Wood and Hill-Wood families.

Generation One.

Joseph Wood married Mary Haigh (daughter of Daniel Haigh) in 1753. Their son, John Wood was born on 1 May 1756.
Joseph Wood died in 1767.

Generation Two.

John Wood was born on 1 May 1756, died on 11 August 1819. He married Elizabeth Taylor on 15 September 1779 and they lived at Gatehead, Marsden in Almondbury, Yorkshire. Their son, John Wood, was born on 28 November 1784.

Generation Three.

John Wood was born 28 November 1784. Originally from Marsden he eventually moved to Glossop where he worked Thread, Barrack and Lower Water mills. He then bought Milltown and Bridge End Mills and created the Howardtown Mills complex. He married Alice Hill on 26 December 1810 and they had five children:
     John Hill Wood born 28 July 1813.
     Eliza Wood born 17 July 1815.
     Daniel Haigh Wood, born 21 July 1817, died 7 February 1888. Reputedly died unmarried but not without issue.
     Samuel Wood born 24 January 1819.
     Alice Hill Wood born about 1821.
John Wood died on 7 November 1854.

Generation Four.

John Hill Wood was born on 28 July 1813, died 16 December 1869. He married Emma Sidebottom, daughter of William Sidebottom and Agnes Harrop (see Sidebottoms of Hollingworth) on 13 June 1854. They had two children:
     Alice Agnes Wood, born 28 Feb 1856, died 12 Nov 1929. Lived in Leominster.
     John Wood, born 8 September 1857, died 28 January 1951. Lived at Hengrave Hall, Bury St Edmunds.
John Hill Wood died on 16 December 1869.

Eliza Wood was born on 17 July 1815. She married Samuel Lees, born about 1808, son of Robert Lees and Sarah Barber (see The Lees family of Padfield and Woolley Bridge mills).

Samuel Wood was born on 24 January 1819. He married Anne Kershaw Sidebottom, born 1 January 1838, daughter of William Sidebottom and Agnes Harrop (see Sidebottoms of Hollingworth). They had one son, Samuel Hill Wood, born 21 March 1872, died 4 January 1949.
Samuel Wood died on 8 April 1888.

Alice Hill Wood was born about 1821, died 12 December 1870 in Buckley Hill, Marsden. She married Joseph Hesslegrave, a surgeon, on 19 April 1845. They had two sons: Daniel Haigh Hesslegrave and John W. Hesslegrave.
Alice died on 12 December 1870 in Buckley Hill, Marsden.

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