A Shepley family of Charlesworth.

In his wlll dated 20 July 1644 (probate 1646) Thomas Shepley of Chunal left his farm at Charlesworth to his son John. It may well be, therefore, that this line (and others at Charlesworth) descends from the Shepleys of Chunal.

Generation One.

John Shepley was described as of Charlesworth, husbandman, when he married and of Charlesworth, yeoman in his will proved 1752. He married Jane Hadfield of Glossop on 29 October 1700 in Glossop. They had eight children:
     Hannah Shepley, baptised January 1700/01 in Glossop. She was not mentioned in her father's will so presumably pre-deceased him.
     Thomas Shepley, baptised 21 December 1701 in Glossop, buried 22 December 1701 in Glossop.
     Isabell Shepley baptised 13 January 1702/3.
     Thomas Shepley, baptised 12 May 1705 in Glossop, buried 26 May 1716 in Glossop.
     Maria Shepley, buried 11 August 1715 in Glossop.
     Ellin Shepley. Pre-deceased her father (died before 30 January 1750). She married John Taylor and had two daughters.
     Samuel Shepley.
     William Shepley born about 1720.
John Shepley's will, written 30 January 1750 and proved 16 April 1752, described him as of Charlesworth, husbandman. His will also mentioned Margaret Hague of Ridgehill and his granddaughter Ann Taylor, the wife of Samuel Taylor (it is not clear whether or not she was one of John and Ellin Taylor's daughters).

Generation Two.

Isabell Shepley was baptised on 13 January 1702/3 in Glossop. She married John Harrison of Whitfield and Chunal. They had two children:
     Jane Harrison, baptised 31 July 1731 in Glossop.
     John Harrison, baptised 25 March 1736 in Glossop.

Samuel Shepley. He pre-deceased his father (died before 30 January 1750). Samuel and his wife Martha had a son:
     Thomas Shepley was born before 30 January 1750 when his grandfather's will was written as it said he was to inherit Fold Farm at Stayley Wood on reaching the age of 21.

William Shepley was born about 1720. He is described in records as of Charlesworth. He inherited his father's farm at Charlesworth and Boyers Farm in Stayley Wood. He was also to inherit Fold Farm at Stayley Wood if his nephew Thomas died before reaching the age of 21. He and his wife Mary (born about 1730) had seven identified children (their MI says three children died in infancy):
     John Shepley.
     Thomas Shepley born about 1751.
     Alice Shepley.
     William Shepley, born about 1758, buried 17 April 1797 in Glossop church yard (aged 39 of Lower Mill). He left his full estate to his brother Samuel. His will makes it clear that Lower Mill referred to in the burial record was Shepley Mill in Chapel Street, Glossop.
     Samuel Shepley, born about 1761, died 8 February and buried 13 February 1833 in Glossop church yard (age 72 of Charlesworth). He left all his estate to his niece Mary Shepley.
     Mary Shepley born about 1763.
     Nancy Shepley, born about 1769, died 31 May and buried 3 June 1789 in Glossop church yard aged 20.
William Shepley died on 10 June 1775 and was buried the same day in Glossop church yard in the 56th year of his age. His will, dated 7 June 1775, mentions his estate at Saddleworth called Grass Croft and his farm at Charlesworth.
Mary died on 5 July and was buried on 8 July 1807 in Glossop church yard in the 78th year of her age.

Generation Three.

Children of William Shepley.

John Shepley. He and his wife Nancy (Nanney in some records) had five children:
     William Shepley born 27 September 1786.
     Nancy Shepley, born September 1788, baptised 10 October 1788 in Top Chapel.
     Martha Shepley born about 1789.
     Samuel Shepley, born 13 March 1791, baptised 9 April 1791 in Top Chapel.
     Sally Shepley, baptised 5 May 1793 in Top Chapel.

Thomas Shepley was born about 1751 and became a shopkeeper at Charlesworth. He and his wife Mary had seven children:
     Ginney Shepley, born about 1782, died 17 September 1802, buried at Top Chapel aged 20.
     Bettey Shepley, born 9 May 1789, baptised 5 July 1789 in Top Chapel.
     John Shepley born 21 October 1791.
     Thomas Shepley born 11 February 1794.
     Nancy Shepley.
     Samuel Shepley born 29 March 1797.
     Joseph Shepley born about 1800.
Thomas Shepley died on 14 March 1820, aged 68, and was buried at Top Chapel. Administration of his estate was not granted until 1843.
Mary died on 17 March 1844, aged 68, and was buried at Top Chapel.

Mary Shepley was born about 1763. She had a child, Mary Shepley, born in 1789 and then married John Garlick on 6 July 1794 in Glossop Parish Church (see The Garlick family of Pikes and The Junction).

Generation Four.

Children of John Shepley.

William Shepley was born on 27 September and baptised on 18 October 1786 in Top Chapel. He married Hannah Burgess on 29 December 1811 at Glossop parish church and they had one son:
     John Shepley, born 8 July and baptised 3 August 1812 in Top Chapel, died 6 December 1816, buried at Top Chapel aged 4.
Hannah died, aged 21, on 6 October 1812. William Shepley died, aged 30, on 14 August 1817. Both were buried at Top Chapel.

Martha Shepley was born about 1789. She married Samuel Booth, born about 1783, on 22 September 1807 at Glossop parish church (see A Booth Family of Charlesworth (George & Dragon)).

Children of Thomas Shepley.

John Shepley was born on 21 October 1791 and baptised on 1 January 1792 in Top Chapel. His wife Hannah was born about 1806. They had two children:
     Margaret Hannah Shepley, born about 1866, died 12 May 1891 in her 26th year, buried at Top Chapel.
     Joseph Shepley, born about 1866, died 29 October 1935 in his 70th year, buried at Top Chapel. His wife Jane died in her 30th year and was buried at Top Chapel.
John Shepley died, aged 66, on 9 August and was buried on 12 August 1858 at Top Chapel.
Hannah died, aged 75, on 10 January and was buried on 13 January 1881 at Top Chapel.

Thomas Shepley was born on 11 February and baptised on 29 June 1794 in Top Chapel. A shoemaker, he married Betty Dawson, born about 1797, and they had four children:
     William Shepley, born 14 September and baptised 7 November 1822, died aged 4 months on 11 January 1823, buried at Top Chapel.
     John Shepley, born 29 September and baptised 31 December 1824 in Top Chapel, died aged 3 months on 31 December 1824, buried at Top Chapel.
     Thomas Shepley, born 21 April and baptised 3 July 1826 in Top Chapel.
     David Shepley born about 1829.
Thomas Shepley died, aged 70, on 9 April and was buried on 15 April 1864 at Top Chapel.
Betty Dawson died, aged 71, on 11 February and was buried on 20 February 1868 at Top Chapel.

Nancy Shepley married Samuel Mottram on 13 May 1804 in Glossop. They had nine children:
     Mary Mottram, born 16 April and baptised 24 April 1806 in Top Chapel.
     Jane Mottram, born 7 September and baptised 8 September 1808 in Top Chapel.
     James Mottram, born 9 July and baptised 13 August 1812 in Top Chapel.
     John Mottram, born 31 October and baptised 4 December 1814 in Top Chapel.
     Thomas Mottram, born 7 January and baptised 23 November 1817 in Top Chapel.
     Samuel Mottram, born 29 September 1820 and baptised 25 January 1821 in Top Chapel.
     John Shepley Mottram, born 7 October 1823 and baptised 5 March 1824 in Top Chapel.
     Joseph Mottram, born 10 January and baptised 10 February 1826 in Top Chapel.
     Elizabeth Mottram, born 15 April and baptised 24 April 1828 in Top Chapel.

Samuel Shepley was born on 29 March 1797 in Staleywood, Cheshire and baptised on 21 May 1797 at Top Chapel. He became a currier at Wooley Bridge then built the shops at the corner of Norfolk Street and High Street East where he was both a currier and ironmonger. He married Harriet Buckley, baptised 21 December 1806 in Mottram (daughter of William and Mary Buckley), on 30 December 1830 in Glossop and they had five identified children:
     Nancy Shepley.
     Mary Jane Shepley, baptised 24 May 1833 in Glossop, buried 17 March 1837 at Littlemoor, aged 3 years 10 months.
     Samuel Shepley, baptised 8 November 1835 in Glossop, buried 9 March 1836 at Littlemoor, aged 6 months.
     Thomas Shepley, baptised 25 July 1839 in Glossop Parish Church. Thomas, who took over the business at 2-4 Norfolk Street, married Sarah Ann Barber, born 1845 in Glossop (daughter of Owen Barber and Ann Holroyd) on 5 November 1871 in St John's, Deansgate, Manchester. He died on 2 August 1921. Sarah Ann remarried, to James Bethell on 1 January 1888 at Glossop Parish Church. She died aged 74 and was buried on 6 August 1921 in Glossop cemetery. James Bethell died aged 73 and was buried on 7 March 1924 at Glossop cemetery.
     William Buckley Shepley, baptised 7 June 1841 in Glossop, buried 1 May 1842 at Littlemoor chapel.
Harriet was buried on 15 September 1847 at Littlemoor chapel
Samuel Shepley died on 7 April and was buried on 9 April 1874 at Littlemoor chapel.

Joseph Shepley was born about 1800, and became a Tanner, of Charlesworth. His wife Margaret was born about 1810. They had six children:
     Thomas Shepley, buried at Top Chapel, died in his infancy.
     William Shepley, born about 1834, died aged 40 on 26 May and buried 29 May 1874 at Top Chapel. Received property at Marple on his mother's death. He was probably the tanner who was an executor of his uncle Samuel's will.
     Mary Buckley Shepley, born about 1835, died 22 December 1841, buried at Top Chapel in the 6th year of her age.
     James Shepley. Named in his father's will.
     Thomas Shepley born about 1842.
     Harriett Ann Shepley, born about 1847, died aged 40 on 15 September 1887, buried at Top Chapel.
Joseph Shepley died on 10 November and was buried on 15 November 1853 at Top Chapel in the 54th year of his age.
Margaret died in her 81st year on 4 October 1890 and was buried at Top Chapel.

Child of Mary Shepley.

Mary Shepley was born in 1789 in Charlesworth. She died on 19 July and was buried on 24 July 1862 at Top Chapel. Sole beneficiary of her uncle Samuel's will.

Generation Five.

Children of Thomas Shepley.

David Shepley was born about 1829. He became a shoemaker like his father. David and his wife Mary had four children:
     Jane Shepley, born about 1866, died 3 February 1943, buried at Top Chapel aged 77.
     Thomas Shepley, born about 1867, died 4 November and buried 7 November 1869 at Top Chapel aged 2.
     Bertha Elizabeth Shepley, born about 1871, died 24 March 1937, buried at Top Chapel aged 66.
     David Henry Shepley, born about 1873, died 20 December 1943, buried at Top Chapel aged 70.
David Shepley died, aged 65, on 21 July 1894. Mary died, aged 83, on 21 February 1916. Both were, buried at Top Chapel.

Thomas Shepley was born about 1842. He married Mary Beeley, born about 1845, in 1870 and they had four children:
     Annie Shepley born 1871.
     Florence Shepley, born 1873 in Charlesworth. She married Arthur Boardman, born in 1872 in Glossop, son of William Hyde Boardman and Martha Maria Kirk (see The Boardman family of Castleton and Glossop, blacksmiths) on 2 October 1894 at Holy Trinity, Dinting Vale.
     Joseph Thomas Shepley, born about 1875, died 29 November 1945, buried at Top Chapel aged 70.
     George William Shepley, born 1876, died 5 May and buried 8 May 1876 at Top Chapel aged 5 months.
     Jane Ann Shepley, born about 1879, died 15 February 1953, buried at Top Chapel aged 74.
     William Buckley Shepley, born about 1882, died 3 January 1946, buried at Top Chapel aged 64.
Mary died in her 42nd year on 19 February 1886 and was buried at Top Chapel.
Thomas Shepley died aged 50 on 9 January 1892 and was buried at Top Chapel.

Child of Samuel Shepley.

Nancy Shepley was baptised on 2 October 1831 in Glossop Parish Church. She married Thomas McKnight, a widower, born on 16 June 1825 in Woolley Bridge and baptised on 14 August 1825 at Top Chapel (son of Andrew McKnight and Mary Whitehead), on 17 November 1851 in Stockport parish church. Thomas took over the ironmongery business at 1 High Street East. They had four identified children:
     Harriet McKnight, born 1853 in Halifax, died aged 51 on 18 September 1905 and buried at Top Chapel.
     Janet Elizabeth McKnight born 1857.
     Clara Shepley McKnight born in 1861 in Glossop. She married Thomas Ambrose Grenville on 10 December 1890 in Buxton. They had a daughter, Laura McKnight Grenville, born 1891 in Stockport. Clara died on 24 March 1895 in Glossop. Thomas Grenville died on 19 January 1896 in Alton, Hampshire.
     Samuel Shepley McKnight, baptised 15 August 1963 in Glossop Parish Church, died aged 26 in 1889, buried at Littlemoor.
Thomas McKnight died on 24 October 1898 in Glossop.
Nancy died on 1 October 1903 in Glossop.

Generation Six.

Child of Thomas Shepley.

Annie Shepley was born in 1871. She married Joe Clarkson, born about 1872, and they had three children:
     Mary Shepley Clarkson, born 19 March 1892, died 19 February 1977, buried at Top Chapel.
     Alec Clarkson, born 14 June 1896, died 22 October 1975, buried at Top Chapel. He married Beatrice Rowbottom, born 29 July 1892, died 24 December 1980, buried at Top Chapel.
     Raymond Clarkson, born 1899, died 8 August 1918 in killed in action in France aged 19 years.
Joe Clarkson died aged 52 on 4 May 1924 and was buried at Top Chapel.
Annie died aged 79 on 25 April 1951 and was buried at Top Chapel.

Child of Nancy Shepley.

Janet Elizabeth McKnight was born in 1857 in Halifax. She married Samuel William Bennett Sykes, born 1857 in Glossop (son of William Sykes and Anna Bennett), on 29 April 1879 at Littlemoor. Samuel took over his father's grocery business at 7 Norfolk Square. They later moved to 84 St. Mary's Road and, after retirement, to Cliff Mount, Richmond Place, Blackpool. They had five identified children:
     Ada Mary Sykes born 24 January 1880.
     Alice Maud Sykes born on 7 January and baptised 22 Feb 1882 in Glossop Parish Church, died 27 November 1967 in Blackpool.
     Clara Bennett Sykes born 23 March 1884.
     Lilian Sykes, born 1887 in Glossop, died 1889 in Glossop, aged 1.
     Emma Gertrude Sykes, born 1894 in Glossop. She married Charles Hubert Long in 1919 in Blackpool. Charles died aged 61 on 19 January 1953 and Emma died aged 69 on 11 March 1964 in Blackpool. Both were buried at Top Chapel.
On the 1911 census form Janet said that she had had 6 children of whom four were still living so must have lost another in addition to Lilian. Possibly a stillbirth as nothing has been found in the registration indexes.
Samuel Sykes died on 6 June 1921 in Blackpool.
Janet died on 24 July 1936 in Blackpool.

Generation Seven.

Children of Janet Sykes.

Ada Mary Sykes was born on 24 January 1880 in Glossop. She married Josiah Jackson, born on 28 August 1879, in 1912 in Blackpool. Josiah worked in the family rope making business at Hobroyd. They lived at Redcourt and had two identified children:
     Philip Bennett Jackson, born 1913 in Glossop. He married Freda Marjorie Holden in 1938 in Blackpool. Philip died aged 31 on 18 July 1944 in Normandy.
     Clifford Sykes Jackson, born 1918 in Glossop, died aged 12 on 13 May 1931 and buried at Top Chapel.
Josiah died aged 60 on 30 June 1941 and was buried at Top Chapel.
Ada died aged 87 on 24 November 1967 and was buried at Top Chapel.

Clara Bennett Sykes was born on 23 March 1884 in Southport. She married John Cooper Dewsnap, born on 13 January 1883 in Gorton, on 9 March 1910 at Littlemoor. They had two identified children:
     Kathleen Hannah McKnight Dewsnap born on 9 July 1914 in Glossop, died 2001 in Blackpool. She married Cyril James Clarke in 1942 in Blackburn.
     Dorothy Mary Dewsnap born on 11 July 1921 in Blackpool, died on 15 October 1993 in Blackpool. She married John Gurd Bullock in 1948 in Blackburn. He died on 3 February 1994 in Blackpool.
John Dewsnap died on 24 November 1861 in Blackburn.
Clara died on 9 July 1962 in Westhoughton, Lancs.

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