The families of Priscilla Gill.

Generation One.

William Gill was born about 1750. He married Rachael Brooke (daughter of Joseph Brooke and Martha Kays) on 7 September 1769 in Kirkheaton, Yorks. They had seven children:
     Priscilla Gill baptised 21 March 1770.
     Julia Gill.
     Letecia Gill.
     John Gill.
     Hannah Gill.
     Martha Gill.
     William Gill, buried 20 August 1779 in All Hallows, Almondbury, Yorks.
Rachael was buried on 31 August 1779 in All Hallows, Almondbury, Yorks.
William married Phebe Cocker on 10 August 1780 in All Hallows, Almondbury, Yorks. They had five children:
     William Gill.
     One who died an infant.
     George Gill.
     Hezekiah Gill.
     Thomas Gill.
William Gill was buried on 4 July 1803 at All Hallows, Almondbury, Yorks.

Generation Two.

Priscilla Gill was baptised on 21 March 1770. She married Thomas Bramhall, baptised 5 Jun 1768 in Glossop, son of Adam and Martha Bramhall (See A second Bramhall family of Chunal) on 10 Nov 1788 in All Hallows, Almondbury, Yorks.
Thomas Bramhall was buried on 26 June 1804 in Glossop. Priscilla remarried to George Hegginbottom, born about 1782 in Nantwich, Cheshire on 25 Jun 1805 in Glossop and they had three children:
     Mary Hegginbottom, born about 1806 in Glossop. The 1881 census shows her at 63 Thorpe St, Glossop, aged 73, deaf.
     George Hegginbottom, born 29 November 1809, baptised 1 March 1810 in Glossop.
     Sarah Hegginbottom, born 25 April and baptised 21 July 1811 in Glossop. She married John Dearnaley in 1828. After he died she married James Hopwood, born about 1822 in Glossop, in 1847. They had a child, Mary Hopwood, in about 1847.

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