The Lees family of Padfield and Woolley Bridge mills.

Generation One.

Robert Lees, of Alt Hill (between Ashton and Oldham) was born about 1762, died 25 June 1837. He worked Padfield Brook Mill. He married Sarah Barber, born about 1772 (see The Barber family of Hilltop and Padfield) on 4 June 1793 in Ashton-Under-Lyne. They had five children:
     Henry Lees born 7 April 1794.
     Mary Lees, born 21 August 1796 and baptised the same day at Ashton under Lyne (Robert described as a farmer of Carrs). Baptised again on 16 September 1812 at Tintwistle Independent Chapel. She married John Rusby, born about 1804 (son of John and Ann Rusby of Glossop), on 4 October 1832. John Rusby was a surgeon in Glossop. He also worked Cross Cliffe Mill (see The Hadfield Family Farm at Whitfield and Cross Cliffe Mill). Their son became the Rev Mr Rusby who left money for the restoration of Glossop Parish Church. John Rusby died on 5 December 1844, aged 40, and was buried in Glossop.
     John Lees born 3 September 1798.
     Sarah, born on 17 March and baptised on 31 March 1803 at Tintwistle Independent Chapel.
     Edward Lees, born on 14 May and baptised on 27 May 1805 at Tintwistle Independent Chapel, died 1 May 1841. Remained a bachelor. Worked Padfield Brook Mill.
     Samuel Lees born on 21 January 1808.
     Robert Lees, born on 31 July and baptised on 16 September 1812 at Tintwistle Independent Chapel.
Robert Lees died, aged 75, on 25 June 1837.
Sarah died, aged 65, on 11 August 1837.

Generation Two.

Henry Lees was born and baptised on 7 April 1794 in Tintwistle Independent Chapel. He worked Wooley Bridge Mill. He married Elizabeth Stead of Walkley, born 6 January 1801, on 8 October 1823 in Sheffield. They had four children:
     William Henry Lees, born 10 September 1824, died 29 October 1828, buried in Glossop.
     Sarah Lees, born 30 May 1826, died 17 October 1827, buried in Glossop.
     James Lees, born 14 June 1828, died 21 September 1828, buried in Glossop.
     Robert John Lees.
Elizabeth died on 13 December 1828.
Henry Lees died on 24 July 1870.

John Lees was born born on 3 September and baptised on 20 September 1798 at Tintwistle Independent Chapel. He worked Padfield Brook Mill. He and his wife, Hannah Booth, had two sons:
     Thomas Booth Lees, born about 1827, baptised 11 June 1827 at Glossop parish church, died 1901.
     James Robert Lees, born about 1830, died 1895.
Hannah died on 12 October 1836 and John Lees died on 4 December 1836.

Samuel Lees born on 31 July and baptised on 16 September 1812 at Tintwistle Independent Chapel. He worked Padfield Brook Mill. He married Eliza Wood, born 17 July 1815, daughter of John Wood and Alice Hill (see Wood and Hill-Wood families).
Samuel Lees died in December 1896 in Walney House, Hereford.
Eliza died on 10 January 1901.
Samuel and Eliza had a daughter, Sarah Lees. She married James Murgatroyd (F.R.I.B.A. of Manchester and of Warley, Didsbury). They had eleven children, one of whom was Edith Eliza Murgatroyd. She married Thomas Harrop Sidebottom, born about 1826, son of William Sidebottom and Agnes Harrop (see Sidebottoms of Hollingworth) on 23 June 1886.

Generation Three.

Son of Henry Lees.

Robert John Lees. Worked Turn Lee before emigrating to Melbourne, Australia. Robert married Emily Bennett, daughter of Joseph Bennett and Hannah Kershaw (see The Bennett family of Turnlee) on 9 August 1860 in Littlemoor Independent Chapel. They had four sons:
     Henry Lees, born 10 September 1861, died 27 March 1866, buried in Glossop.
     Walter Bennett Lees, born 25 April 1872, died 2 August 1877, buried in Glossop.
     Samuel Kershaw Lees, born 22 September 1875, died 14 October 1875, buried in Glossop.
     Robert John Lees, born 23 September 1879, died 20 December 1879, buried in Glossop.

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