Ellisons of Glossop Hall.

Generation One

Matthew Ellison was born on 21 September 1751 in Bishop Middleham, County Durham, the son of Michael and Hannah Ellison. He married Winifred Mould, born about 1752, on 8 May 1780 at St Marylebone, Westminster. They came to Glossop in 1797 and lived at Glossop Hall where Matthew was agent for the Duke of Norfolk for 37 years. Matthew and Winifred had eight children:
     Michael Ellison.
     Hannah Ellison.
     Barbara Ellison.
     Winifred Ellison, born about 1784, died 16 September 1854 in aged 70, of The Cottage, Glossop, buried in Glossop All Saints RC church yard.
     Ann Ellison, died 16 August 1822 in Hollingworth.
     Mary Ellison born 1782.
     Thomas Ellison born 1794.
     Eliza Ellison.
Winifred died on 1 October 1829, aged 77.
Matthew Ellison died on 27 July 1834 aged 83.

Generation Two.

Michael Ellison became agent of the Duke of Norfolk for his Sheffield Estates. He married Eliza Day.
     Their son Michael Joseph Ellison, of Beech Hill, Sheffield followed his father as the Duke's Agent for the Sheffield Estates. He died in 1898.
     Their son Thomas Ellison, who became a judge, married his cousin Ann Dalton (see below). Amongst their children were T. E. Ellison, Barrister and the Reverend Theo Ellison.
Michael Ellison died in 1861.

Hannah Ellison married John Dalton, born about 1789. Amongst their children were:
     John Dalton, born 7 February 1827, died 3 November 1895. He lived at Rose Bank, Hollingworth and was a calico printer.
     Ann Dalton. She married her cousin Thomas Ellison (see above).
     Esther Maria Dalton. She married James Couban in 1869 at Hayfield.
     Julia Teresa Dalton, born about 1834, died 20 July 1861 and was buried in Glossop All Saints RC church yard, aged 27.
Hannah died on 20 February 1857 and was buried in Glossop All Saints RC church yard.
John Dalton died on 25 July 1868 and was buried in Glossop All Saints RC church yard, aged 79.

Barbara Ellison. She married Robert Sumner, a widower, in 1812. Robert was born in 1781 (son of William Sumner and Ann Morgan). After Robert died in 1817, Barbara married John Hardman.
Robert Sumner's first marriage was to Ann Latham and they had a son, Francis James Sumner. He was brought up by the Ellisons and became owner of Wren Nest Mill, built by his step-Grandfather Matthew Ellison. Francis was the first Mayor of Glossop and an important civic leader until his sudden death in London on 12 June 1884.

Mary Ellison was born in 1782. She married Joseph Hadfield, born 1779, son of Charles Hadfield and Mary Oldham (see Hadfields of Lees Hall), on 11 January 1801.

Thomas Ellison was born in 1794. He lived at Glossop Hall and followed his father as Duke's Agent for the Glossop Estates.
His first marriage was Esther Dalton, on 20 November 1820 at Mottram. Their son, Thomas Michael Ellison, was born on 24 September 1823.
After Esther died, Thomas married Juliana Teresa Kerr, who died on 6 April and was buried on 13 April 1830 at Glossop parish church, aged 30.
Thomas then married Mary Gibson (daughter of his brother in law, George Gibson, by his first marriage). They had a daughter, Mary Ann Ellison, who died in infancy and a son, Matthew Ellison, who moved to Southport.
Thomas Ellison died in 1859.

Elizabeth Ellison. She married George Gibson, a widowed merchant, of Manchester, on 17 May 1820 at Glossop parish church. They had several children. One, Clare Gibson, married a Frank Reynolds.

Generation Three.

Thomas Michael Ellison was born on 24 September 1823 in Glossop Hall. He was appointed in 1837 Clerk to the Glossop Reservoir Commissioners, 1857 Clerk to Glossop Burial Board, 1867 Town Clerk and 1893 Registrar Glossop County Court. Thomas and his wife, Ellen Henrietta, had several children:
     Theodore Walter Ellison.
     Thomas Michael Ellison.
     Francis Bede Ellison.
     Esther Mary Ellison.
     Ellen Ellison.
     Cyril Ellison.
     Noel Ellison.
     Edith Ellison.
     Eliza Ellison.
Ellen Henrietta died, together with twin children, on 29 November 1873 in Ryecroft House, Glossop.
Thomas Michael Ellison died on 29 November 1896.

Generation Four.

Theodore Walter Ellison was born in 1865. He married Elizabeth Alice Collier, born about 1863 in Glossop, daughter of Joseph and Ann Collier (see The Collier family of Howardtown), on 11 July 1891. On 3 December 1896, Theodore was appointed Clerk to the Borough Justices and Clerk to the Justices of the Division of Glossop. He subsequently followed his father as Town Clerk of Glossop. During the sale of the Glossop Estate he purchased Easton House (which had been built by Francis James Sumner).
Theodore Walter Ellison died in 1948.

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