The Patchett family in the Glossop area.

The Patchett family had a long history in the Halifax area before coming to Glossop.
John Patchett married Joan Milner (died 1509). They had a son, Richard Patchett, born in Midgley who also had a son named Richard Patchett.
That Richard Patchett, who died in 1553 and was buried in Halifax married Elizabeth Pilkington (died 1554). They had a son named John Patchett.
John Patchett lived in Midgley. He died in 1582 and was buried in Halifax. His son was also John (born 1542).
John Patchett married Grace Oldfield in 1574 in Halifax. They had a son, Gregory Patchett, born in 1586. John Patchett died in 1613.
Gregory Patchett married Grace Rawden in 1614 in York. They had a son, John Patchett, born in 1616. Gregory Patchett held the office of Constable in Luddenden. He died in 1684 and was buried in Luddenden.
John Patchett married Mary Sharples and they had a son, another Richard, in 1656. John and Mary lived at Milnehouse (later known as Mill House) in Luddenden. John died in
1669 and was buried in Luddenden.
Richard Patchett married Judith Midgley in 1682 in Halifax. Their son was also Richard, born in 1683. Richard and Judith lived at Milnehouse until 1686, Richard dying in 1728 and being buried in Luddenden.
The Richard Patchett born in 1683 married Grace Greenwood in 1706 in Luddenden. They had a son, Abraham Patchett, in 1724. Richard was a victualler at the White Swan, Luddenden, later known as the Lord Nelson. He died in 1728 and was buried in Luddenden.
Abraham Patchett left Midgley/Luddenden for Hebden Bridge. He was a weaver of Wadsworth when he married Grace Sutcliffe in 1744. Their son, George, was born in 1753. When Abraham died, in 1762, he was landlord of the King's Farm Inn, later the White Lion, in Hebden Bridge. He was buried in Heptonstall.
George Patchett, born in 1753, lived at Hebden Bridge, Wadsworth & Stansfield. He married Susannah Halstead in 1771 in Heptonstall. Their son, Richard Patchett, was born in 1784. George Patchett died in 1816 and was buried in Heptonstall.
Richard Patchett (who died in 1844) married Jane Rhodes in 1806. They lived at New Road Bottom, Heptonstall and had a son, George, in 1810. It was this George who moved to Glossop.

Generation One.

George Patchett was born in 1810 in Hebden Bridge. He married Sarah (Sally) Greenwood (born 1812 in Heptonstall) in 1833 at Hebden Bridge. They had six children:
     Abraham Patchett born 1833.
     Jane Patchett baptised in 1837. The 1841 census gives her age as 5.
     Joshua Patchett born 1838.
     Henry Patchett born 1841.
     Sarah Patchett born 1846 in Glossop. The 1861 census lists her as aged 16, a dress maker.
     Susannah Patchett born 1849 in Glossop. The 1861 census lists her as aged 12, a scholar.
George is found as a beer seller near Hebden Bridge in 1838. The family moved to Glossop between 1839 & 1841. George was a quarryman, later becoming a beer retailer at Dinting Vale and living at Chapel Street, Glossop. The1841 census has him as a 30 year old Fustian Cutter at Long Lane, Charlesworth. In the 1861 census he is aged 51, a butcher at High Street, Glossop, later moving to number 5 High Street East. He died on 30 December 1879 and was buried in Glossop Cemetery
Sally continued to live at 5 High St East. She died on 5 February 1897 and was buried in Glossop Cemetery.

Generation Two.

Abraham Patchett was born in 1833 in Hebden Bridge. He married Margaret Hadfield, daughter of John Hadfield and Ann Gee (see A Hadfield family of Whitfield), on 28 November 1859 in St Paul's Church, Stayley and they had five children:
     George Patchett born 1860.
     John Patchett born 1862 in Glossop, died 15 April 1888, buried in Glossop Cemetery.
     Arthur Patchett born 1868.
     Emily Patchett born about 1871 in Glossop.
     Janet Patchett born 17 July 1879.
Abraham was a twine maker and brickmaker before becoming a butcher. He is listed in the 1861 census as a 27 year old butcher at 175 High Street and in 1871 & 1881 at 36 High Street West, Glossop. He died on 20 September 1884 and was buried in Glossop Cemetery.
Margaret carried on the butchery business after Abraham died but didn't live on the premises. In the 1891 census she was living at 40 Talbot Street, a widowed butcher. By the time of the 1901 census she appears to have retired as she is shown as aged 64, a widow at 48 Hollincross Lane. In the 1911 census she is ages 72 living with daughter Janet and her husband at 98 St Mary's Road. She was living at 53 Clarence Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy when she died on 13 May 1930. She was buried on 15 May 1930 in Glossop Cemetery.
Joshua Patchett was born in 1838 in Hebden Bridge. He lived in Hollingworth and was a brick maker. He and his wife Sarah had six children:
     George Henry Patchett born 1868. Lived in Denton.
     Annie Patchett born 1871.
     Fred Patchett born 1873.
     Edwin Patchett born 1876.
     Edith Patchett born 1878. She married Frank Sidebottom.
     Gertrude Patchett born 1882.
Joshua died in 1893 and Sarah in 1916. Both were buried in Glossop Cemetery.

Henry Patchett was born in 1841 in Charlesworth. He married Selina Wilby Beaumont, born 1854 in Manchester and they had six children:
     Nancy Patchett born 1875 in Hadfield.
     Aquilla Patchett born 1880 in Hadfield. He married Ethel E Kibler (born 1907). They lived in Mottram. Aquilla died in 1960 and Ethel in 1971. Both were buried in Mottram.
     Jane Patchett born 1883. She died in 1901 and was buried in Glossop Cemetery.
     Tom Patchett born 1885.
     Abram Patchett born 1888.
     Olive Patchett born 1891.
Henry and Selina live at 32 Station Road, Hadfield. Henry was a brickmaker and butcher. He died in 1907 and was buried in Glossop Cemetery.

Generation Three.

Children of Abraham Patchett.

George Patchett was born in 1860 at Littlemoor, Glossop. He married Emily Crook (born 1863, daughter of William Crook and Martha North) in 1888 at Godley, Hyde and they had seven children:
     John Patchett born 1890.
     William Crook Patchett born 1891. He died on 16 August 1916 in the Battle of the Somme, France and was buried in Serre Rd Cemetery No 2, a private in the, 9th Company, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry). He is commemorated on the war memorial at Top Chapel, Charlesworth.
     Norman Patchett born 1892.
     Louie Patchett born 1893.
     Harry Patchett born and died in 1894, buried at Mottram.
     Margaret Patchett born 1896 and died 1961, buried in Glossop Cemetery.
     Oswald Patchett born 1900 and died 1961.
George Patchett worked in the family business at 36 High Street West. In the census of 1891 he was a butcher living alone there aged 30. He was also a commercial traveller. The family home was 48 Howard Street, Glossop when William was killed in 1916. George was buried in Mottram.
Emily died in 1953.

Arthur Patchett was born in 1868 in Glossop. He and his wife Elizabeth (born about 1865) had two children:
     Jessie Patchett born 1897, died 1923, buried in Glossop Cemetery.
     John Patchett born 1889 in Glossop, killed in action 21 August 1915.
The 1891 census shows Arthur aged 23, a butcher at 6 High Street West, Glossop.

Janet Patchett was born on 17 July 1879 in Glossop. In the 1901 census she was aged 22, a draper's assistant living with her mother. She married James William Fernaly, born 8 February 1871 in Glossop, and they had a daughter named Mavis, born on 21 June 1910 in Glossop. James was a letterpress printer. In 1911 the family was at 98 St Mary's Road, Glossop. In the 1939 register James was retired and Mavis a shorthand typist, the family living at 229 King's Road, Manchester.

Children of Joshua Patchett.

Fred Patchett was born in 1873. He married Ann Garside, born 1870. They lived in Hollingworth where they had four children:
     Clara Patchett born 1902. She married Jack Barratt. Clara died in 1985 and was buried in Mottram.
Edith Patchett.
     Joshua Patchett born 1907.
     Fred Patchett born 1911.
Fred died in 1925 and Ann in 1945, both buried in Mottram.

Edwin Patchett was born in 1876. He married Clara Roe, born 1877. They lived in Staleybridge where they had four children:
     George Henry Patchett born 1902. He married Edna Fitzgerald. George died in 1984.
     John Brook Patchett born 1907.
     Mary Patchett born 1910 and died 1988.
     Joan Patchett born 1922.
Edwin Patchett died in 1934 and Clara in 1937, both buried in Glossop Cemetery.

Children of Henry Patchett.

Tom Patchett was born in 1885 and became a butcher in Station Road, Hadfield. He married Agnes Torkington and they had two daughters:
     Sally Patchett born 1916.
     Gladys Patchett. She married William Parker.

Abram Patchett was born in 1888 and became a butcher in Charlesworth in the 1920s. He married Mary E Campbell, born 1891, and they had six children:
     Patricia Patchett. She married George Mills.
     Jenny C Patchett.
     Thomas Henry Patchett born 1920.
     Kitty C Patchett. She married Donald Trotman.
     Aquilla Patchett.
     Gerald George Patchett born 1928.
Abram Patchett died in 1964. Mary died in 1983 and was buried at Charlesworth Independent Chapel.

Generation four.

Children of George Patchett.

John Patchett was born in 1890 and died in 1969. He married Ann Hall in 1919 in Hadfield. She was born in 1890 and died in 1967. They lived in Hadfield.

Norman Patchett was born in 1892. He married Ada Wright.

Louie Patchett was born in 1893 and died in 1976, being buried on 14 April 1976 in Glossop cemetery, aged 82. She married Edmund Coop in 1924 in Dinting Church. He died in 1940 and was buried on 12 November 1940 in Glossop Cemetery, aged 46. Louie worked at Maconochies, Hadfield in the late 1940s.

Children of Joshua Patchett.

Joshua Patchett was born in 1907 and died in 1957. He married Alice Crombie, born in 1911, died 2 December 2001. They lived in Holingworth.

Fred Patchett was born in 1911, died in 1971 and was buried in Mottram. His wife's name was Freda.

Child of Edwin Patchett.

John Brook Patchett was born in 1907 and died in 1988. He married Mary Garth.

Child of Tom Patchett.

Sally Patchett was born in1916. She married Sidney Kennington.

Children of Abram Patchett.

Thomas Henry Patchett was born in 1920. He married Hilda Higginbotham and they lived in Denton.

Aquilla Patchett. His wife's name was Rita. They lived in Leominster.

Gerald George Patchett was born in 1928 and died on 1 June 2006 in Shire Hill Hospital, Glossop, being buried on 15 June 2006 at Charlesworth Independent Chapel. He married Margaret Rose Kelly (born about 1935) in 1956. She died on 15 August 2003 in Bodelwyddan Hospital, North Wales.

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