Wagstaffe family of Hadfield.

Generation One.

George Wagstaffe of Hadfield was a Linen weaver and farmer. He and his wife Mary had nine children:
     Thomas Wagstaffe born about 1752.
     Ellen (Nelly) Wagstaffe, baptised 10 February 1760 in Glossop, buried 27 September 1833 at Glossop aged 72.
     Elizabeth (Betty) Wagstaffe.
     Mary Wagstaffe.
     Sarah Wagstaffe, born about 1764, died on 11 August 1847, buried at Glossop aged 83.
     Martha (Matty) Wagstaffe.
     William Wagstaffe.
     Olive Wagstaffe, born about 1770, died on 28 June 1816, buried 2 July 1816 at Glossop aged 46.
     Ann Wagstaffe.
George Wagstaffe died on 24 February and was buried on 27 February 1788 at Glossop. According to his MI he was in his 60s when he died (second digit indistinct).
Mary died on 18 November an was buried on 22 November 1815 at Glossop, aged 88.

Generation Two.

Thomas Wagstaffe was born about 1752 and also became a fustian weaver of Hadfield. He married Martha Garlick, baptised 1 February 1757 in Glossop Parish Church, daughter of John Garlick (see The Garlick family of Padfield), on 4 December 1783 in Glossop Parish Church. They had six children:
     John Wagstaffe, born 16 January and baptised 18 January 1785 in Glossop Parish Church; died on 11 April and buried on 13 April 1789 at Glossop aged 4.
     Thomas Wagstaffe born 19 November 1790.
     Mary Wagstaffe, born 22 December and baptised 24 December 1792 in Glossop.
     Mary Wagstaffe, died on 7 August and buried 9 August 1794 at Glossop aged 19 weeks.
     Matty Wagstaffe, born 22 February and baptised 24 March 1795 in Glossop Parish Church.
     George Wagstaffe, born 12 August and baptised 16 October 1797 in Glossop Parish Church; buried 2 February 1798 at Glossop.
Thomas Wagstaffe was buried on 2 June 1819 at Glossop aged 67.

Elizabeth (Betty) Wagstaffe, baptised 22 April 1761 in Glossop. She married John Wood of Hadfield, Clothier (son of Jonathan Wood of Hadfield, Linen weaver), on 7 November 1775 in Glossop. They had three children:
     Mary Wood, born 22 January and baptised 7 February 1783 in Glossop.
     James Wood, born 1 May and baptised 3 May 1790 in Glossop.
     Edna Wood, born 31 January and baptised 20 March 1803 in Glossop.

Mary Wagstaffe. She married Joseph Hegginbottom, a joiner (son of James Hegginbottom), on 16 March 1784 in Glossop. Their surname is spelled Higginbottom in some records. Mary and Joseph had six children:
     George Hegginbottom, baptised 21 July 1784 in Glossop.
     Sarah Hegginbottom, born 7 December and baptised 14 December 1790 in Glossop.
     Ellin Hegginbottom, born 27 December 1793 and baptised 2 February 1794 in Glossop.
     John Hegginbottom, born 6 June and baptised 9 July 1796 in Glossop.
     Mary Hegginbottom, born 13 June and baptised 8 July 1799 in Glossop.
     Olive Hegginbottom, born 14 November and baptised 25 December 1802 in Glossop.

Martha (Matty) Wagstaffe. She married William Bower of Hadfield, hatter, son of John Bower (see The descendants of John Bower of Hadfield), on 21 September 1790 in Glossop.

William Wagstaffe, baptised 16 February 1768 in Glossop. He married Sarah Hollingworth of Mottram, born about 1769 (daughter of Robert Hollingworth of Tintwistle, clothier), on 18 May 1790 in Glossop. They had four children:
     Mary Wagstaffe, died on 15 August and buried 16 August 1792 at Glossop, in her 2nd year.
     George Wagstaffe, born 7 September and baptised 29 September 1793 in Glossop; died on 17 December and buried 19 December 1796 at Glossop.
     Martha Wagstaffe, died on 30 July and buried 1 August 1806 at Glossop, in her 4th year.
     Emme (Emey) Wagstaffe, died on 20 November and buried 22 November 1805 at Glossop aged 6 months.
William Wagstaffe died on 16 May and was buried on 19 May 1826 at Glossop.
Sarah died on 1 March and was buried on 5 March 1829 at Glossop.

Ann Wagstaffe. She married John Harrison of Gamesley on 1 November 1792 in Glossop. They had a daughter, Sally Harrison, born 5 October and baptised 1 November 1795 in Glossop.

Generation Three.

Child of Thomas Wagstaffe.

Thomas Wagstaffe was born and baptised on 19 November 1790 in Glossop Parish Church. Of Hadfield, he was a Weaver, Book keeper and Warehouseman. He married Nancy Lockwood on 3 January 1822 in Glossop and they had eight children:
     Lavina Wagstaffe, baptised 3 April 1822 in Glossop.
     John Wagstaffe, born 28 July and baptised 18 August 1824 in Hadfield Wesleyan Church. Also baptised 5 January 1828 in Glossop.
     Thomas Wagstaffe, born 28 November and baptised 31 December 1826 in Hadfield Wesleyan Church.
     Moses Wagstaffe, baptised 15 February 1829 in Glossop.
     Maranda Wagstaffe, baptised 31 July 1831 in Glossop.
     George Wagstaffe, baptised 10 February 1834 in Glossop.
     William Willis Wagstaffe, baptised 16 May 1836 in Glossop.

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