The Bennett family of Simmondley and Birch Vale.

Generation One.

Thomas Bennett, blacksmith of Storf near Simmondley, and his wife Betty had two sons:
     William Bennett, born about 1763
     Thomas Bennett baptised 30 August 1769.

Generation Two.

William Bennett, blacksmith was described as of Lane end when he married and of Glossop when his sons were baptised. He married Clarissa Garlick, born about 1766, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Garlick (see A Garlick family of Dinting) on 31 August 1784 in Glossop Parish Church. They had eight children:
     Thomas Bennett, born on 27 October 1786.
     Joseph Bennett, born on 16 December 1788.
     Molly Bennett, born on 14 November and baptised on 12 December 1790 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Sarah Bennett, born on 1 May and baptised on 31 May 1795 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Lucy Bennett, born on 9 November 1798 and baptised on 7 February 1799 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Ann Bennett, born on 22 March and baptised on 25 December 1801 in Glossop Parish Church.
     William Bennett, born on 24 January 1805 and baptised on 3 February 1815 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Martha Bennett, born in January 1807 and baptised on 3 February 1815 in Glossop Parish Church.
Clarissa was buried on 29 July 1841 at Glossop Parish Church.

Thomas Bennett of Storth, Simmondley was baptised on 30 August 1769 in Glossop. He married Martha Ridgway, born about 1779, on 25 December 1807 in Saddleworth. They had twins:
     John Bennett born 29 July 1815.
     Sarah Bennett, born 29 July 1815, baptised 13 August 1815 in Top Chapel, Charlesworth.

Generation Three.

Children of William Bennett.

Thomas Bennett, was born on 27 October 1786 and baptised on 2 January 1787 in Glossop Parish Church. Baptism entries record him living at Windy Harbour and Allmen's Heath. He married Alice Cooke, born about 1795, on 1 November 1814 in Glossop. They had two known children:
     Ann Bennett, born 17 December 1814, baptised 2 August 1815 in Littlemoor chapel, died 31 January 1830, buried in Glossop aged 15.
     Sarah Bennett, born 1 Apr 1821, baptised 5 February 1821 in Glossop Wesleyan Chapel.
Thomas Bennett died on 4 October 1842 and was buried in Glossop aged 55.
Alice died on 20 January 1872 and was buried in Glossop aged 77.

Joseph Bennett was born on 16 December 1788 and baptised on 15 January 1789 in Glossop Parish Church. He is described as a blacksmith of Royle Gate in the baptism entries of John and Thomas and as a blacksmith of Glossop in Joseph's baptism entry. He married Elizabeth Bennett on 26 November 1811 in Glossop Parish Church and they had ten children:
     William Bennett, born on 2 March and baptised on 18 May 1812 in Littlemoor chapel. Possibly buried 6 October 1833 aged 21.
     Mary Bennett, born on 1 September and baptised on 21 November 1813 in Littlemoor chapel.
     Clara Bennett, born on 11 April 1815.
     Edward Bennett, born on 1 February 1817.
     Nancy Bennett, born on 23 March 1819.
     Ann Bennett, born on 31 January 1821.
     Eliza Bennett, born on 11 January and baptised on 17 August 1823 in Littlemoor chapel. She died in 1838 aged 14.
     John Bennett, born on 6 February and baptised on 27 June 1825 in Littlemoor chapel.
     Thomas Bennett, born on 17 June and baptised on 24 July 1827 in Littlemoor chapel.
     Joseph Bennett, born on 19 October and baptised on 5 November 1829 in Littlemoor chapel.
Joseph died before Clara married George Ford on 27 November 1837.

Child of Thomas Bennett.

John Bennett was born on 29 July and baptised on 13 August 1815 in Top Chapel, Charlesworth. Described as a Calico printer in Thomas's marriage entry in 1872. He and his wife Mary had three children:
     Thomas Bennett born 18 May 1838.
     Arthur Bennett born about 1854.
     Frederick Bennett.

Generation Four.

Children of Joseph Bennett.

Clara Bennett was born on 11 April and baptised on 26 April 1815 in Littlemoor chapel. She married George Ford, born about 1801 in Glossop, on 27 November 1837 in Glossop. Her name was recorded as Clarissa. Clara and George had a daughter, Elizabeth Ford, born in 1840 in Glossop who took the surname Holden when her mother remarried. Elizabeth is recorded in the 1861 census as age 20, cotton weaver.
George died, aged 29, and was buried on 20 December 1840 at Glossop Parish Church.
Clara married John Holden, born about 1809 in Ratcliffe, Lancashire (son of Henry Holden) on 24 December 1842 in Manchester Cathedral (see A Holden family of Charlesworth).

Edward Bennett was born on 1 February and baptised on 20 April 1817 in Littlemoor chapel. He married Charlotte Hall in 23 June 1837 in Dronfield and they had one child, Joseph Bennett, born in 1838. In 1841 they were living at Cross Cliffe, Edward aged 24, Charlotte aged 30 and Joseph aged 3. It appears that Charlotte died before the 1851 census as Edward is 33 and Joseph 13, both weavers at Charles and Nancy Slater's house. In the 1881 census, Edward was aged 64, a cotton weaver, lodging at Ann and Isaac Blackburn's house.
Edward married Ellen Maria Kinsey (daughter of Thomas Kinsey) on 26 February 1884 in Glossop. At the 1891 census they were living next door to Ann and Isaac Blackburn at Lean Town, Edward aged 74, retired cotton weaver and Ellen aged 48.

Nancy Bennett was born on 23 March and baptised on 30 May 1819 in Littlemoor chapel. She married Charles Slater (born in Chapel en le Frith) in 1839 in Manchester. They had four children:
     Joseph Slater, born about 1841. 1841 census age 4 months. 1851 census age 10.
     Robert Slater. 1851 census age 7.
     Edward Slater. 1851 census age 5.
     John Slater. 1851 census age 1.
At the 1841 census they were living in Edward Bennett's house at Cross Cliffe. At the 1851 census they were living at Green Vale, Charles age 31, weaver; also at the house were visitors Edward Slater, 28, Weaver, b Tideswell, Mary Slater, 21, b Glossop and Thomas Slater, 0, b Glossop.

Ann Bennett was born on 31 January and baptised on 2 June 1821 in Littlemoor chapel. In the 1841 census she was aged 20 in the house of Thomas Fisher (25), Ann Fisher (20) and William Fisher (0) at Cross Cliffe. In the 1851 census age 29 at Charles Slater's house. Ann had a daughter, Eliza Bennett, born at Cross Cliffe and baptised on 8 May 1841 in Glossop Parish Church. At the 1841 census Eliza was aged 1 month but no ther record of here has been found. Ann married Isaac Blackburn (born on 14 May and baptised on 22 September 1824 in Thurlstone (son of Robert and Harriet Blackburn)) on 11 June 1854 in Hyde Church, parish of Stockport. At the 1861 census they were living at Bernard Street, Glossop, Isaac age 36, cotton weaver. At the 1871 census they were at 1 Bedford Street, Dukinfield, Isaac age 46, grocer. At the 1881 census they were at Lean Town, Glossop, Isaac age 57, cotton weaver. At the 1891 census they were still at Lean Town, Isaac age 67, retired grocer.
Isaac Blackburn of Lean Town died on 17 May 1894.Ann was living with Benjamin & Alice Platt's family at the time of the 1901 census (Alice was her niece). She died on 10 May 1903. She was living in High Street East, Glossop at the time. Probate was granted on 29 July 1903 to John William Fielding, grocer, her nephew (see A Holden family of Charlesworth).

Children of John Bennett.

Thomas Bennett was born on 18 May 1838 in Glossop and baptised on 1 July 1838 in Hayfield. He married Zipporah Ridgway Hadfield, born 15 December 1849 in Glossop, daughter of John Hadfield and Mary Ridgway (see The Hadfield family of Cowbrook) on 4 September 1872 in Glossop. Thomas owned Birch Vale Print Works but sold it and lost all his money gambling on the Stock Exchange. Zipporah and Thomas had five children:
     Mary Bennett, born about 1874 in Glossop. She married Walter Bowden of Little Hayfield.
     Philip Ridgway Bennett born about 1875. He married his cousin Mary Hadfield Humphreys.
     Arnold Bennett, born about 1878 in Glossop.
     Norah Bennett.
     Eric Bennett.
Thomas died on 7 February 1912.

Arthur Bennett was born about 1854 in Beard. He married Hester Vaudrey Hadfield, born 14 April 1855, daughter of John Hadfield and Mary Ridgway (see The Hadfield family of Cowbrook). They had a daughter, Kate Bennett, born about 1880. They were living at Spinner Bottom, Beard, at the time of the 1881 census.
After Arthur died Hester married Robert Branthwaite.

Frederick Bennett married Margaret Slack, born 7 September 1843 in Whitfield, daughter of Robert Slack and Margaret Kershaw (see Slack family of Hayfield) on 17 April 1873. They had three children:
     Charles Herbert Bennett, born 12 March 1874 in Roy Hollin, Hayfield. Designed the Beehive Inn, New Mills, DBY then went to South Africa to grow oranges and brew orange wine but ran out of money before the plantation matured so did not succeed.
     John Bennett born 28 October 1876.
     Frederick Ibbotson Bennett born 14 December 1878.
Frederick Bennett died of consumption on 23 May 1883.
Margaret lived in Macclesfield towards the end of her life.

Generation Five.

Child of Thomas Bennett.

Philip Ridgway Bennett was born about 1875 in Glossop. He married Mary Hadfield Humphreys, daughter of James Humphreys and Mary Robinson Hadfield (see The Hadfield family of Cowbrook). They had three children:
     Anthony Maxwell Bennett, born about 1904, died 1914.
     Ruth Bennett, born about 1905, died 1985.
     Barbara Bennett born about 1915, died 2004. She married Clifford Preston in 1940.

Children of Frederick Bennett.

John Bennett, born 28 October 1876 in Nether Hey, Birchvale. Awarded a knighthood. His wife, Dorothy, was hiss cousin. Her mother, Florence, was a niece of Thomas Bennett.

Frederick Ibbotson Bennett, born 14 December 1878 in Nether Hey, Birchvale. A director of Hawkers, he helped design the Hawker Hurricane with Sopwith.

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