Shepley family of Laneside.

Generation One.

Thomas Shepley, clothier and farmer of Laneside, was born about 1742. He married Agnes Dewhurst, born about 1746, on 30 December 1767 in Glossop (by licence). They had eight children:
     Martha Shepley, born about 1768, died 24 June 1803 in the 35th year of her age, buried in Glossop church yard.
     Dorothy (Dolly) Shepley, born about 1769.
     Betty Shepley, born about 1773. Died 25 December 1809 in the 37th year of her age, buried in Glossop church yard. She had an illegitimate daughter – possibly Mariah Shepley born 15 July & baptised 18 July 1805 at Top Chapel?
     Jane Shepley, born about 1775, died 21 April 1845 in Glossop.
     Sarah (Sally) Shepley, baptised 21 July 1776 in Glossop.
     John Shepley, born about 1779.
     Agnes Shepley, born about 1782, died 24 February 1785, buried 27 February 1785 in Glossop.
     Agnes Shepley, born about 1786, died 1 August and buried 4 August 1810 in Glossop (aged 24).
     Alice Shepley, born 8 July and baptised 22 July 1790 in Tintwistle Independent, died 14 October and buried 17 October 1806 in Glossop.
Thomas Shepley died, aged 68, on 17 May and was buried on 19 May 1810 in Glossop.
Agnes died, aged 45, on 20 February 1791 of a slow putrid fever and was buried on 23 February 1791 in Glossop.

Generation Two.

Dorothy (Dolly) Shepley was born about 1769. She married Thomas Nield, born about 1766, of Chunal, clothier, son of James and Mary Nield (see Nields of Chunal and Dinting), on 10 June 1788 in Glossop.

Sarah (Sally) Shepley was baptised on 21 July 1776 in Glossop. She married Joseph Bennett, born about 1767, son of Joseph Bennett and Mary Moss (see The Bennett family of Turnlee) on 15 July 1800 in Glossop.

John Shepley was born about 1779. He married Sarah Clarke, born 24 December 1786, baptised 2 February 1787 in Glossop Parish Church, daughter of Abraham Clarke and Anne Hadfield (see Clarke Family of Hadfield) on 20 August 1811 in Glossop. They had seven children:
     Thomas Shepley, born 1 November and baptised 13 November 1812 in Glossop, died aged 25 on 11 March and buried 13 March 1838 in Glossop. His mother's will describes him as a cordwainer but his admon documents describe him as a journeyman cotton spinner.
     Alice Shepley, baptised 11 September 1814 in Glossop.
     Mary Shepley, baptised 5 May 1816 in Glossop. She married Thomas Sellers of Glossop.
     James Shepley, baptised 3 Sep 1818 in Glossop, buried 19 May at Glossop aged 8 months..
     Sarah Shepley, baptised 10 Sep 1820 in Glossop.
     John Shepley, baptised 2 June 1822 in Glossop, died 5 June 1894 aged 72, buried in Glossop church yard. His wife's name was Elizabeth, she died 21 March 1875 aged 54, buried in Glossop church yard.
     Ann Shepley, baptised 19 March 1824 in Glossop.
Sarah died on 23 February and was buried on 28 February 1838 in Glossop (age 51). Her will mentions that her husband borrowed money from Robert Shepley of Glossop and Samuel James Bray to pay for the rebuilding of the mill at Padfield.
John Shepley died on 27 March and was buried on 31 March 1824 in Glossop (age 45).

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