Crossland family of Glossop.

Generation One.

Mary Hadfield was born 5 September and baptised 5 November 1791 in Glossop. She was the daughter of William Hadfield and Martha Goodison (see A Hadfield family of Whitfield). She had a daughter named Martha Batty Hadfield who was baptised 3 September 1818 and buried 9 Jan 1840 in Glossop. The baptism register entry includes the second forename of Batty but the burial register does not – a possible indication of her father's surname perhaps? She was described as aged 22 of Deepclough in the burial register.
Mary was left the sum of £20 a year in her father's will, to come from the income of Cross Cliffe Mill (see The Hadfield Family Farm at Whitfield and Cross Cliffe Mill).
Mary married John Crossland on 25 May 1821 in Glossop Parish Church. Working from census records, John had been born about 1781 in Charlesworth. Mary and John had six identified children:
     Sarah Crossland baptised 17 February 1823 in Glossop.
     John Hadfield Crossland baptised 22 September 1824 in Glossop. Census entries for 1851 to 1881 describe him as a 25 year old farmer, a 36 year old farmer's son, a 47 year old railway labourer and a 56 year old farmer of 50 acres at Deepclough.
     William Henry Crossland baptised 22 January 1826 in Glossop, buried 27 September 1890 in Glossop cemetery (age recorded as 64). Census entries for 1851 to 1881 describe him as a 23 year old piecer, a 34 year old cotton spinner a 45 year old cotton spinner and a 54 year old labourer in a cotton mill living with John.
     Amelia Crossland born about 1830 in Glossop. In the 1851 census she was a winder aged 21. She married Thomas Jackson born about 1822 in Longdendale. In the 1891 census they were living at Old House, Padfield. Thomas was a farmer aged 73 and Amelia was aged 63.
     Peter Crossland born about 1832 in Glossop. In the 1851 census he was aged 19, a farm servant
     Joseph Crossland born about1833 in Glossop. In the 1851 census he was aged 18, a winder.
The family farmed at Deepclough. The 1851 census gives the ages of John and Mary as 70 and 60. In 1861 they were given as 75 and 80. By the time of the 1871 census John had died. Mary was at High Deepclough, a 77 year old widowed farmer.
Mary was buried on 23 May 1872 in Glossop cemetery (age recorded as 72).

Generation Two.

Sarah Crossland was born about 1824 in Glossop. In the censuses of 1851 t0 1861 her ages was given as 27 (a winder), 38 and 49. She had a daughter, Martha Ann Crossland, who was born on 7 September 1856.
Sarah died in August 1874 and was buried on 1 September 1874 in Glossop cemetery (age recorded as 53).

Generation Three.

Martha Ann Crossland was born on 7 September 1856 and baptised on 21 December 1856 in Glossop Parish Church. Her entry in the baptism register includes a third forename of Gee but other records do not – a possible indication of father's surname perhaps?
In the 1861 census her age was given as 4 and ten years later she was recorded as a 15 year old cardroom hand.
Martha had a son, Walter Ernest Crossland, who was born on 24 August 1879.
In the 1881 census she was living with her uncles John & William at Deepclough, age 24 and a dairy maid; Walter was aged 1. By the 1891 census they had moved to stay with her aunt Amelia & Thomas Jackson at the Old House, where Martha was aged 31, a winder, and Walter was aged 11, a scholar.
In the censuses of 1901 and 1911 Martha was living at 8 Jackson St Padfield, aged 44 and 55 respectively. Walter, a 21 year old Railway Station Porter was still with her in 1901 but in 1911 she is recorded as Working at home minding children while their parents go to the mill.
Martha was a patient in Shire Hill Institution at the time the 1939 Register was taken but was living with her daughter in law, at 149 Padfield Main Road, when she died on 17 October 1940. She was buried on 21 October 1940 in Glossop cemetery (age recorded as 84).

Generation Four.

Walter Ernest Crossland was born on 24 August 1879 in Padfield and baptised on 14 December 1879. He married Mary Jane Bland at High Street Wesleyan Chapel, Glossop in the second quarter of 1904. She had been born on 16 November 1882.
They had a daughter, Millie Crossland who was born on 14 January 1911 in Padfield (her age was recorded as 4 weeks in the 1911 census).
At the time of the 1911 census the family was living at 149 Main Road, Padfield. Walter was age 31, a Railway Porter and Mary was aged 29.
Walter was buried on 14 October 1936 aged 57 at Glossop Cemetery.
Millie married Fred Stock (born 15 September 1908) in 1937 at Wesley Street Methodist Chapel, Glossop.
In the 1939 Register Millie and Fred were living with her mother at 149 Padfield Main Road.
Mary was buried on 11 September 1948 aged 66, in Glossop Cemetery.

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