Wagstaffe family of Bridge End.

Generation One.

John Wagstaffe, born about 1735, was described as a husbandman of Glossop when he married and as a farmer of Bridgend in baptism entries. He married Mary (Molly) Hague, born about 1732, on 12 February 1760 in Glossop. They had six children:
     Rebecca Wagstaffe, baptised on 14 June 1761.
     John Wagstaffe, baptised on 8 December 1762.
     George Wagstaffe baptised 13 May 1766.
     Molly Wagstaffe. She married John Platt of Whitfield, Clothier, son of James Platt of Shaw, Clothier (see The Platt family of Glossop) on 22 October 1789 at Glossop.
     Robert Wagstaffe, baptised on 27 November 1769 in Glossop, buried 25 November 1803 at Glossop, aged 33.
     Joseph Wagstaffe, born about 1773, died 17 January and buried 19 January 1783 at Glossop Parish Church aged 10.
Mary died 24 December 1791, buried 28 December 1791 in Chancel of Glossop Parish Church (aged 59).
John Wagstaffe died 21 May 1815 aged 80.

Generation Two.

Rebecca Wagstaffe was baptised on 14 June 1761 in Glossop. She married Thomas Harrison of Whitfield, Fustian weaver and Cotton Manufacturer (son of John Harrison of Whitfield, farmer) on 16 July 1786 at Glossop. They had seven children:
     John Harrison, born 16 January and baptised 1 March 1787.
     Thomas Harrison, born 12 December 178, baptised 20 January 1789.
     John Harrison born 23 April and baptised 15 May 1790.
     William Harrison born 26 September baptised 28 October 1791.
     Mary Harrison born 4 September baptised 7 October 1793.
     Nancy Harrison born 4 July baptised 27 August 1796.
     Christopher Harrison born 30 June baptised 17 September 1799.

John Wagstaffe was baptised on 8 December 1762 in Glossop. He is described in parish register entries as of Bridgend, Farmer, and as of Glossop, Fustian weaver. He opened the Howard Arms as an inn in 1799 and later passed the licence (though not the ownership) to his son John. He married Sarah Bennett, born about 1760, daughter of John Bennett (see The Bennett family of Whitfield) on 26 December 1784 in Glossop and they had three children:
     John Wagstaffe, born 17 April 1785.
     Robert Wagstaffe, born 14 July 1788.
     James Wagstaffe, born 4 May and baptised 27 May 1792, died (of Cowbrook) 26 December 1872 aged 86. His wife, Mary, died 28 April 1884 aged 84.
Sally died on 23 August and was buried on 27 August 1832 in Glossop, aged 72
John Wagstaffe died on 2 April and was buried on 5 April 1850 in Glossop, aged 88.

Generation Three.

John Wagstaffe was born on 17 April and baptised on 6 May 1785 in Glossop, buried 22 December 1836 in Glossop aged 51 of Bridgend. He was licensee of the Howard Arms (built by his father, and still owned by him). He married Maria Robinson, born 31 December 1792 and baptised 6 January 1793 in Glossop, daughter of James Robinson and Ruth Collier (see Descendants of William Robinson of Marple and Dan Bank) on 19 June 1815 in Glossop. They had ten children:
     Mary Wagstaffe, baptised 11 May 1817 in Glossop.
     Sarah Wagstaffe, baptised 2 May 1819 in Glossop.
     Eliza Wagstaffe, baptised 19 September 1822 in Glossop. She married Robert Slack, born about 1807, son of Robert Slack and Anne Ibbotson (see Slack family of Hayfield).
     Hannah Wagstaffe, baptised 13 April 1824 in Glossop. She married someone named Goldsborough who died before the 1851 census which shows her as a widow.
     Margaret Wagstaffe, baptised 19 December 1825 in Glossop.
     Elizabeth Wagstaffe, born 2 October and baptised 9 November 1828 in Glossop, died 20 December 1911 and buried in Glossop.
     John Wagstaffe, born and baptised on 12 July 1830 in Glossop.
     Maria Wagstaffe, born 12 June and baptised 9 July 1832 in Glossop, died 18 December 1909 and buried in Glossop.
     Alice Wagstaffe, baptised 14 June 1835 in Glossop.
     Ruth Wagstaffe, baptised 9 October 1820 in Glossop.
John Wagstaffe died on 19 December and was buried on 22 December 1836 in Glossop (aged 51 of Bridgend). His will left everything (other than cash legacies to son John and daughters) to his wife Maria. This could not include ownership of The Howard Arms as John senior did not die until 14 years later. As a result, Maria became licensee of the Norfolk Arms in 1837, after John died, and stayed until 1854. She is shown there in the 1841 and 1851 censuses with her children.
Maria died on 1 February and was buried 6 February 1874 in Glossop (of Ardwick aged 81; she had been living with family members at Park Avenue, Gorton, in the 1871 census).

Robert Wagstaffe, Butcher of Bridgend, was born on 14 July in Glossop and baptised on 18 August 1788 in Glossop. The family was living at Bridgend when most of the children were baptised but at Hadfield when George was baptised in 1814. Robert married Mary Clarke, born 11 November at Hadfield and baptised 24 November 1788 in Glossop parish church, daughter of Abraham Clarke and Anne Hadfield (see Clarke Family of Hadfield) in 1 October 1810 in Glossop. They had thirteen children:
     Sarah Wagstaffe, born 22 August 1811 at Hadfield, baptised 30 September 1811 in Glossop.
     Samuel Wagstaffe, born 30 September 1812 at Hadfield, baptised 15 November 1812 in Glossop. He took over the Howard Arms from his mother and then moved to the Viaduct Inn in 1857.
     George Wagstaffe.
     James Wagstaffe, baptised 16 July 1815 in Glossop, buried 16 Mar 1816 in Glossop (aged 10 months).
     Betty Wagstaffe, born at Bridge End on 20 July 1816, baptised 8 September 1816 in Glossop.
     James Wagstaffe, baptised 3 November 1817 in Glossop, buried 25 November 1817 in Glossop (Infant).
     John Wagstaffe, born at Bridge End on 30 September 1818, baptised 2 October 1818 in Glossop. He was one of the executors of his uncle James's will in 1872 (Butcher of High Street East, Glossop).
     James Wagstaffe, born at Bridge End on 16 September 1820, baptised 17 September 1820 in Glossop.
     William Wagstaffe, born at Bridge End on 6 April 1822, baptised 15 May 1822 in Glossop, died 4 October 1840 aged 18.
     Thomas Wagstaffe, born at Bridge End on 26 December 1823, baptised 26 December 1823 in Glossop. Took over the Howard Arms in 1857 until 1860.
     Nancy (Nanny) Wagstaffe, born at Bridge End on 23 May 1825, baptised 5 June 1825 in Glossop. She married James Beeley and took over the Howard Arms with him in 1860. James died in 1885 but Nancy continued to run the inn until 1892.
     Mary Wagstaffe, born at Bridge End on 3 February 1831, baptised 3 February 1831 in Glossop. A sampler sewn by Nanny in 1837 gives a birth date of 4 February but the baptism date in the parish register is 3 February.
     Jane Wagstaffe, born at Bridge End on 8 November 1833, baptised 15 January 1834 in Glossop.
Mary took over the Howard Arms in 1837 after the death of her brother in law John Wagstaffe.
Robert Wagstaffe died on 14 October and was buried on 17 October 1839 in Glossop (aged 51).
Mary died on 24 December 1873 aged 85.

Howard Arms – the sign above the door shows James Beeley as licensee.

James Wagstaffe was born on 4 May and baptised on 27 May 1792 in Glossop, died 26 December 1872 in Glossop. He became owner of the Howard Arms in 1845 through a deed of gift from his father but was never licencee. He married Mary Garlick, born 30 November 1799, baptised 5 January 1800 in Glossop Parish Church, daughter of John Garlick and Rebecca Hadfield (see The descendants of John Garlick of Padfield and Waterside), on 8 October 1851.
The Howard Arms was sold to Gartside's Brewery in 1886 by James Wagstaffe's trustees, who had owned it since he died in 1872.

Generation Four.

Children of John Wagstaffe.

Mary Wagstaffe was baptised on 11 May 1817 in Glossop. She married John Watson of Manchester and they had a daughter, Sarah Alice Watson, who died on 6 April 1844 aged 18 weeks.
Mary died on 22 June 1845 aged 28 and was buried in Glossop.

Margaret Wagstaffe was baptised 19 December 1825 in Glossop. She married William Hawksworth Battie on 11 November 1849 at St James's, Whitfield. They had a daughter, Alice Wagstaffe Battie, born 1851, died 25 May 1896.

John Wagstaffe was born and baptised on 12 July 1830 in Glossop. He died on 8 December 1901 aged 71 (late of Holinacre, Southport, formerly of Manchester and Glossop). His wife, Mary, died on 9 May 1915 aged 78.

Children of Robert Wagstaffe.

Sarah Wagstaffe was on born 22 August and baptised on 30 September 1811 in Glossop. She married William Rowbottom, publican, on 19 August 1834 at Manchester Cathedral.
Sarah died on 22 January 1883 aged 71.

George Wagstaffe was born on 9 February 1814 at Hadfield and baptised on 31 March 1814 in Glossop. He was a visitor at Nancy's home, the Howard Arms, in the 1861 census. He married Deborah Mary Platt (known as Mary), baptised 19 September 1830 in Glossop, daughter of George Platt and Nancy Dewsnap (see The Platt family of Glossop), in 1867 at St. Michael's Church, Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire. They had two children:
     Caroline Wagstaffe, born in 1868 in Ashton under Lyne.
     George Wagstaffe, born in 1871 in Ashton under Lyne.
In the 1871 census the family was living at the Bulls Head Inn, Old Cross, Ashton under Lyne. George was a waiter and Mary a domestic servant.

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