The Bennett family of Turnlee.

Generation One.

Joseph Bennett was born about 1724. He was possibly a son of John and Dorothy Bennett (see The Bennett family of Whitfield). Date and naming patterns fit but loss of parish records mean there is no proof. Joseph married Mary Moss of Mottram, born about 1729, on 4 May 1756 in Glossop Parish Church. They had five children:
     John Bennett baptised on 27 June 1758.
     Fanny Bennett, baptised on 2 December 1760 in Glossop.
     Peggy Bennett. She married John Hill on 5 February 1798 in Glossop.
     Joseph Bennett born about 1767.
     Betty Bennett, born about 1768, died 29 May 1774, buried in Glossop.
Joseph Bennett died on 1 January and was buried on 5 January 1790 in Glossop aged 66. His will written 29 December 1789 describes him as of Turnlee.
Mary was buried on 15 May 1799 in Glossop, widow aged 70.

Generation Two.

John Bennett was baptised on 27 June 1758 in Glossop. He married Sarah Bagshaw of the parish of Ecclesfield, Yorkshire, born about 1773, on 27 May 1795 in Glossop. They had five children:
     Elizabeth Bennett. Died 8 September and buried 10 September 1797 at Glossop in her second year.
     John Bennett born on 22 September 1798.
     Joseph Bennett born on 27 June 1800.
     Hannah Bennett, born on 27 June and baptised on 12 July 1802 in Charlesworth Top Chapel.
     Mary Bennett, born on 12 January and baptised on 20 February 1805 in Charlesworth.
John Bennett died on 30 December 1810 and was buried on 2 January 1811 in Glossop, aged 52. A clothier of Turnlee, his will written 1 October 1807 left land at Jumble and Whitfield Barn.
Sarah was buried on 2 December 1826 in Glossop, of Turnlee, age 54.

Joseph Bennett was born about 1767. He married Sarah Shepley, daughter of Thomas Shepley and Agnes Dewhurst, (see Shepley family of Laneside) on 15 July 1800 in Glossop. They had two children:
     Mary Bennett, born on 29 July and baptised on 24 August 1801 in Littlemoor Chapel.
     James Bennett born about 1803. Died 14 January 1839, buried in Glossop aged 35.
Joseph Bennett died on 5 May and was buried on 7 May 1804 in Glossop aged 37, of Turnlee.

Generation Three.

Children of John Bennett.

John Bennett was born on 22 September and baptised on 2 October 1798 in Charlesworth Top Chapel, died 18 October 1848, buried 22 October 1848 at Littlemoor. He worked Dover Mills (Bury-me-wick), Turn Lee and Tip Mill. He and his first wife, Alice had four children:
     John Bennett, born on 11 October and baptised on 11 November 1819 at Littlemoor, died 25 August 1844.
     Mary Ann Bennett, born on 12 August 1821, baptised on 24 February 1822 in Littlemoor. She married William Wardlow Howard, born on 7 July 1814, son of Joseph Howard and Mary Wardlow (see The Howards of Ludworth and Bridgefield) on 3 January 1850 at Littlemoor Chapel.
     Harriet Bennett, born on 16 June and baptised on 7 September 1825 at Littlemoor, buried 5 July 1826 at Littlemoor.
     Joseph Bennett, born on 4 May and baptised on 13 July 1823 at Littlemoor, died 19 August and buried 25 August 1842 at Littlemoor.
Alice died on 2 August and was buried on 5 August 1826 at Littlemoor.
John married Millicent Hadfield, born on 12 April 1802 in Glossop, daughter of William Hadfield and Mary Collier (see The Hadfield family of Cowbrook) on 7 July 1829 in Glossop. They had three children:
     Alice Hadfield Bennett born on 6 July and baptised on 30 September 1830 in Littlemoor. She married Helmuth Carl Friedrich Martin Petschler (son of Carl Petschler) on 1 June 1854 in Glossop Parish Church. Helmuth was a warehouseman when he married, later a photographer in Manchester. They had one daughter, Alice Bennett Petschler, baptised on 17 May 1863 in Withington, died 24 May and buried 28 May 1879 at Littlemoor.
     Harriett Bennett, born on 14 January and baptised on 6 June 1832 at Littlemoor. She married Alexander Don Cuffley (son of John Cuffley).
     Millicent Bennett, born on 6 January and baptised on 14 April 1834 at Littlemoor.
Milicent died on 23 January 1834 and was buried on 27 January at Littlemoor, age 31.
John married Ellen Rose, born about 1805, on 31 August 1834 in Castleton. They had three children:
     Walter Bennett, born on 28 May and baptised on 1 October 1835 at Littlemoor, died 30 July and buried 3 August 1870 at Littlemoor.
     German Bennett, born 27 June and baptised 30 September 1836 at Littlemoor. Buried 21 July 1837 at Littlemoor aged 1 year 3 weeks.
     Ellen Bennett, born 29 May and baptised 25 August 1838 at Littlemoor. Buried 29 October 1838 at Littlemoor aged 5 months
Ellen died on 21 August and buried on 25 August 1838 at Littlemoor aged 33.
John Bennett died on 18 October 1848.

Joseph Bennett was born on 27 June and baptised on 25 July 1800 in Charlesworth Top Chapel. He worked Dover Mills (Bury-me-wick), Turn Lee and Tip Mill. He was a Cotton spinner and wool carder when May was baptised and a Wool carder of Jumble when Fanny was baptised. He married Hannah Kershaw, born on 28 September 1806, daughter of William Kershaw and Mary Robinson (see The Kershaw family of Hurst and Whitfield) on 12 May 1828 in Glossop Parish Church. They had five children:
     Charles William Bennett, born on 18 July and baptised on 9 August 1829 in Glossop Parish Church. Worked Turn Lee Mill. He married Mary Ann Ibbotson, daughter of John and Mary Ibbotson (see box below) on 4 December 1851 in Glossop parish church.
     Mary Bennett born 14 September and baptised 31 October 1832 at Littlemoor.
     Fanny Bennett born 24 April and baptised 30 September 1836 at Littlemoor.
     Joseph Samuel Bennett. Emigrated to India.
     Emily Bennett. She married Robert John Lees, son of Henry Lees and Elizabeth Stead (see The Lees family of Padfield and Woolley Bridge mills) on 9 August 1860 in Littlemoor Chapel. Emigrated to Melbourne, Australia.
Hannah died, aged 42, on 13 January 1849.
Joseph Bennett died on 25 April and was buried on 27 April 1863 at Littlemoor. Probate records describe him as late of the Township of Symmondley in the Parish of Glossop in the County of Derby, Wool Carder and Farmer.

The Ibbotson family, Paper manufacturers.

John Ibbotson, paper manufacturer of White Hall Mill and his wife Mary had two children:
     Thomas Hamer Ibbotson, baptised 8 June 1822 in Chapel en le Frith, died 17 September and buried 20 September 1873 in Chapel en le Frith. Worked Dover (Bury-me-wick), Charlestown and Primrose mills.
     Mary Ann Ibbotson, baptised 24 December 1824 in Chapel en le Frith. She married Charles William Bennett (son of Joseph Bennett and Hannah Kershaw) on 4 December 1851 in Glossop parish church.

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