The descendants of James Goddard of Waterside.

Generation One.

We know that James Goddard of Waterside was the father of Joseph Hadfield born about 1744 from the baptism record of Joseph's fifth child, Thomas, on 22 September 1789. We do not know who Joseph's mother was (but apparently named Hadfield).

Generation Two.

Joseph Hadfield was born about 1744. He married Ellen Newton, born about 1746, daughter of George and Ellen Newton (see The descendants of George Newton of Padfield) on 28 March 1776 in Glossop. They had six children:
     John Hadfield, born about 1776, died 1857. He married Sarah Wood on 15 September 1799 in Glossop. Sarah was born about 1778 and died in 1851 aged 74 and was buried in Glossop.
     Thomas Hadfield, born about 1778, died 23 September and buried 25 September 1784 in Glossop. PR says he was 6 when he died.
     Mary Hadfield born about 1782.
     Joseph Hadfield born 27 August 1785.
     Thomas Hadfield born 11 September 1789.
     Esther Hadfield, born about 1790, died 21 April and buried 23 April 1793 in Glossop. PR says she died aged 2, daughter of Joseph Hadfield of Padfield.
Joseph Hadfield died, aged 84, and was buried on 25 June 1828 in Glossop.

Generation Three.

Mary Hadfield was born about 1782 and died about 1855. She had a son, Christopher Wagstaff Hadfield, born on 24 August 1801.

Joseph Hadfield was born on 27 August and was baptised on 28 August 1785 in Glossop. PR describes him as of Tan Yard. He married Mary Lee, born about 1785 in Glossop, on 22 October 1809 in Glossop. They had eleven children:
     Ellen Hadfield, born 1 September 1810.
     Harriett Hadfield, born 16 March and baptised 19 April 1812 in Glossop. She married Henry Oates, born about 1811, son of Jonathan Oates and Hannah Redferne (see The Oates family of Handsworth and Glossop). At the 1851 census Harriett was aged 39, a widowed charwoman living in Howard Town; also in the house was Mary Ellen Firth, Niece aged 2, born Bolton, Lancashire, England. At the 1861 census Harriett was aged 49, widowed dressmaker living with brother Eli's family.
     John Hadfield, baptised 29 August 1814 in Glossop, died 1894. His first wife, Martha, was born about 1816 in Denby Dale and died in 1874. 1861 census, age 46 (Martha aged 41), grocer at Hadfield's House, between Wood's Houses & Dearnally's Row, Whitfield. Frances Heywood, niece aged 9 also at the house. His second wife was Sarah Frances Heywood, born about 1831 in Denby Dale, YKS, died 1908. 1881 census aged as 66 (Sarah aged 49), family at 24 Gladstone St, Glossop.
     Emma Ann (Amy) Hadfield, baptised 5 February 1816 in Glossop.
     Mary Hadfield, baptised 15 January 1818 in Glossop. She married Samuel Shepley, born 28 January chapel, son of John and Mary Shepley (see A Shepley family of Chunal and Crosscliffe) on 27 July 1845 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Joseph Hadfield baptised 24 February 1820.
     Martha Hadfield, born about 1822.
     Eli Hadfield baptised 2 December 1823.
     Jane Hadfield, born about 1825. She married Robert Bratson in 1849.
     Christopher Hadfield baptised 18 January 1826.
     Betty Hadfield baptised 16 November 1828 in Glossop, died, aged 23, on 13 August 1851 in Glossop.
At the 1861 census Joseph was aged 75 and Mary 76 at Norfolk Street, former Mechanic in Cotton Mill.
Mary died in 1864 and Joseph Hadfield died in 1875.

Thomas Hadfield was born on 11 September and baptised on 22 September 1789 in Glossop, buried 8 May 1832 in Glossop. PR describes him as of Tan Yard, Lower Mill, Shepley Mill & Tintwistle, cotton manufacturer, cotton spinner & book keeper. He married Jane Owen, born about 1788, in 1809 in Stockport. They had nine children:
     Hannah Hadfield, born 21 May and baptised 24 June 1810 in Glossop, buried 7 September 1810 in Glossop.
     Thomas Hadfield, buried 11 February 1812 in Glossop. Died as an infant.
     Eliza Hadfield, baptised 1 April 1813 in Glossop, buried 30 November 1816 in Glossop. Aged 3 yrs 7 mths when she died.
     Mary Hadfield, baptised 7 July 1815 in Glossop.
     William Hadfield, baptised 30 June 1818 in Glossop, buried 11 July 1818 in Glossop.
     John Hadfield baptised 8 September 1819.
     Henry Hadfield, baptised 16 June 1822 in Glossop. He married Jane Hall.
     Jane Hadfield, baptised 3 November 1824 in Glossop.
     Thomas Hadfield, born about 1825.
Thomas Hadfield was buried on 8 May 1832 in Glossop.

Generation Four.

Child of Mary Hadfield.

Christopher Wagstaff Hadfield was born on 24 August and baptised on 1 November 1801 in Glossop, died 1870. He married Betty Bramhall, baptised 25 April 1819 in Glossop, daughter of Joseph Bramhall and Betty Wood (see A Wood family of Whitfield). They had eight children:
     Jemima Hadfield, born about 1843, died 1872.
     Joseph Hadfield born about 1844.
     Joshua Hadfield, born about 1847 in Glossop.
     Harriett Hadfield, born about 1850 in Glossop.
     Charles Hadfield, born about 1853, died 1886.
     Thomas Hadfield, born about 1855, died 1886.
     Mary Hadfield, born about 1857 in Glossop. She married Edwin Heap, married in 1885.
     Elizabeth Hadfield, born about 1859 in Glossop.
At the census of 1861 the family was living at Wellgate. Christopher was 59, a Mill mechanic, Betty was 41. Betty was a 62 year old widow at the 1881 census still at 5 Wellgate, Glossop.
Christopher Wagstaff Hadfield died in 1870.

Children of Joseph Hadfield.

Ellen Hadfield was born on 1 September and baptised on 14 October 1810 in Glossop. She married Joseph Alsop, born 10 November 1805 in Glossop, son of Robert Alsop and Betty Hollingworth (see The Alsop family of Glossop and California) on 3 August 1829 in Glossop.

Joseph Hadfield, baptised 24 February 1820 in Glossop, died 1903. He was a greengrocer at 16 Norfolk Street, Glossop (also a farmer of 6 acres at the census of 1881). He married Betty Woods, born about 1835 in Glossop, in 1865. They had eight children:
     Mary Ann Hadfield, born about 1865, died 1866.
     Joseph Hadfield, born about 1867 in Glossop.
     Herbert Henry Hadfield, born about 1868, died 1868.
     Jessie Hadfield, born about 1870, died 1870.
     Mark Hadfield, born about 1870, died 1875.
     Ann Elizabeth Hadfield, born about 1874, died 1874.
     Alice Hadfield, born about 1874 in Glossop.
     John Hadfield, born about 1874, died 1874.
Betty died aged 64 and was buried at Glossop cemetery on 29 September 1898. Joseph Hadfield died on 6 May and was buried on 9 May 1903 at Glossop cemetery.

Eli Hadfield, was baptised on 2 December 1823 in Glossop. He married Clarissa Byrom, born about 1826 and they had two children:
     Sarah Ann Hadfield, born about 1850, died 1851.
     William Henry Hadfield born about 1856.
At the 1851 census they were living with Eli's sister Harriett then moved to 48 Edward Street (Eli a cotton spinner). In the 1881-1901 censuses Eli was a grocer at 105 High Street East, Glossop.

Christopher Hadfield was baptised on 18 January 1826 in Glossop, died 1903 in Utah. He married Mary Bennett, born about 1825, on 16 September 1850 in Glossop Parish Church and they had two children:
     John Hadfield born about 1853.
     Betty Hadfield, born about 1854, died 28 April 1855, aged 13 months.
Mary died, aged 27, of Rose Green, on 24 September 1855.
Christopher married Hannah Bennett, born about 1822 in Glossop and they had four children:
     Joseph Hadfield born about 1858.
     Alice Hadfield, born about 1861, died 1866.
     Mary Hadfield, born about 1863, died 1865.
     Amy Hadfield, born about 1866, died 1871.
The family was living at Charles Street in the census of 1871 and at 4 Wesley St in 1881 (Christopher aged 55, power loom overlooker).
Hannah died in 1888.
Christopher Hadfield died in 1903 in Utah.

Child of Thomas Hadfield.

John Hadfield was baptised on 8 September 1819 in Glossop. He married Betty Turner, born about 1824, in 1841. They had four children:
     Thomas Hadfield, born about 1844.
     James Hadfield, born about 1847.
     Jane Hadfield, born about 1851.
     John Hadfield, born about 1853, baptised in Gorton.

Generation Five.

Child of Christopher Wagstaff Hadfield.

Joseph Hadfield was born about 1844 in Glossop. He married Maria Darwent, born about 1844. At the 1881 census they were living in Pikes Lane, both aged 36. They had two children:
     Thomas Hadfield, born about 1870, died 1870.
     Frank Hadfield, born about 1885, died 1885.
Joseph Hadfield died in 1890 and Maria died in 1926.

Child of Eli Hadfield.

William Henry Hadfield was born in 1856 and baptised on 13 July 1856 in Howard Town. He married Eliza Cuthbert in 1879. They lived at 30 Charles Street then 17 Fauvel Road and had three children:
     Eli Hadfield was born on 19 September and baptised on 30 November 1879 in Glossop. He married Mary Barlow in 1907. Eli Hadfield died in 1951.
     Ethel Hadfield, born about 1885 in Glossop. She married James Alston Bridge in 1912 in Glossop. Ethel died aged 69 and was buried on 19 October 1953 in Glossop. James died aged 79 and was buried on 6 December 1965 in Glossop cemetery.
     David Hadfield, born 1890 in Glossop, died aged 29 and buried 28 October 1919 in Glossop cemetery.
William Henry Hadfield died aged 72 and was buried on 1 May 1928 in Glossop cemetery.
Eliza died aged 70 and was buried on 22 June 1928 in Glossop cemetery.

Children of Christopher Hadfield.

John Hadfield was born about 1853 in Glossop. His wife, Mary, was born about 1858. They had five children:
     Mary E. Hadfield, born about 1883.
     John Hadfield, born about 1884.
     William Hadfield, born about 1887.
     Amy Hadfield, born about 1889.
     Clara Hadfield, born about 1891.

Joseph Hadfield was, born about 1858. He married Harriett Hadfield, born about 1856 in Hayfield, daughter of Charles Hadfield and Mary Ann Marsland (see The Hadfield family of Cowbrook) and they had five children:
     Christopher Hadfield, born about 1886, Killed in action 1916 in France.
     Alice Hadfield, born about 1887.
     Joseph Hadfield was born about 1889, died 1971. He married Mabel Mary Buckley, born about 1891, died 1954.
     Anne Hadfield, born about 1893. She married Brian Hough.
     Ada Hadfield, born about 1893.
Harriett died in 1925 and Joseph in 1934.

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