The Barber family of Hilltop and Padfield.

Generation One.

William Barber of Hilltop was a mason who wrote his will on 29 July 1771 and was buried on 10 August 1771 in Glossop. He had four children:
     William Barber born about 1729.
     Thomas Barber born about 1731.
     John Barber, born about 1737, died 27 November and buried 30 November 1793 in Glossop aged 56.
     George Barber, buried 26 January 1759 in Glossop.

Generation Two.

William Barber was born about 1729 and became a farmer at Mouselowe, farmer. He and his wife Mary, born about 1732, had five children:
     Mary Barber, born about 1761, died 30 November and buried 3 December 1787 in Glossop, aged 26.
     Hannah Barber, born about 1764, died 1 July and buried 5 July 1792 in Glossop, aged 28.
     William Barber, born about 1766.
     Sally Barber, born about 1768, died 15 October 1843 in Charlesworth, aged 75.
     Betty Barber, born about 1776, died 21 June 1838 in Charlesworth, aged 62.
William Barber was buried on 25 April 1812 in Glossop, aged 83. The following year, Mary renounced the administration of William's estate in favour of daughters Sally and Betty.
Mary was buried on 21 September 1817 in Glossop, aged 85.

Thomas Barber was born about 1731, died 15 February 1811, buried 17 February 1811 in Glossop aged 80 (described as Thomas senior of Little Padfield on his MI). Parish register entries describe him as of Hadfield and Little Padfield. He had taken the tenancy of a tenement at Little Padfield from a Robert Barber, who left it to his son William in his will in 1780 (see Barber family of Padfield, Deepclough and Torside). Hamnett described him (describing him only as father of Sarah and William) as a cotton manufacturer of Padfield but in his estate administration documents he was described as a farmer. He married Martha Robinson of Staley Wood, parish of Mottram, born about 1739, on 7 February 1765 at Mottram. They had five children:
     Thomas Barber born 14 November 1765.
     George Barber born 8 March 1769.
     Sarah Barber born about 1772.
     William Barber born about 1777.
     Mary Barber, born about 1780, died 8 March 1845 in her 66th year.
Thomas Barber died, aged 80, on 15 February and was buried on 17 February 1811 in Glossop. Administration of his estate, granted in August 1811 to his widow, Martha, was signed as witnesses by Sarah and Robert Lees.
Martha died, aged 87, on 5 March and was buried on 10 March 1826 in Glossop.

Generation Three.

Child of William Barber.

William Barber was born about 1766 and became a farmer at Hill Top. He married Ellen Winterbottom, baptised 25 January 1773 in Glossop (daughter of John Winterbottom), on 6 March 1792 in Glossop. Ellen died, aged 24, and was buried on 24 May 1797 in Glossop. William remarried to Martha Shepley, born about 1770, on 31 December 1798 in Glossop. Martha died, aged 35, on 28 June 1805 in Glossop. William Barber died, aged 41, on 10 May and was buried on 13 May 1807. He left Hilltop farm to Thomas Platt "the natural son of Mary Platt late of Mouselowe in the Parish of Glossop deceased" (see The Platt family of Glossop).

Children of Thomas Barber.

Thomas Barber was born on 14 November 1765. He was described as “of Stockport” when his son James died, aged 17, and was buried on 27 August 1804 in Glossop.
Thomas Barber died, aged 25, of a slow putrid fever, on 24 February and was buried on 28 February 1791 in Glossop (described as Thomas junior of Little Padfield).

George Barber was born on 8 March 1769. He married Hannah Platt on 18 April 1792 in Glossop and they had eight children:
     Sarah Barber, born 17 April and baptised 21 April 1793 in Tintwistle.
     Hannah Barber, born 4 January and baptised 11 January 1795 in Tintwistle.
     Thomas Barber, buried 13 April 1803 in Tintwistle.
     Betty Barber, born 23 May and, baptised 9 June 1799 in Tintwistle.
     Martha Barber, born 5 October and, baptised 22 October 1801 in Tintwistle.
     Thomas Barber, born 24 August and baptised 27 September 1803 in Tintwistle.
     George Barber, born 16 August and baptised 10 September 1805 in Tintwistle.
     Mary Barber, born 24 February and baptised 9 March 1807 in Tintwistle.
Hannah died and was buried on 11 March 1807 in Tintwistle.
George remarried, as a 55 year old widower of Padfield, to Olive Rowbottom, a 40 year old spinster of Roecross, on 7 October 1824 in Mottram.
George Barber, of Padfield, farmer, died on 29 January 1844.

Sarah Barber was born about 1772. She married Robert Lees, born about 1762 (see The Lees family of Padfield and Woolley Bridge mills), on 4 June 1793 in St Michael's Church, Ashton-Under-Lyne.

William Barber was born about 1777. He built and worked mills in Padfield (see Clarke Family of Hadfield). He married Hannah Braddock (daughter of John and Hannah Braddock) on 30 August 1798 in Glossop. They had nine children:
     John Barber, born 16 April and baptised 5 May 1799 in Tintwistle, died 1869 in Glossop. Described as a cotton spinner of Padfield in his father's probate documents. Worked Shepley Mill, Glossop according to Hamnett. 1841 census living with Mary Rusby and family in Padfield aged 42. 1851 census visitor with Ann and Joseph Wilkinson at Bridgefield. 1861 census with Robert at Oldham, 61, unmarried Cotton Waste Dealer & Farmer Of 38 Acres.
     William Barber born 26 October 1800.
     Robert Barber, born 15 January and baptised 3 February 1803 in Tintwistle, died 11 June 1873. Described as a cotton spinner of Shaw, in Prestwich cum Oldham, in his father's probate documents. Worked Shepley Mill, Glossop according to Hamnett. 1851 census at Wren's Nest, Crompton, Oldham, 48, unmarried cotton spinner. 1861 census at Dogford House, Lark Hill, Oldham, 58, unmarried foreman in cotton mill. 1871 census aged 68 at Padfield Lane.
     Hannah Barber, born 8 March and baptised 27 March 1804 in Tintwistle, buried 3 April 1804 in Tintwistle.
     Hannah Barber, born 15 July and baptised 22 July 1806 in Tintwistle.
     Sally Barber, born 11 August and baptised 9 September 1807 in Tintwistle, buried 29 May 1808 in Tintwistle.
     Ann Barber, born 19 August and baptised 30 August 1808 in Tintwistle. She married Joseph Wilkinson, born about 1804 in Silkstone, Yorks., on 1 September 1830 in Glossop. Joseph was described as a widower of Mottram in Longdendale, aged 26, in the marriage licence. In the 1851 census the family was at Bridgefield, Joseph aged 47 Cotton Yarn Doubler employing men and 10 women and Ann aged 42. In the 1861 census Ann was staying with with Robert aged 53, widow.
     James Barber, born 2 November and baptised 20 November 1809 in Tintwistle, buried 12 December 1809 in Tintwistle.
     Harriett Barber born 14 November 1810.
Hannah died and William married Mary Braddock, her sister born 23 December 1786 and baptised 7 January 1787 in Tintwistle, on 22 December 1814 in Cheadle, Cheshire. William and Mary had seven children:
     Hannah Barber, born 12 July and baptised 10 August 1815 in Tintwistle.
     Thomas Barber, born 27 January and baptised 6 March 1817 in Tintwistle. 1841 census age given as 23. Worked Shepley Mill, Glossop according to Hamnett. Emigrated to America.
     David Barber, born 24 December 1818 and baptised 12 March 1819 in Tintwistle.
     James Barber, born 8 February 1821, died 10 June 1821.
     Samuel Barber, born 23 January and baptised 15 March 1822 in Tintwistle.
     Ellen Barber, born 25 March 1824. 1841 census age given as 15.
     Edward Barber, born 14 April and baptised 21 June 1827 in Tintwistle. 1841 census age given as 14. Worked Shepley Mill, Glossop according to Hamnett.
In the 1841 census the family was living at Padfield, William being 64 and Mary 54.
William Barber died on 25 July 1845 and Mary went to live with Thomas in the USA, living in the house with family until her death. She died on 30 July 1856 and was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Black Earth, Wisconsin.

Generation Four.

William Barber was born on 26 October and baptised on 2 November 1800 in Tintwistle Independent. Described as a cotton spinner of Higher Broughton, Manchester, in his father's probate documents. 1841 census at Roman Road Terrace, Broughton. 1851 census at 113 York Street, Cheetham. He and his wife Ellen (born about 1815 in Basford, Nottingham) had three children:
     Charles Worthington Barber, born about 1841 in Broughton.
     Horatio William Barber, born about 1843 in Broughton.
     Barbara Edith Barber, born about 1845 in Broughton.

Harriett Barber was born on 14 November and baptised on 9 December 1810 in Tintwistle In the 1841 census she was staying with her brother William. She married Henry Jones, born about 1809 in Wellington, Shropshire, on 20 May 1847 in Glossop. Henry was a widow who had had a son with his first wife, Mary Henry Hadin Jones, baptised 10 April 1836 in Glossop. Henry and Harriett had two children:
     Mary Agnes Jones, born in 1848 in Glossop. 1851 census with her father and step brother at Whitfield. 1861 census with uncle Robert Barber and other family members. She married James Sargentson, born about 1851 (son of James Sargentson) on 3 September 1873 in Glossop. Both James and his father were described in the marriage register as waste dealers of Padfield.
     Harriett Maria Barber Jones, born in 1851 in Glossop. 1861 census with uncle Robert Barber and other family members. 1881 census visitor at Connaught House, Ventnor, Isle of Wight. 1891 census visitor with Joseph & Harriett Mease at Leven Valley, Rudby, Yorks. 1901 census boarder at 23 Princess Crescent, Bare, Poulton near Morecambe. Harriett died on 1 August 1924 in David Lewis Colony, Marthall, Knutsford, Cheshire (a specialist centre for suffers of epilepsy). Her address when she died was Brierwood, Hadfield.
Harriett was buried on 8 March 1851 in Whitfield (age 38 of Bank Terrace).
In the 1851 census Henry was a 42 year old widowed surgeon at Bank, Whitfield. Jones Street in Hadfield was named after him.

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