann Jackson on 20 August 1799 in Glossop.
     Sarah Hyde baptised on 30 November 1781 in Allostock, Cheshire. She married John Wood on 29 December 1801 in Glossop.
     Mary Hyde born about 1780 and buried on 17 March 1851. She married Thomas Saxton on 27 October 1801 in Glossop.
     Martha Hyde baptised 30 June 1787.
     Hannah Hyde born about 1789. She married Daniel Brierley on 2 October 1816 in Glossop.
Sarah Hyde was buried on 29 May 1801 in Marple United Reform Church.
Thomas Hyde died on 29 May 1823 in Mellor and was buried on 2 June 1823 in Marple United Reform Church. His will describes him as a yeoman of Bradshaw.

Generation Three.

Children of Elizabeth Hyde.

Joseph Heginbotham married Mary Wagstaffe on 16 March 1784 in Glossop. They had five children:
     Robert Heginbotham.
     Mary Heginbotham.
     Samuel Heginbotham.
     Thomas Heginbotham, baptised 1 June 1788 in St Mary's Independent Chapel, Charlesworth.
     Elizabeth Heginbotham.
Joseph Heginbotham of Longlee in the Great Hamlet died in 1794. Probate granted 13 June 1794 at Lichfield.

Martha Heginbotham married John Mosley on 19 April 1781 in Glossop and they had four children:
     Thomas Mosley.
     Elizabeth Mosley.
     Mary Mosley.
     Martha Mosley.
Martha pre-deceased her father.

Hannah Heginbotham married John Handford and had a son, Joseph Handford.
Hannah pre-deceased her father.

Mary Heginbotham married Joseph Brocklehurst of Hayfield on 20 June 1782 in Glossop. They had six children (possibly more):
     Joseph Brocklehurst, baptised 20 July 1783 in Hayfield.
     Betty Brocklehurst, baptised 2 October 1785 in Hayfield, buried 22 October 1786 in Hayfield.
     Robert Brocklehurst, baptised 9 September 1787 in Hayfield.
     Hannah Brocklehurst, baptised 13 December 1789 in Hayfield.
     Charles Brocklehurst, born 1 March 1801 in Hayfield.
     Martha Brocklehurst, baptised 16 October 1803 in Hayfield.

Alice Heginbotham married Anthony Bowden on 1 August 1785 in Glossop. Mellor parish register mention he was of Lower Hall, Longhurst Lane & Damstead. Alice and Anthony had nine children:
     Elizabeth Bowden, baptised 1 June 1786 in Mellor, buried 10 February 1796 in Mellor.
     Anne Bowden, baptised 26 August 1787 in Mellor, buried 18 March 1791 in Mellor.
     John Bowden, baptised 31 May 1789 in Mellor.
     Joseph Bowden, baptised 8 May 1791 in Mellor, buried 3 April 1793 in Mellor.
     Alice Bowden, baptised 12 August 1795 in Mellor, buried 25 December 1795 in Mellor.
     Anthony Bowden, baptised 6 May 1798 in Mellor, buried 30 July 1828 in Mellor (aged 30 of Moor End).
     Hannah Bowden, baptised 15 June 1800 in Mellor.
     Robert Bowden, baptised 16 March 1803 in Mellor.
     Samuel Bowden, baptised 10 April 1804 in Mellor, buried 18 August 1804 in Mellor.
Alice was buried on 3 April 1805 in Mellor.

Child of Ralph Hyde.

Hamnet Hyde was born about 1781 in Cheshire, d. 13 Oct 1847 in Mellor. He married Betty Kirk on 1 September 1803 in Glossop. Hamnet and Betty had four children:
     Martha Hyde born on 19 February 1804.
     Sarah Hyde born in Ludworth (1841 census age 20-24).
     Hamnet Hyde born in Ludworth (1841 census age 20-24).
     Ann Hyde born in Ludworth (1841 census age 18-22).
Hamnet Hyde died on 13 October 1847 in Mellor.

Child of Thomas Hyde.

Martha Hyde was baptised on 30 June 1787 in Allostock, Cheshire. She had a daughter, Ann Hide, about 1807. Martha then married Samuel Ibbotson (son of John Ibbotson and Susan Bradwall born about 1785 in Hayfield) on 6 August 1810 in Manchester Cathedral and they had six children:
     John Ibbotson, baptised in 1813.
     Charles Ibbotson, baptised in 1815. Migrated to Australia with a family named Eyre.
     John Ibbotson born in 1816.
     Sarah Ann Moss Ibbotson born in 1820. Married & migrated to Australia, joining Charles & Thomas.
     Thomas Ibbotson born in 1821. Migrated to Australia with Charles.
     Harry Ibbotson born in 1825.

Generation Four.

Child of Hamnet Hyde.

Martha Hyde was born on 19 February 1804 in Ludworth and baptised on 17 March 1805 in Mellor. She married Samuel Gee (born in Mellor). At the time of the 1841 census they were living at Horsepool, Mellor. Martha and Samuel had six children:
     John Gee, 1841 census age 12.
     Isaac Gee, 1841 census age 9.
     Martha Gee.
     Ralph Gee, 1841 census age 2. He had a son, Isaac Gee, born about 1873 in Mellor.
     Ann Gee.
     Sarah Gee.

Child of Martha Hyde.

John Ibbotson was born in 1816 in Hathersage and married Mary Hyde (also born in 1816 in Hathersage. They moved to Enfield, Middlesex where they had three children, possibly more:
     Harry Marsland Ibbotson, born 1850.
     William Ibbotson.
     Thomas Ibbotson.

Generation Five.

Harry Marsland Ibbotson was born in 1850 in Enfield, Middlesex. He married Myrah Halle (born about 1854) on 26 August 1876 in Enfield, Middlesex. They had twelve children:
     John Ibbotson born 1877, died 7 June 1901.
     Roland Charles Ibbotson born 14 July 1879.
     Julius Ibbotson born and died 8 June 1881.
     Milly Ibbotson born and died 18 November 1882.
     Amy Ibbotson baptised 18 February 1884.
     Mary Adeline Ibbotson baptised 26 August 1886.
     Leonard Ibbotson baptised 7 June 1888.
     Eveline Ibbotson baptised 6 February 1890.
     Alfred Marsland Ibbotson baptised 5 October 1891.
     Hilda Ibbotson baptised 23 September 1893.
     Thomas Edwin Ibbotson died 16 December 1895.
     Valentine Harry Ibbotson born 1898.
Myrah died in 1918 and Harry died in 1939, both at Enfield Farm, Portarlington, Victoria, Australia.

Generation Six.

Valentine Harry Ibbotson was born in 1898 at Enfield Farm, Portarlington and baptised on 11 August 1898. He married Myrtle Agnes Parsons (born in 1898 at Kelso Farm, Drysdale, Victoria, Australia) on 8 March 1923 in Portarlington. They had two children:
     Joyce Irene Ibbotson born in 1926 at Enfield Farm, Portarlington. She married Gordon James Harding (born 1923) in February 1950 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.
     Edna Ibbotson born in 1931.
Valentine, Myrtle and Joyce all died in 1974 in Geelong.

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