The Hague family of Glossop and Minnesota.

Generation One.

Joseph Hague was born about 1769 in Derbyshire. Parish registers describe him as of Lower Mill, Hurst & Hurst Mill. He married Betty Wild, born about 1777 in Derbyshire, on 25 June 1799 in Glossop Parish Church. They had ten children:
     Ruth Hague born 22 August 1800.
     Ann Hague, born 26 December 1802 at Hurst Mill, baptised 17 April 1803 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Mary Hague, born about 1804. She married James Fielding in 1835.
     Luke Hague born 26 June 1808.
     Rhoda Hague born 20 May 1810.
     Ellen Hague, baptised 5 April 1816 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Nanny (or Nancy) Hague, baptised 2 November 1818 in Glossop Parish Church. She married James Pott(s) in 1843.
     Noah Hague, born 21 October and baptised 5 November 1821 in Glossop Parish Church. He married Suzanna Doxey, born 12 May 1818 (daughter of Thomas Doxey and Ellen Allen). Noah and Suzanna emigrated to America with Luke's family. They bought a farm north west of Ostrander, Minnesota. Later a school house was built joining their farms, and was know as the Hague School House. Noah died on 5 December 1882 in Spring Valley, Fillmore, Minnesota, USA. Suzanna died on 2 September 1890.
     William Hague, born about 1811.
     Mark Hague, born 24 May 1812, died 1850. He married Ann Doxey in 1838.
Joseph Hague died in 1841.

Generation Two.

Ruth Hague was born on 22 August and baptised on 21 September 1800 in Glossop Parish Church. She had a daughter, Jane Hague, baptised 3 October 1820 in Glossop Parish Church.

Luke Hague was born on 26 June 1808. He was a cotton spinner before emigrating to America in 1867 with brother Noah. He married Sarah Robinson, born 14 May 1810 in Glossop, daughter of Robert Robinson and Sarah Whitworth (see Descendants of Robert Robinson of Cross Cliffe) on 1 March 1829 in Glossop. They had eight children:
     Betty Hague, born 25 October 1829 at Hurst Mill, died 24 February 1907 in Mower County. She married Ernest Bowden, born about 1825 in Derbyshire, died 10 January 1878 in Spring Valley, Fillmore, Minnesota, USA.
     Ann Hague, born about 1830. She married Tom Hart, born about 1826 in England.
     Thomas Hague, born 2 October 1831 at Hurst Mill, died in England.
     Sarah Hague, born about 1832. She married Edward Hill, born about 1824 in England, died 15 September 1889 in Spring Valley, Fillmore, Minnesota, USA.
     Joseph Hague, born 21 May 1834 in Cross Cliffe, died in Spring Valley, Fillmore, Minnesota, USA. He married Mary Beverley, born 7 April 1847 in Blacktoft, Yorkshire (daughter of Charles Beverley and Jane Williamson) on 7 September 1868 in Preston, Fillmore, Minnesota, USA. Mary died 8 August 1925 in New York, buried in Spring Valley Cemetery, Spring Valley, Mn.
     John Hague, born 16 August 1836 at Hurst Mill, baptised 19 October 1836 in Glossop Parish Church, died 30 December 1893 in Spring Valley, Fillmore, Minnesota, USA. He married Eliza Ellen Beverly on 21 September 1869 in Olmsted, Minnesota. Eliza died 30 September 1874 in Spring Valley, Fillmore, Minnesota, USA.
     James Hague, born 19 November 1837 at Hurst Mill, died 1864 in Pottsdam, Minnesota, USA. James was in the Civil War. Died in the south with Southern Fever. Telegraphed to Green Wood Prairie & brought body back. Buried near Potts Dam, 10 miles north of Rochester at Bremer Cemetery.
     Robert Hague, born 23 June 1841 in Glossop, died 5 March 1896 in Spring Valley, Fillmore, Minnesota, USA. He married Elizabeth Beverley, baptised 29 January 1851 (daughter of Charles Beverley and Jane Williamson) in April 1871 in Preston, Minnesota, USA. Elizabeth died 23 October 1942 in Spring Valley, Fillmore, Minnesota, USA, buried in Lutheran side of Cemetery (West). Elizabeth and Robert Hague first owned the Hopkins farm, then sold it and went East. they didn't like it in the East and moved back to Spring Valley, Mn. They bought Grandfather Luke Hague's farm, east of Spring Valley, and built a new house. Sarah, Rhoda,and Albert went East with them, and the other children were born after they came back to Spring Valley,Mn.
Sarah died on 12 August 1855 at Cross Cliffe.
Luke married Jane Brooks on 24 August 1857 in Glossop.
Jane died, aged 67, on 14 October 1874.
Luke Hague died, aged 78, on 13 April 1887 in Spring Valley, Fillmore, Minnesota, USA.

Rhoda Hague was born on 20 May and baptised on 7 September 1810 in Glossop Parish Church. She married John Fielding, born 28 August 1810 at Hurst, son of Samuel Fielding and Mary Hegginbottom (see Descendants of John Fielding of Whitfield 1674) on 10 July 1831 in Glossop Parish Church.

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