The Lomas family of Chinley.

Generation One.

Enoch Lomas lived at Haugh & Pet Wood, Chinley. He and his wife Margaret had five children:
     Ann Lomas, baptised 20 January 1730 in Chinley.
     Enoch Lomas baptised 12 February 1733.
     Ralph Lomas baptised 5 July 1736 .
     Robert Lomas baptised 20 June 1739.
     William Lomas, baptised 10 May 1741 in Chinley.
Margaret died on 3 February 1781 in Chinley. The register entry for her burial says "widow of Enoch, late Four Lane Ends".

Generation Two.

Enoch Lomas was baptised on 12 February 1733 in Chinley. He had a son, Ralph Lomas, baptised 20 September 1757 in Hayfield.

Ralph Lomas was baptised on 5 July 1736 in Chinley. The register entry for his baptism says "son of Enoch near James Clegg's House". Entries for his children's baptisms say "near Chinley Head". He married Martha Brownhill on 27 September 1762 in Glossop. They had two daughters:
     Ann Lomas, baptised 30 June 1765 in Chinley, buried 11 April 1770 in Chinley.
     S... Lomas, baptised 23 August 1767 in Chinley. The register entry describes her as the daughter of Ralph Lomas.
Ralph Lomas was buried on 15 April 1798 in Chinley, aged 62.
Martha was buried on 16 January 1803 in Chinley, aged 64.

Robert Lomas was baptised on 20 June 1739 in Chinley. Register entries describe him as of Mainstonefield in Chinley. He married Esther Broadhurst (thought to be the daughter of William Broadhurst, possible baptism 8 May 1737, St Luke, Sheen, Staffs.) on 11 December 1759 in Glossop. They had five children:
     William Lomas baptised 25 December 1760 .
     Joseph Lomas baptised 20 December 1762.
     Ann Lomas baptised 12 July 1765.
     Enoch Lomas, baptised 26 January 1768 in Chinley.
     Ralph Lomas, baptised 22 September 1769 in Chinley.
Esther was buried on 10 September 1769 in Chinley.
Robert married Ellen Bennett, baptised 20 May 1753 in Hayfield (daughter of Randle Bennett and Ellen Gregory) on 23 April 1770 in Glossop. There is a Bastardy Order notation in the Quarter Sessions held at Hayfield at Easter 1770 mentioning Robert Lomas of Chinley a mason and Ralph Lomas a weaver. Robert being the father of a bastard child of Ellen Bennett of Hayfield, a single woman and Ralph being his brother. Ralph served as surety to make sure Robert attended the Court and paid for the upkeep of the child. Also standing surety was John Frith. Robert and Ellen's child was John Bennett.
There is a baptism on 9 December 1770 at Chinley Independent Chapel of a bastard child John Millard to a mother Widow Millard of Malcoff, Chapel en le Frith. The child was "begotten on her body by one Lomas of Mainstonefield House", which could be Robert.
There are two baptisms in the Hayfield registers - on 13 January 1771 of Martha daughter to Robert Lomas of Hayfield and on 13 December 1772 of Robert son to Robert Lomas of Townhead which could be children of Robert and Ellen.
Ellen had a daughter, Olive Lomas, baptised 22 December 1776 in Chinley (Malcoffe), with William Oldham (see The descendants of William Oldham of Hayfield). The baptism entry says “daughter of Ellen whose Husband is reported as Robert Lomas and absent from her for above these three years past but the father who begot the child to whom she has sworn it is one William Oldham of Hayfield”. Ellen and William Oldham never married.
There is a marriage of John Frith and Ellen Lomas on 25 January 1784 at Chapel En Le Frith which might be the John mentioned in the Bastardy Order. Ellen isn't recorded as a widow and no death has been found for Robert. However, if he deserted Ellen abt 1773 then at least 10 years would have elapsed and he could have been declared dead leaving Ellen free to remarry.
Generation Three.

William Lomas was baptised on 25 December 1760 in Chinley. The register entry for the baptism says "at the house where old William Bennet liveth". He married Mary Drinkwater on 11 May 1786 in Glossop and they had a son, James Lomas, baptised 21 March 1787 in Hayfield.

Joseph Lomas was baptised on 20 December 1762 in Chinley. Parish register entries describe him of Shelley Mill, Lower Mill, Simmondly and Gee Cross. He married Nancy Hague (daughter of John Hague of Jumball, farmer) on 18 December 1793 in Glossop. They had six children:
     Joseph Lomas, born 26 July and baptised 28 October 1794 in Glossop.
     Anna Lomas, born 12 July and baptised 18 September 1797 in Glossop.
     Kitty Lomas, born 18 October and baptised 26 December 1799 in Glossop.
     John Lomas, born 31 March and baptised 14 June 1802 in Glossop.
     Betty Lomas, born 26 March and baptised 16 September 1805 in Glossop.
     Thomas Lomas, born 12 March 1807, baptised 19 September 1808 in Glossop.
Joseph Lomas, aged 73 of Hyde, was buried on 28 September 1834 in Glossop.

Ann Lomas was baptised on 12 July 1765 in Chinley. She married Charles Fielding, baptised 15 Nov 1745 in Glossop, son of John Fielding and Mary Sykes (see Descendants of John Fielding of Whitfield 1674) on 13 September 1781 in Glossop.

John Bennett was born about 1769. He married Ellen Rowbotham, baptised 24 March 1775 in Castleton (daughter of Philemon Rowbotham and Ann Shirt) on 12 May 1801 in St Thomas Becket Chapel en le Frith. Witnesses to the marriage were Randle Bennett and Joshua Bennett, brothers of Ellen Bennett. They had eight children:
     Martha Bennett baptised 24 January 1802.
     Nanny Shirt Bennett, baptised 5 June 1805 in St Thomas Becket, Chapel en le Frith.
     Alice Shirt Bennett baptised 7 September 1806.
     Robert Bennett, baptised 14 August 1808 in St Thomas Becket, Chapel en le Frith, died 1882. He married Ellen Chandley in 1845.
     Ellen (Nelly) Bennett, born 20 October 1810 in Chapel en le Frith, baptised 18 Nov 1810 in St Thomas Becket, Chapel en le Frith, died 1854. She married William Ryder, on 27 July 1840 in Manchester.
     Mary Bennett, baptised 21 February 1813 in St Thomas Becket, Chapel en le Frith.
     Ann Bennett, baptised 21 May 1815 in St Thomas Becket, Chapel en le Frith.
     John Bennett baptised 22 February 1818 .
John Bennett died in 1845, aged 77, and was buried in Hayfield.
Ellen died on 12 August 1858 in Far Phoeside, Hayfield, aged 82 years and was buried in Chapel en le Frith.

Generation Four.

Martha Bennett was baptised on 24 January 1802 in St Thomas Becket, Chapel en le Frith.. She had a son, Nathaniel Bennett, born about 1834, died 1905. He married Mary Walker (daughter of John Walker) on 31 August 1857 in Glossop Parish Church.

Alice Shirt Bennett was baptised on 7 September 1806 in St Thomas Becket, Chapel en le Frith. She had a son, William Bennett, born about 1825.

John Bennett was baptised on 22 February 1818 in St Thomas Becket, Chapel en le Frith. He married Elizabeth Elliott (daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Elliott) on 13 May 1841 in St Thomas Becket, Chapel en le Frith. They had a daughter, Eliza Bennett, who married Joseph Bramwell.
John died about 1892/3, aged 74.

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