A second Bramhall family of Chunal.

Generation One.

John Bramhall was born about 1710. He and his wife Martha, born about 1709, had four children:
     John Bramhall. Named as sole executor in his father's will. His own will was written on 4 December 1819 and probate granted 26 April 1821. He refers to himself as John Bramhall senior of Chunal and names great nephews John, William & Joshua Bramhall and great niece Martha Bramhall.
     Joshua Bramhall born about 1731.
     Adam Bramhall baptised 4 December 1738.
     Betty Bramhall, born 13 October 1743. She married someone named Goddard; possibly John Goddard of the parish of Ashton under Lyne who married Betty Bramhall of the parish of Glossop on 10 April 1787 by license.
     Mary Bramhall baptised 3 June 1748.
Martha died on 21 May and was buried on 24 May 1785 in Glossop.
John Bramhall died on 16 December and was buried on 20 December 1787.

Generation Two.

Joshua Bramhall was born about 1731. Entries in parish register describe him as of Whitfield and Glossop. He married Elizabeth Whitle on 7 February 1757 in Glossop and they had three children:
     Thomas Bramhall, baptised 25 November 1757 in Glossop.
     John Bramhall baptised 25 November 1757.
     Ann Bramhall.
After Elizabeth died, Joshua married Hannah Johnson, born about 1740 (daughter of James Johnson), on 17 May 1785 in Glossop. They had one son, Joseph Bramhall, born 19 July and baptised 28 August 1785 in Glossop.
Hannah died on 4 August and was buried on 7 August 1798 in Glossop.
Joshua Bramhall was buried on 7 August 1800.

Adam Bramhall was baptised on 4 December 1738. He is described in the parish register as of Chunal and predeceased his father. He and his wife Martha had three children:
     Thomas Bramhall baptised 5 June 1768.
     Betty Bramhall, buried 17 March 1771 in Glossop.
     Martha Bramhall born about 1770.

Mary Bramhall was baptised on 3 June 1748 in Glossop. She married George Wagstaffe of Whitfield, clothier, born 19 December 1748 (son of Robert Wagstaffe of Glossop, tanner, and his wife Rebecca) on 7 January 1777 in Glossop. They had two children:
     Robert Wagstaffe, born 13 June and baptised 7 July 1782 in Glossop.
     Elizabeth Wagstaffe, born 24 August and baptised 18 September 1785 in Glossop.

Generation Three.

Children of Joshua Bramhall.

John Bramhall was baptised on 25 November 1757 in Glossop, died 2 January 1787, buried 5 January 1787 in Glossop. He married Betty Shaw (daughter of Abraham Shaw). They had two children:
     Hannah Bramhall, born 19 April and baptised 29 April 1784 in Glossop, died 10 April and buried 13 April 1788 in Glossop.
     Joshua Bramhall, born 18 June and baptised 30 June 1786 in Glossop, died 28 February and buried 2 March 1788 in Glossop.
John Bramhall died, aged 29, on 2 January and was buried on 5 January 1787 in Glossop.

Ann Bramhall. She married Anthony Robinson, baptised 11 January 1753 in Glossop (son of Robert and Mary Robinson) on 6 December 1786 in Glossop. They had four children:
     Betty Robinson, born 13 April and baptised 9 May 1787 in Glossop, died 2 June and buried 5 June 1792 in Glossop.
     Sarah Robinson, born 26 August and baptised 14 September 1789 in Glossop.
     John Robinson.
     Elizabeth Robinson, born 14 February and baptised 20 February 1794 in Glossop.
Anthony was buried on 15 December 1808 in Glossop.

Children of Adam Bramhall.

Thomas Bramhall was baptised on 5 June 1768 in Glossop, buried 26 June 1804 in Glossop. He married Priscilla Gill, baptised 21 March 1770 (daughter of William Gill and Rachael Brooke) on 10 November 1788 in All Hallows, Almondbury, Yorks. They had eight children:
     Martha Bramhall born 20 January 1789.
     Betty Bramhall, born 8 December 1790 and baptised 1 January 1791 in Glossop, buried 8 May 1799 in Glossop.
     Mary Bramhall, died 8 April 1793, buried 10 April 1793 in Glossop.
     Thomas Bramhall, born 15 February and baptised 8 March 1797 in Glossop, buried 21 April 1818 in Glossop.
     Priscilla Bramhall, born 9 March and baptised 12 March 1799 in Glossop, buried 2 January 1814 in Glossop.
     William Bramhall born 3 September 1801.
     Joshua Bramhall born 27 November 1803.
     John Bramhall.
Thomas Bramhall was buried on 26 June 1804 in Glossop. Priscilla remarried to George Hegginbottom (see The families of Priscilla Gill).

Martha Bramhall was born about 1770. She married Henry Andrew, described in parish registers as of Hurst & Jumble. They had two children:
     Thomas Andrew, born 2 March and baptised 28 March 1796 in Glossop, buried 14 August 1798 in Glossop.
     Adam Andrew, born 19 September and baptised 29 October 1797 in Glossop.
Martha died aged 29 and was buried on 5 January 1800 in Glossop.

Generation Four.

Children of Thomas Bramhall.

Martha Bramhall was born on 20 January and baptised on 27 February 1789 in Glossop. She married Thomas Bramhall born about 1780, son of Joseph Bramhall and Lettice Booth (see A first Bramhall family of Chunal) on 11 November1824 in Glossop.

William Bramhall was born on 3 September and baptised on 20 October 1801 in Glossop. He married Margaret Wood, baptised 30 August 1807 in Mellor (daughter of Joseph and Mary Wood) on 29 November 1835 in Glossop. They had three children:
     Sarah Ann Bramhall born about 1839.
     Priscilla Hannah Bramhall born about 1845.
     William Henry Bramhall, born 1848, died, aged 6 months on 10 January 1849.
At the time of the 1861 census William was aged 59, at Bottomoth Town (The Wharth Mill), a cotton spinner employing 90 hands. William Bramhall died on 9 July 1870.
In the 1871 census Margaret was at 2 Wellgate Street age 63, farmer of 6 acres. Margaret died on 16 December 1879.

Joshua Bramhall was born on 27 November 1803 and baptised on 14 February 1804 in Glossop. Parish registers describe him as of Godley, Ashton under Lyne and Newton. He and his wife Ellen had two sons:
     Thomas Bramhall, baptised 31 July 1825 in Glossop, buried 12 October 1828 in Glossop.
     John Bramhall, baptised 10 June 1827 in Glossop.
Joshua Bramhall was buried on 12 November 1828 in Glossop.

Generation Five.

Children of William Bramhall.

Sarah Ann Bramhall was born about 1839. She married Henry Charles Hardman, baptised 2 February 1836 in Glossop Parish Church, son of James Hardman and Nancy Collier (see The Collier family of Howardtown) on 15 October 1873 in Glossop Parish Church.

Priscilla Hannah Bramhall was baptised on 18 May 1845 in All Saints, Glossop. At the Glossop Petty Sessions on 19 July 1866, Thomas Sykes, of Old Glossop, was summoned by Priscilla Hannah Bramhall, of the same place, to show cause why he refused to contribute towards the support of an illegitimate child, of which he was the putative father. Thomas was ordered to pay 2s. 6d. per week, and costs. Priscilla married Thomas Sykes in 1869 in St James, Whitfield. Their child was Emily Sykes, born about 1866 in Glossop.

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