Bennett Family of Hilltop

Generation One.

Robert Bennett was buried on 23 June 1701 in Glossop. The burial entry describes him as of Dinting, pauper, but that claim may have been made to avoid the tax due on the register entry. His wife Anna was buried on 29 January 1703/4 in Glossop. Her burial entry described her as of Hilltop, widow of the late Robert. They had four children:
     Martha Bennett, baptised 21 January 1643/44 in Glossop.
     Maria Bennett, baptised 3 May 1646 in Glossop.
     Robert Bennett.
     William Bennett, buried 22 September 1677 in Glossop.
There is a record of a marriage in the Glossop parish register (1 August 1642) of Robert Bennett of Mottram (son of Robert Bennett) to Anna Goddard of Glossop 1642 (daughter of Hugh and Joan Goddard. Absence of further records means it is not possible to say whether or not this was the same couple.

Generation Two.

Robert Bennett was baptised on 12 November 1648 in Glossop. No surviving record of his marriage or the baptisms of his children have been found but the following are likely to be his children:
     John Bennett, buried 2 March 1716/17 in Glossop. His will, written 28 February 1716, includes charitable bequests to the poor of Glossop and the independent chapels at Charlesworth and Tintwistle. The tenement and land at Hilltop was left to his brother Samuel and wife Mary equally, the survivor of them to inherit it all. John had married Mary Watson on 1 June 1714 in Glossop (see below for her second marriage). Bennett family, blacksmiths of Rose Green. The will also mentions: his two sisters; his sister in law Mary; his brother Robert's children William and Mary; his niece Margaret Bothoms and his cousin Dan Heward.
     Robert Bennett.
     Ellin Bennett. She married Tristram Stafford of Glossop on 5 April 1697.
     Joane Bennett. She married Miles Slater.

Generation Three.

Robert Bennett. There are no register entries for him but he, and his two children (below) are mentioned in his brothers' wills.
     William Bennett. Mentioned in the wills of both his uncles but predeceased his uncle Samuel.
     Mary Bennett. Mentioned in her uncle Samuel's will.

Barber Connection.
Mary Bennett of Hilltop married Robert Barber of Little Padfield on 21 August 1718. As she had inherited the whole of the tenement on Samuel's death this may have been how the Barber family came to possess Hilltop (see The Barber family of Hilltop and Padfield). This Robert may also be a forebear of Barber family of Padfield, Deepclough and Torside.

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