Nields of Chunal and Dinting.

A shared MI indicates that this family is related to the Nields of Mouselow.

Generation One.

James Nield was born about 1725 and became a clothier at Chunal. He and his wife Mary, born about 1727, had six identified children:
     Daniel Nield.
     John Nield.
     James Nield.
     Thomas Nield born about 1766.
     Nathaniel Nield, baptised 10 September 1769 in Glossop. Possibly died young as not named in his father's will dated 15 September 1803.
     William Nield.
James Nield was buried on 27 September 1803 in Glossop, aged 78.
Mary died on 27 December and was buried on 31 December 1804 in Glossop, aged 77 of Chunal.

Generation Two.

Daniel Nield was baptised on 10 February 1758 in Glossop and became a clothier and farmer in Dinting. He married Susan Bowden, born about 1760 (daughter of Joseph Bowden), on 9 April 1780 in Glossop. They had ten children:
     Betty Nield, born 27 October and baptised 30 October 1785 in Glossop.
     James Nield, born and baptised 28 October 1787 in Glossop, died 25 December and buried 27 December 1787 in Glossop, infant.
     Hannah Nield, born 25 December 1788, baptised 25 January 1789 in Glossop.
     Daniel Nield born 23 January 1791.
     Sarah Nield, born 20 February and baptised 26 February 1793 in Glossop, died 7 April and buried 9 April 1793 in Glossop, infant.
     Susan Nield, born 8 February and baptised 12 February 1794 in Glossop.
     Mary Nield, born 21 November 1796.
     Samuel Nield, born 3 January and baptised 21 February 1799 in Glossop, died 12 November and buried 14 November 1818 in Glossop, aged 19.
     Thomas Nield born 11 June 1802.
     Sarah Nield, born 5 September and baptised 17 October 1806 in Top Chapel, Charlesworth, died 10 November 1818, buried 1 December 1818 in Glossop (aged 12 of Dinting).
Daniel Nield died on 30 September and was buried on 3 October 1818 in Glossop, aged 60.
Susan was buried on 29 November 1837 in Glossop, aged 77 of Shepley Mill.

John Nield was baptised on 21 September 1760 in Glossop and became a clothier at Chunal. He married Betty Bramhall, born about 1775, daughter of Joseph Bramhall and Lettice Booth (see A first Bramhall family of Chunal, on 8 September 1796 in Glossop. They had seven children:
     Nathaniel Nield born 20 July 1797.
     Lettice Nield, born 4 December 1798, baptised 13 February 1799 in Glossop. She married John Shotto, married 23 June 1823 in Glossop.
     Moriah Nield, born 31 July and baptised 9 September 1800 in Glossop.
     Ruth Nield, born 30 March and baptised 1 June 1802 in Glossop. She married Samuel Pickford on 5 February 1826 in Glossop.
     John Nield, born 3 February 1804, baptised 15 September 1807 in Glossop.
     James Nield, born 18 October 1805, baptised 15 September 1807 in Glossop.
     Joseph Nield born 28 April 1807.
John Nield died on 2 June and was buried on 7 June 1836 in Glossop, aged 75.
Betty died on 29 December 1858 and was buried on 3 January 1854 in Glossop aged 83.

James Nield was baptised on 7 November 1762 in Glossop. Of Dinting, he married Betty Walker on 31 March 1785 in Mottram. They had three identified children:
     John Nield, baptised 23 January 1786 in Mottram, died 18 March and buried 24 March 1837 in Glossop aged 51.
     James Nield, baptised 2 February 1789 in Mottram, died 23 December and buried 26 December 1789 in Glossop, in the church, aged 1.
     Thomas Nield, died 21 April and buried 23 April 1793 in Glossop, infant.
James Nield died on 12 October and was buried on 16 October 1842 in Glossop, aged 80.

Thomas Nield was born about 1766. A clothier of Chunal, he married Dorothy (Dolly) Shepley, born about 1769, daughter of Thomas Shepley and Agnes Dewhurst (see Shepley family of Laneside), on 10 June 1788 in Glossop. They had thirteen children:
     Mary Nield, born 5 November and baptised 30 November 1788 in Glossop.
     Alice Nield, born 24 February and baptised 28 March 1790 in Glossop.
     Agnes Nield, born 8 July and baptised 7 August 1791 in Glossop. She married James Chatterton on 5 October 1829 in Glossop.
     Dolly Nield, born 11 January and baptised 17 February 1793 in Glossop, died 26 April and buried 30 April 1824 in Glossop, aged 31.
     James Nield, born 21 April and baptised 25 May 1794 in Glossop.
     Sarah Nield, born 3 April and baptised 22 May 1796 in Glossop, died 19 April and buried 23 April 1825 in Glossop church yard.
     Thomas Nield, born 7 October and baptised 12 November 1797 in Glossop.
     John Nield, born 7 February and baptised 13 February 1799 in Glossop.
     Dan Nield born 21 August 1800.
     Jane Nield, born 23 April and baptised 20 June 1802 in Glossop.
     Joseph Nield born 7 July 1804.
     Hannah Nield, born 18 March and baptised 23 August 1807 in Glossop.
     Betty Nield, born 29 May and baptised 4 June 1813 in Top Chapel, Charlesworth.
Thomas Nield died on 8 November 1854 and was buried in Glossop church yard, aged 88.
Dolly died on 26 June and was buried on 29 June 1855 in Glossop (aged 86 of Chunal).

William Nield was baptised on 11 October 1772 in Glossop but settled in Marple Bridge. He married Betty Cardwell on 18 July 1797 in Glossop. They had a son, Robert Nield, born 16 May and baptised 24 June 1798 in Marple Bridge.

Generation Three.

Children of Daniel Nield.

Daniel Nield was born on 23 January and baptised on 20 February 1791 in Glossop. He married Sarah Lyne on 4 August 1817 in Glossop. They had four children:
     Mary Nield, baptised 28 November 1817 in Glossop.
     Daniel Nield, baptised 9 April 1820 in Glossop, buried 12 March 1821 in Glossop aged 1.
     Sarah Nield, baptised 17 June 1822 in Glossop, buried 16 July 1837 in Glossop, aged 16.
     Dan Nield, baptised 19 October 1828 in Glossop.
Daniel Nield died on 6 September and was buried on 9 September 1829 in Glossop, aged 38.

Mary Nield was born on 21 November 1796 and baptised on 21 February 1799 in Glossop. She had a daughter, Hannah, born 17 March 1823. Hannah had a daughter, Elizabeth, born in 1845 and baptised on 11 May 1845 at Glossop Parish Church.
In the census of 1851 Mary was aged 55 (unmarried), living at Green Vale with Hannah aged 28 (described as a lodger and weaver) and Elizabeth aged 6 (described as a lodger and scholar).
Hannah married Abraham Wood, son of John Wood and Sarah Fielding (see A Wood family of Whitfield), on 14 July 1863 at St James', Whitfield.
Mary Nield was buried at St James', Whitfield on 16 September 1860 (aged 63, of Shepley Mill).

Thomas Nield was born on 11 June and baptised on 29 August 1802 in Glossop. He is described in parish registers as a farmer and labourer of Hadfield. He married Betty Bower, born 23 August 1803, daughter of William Bower and Martha (Matty) Wagstaffe (see The descendants of John Bower of Hadfield), on 19 October 1828 in Glossop. They had five children:
     William Nield, baptised 22 July 1829 in Glossop, died 20 December 1853 in aged 34.
     Mary Nield, baptised 17 June 1831 in Glossop.
     Samuel Nield, baptised 7 May 1833 in Glossop, died 23 May and buried 27 May 1833 in Glossop, aged 20.
     Ellen Nield, baptised 11 May 1835 in Glossop.
     Sarah Nield, baptised 18 August 1839 in Glossop, died 3 February and buried 6 February 1853 in Glossop, aged 13.
Betty died on 21 September and was buried on 24 September 1867 in Glossop, aged 64.
Thomas Nield died on 23 June and was buried on 25 June 1880 in Glossop, aged 78.

Children of John Nield.

Nathaniel Nield was born on 20 July and baptised on 5 September 1797 in Glossop. He was described in parish registers as of Chunal, Bookkeeper and of Manchester, Warehouseman and Paper merchant. He married Mary Pickford on 8 December 1820 in Glossop and they had four identified children:
     James Nield, baptised 10 December 1821 in Glossop.
     William Nield, baptised 12 July 1824 in Glossop.
     John Nield, baptised 6 July 1828 in Glossop.
     Nathaniel Nield, baptised 30 July 1837 in Glossop.
Nathaniel Nield died on 14 November 1845 at Armathwaite, Cumberland, aged 48.

Joseph Nield was born on 28 April and baptised on 15 September 1807 in Glossop. He married Alice Bates on 24 June 1833 at Stockport. They had five identified children:
     Charles Nield, born 20 July and baptised 8 August 1834 in Littlemoor Independent.
     Lettice Nield, born about 1837.
     John Nield, born about 1841.
     Joseph Nield, born 1842.
     Mary Nield, born 1845. She married John Wood, son of Charles Wood and Sarah Mellors, on 27 January 1864 at Manchester Cathedral (see A Wood Family of Whitfield).

Children of Thomas Nield.

Dan Nield was born on 21 August and baptised on 9 September 1800 in Glossop. A butcher of Whitfield and Chunal, he married Nancy Hampson, born 21 December 1810, daughter of John Hampson and Hannah Bowden (see The Ham(p)son family of Whitfield), on 6 September 1830 in Glossop. They had four identified children:
     Joseph Nield, baptised 7 November 1830 in Glossop.
     John Nield, baptised 22 July 1832 in Glossop.
     Sally Nield, baptised 1 June 1834 in Glossop.
     Hannah Nield, baptised 16 October 1836 in Glossop.

Joseph Nield was born on 7 July and baptised on 7 October 1804 in Glossop. A shoemaker of Littlemoor, he married Ellen Robinson, born about 1800, on 25 December 1830 in Glossop and they had five children:
     George Nield, born 17 October and baptised 24 November 1831 in Littlemoor Independant, buried 9 November 1832 in Littlemoor Independant, aged 1.
     Sarah Nield, born 5 August and baptised 17 October 1833 in Littlemoor Independant, buried 8 July 1834 in Littlemoor Independant, aged 10 months.
     Ann Nield, born about 1836 in Whitfield.
     Joseph Nield, born 28 September and baptised 19 November 1837 in Littlemoor Independant.
     Thomas Nield, baptised 18 June 1840 in Littlemoor Independant.
Ellen was buried on 14 October 1844 in Glossop, aged 44.
Joseph remarried to Betty Robinson, born about 1812 (daughter of James Robinson), on 19 June 1845 in Manchester Cathedral and they had four identified children:
     James Nield born 26 March 1846.
     John Nield, born 1849 in Whitfield, quarter 2.
     Emma Nield, born 1850 in Whitfield, final quarter.
     Ellen Nield, born 1854, third quarter.

Generation Four.

Child of Joseph Nield.

James Nield was born on 26 March 1846 in Whitfield. He married Sarah Ann Hadfield, baptised 17 March 1837, daughter of James Hadfield and Anne Bowers (see The family of James Hadfield of Cross Cliffe), in 1869. Sarah Ann had been married to her sister's widower, James Simpson, but was named as Sarah Ann Hadfield on her marriage to James Nield.
James and Sarah Ann had a son, John Robinson Nield, born 11 July 1872.
The 1871 census shows James aged 25, Master Shoe Maker, living in Whitfield with Sarah aged 34. At the 1881 census James is a Boot & shoe maker living in Victoria Street Glossop, age recorded as 25 again, with Sarah aged 44, Calico Weaver (Cotton). Also in the house was Ellen Neild, James's 28 year old sister, a paper stainer.
Sarah Ann died in the final quarter of 1889.
The 1891 census has James aged 45, a Boot And Shoe Manufacturer living at 20 High Street West, Glossop.
James married Charlotte Christiana Harford, baptised 1 February 1857 in Colwall, Herefordshire (daughter of John Harford and Hannah Stanley) on 5 December 1899 in Christ Church, Tintwistle. At the time of the 1891 census she was aged 34, Housemaid at Mill Brook House, Tintwistle (home of the Sidebottom family).
James died on 9 December 1899.

Generation Five.

John Robinson Nield was born on 11 July 1872. He joined the family business, the 1891 census recording him as John Robert, 18, Boot And Shoe Manufacturer.
In the 1901 census he is aged 29, Shoe maker in High Street West, Glossop. Living with him was his step mother, named as Charlotte A Nield aged 44.
At the 1911 census he is aged 38, boot maker dealer, 20 High Street West, with step mother, named as Charlotte Christina Nield aged 54.
In 1915, in Colwall, John married Eliza Harford, Charlotte's sister, born 24 November 1868 in Colwall.
In the 1939 register, John was a boot repairer, living with Eliza at 71 Norfolk Street, Glossop. He died on 28 May and was buried at Top Chapel graveyard on 27 May 1941.

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