The Alsop family of Glossop and Illinois.

Generation One.

James Alsop was born about 1779 in Derbyshire (probably Glossop). He is referred to as "Jr" in some parish register entries. He married Sarah Bowden, born about 1778, on 4 August 1799. They had eight children:
     Hannah Alsop born on 19 November and, baptised on 18 December 1803 in Glossop.
     John Alsop born on 18 July 1805.
     James Alsop born on 30 September 1807.
     Ann Alsop born on 6 March and baptised on 1 April 1810 in Glossop, died in November 1810 in Glossop.
     Alvin Alsop born on 17 September 1811.
     Millicent Alsop, baptised on 12 September 1814.
     Nancy Alsop, baptised on 30 April 1818 in Glossop. 1841 census age 20.
     Sarah Alsop, baptised on 19 April 1820 in Glossop.
Sarah died in 1821 in Glossop and James married Mary Sandham, widow of John Sandham (see A Sandham family of Glossop) in 1825. They had two children:
     Harriet Alsop, born about 1827.
     Joel Alsop, born about 1829 in Glossop.
In 1841 James and Mary were living at Top of Town, Glossop - James was a 62 year old cordwainer and Mary was aged 52. With them were: James's children Nancy aged 20 (Sarah Bowden's daughter) and Harriet aged 13 (Mary's daughter); Mary's children from her first marriage Alice aged 25, Nancy aged 20 and James aged 18; plus Mary's grandsons William Sandham 12 (son of Jane before she married Alvin Alsop) and John Sandham 3 (son of Alice before she married James Cundy).
James Alsop died about June 1847 in Glossop.
Mary died about September 1878 in Glossop.

Generation Two.

John Alsop was born on 18 July and baptised on 18 August 1805 in Glossop. He married Mary Fielding, born on 25 April 1808, daughter of Samuel Fielding and Mary Hegginbottom (see Descendants of John Fielding of Whitfield 1674) on 4 November 1827 in Glossop and they had two children:
     Levi Alsop born on 17 October 1829.
     Keziah Alsop, baptised on 18 December 1831 in Hadfield Wesleyan Chapel, died in 1836 at Milltown, Glossop.
They were living in Hadfield 1831 but in Woodcock Road, Glossop at the 1841 census when John is shown as a cotton spinner aged 35. They moved to the USA by 1845, John being aged 46 in the 1850 US census 1850 in DeWitt County, Illinois.
Mary died and John married Hannah Wilkerson on 6 October 1861 in DeWitt County (Wilkerson was Hannah's married name). After Hannah died, John married Barbara Smith on 9 April 1874 in DeWitt County.
John Alsop died on 11 July 1881 in Illinois, USA.

James Alsop was born on 30 September and, baptised on 25 October 1807 in Glossop. He was described as a joiner in some entries in Glossop parish register and the census of 1841 lists him as a joiner aged 30. He married Hannah Hadfield, born on 21 March 1805 in Hadfield, daughter of John Hadfield and Martha Robinson (see The descendants of John Hadfield, farmer of Hadfield) on 3 September 1834 in Glossop. They had five children:
     Ann Grant Bowden Alsop, born about 1835 in Glossop.
     John Hadfield Alsop, baptised on 15 March 1836.
     Zipporah Alsop, baptised on 10 November 1838 in Glossop. Census 1841 aged 2. Age given as 12 in 1851 census of Glossop.
     Sarah Alsop baptised on 13 February 1842.
     Charles James Alsop, baptised on 21 April 1845 in Glossop, died in 1845 in Glossop.
James had emigrated to DeWitt County, IL by 1848. In the US census of 1850 he is aged 42, living in the household of Joseph J. Johnson, tavernkeeper. He became a US citizen on 21 May 1852.
Hannah and the children continued to live in Howardtown. In the 1851 census Hannah is a 45 year old School Mistress, John is a 15 year old Coal Porter, Zipporah is a 12 year old Scholar and Sarah is a 9 year old Scholar. Also living with them was Sarah Lee, Hannah's niece, a 5 year old scholar. Hannah died about 1855.
James married Mary Ann Malson, born about 1811 in Ohio, on 17 February 1857 in DeWitt County. In the 1860 US census Mary was aged 49, a domestic in the household of M. V. B. Miller. In that census James was aged 52 living with Eliza Stallman, born in April 1827 in Pennsylvania, and her two children: Harry Stallman born 1827 in Pennsylvania, died 7 April 1908 in Chicago and Alice Stallman, born about 1856 in Illinois. James and Eliza married on 2 November 1861 in DeWitt County and had four children:
     Julius James Alsop, born in 1860 in De Witt County, died 29 August 1884 in Chicago.
     Anna Alsop, born in 1864 in DeWitt County, died on 6 February 1903.
     Sherman Ulysses S Alsop, born on 16 April 1868.
     Harriet S Alsop, born in February 1869. Known as Hattie she married Heugene S Campbell on 14 February 1907 in Lake Co, IN.
At the time of the 1870 US census the family was living in Cook County, IL. James was 69 and Eliza 43.
A letter which James wrote to his daughter Sarah said he was in Chicago "to patent the world's first propeller of power". He was not heard of again following the "Great Fire of Chicago" in 1871.
Eliza is listed in the 1880 US census at Green Bay Ave, Chicago, IL aged 52. She died on 7 April 1908 in Chicago.

Alvin Alsop was born on 17 September and baptised on 13 October 1811 in Glossop. He married Jane Sandham, born about 1808 in New Mills, daughter of John and Mary Sandham (see A Sandham family of Glossop) on 13 January 1836 in Glossop and they had four children:
     Sarah Hannah Alsop, baptised on 15 May 1836 in Glossop, died about March 1909 in Glossop.
     Harriet Alsop, baptised on 7 March 1838, died about March 1872 in Glossop.
     Peter Alsop born about December 1840 in Glossop, died about June 1842 in Glossop.
     George B Alsop, born about 1846 in Glossop.
Alvin Alsop died about June 1871 and Jane died about March 1882 in Glossop.

Millicent Alsop was, baptised on 12 September 1814 in Glossop. She had a daughter, Ann Moorhouse Alsop, baptised on 9 February 1840. Both Millicent and Ann died in the second quarter of 1840.

Harriet Alsop was born about 1827 in Glossop. She married John Darwent, born in 1828 in Glossop and they had a son, William Henry Darwent, born about September 1852 in Glossop. Harriet died about September 1911 in Glossop.

Generation Three.

Child of John Alsop.

Levi Alsop was born on 17 October and baptised on 6 December 1829 in Hadfield Wesleyan Chapel. He emigrated to DeWitt in the 1840s. He married Mary M Barber, born on 25 May 1830 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia (daughter of Pleasant Barber and Sarah Markey) on 21 April 1848. According to entry for Mary in the 1900 census for Bourbon County, Kansas, they had 19 children altogether but details of only 12 are known:
     Pleasant Alsop, born about 1849 in De Witt Co, Illinois, died 5 Jun 1889 in Alameda County, California. Never married. Probate record filed in Butte County naming his mother as heir.
     Samuel Fielding Alsop born on 9 August 1850.
     Andrew J. Alsop born on 10 December 1852.
     John E. Alsop born on 21 January 1854 in DeWitt Co, Illinois, died 21 August 1914. Lived near or at Blue Mound, Kansas. He married Rhoda J Withers on 21 February 1882.
     Mary Hanna Alsop born in 1856 in DeWitt Co, Illinois, died 12 December 1934 aged 79 years, 1 month, 15 days. She married Horace L Jennings on 14 September 1882 in Bourbon County.
     Sarah J. Alsop born in 1859.
     Rose Anna Alsop born in 19 December 1861.
     Levi Henry Alsop born in 1863 in Kansas, died in 1932. Known by his second name. As a young man he travelled to Weiser, Idaho to prospect for gold and later to California. Never married.
     Charles L. Alsop born on 16 March 1866.
     Benjamin Frank Alsop born on 16 January 1868 in Kansas, died 28 February 1911. Known by his second name.
     F. M. Alsop born in February 1870, died in March 1870.
     William H Alsop born on 26 December 1870 in Bronson, Kansas, died on 19 June 1932, buried in Evergreen Cem, Fort Scott, Kansas. He married Eva Pearl Garlock, born about 1888, on 18 December 1906.
Levi Alsop died on 24 January 1879 in Bourbon Co, Kansas. Mary died on 26 July 1902. Both were buried in Bronson Cemetery, Bronson, Kansas.

Children of James Alsop.

John Hadfield Alsop was baptised on 15 March 1836 in Glossop. He married Milicent Garlick, baptised on 25 September 1836, daughter of Joseph Garlick and Martha Moss (see The descendants of John Garlick of Padfield and Waterside) on 6 April 1856 in Glossop Parish Church. They had eight children:
     George J. Alsop, born about 1857 in Glossop.
     Mary E. Alsop, born about 1859. She was a servant in the house of her grandaunt Ellen (Garlick) Handforth in 1881
     Joe Garlick Alsop, born about 1862 in Glossop.
     John Edwin Alsop, born about 1865 in Glossop.
     Arthur William Alsop, born about 1867 in Glossop.
     Ada Fanny Alsop, born about 1869 in Glossop.
     Cecil H Alsop, born about 1874 in Glossop.
     Percy H Alsop, born about 1875 in Hindley, Lancashire.
In 1881 census, Milicent was a 45 year old widow living with her family at 41 Lord Street Balmoral Villas, Hindley.

Sarah Alsop was baptised on 13 February 1842 in Glossop. She arrived in Melbourne on 16 September 1863 by the sailing vessel "Robert Small" which left Southampton on 11 Jun 1863. She went to work as a Nursemaid for a Dr Harrington of Warrnambool for a year starting on 24 September 1863 at a weekly wage of 20 shillings. Records show she could read and write. She married Kenneth McLennan (son of Kenneth McLennan and Jane Mann, baptised on 31 July 1828 in St Martins, Westminster, London) in 1866. They farmed near Warrnambool and had eight children:
     Sarah Ann McLennan born on 5 February 1866 in Warrnambool, died 24 April 1866.
     Hannah McLennan born on 16 March 1867.
     William (Brusher) McLennan born on 20 January 1869.
     Zipporah McLennan born on 2 November 1870.
     Charles James McLenna born on 22 March 1872 in Warrnambool, died in 1955 in Parkville.
     Ernest Kenneth McLennan born on 16 April 1875 in Warrnambool, died 7 January 1877.
     Kenneth Penfold McLennan born on 19 April 1878 in Warrnambool. Used to visit South Africa to see his sister Zipporah.
     George Augustus McLennan born on 14 March 1881.
Kenneth died in 1901, aged 74 and Sarah died on 7 May and was buried on 8 May 1909. Kenneth, Sarah and baby Ernest Kenneth were all buried in the same grave in Warrnambool Cemetery.

Sherman Ulysses S Alsop was born on 16 April 1868 in Illinois. His full name may have been Sherman Ulysses S. Grant Alsop. He moved to Trinidad, Colorado by 1920, later to Denver, Colorado where descendants still live. He married Mary "Mae" Elizabeth Clark, born in March 1871 in Illinois, on 29 November 1893 in Cook County, Illinois.
Sherman died on 13 April 1936 in Santa Fe Hospital in Topeka.

Generation Four.

Children of Levi Alsop.

Samuel Fielding Alsop was born on 9 August 1850 in DeWitt Co, Illinois, died 18 August 1916. Died by suicide, self-inflicted gunshot. He married Mary Elizabeth Miller on 23 October 1877 and they had four children:
     Floyd Allen Alsop.
     Virgil Faye Alsop born on 15 April 1891, died 31 March 1962. He married Opal Pearl Burt and they had a son Harold Dean Alsop born on 31 July 1917 in Bronson, Bourbon County, Kansas, died 18 Jun 1997 in Fort Scott, Kansas, buried in Fort Scott National Cem for Veterans. He married Pauline Louise Gordon, born in 1923.
     Cora Marie Alsop.
     Dana A Alsop.

Andrew J. Alsop was born on 10 December 1852 in DeWitt Co, Illinois, died 20 April 1887. He and his wife Augusta had a daughter, May Alsop.

Sarah J. Alsop was born in 1859 in DWitt Co, Illinois, died 1923, buried in Pleasant View Cem, Blue Mound, Kansas. She was married at the Alsop residence by G W Timmons, Baptist Minister to Ambrose Green Dye (born 1849, died 1925) on 1 July 1877 in Bourbon County. They had four children:
     Selvanis Dye, born about 1879 in Kansas.
     Teiddia G Dye, born about 1880 in Kansas.
     Samual F Dye, born about 1882 in Kansas.
     M M Dye, born about 1884 in Kansas.

Rose Anna Alsop was born on 19 December 1861 in Kansas, died 28 February 1905. he married Francis M Owens, born about 1859, on 29 Jun 1882. They had two daughters: Alma Owens and Blanche Owens.

Charles L. Alsop was born on 16 March 1866 in Kansas, died 17 February 1908. He married Addie L Ward on 5 May 1896. They had five children: Rissie Alsop, Mildred Alsop, Darwin Alsop (had a daughter Barbara Alsop), Flave Alsop (had a daughter Ruth Alsop Stokvis born in 1925) and Charles Alsop.
After Charles' death, Addie moved with her children to Moffett County, Colorado.

Children of Sarah Alsop.

Hannah McLennan was born on 16 March 1867 in Warrnambool. She married George Bailey, born about 1857 in Scotland, on 31 December 1885 in Westbury St Church, East St Kilda. George married twice, once in Scotland & once in Australia before he bigamously married Hannah & went to live in Williamstown. Hannah and George had a son, Ernest Kenneth Bailey born in 1886.
Hannah died on 2 January and was buried on 5 January 1894 in Melbourne General Cemetery, grave T174. She drowned after taking poison and jumping off Kerferd Road Pier, Albert Park, South Melbourne. Described as a single woman on her death certificate.
George Bailey died in 1894 in East Melbourne.

William (Brusher) McLennan was born on 20 January 1869 in Warrnambool, died in 1960 in Kensington. He married Annie Healen in 1894 in Warnambool. They had three children: George McLennan, Ernie McLennan and Zipporah McLennan.

Zipporah McLennan was born on 2 November 1870 in Warrnambool. She married James Stretton Jones, born on 29 April 1871 in Warrnambool (son of Evan Jones and Elizabeth Stretton), on 28 May 1898 in Wesleyan Meth Church, Russell St, Durban. His original trade was plasterer - same as his father and most of his brothers. He worked for "Ellis Construction" in Durban. Zipporah and James had six children:
     James Stretton Jones. Died when very young as a result of being hit by a swing in a playground.
     Claude Jones. Died aged 13 of Bright's disease.
     Ernest Evan Jones.
     Ivy Myrtle Jones born on 26 December 1906.
     Margaret Nellie Jones born on 15 October 1908.
     Marjorie Thelma Jones born on 6 April 1910.
Zipporah died of influenza on 3 December and was buried on 4 December 1920 in West Street Cemetery, Durban.
James was asthmatic and died of a heart attack in his sleep on 24 February 1942 in Durban, buried in West St Cemetery, Durban.

George Augustus McLennan was born on 14 March 1881 in Warrnambool, died aged 73 in 1954 in Kensington. George may have married twice - once to Florence Black in 1904 and to Bridget May Lewis (daughter of John Lewis and Maryanne Cameron) in 1911. Bridget died on 7 August 1980. George and Bridget had nine children:
     Gladys McLennan.
     Florence McLennan, died 1988, she married Tom Walton.
     Norman McLennan.
     William J. McLennan, born on 17 August 1915.
     Kevin McLennan.
     Harold McLennan, died 1922 of meningitis.
     Veronica McLennan.
     Muriel McLennan.
     Audry McLenna.

Generation Five.

Child of Hannah McLennan.

Ernest Kenneth Bailey was born in 1886 in Warrnambool. He was reared by his grandparents after his Mother died. Before marriage he worked cleaning stables but joined the Navy in about 1907 where he became an electrician. Left the Navy just before he married & worked as an electrician. Bought a farm at Koondrook in 1919. He married Lillian Charlotte Duff, born about 1891 in South Yarra (daughter of Alexander Duff and Mary Tullet) on 4 March 1913 in Presbyterian Church, Brunswick. Ernest and Lillian (known as Queenie) had six children:
     Alec K Bailey born on 5 Jun 1914.
     Isabell Bailey born on 27 October 1915.
     Esmeralda Bailey born on 16 May 1917.
     Beryl Bailey born on 4 September 1918 in Brunswick, died 1959.
     Alma Bailey born on 27 August 1927.
     Leslie Bailey born on 4 January 1932.
Lilian died in February 1973 and was buried in Koondrook cemetery.
Ernest died on 24 August 1973 in Kew and was buried on 28 August 1973 in Koondrook cemetery.

Children of Zipporah McLennan.

Ernest Evan Jones lived in Empangeni. He married Molly Mate, born 1901, died 1972.

Ivy Myrtle Jones was born on 26 December 1906 in Germiston. She married Victor Theodore Larsen, born on 7 November 1902 in Vryheid, South Africa (son of Sigvart Sivertsen Nygaardsvig and Mary Ann Edwards) on 10 February 1932 in Durban, South Africa. BR>Victor died on 9 December and was buried on 11 December 1975 in Stellawood cemetery, Durban. Ivy died on 2 January and was buried on 5 February 1987 in Stellawood cemetery, Durban.

Margaret Nellie Jones was born on 15 October 1908, died 6 January 1985. She married Sid Short on 22 November 1932. Sid was born on 7 Jun 1909, died 13 May 1967.

Marjorie Thelma Jones was born on 6 April 1910, died on 11 March 1963 in Pretoria. She married Albert Richard Andrews about 1933 in Durban, South Africa. Albert was born on 24 April 1906 in Durban (son of Frederick Charles Andrews and Annie Lee), died 22 Jun 1984 in Pretoria.

Children of George Augustus McLennan.

Gladys McLennan, died in 1988. She married Les Woods.

Norman McLennan. He married (1) Elva Heywood, (2) Rita Harrison.

William J. McLennan was born on 17 August 1915. Worked for Australian public service. He married Phylis Hill on 14 October 1939 in St Mary's West, Melbourne born on 9 February 1915.

Kevin McLennan, died 1988. He married Ada Holley.

Veronica McLennan. Known as Donny. She married Laurie Dickinson.

Muriel McLennan. She married John Ryan.

Audry McLennan. She married William Rahill.

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