Descendants of William Cooper of Whitfield.

Generation One.

William Cooper and his wife Betty had a son, Joseph Cooper born about 1773.

Generation Two.

Joseph Cooper was born about 1773 (the 1851 census has him aged 77). He married Mary Fielding, born 14 November 1782 in Whitfield, daughter of Charles Fielding and Ann Lomas (see Descendants of John Fielding of Whitfield 1674) on 21 September 1803 in Glossop. They had eight children:
     Betty Cooper born 21 August 1804.
     Thomas Cooper born about 1805.
     James Cooper born 16 June 1806, baptised 20 July 1806 in Glossop.
     Abel Cooper born 5 March 1808.
     Hannah Cooper born 22 January 1810.
     Rhuben Cooper born 5 January 1812.
     William Cooper.
     George Cooper.
Joseph Cooper died in 1851.

Generation Three.

Betty Cooper was born on 21 August and baptised on 18 September 1804 in Glossop,. She married Joseph Bradley, born about 1809 in Simmondley, on 9 November 1830 in Glossop. They had six children:
     John Bradley born about 1833.
     Joseph Bradley born about 1835.
     Abel Bradley, born about 1835, died before the family left England.
     Hannah Bradley born 20 February 1839.
     Lucy Elizabeth Bradley born about 1842.
     Sarah Ann Bradley born about 1847.
Joseph and Betty emigrated to America and settled in Southport (now Kenosha) on 12 June 1842.
Joseph Bradley died on 11 January 1875 in Kenosha Co, WI.
Betty died in 1881.

Abel Cooper was born on 5 March 1808 in Mottram in Longdendale and baptised on 17 April 1808 in Glossop. He was farming near Racine, Wisconsin by 3 February 1849 when his father wrote a letter to him. He married Eliza Garside and they had four children:
     Joseph Cooper born 23 February 1844.
     Ann Sarah Cooper born 12 June 1847.
     William Cooper.
     Hugh Cooper.
Abel Cooper died in 1872.

Hannah Cooper was born on 22 January 1810 in Whitfield and baptised on 28 February 1810 in Glossop. She married John Priestnall on 4 September 1836 in Stockport and they had three children:
     Mary Priestnall baptised on 5 March 1837 in Glossop. Age given as 14 in the 1851 census.
     Hannah Esther Priestnall born about 1839 in Glossop, died 1872. Age given as 13 in the 1851 census. She married Samuel Lyre in 1863 in Hayfield.
     Nanny Priestnall.
John died before 3 February 1849 as Hannah was a widow when her father wrote to Abel in the USA on that date.
Hannah was living with her father and daughters at the time of the 1851 census. She died on 4 December 1862.

Rhuben Cooper was born on 5 January 1812 in Oldham, Lancashire and baptised on 11 February 1812 in Glossop. He and his wife had two children:
     James Cooper, born about 1842.
     Esther Cooper.

Generation Four.

Children of Betty Cooper.

John Bradley was born about 1. He and his wife had two children:
     Martha Bradley born about 1870, died 1896. She married Joseph Bradbury Collier.
     Elizabeth Bradley, born 1880, died 1891.
John Bradley died in 1908.

Joseph Bradley was born about 1835 in Simmondley, Glossop. He married Barbara Robertson, born 9 November 1841 in St Fergus, Aberdeenshire (daughter of William Robertson and Barbara Smith) on 28 December 1871. They had six children:
     William Reuben Bradley born 28 February 1873.
     Carrie May Bradley born 22 May 1875.
     Margaret Anna Bradley, born 8 September 1877, died 24 September 1959. She married Lawrence E Ozanne on 21 June 1925 in Frank Bradley's House. Lawrence was born about 1864 and died in 1957 in Somers, WI.
     Sarah Evelyn Bradley born 28 January 1880 in Somers, WI, died 4 February 1910 in Somers, WI.
     Eunice Isabel Bradley born 27 June 1882.
     Joseph Franklin Bradley born 5 June 1886.
Joseph Bradley died in 1889 in Racine, WI. of Pneumonia.
Barbara died on 30 April 1889 in Somers, WI.

Hannah Bradley was born on 20 February 1839 in Oldham, Lancs. She married Thomas Lewis, born about 1840 in Wales, and they had two children:
     Mary Eulilla Lewis born about 1874.
     Lucy Maude Lewis born about 1877.
Hannah died in 1878.

Lucy Elizabeth Bradley was born about 1842. She married Thomas Lewis, widower of her sister Hannah. They had two children:
     Amy Sarah Lewis, born about 1881.
     Eva Grace Lewis born about 1885.
Thomas died in 1901 and Lucy in 1922.

Sarah Ann Bradley was born about 1847 She married Robert W Roberts and they had eight children:
     Gladys Cooper Roberts born 5 April 1886.
     John Dare Roberts.
     Joseph Roberts, died before 1932.
     Olive Roberts.
     Ora May Roberts.
     Carrie Roberts, died after 1932.
     Nellie Roberts, died after 1932. She married ? Bufton.
     Ida Roberts, died after 1932. She married ? Clunie.
Sarah Ann, who had a millinery business, died in 1899.

Children of Abel Cooper.

Joseph Cooper was born on 23 February 1844 in Manchester. He emigrated to Racine with his father in 1846. He was a member of 2nd Wis. Cavalry in the US Civil War & General Custer's bodyguard. He owned 145 acres of land. He married Mary Gifford (born about 1854) on 21 December 1871 in Caledonia, WI. And they had three children:
     Katie Cooper, born 3 June 1874. She married Fred Pehl.
     Clifton A Cooper, born 5 October 1876.
     J Joseph Cooper, born 27 August 1878.
Joseph Cooper died in 1931 in Racine, WI.

Ann Sarah Cooper was born on 12 June 1847 in Hood's Creek, WI. She married Thomas F Shephard on 25 December 1867 in Racine, WI and they had five children:
     Flora L Shephard.
     Evelyn Shephard.
     Ella Shephard.
     Stella Shephard.
     O H Shephard.
Thomas died in 1921.
Ann died on 2 November 1945 in Waukesha, WI.

William Cooper married Mary Jane Working (born about 1832 and they had two sons, Frank and Arthur Cooper.

Hugh Cooper. He and his wife Martha Jane had three children:
     William Cooper
     Elinor Cooper.
     Lillian Cooper. She married Edwin Shepard.

Child of Rhuben Cooper.

Esther Cooper. She married Henry Unsworth (born about 1826, died 1871) and they had six children:
     Fred Unsworth, born about 1860.
     Lucy Unsworth, born about 1863, died 1872.
     Anne Unsworth, born about 1867.
     James Reuben Unsworth, born about 1870, died 1871.
     Emily Unsworth.
     Robert Unsworth.

Generation Five.

Children of Joseph Bradley.

William Reuben Bradley was born on 28 February 1873 in Somers, WI. He was a farmer and foreman at Massey-Harris Co. He married Hannah Linnington (born 5 June 1886) on 28 February 1912 and they had two children:
     Sadie Esther Bradley born 11 May 1914, died December 1980 in Racine, WI. She married Edward George Fons on 25 June 1940. He was born on 16 October 1911 and died on 27 December 1993 in Hopkins MN.
     Dorothy Virginia Bradley born 24 December 1918, died August 1993 in Racine WI. She married Thomas Alton Williams on 14 November 1939. He was born on 3 December 1910 and died in June 1987 in Racine, WI.
William died on 18 May 1935 in Racine, WI.
Hannah died on 4 November 1972 in Racine, WI.

Carrie May Bradley was born on 22 May 1875 in Somers Tsp, Racine Co, WI. She married George Custer Flett (born about 1863) on 28 November 1899. They lived in Illinois, Michigan and Iowa before 1931. Carrie and George had two children:
     Elizabeth Eloise Flett, born 17 November 1901, died 7 May 1991 in Racine, WI. She married Rufus B Felten on 29 July 1929. Rufus died on 4 January 1932.
     Margaret Isabel Flett, born 24 July 1905, died 25 November 1990 in Racine, WI. She married William Lloyd Bullamore on 7 July 1955. William died in November 2000 in WI.
George was a Minister of the United Church of Christ. He died on 3 May 1937.
Carrie died on 9 October 1966 in Kenosha Co, WI.

Eunice Isabel Bradley was born on 27 June 1882,. She married Albert Bullamore (born about 1870) on 20 September 1904. They had a daughter, Marjorie Eunice Bullamore, born 2 January 1906.
Albert died in 1958.
Eunice died in August 1972 in Somers, WI

Joseph Franklin Bradley was born on 5 June 1886. He married Jeanette Holloway (born 27 August 1881 in Milwaukee, WI, daughter of Morris Holloway and Martha Powell) on 28 December 1911. They had three children:
     Joseph Franklin Bradley, born 25 April 1914 in Paris, Racine, WI, died 6 October 1992 in Janesville, Wisconsin.
     Morris Robertson Bradley, born 1 November 1918 in Franksville, WI.
     Elinor Margaret Bradley, born 26 April 1922, died 31 August 1973.
Jeanette died on 25 October 1965 in Dodgeville, WI.
Joseph died on 8 July 1966 in Kenosha, WI.

Children of Hannah Bradley.

Mary Eulilla Lewis was born about 1874. She married George J Rea and had four children:
     Dorothy G Rea, born about 1895, died 1902.
     Thomas Herald Rea, born about 1896. He married Florence Burke.
     Philip L Rea, born about 1898. He married Julia Wells, born about 1899.
     Robert R Rea, born about 1902, died 1903.

Lucy Maude Lewis, born about 1877. She married Willis Whitby and had one child:
     Willis R Whitby, born about 1916. He married (1) Pauline Brady (born about 1925, died 1949) in 1943. He married (2) Olive Mitchell (born about 1917) in 1950.

Child of Lucy Bradley.

Eva Grace Lewis was born about 1885. She married Frank N G Kranick (born about 1880) and they had two children:
     Lewis Gerard Kranick, born about 1914. He married (1) Jane Wagner (born about 1917, died 1965) in 1941. He married (2) Dorothy Dahl (born about 1921) in 1966.
     Bruce Richard Kranick, born 1920. He married (1) Mary Evans Brokaw (born 6 May 1923, died May 1980 in Racine, WI) in 1947. He married (2) Rosemary Smith Warner (born about 1925), in 1982,.
Frank died in 1954 and Eva in 1972.

Children of Sarah Ann Bradley.

Gladys Cooper Roberts was born on 5 April 1886 in Racine, WI, baptised in M.E. Church. She married Thad Gibbs and had two children:
     Robert Percival Gibbs. He married Ellen M Brenneke.
     Verla Edith Gibbs. She married Fritz Wuerker, born 29 February 1916, died 14 February 1995 in Racine, WI.
Gladys died 30 July 1932 in Racine, WI, buried in Racine, WI.

John Dare Roberts married (1) Winifred Henningfield and had a son, John Dare Roberts born about 1924, died 1983.
He married (2) Katherine Henningfield.
John Dare Roberts, died after 1932.

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