Hadfields of the Old Halls.

Generation One

Thomas Hadfield is thought to have been born about 1603. He was a captain in the parliamentary army in the civil wars and reputedly built Hadfield Hall in 1646. He and his wife Ann had two identified children:
     George Hadfield born 1625.
     Mary Hadfield, baptised 10 February 1627/8 in Glossop Parish Church, buried 30 June 1633 in Glossop parish churchyard.
A possible further child was Thomas Hadfield who married Ann Newton at Glossop on 31 May 1663. She was buried on 16 August 1684.
Ann Hadfield is reputed to have died in 1670. Some researchers have claimed that Thomas remarried after Ann's death to an Elizabeth who was buried 2 August 1679 in Glossop parish churchyard. However, no marriage has been found and the burial record describes Elizabeth as the wife (not widow) of Thomas Hadfield of Hadfield, implying that here husband was still living.
Thomas Hadfield was buried on 6 December 1674 in Glossop parish churchyard.

Generation Two

George Hadfield was baptised on 17 August 1625 in Glossop Parish Church. Under the baptism entry is a note “George Hadfield ...unreadable... 24 August 1649”. Could that be the date he married his wife Rebecca? George and Rebecca Hadfield had seven identified children:
     Thomas Hadfield.
     Mary Hadfield, baptised 16 January1655/6 in Glossop Parish Church. She was named as Mary Wilson of Eyam in her brother Thomas's will.
     Ann Hadfield, baptised 15 April 1658 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Elizabeth Hadfield, baptised 3 February 1660/1 in Glossop parish church, buried 12 March 1660/1 in Glossop churchyard.
     James Hadfield, baptised 4 May 1662 in Glossop Parish Church, buried 6 June 1678 in Glossop churchyard.
     Moses Hadfield, baptised 12 February 1665/6 in Glossop Parish Church. He married Martha Collier on 5 February 1694/5 in Mottram. Moses was buried on 23 September 1728 in Mottram. He described himself as a yeoman of Mattley in Mottram in his will written 19 September 1728. The will names John Harrison of Longlands in Mattley, who received minor bequests, and his nephew Thomas Hadfield of Dukinfield, who received the bulk of the estate and was executor. Presumably Martha predeceased Moses as she is not mentioned in the will.
     Sarah Hadfield.
George Hadfield died in 1672. Rebecca renounced her right to administer George's estate in favour of her Father in Law, naming Thomas, Mary, Ann, James, Moses and Sarah as children.
Rebecca was buried on 16 March 1672/3 in Glossop parish churchyard.

Generation Three

Thomas Hadfield was baptised on 26 December 1653 in Glossop Parish Church. He married Mary Low of Castleton parish on 1 June 1678 in Glossop Parish Church and they had four identified children:
     Anna Hadfield born about 1688.
     George Hadfield born about 1690.
     Thomas Hadfield.
     Rebecca Hadfield, born about 1692. She was named in John Creswick's will, 8 September 1722.
Mary was buried on 4 March 1736 in Glossop parish churchyard.
Thomas Hadfield died in 1743. He described himself as a yeoman of Hadfield in his will written 23 April 1741. The will names: son George (received tenements in Hadfield and Padfield and executor); son George (for use of grandson Thomas, interest in stock of sheep in possession of Joseph Goddard of Reaps); younger son Thomas Hadfield of Westwood (5s); sister in law Mary Reddish (£4); Mary Swindells, daughter of Samuel Dearnaley late of Crosscliffe (£12); Jane Massey, widow of Hadfield (£4); grandson John Creswick (£5); grandson William Creswick (£5); granddaughter Elizabeth Booth wife of John Booth of Charlesworth (£5 and furniture); sister Mary Wilson of Eyam (£2 10s a year).

Generation Four

Anna Hadfield was born about 1688. Named as Hannah in some parish records. She married John Creswick and they had four identified children:
     Elizabeth Creswick, baptised 5 January1711/12 in Glossop Parish Church. Her grandfather's will names her as wife of John Booth of Charlesworth.
     William Creswick, baptised 17 April 1714 in Glossop Parish Church, buried 24 April 1714 in Glossop parish churchyard.
     John Creswick, baptised 15 July 1715 in Glossop Parish Church.
     William Creswick, baptised 2 July 1717 in Glossop Parish Church. He was a witness (described as of Padfield, gentleman) to deeds dated 11th & 12th September 1766 (Wakefield registry ref BE 610 834, Land called Slack Head in Greenfields in Saddleworth).
Anna was not named in her husband's will so possibly predeceased him.
John Creswick was buried on 15 September 1722 in Glossop parish churchyard. He described himself as a yeoman of Little Padfield in his will written 8 September 1722 and named: elder son John (received estates at Overthong, Whitegate and Woodhouse in Holmfirth on reaching the age of 21); daughter Elizabeth (£200 at age 21); son William Creswick (tenement in Little Padfield); sister in law Rebekah Hadfield (£5); executor George Hadfield of Hadfield.

George Hadfield was born about 1690. He was described as a yeoman in the licence when he married Martha Dearnaley (spinster of Whitfield, born 1696) on 17 May 1715 in Cheshire. They had ten identified children:
     Sarah Hadfield, baptised 22 April 1716, buried 7 January1717.
     Mary Hadfield.
     Thomas Hadfield born 5 May 1719.
     Martha Hadfield, reputedly born 1720. In the deeds of 11th & 12th September 1766 regarding the land called Slack Head in Greenfields in Saddleworth she is described as a spinster of Preston Heath, Manchester. She witnessed Hannah's marriage on 14 November 1782.
     Sarah Hadfield, baptised 4 April 1722. She married Samuel Wagstaffe of Dinting on 28 October 1743 in Peak Forest. Samuel was named in the deeds of 11th & 12th September 1766 as a gentleman of Dinting. Sarah reputedly married a Mr Lees of Oldham after Samuel died.
     Zipporah Hadfield, born about 1723. She was named in the deeds of 11th & 12th September 1766 as a widow of Preston Heath, Manchester. She married Samuel Goodyear, described as a Chapman of Newton in Manchester in the licence, on 1 March 1753 in Mottram parish church.
     Samuel Hadfield.
     Rebekah Hadfield. She was described as of the parish of Mottram when she married Joshua Marriott (described as a husbandman of the parish of Glossop) on 27 September 1750 in Middleton by Oldham, Lancashire by licence. In the deeds of 11th & 12th September 1766 Rebekah is described as the wife of Joshua Marriott and Joshua is described as of Kinder, Yeoman.
     Hannah Hadfield, reputedly born 1734. She was described in the deeds of 11th & 12th September 1766 as a spinster of Preston Heath, Manchester. As a spinster of Newton, she married John Hobson,a merchant of Failsworth, on 14 November 1782 in Manchester Cathedral.
     Moses Hadfield, born about 1737. He was described in the deeds of 11th & 12th September 1766 as of Drogheda, Ireland (his MI says he resided there for 17 years). Moses witnessed Hannah's marriage on 14 November 1782. He died on 13 March 1784, aged 47 of Simmondley Hall and was buried on 18 March 1784 in Glossop.
George Hadfield, of Hillend, Mottram, died on 18 October 1759 aged 61 (MI) and was buried on 22 October 1759 in Glossop parish churchyard. He described himself as a yeoman of Hilend, Mottram in his will, written 10 April 1759. Named in the will were: wife Martha; daughters Martha and Hannah (received estates at Slackhead in Saddleworth and Broadhead Sand in Whitfield until 25 March 1765 when they must be sold and then £100 each from the proceeds); son Thomas (freehold estate in Hadfield); son Moses (£100 from the sale of the estates in 1765); daughters Sarah, Zipporah, Rebekah, Martha and Hannah to share the balance of the proceeds of the sale (Zipporah to have no share if her husband Samuel Goodyear should require payment of a £50 bond); son Samuel (£1 1s); daughter Mary, wife of John Wood (£1 1s). The executors Martha were and Hannah with assistance of son Thomas and son in law Samuel Wagstaffe.
Martha died on 5 November 1761, aged 65, and was buried in Glossop churchyard.

Thomas Hadfield was born about 1691. He was described as of Dukinfield when he inherited the bulk of the estate of his uncle Moses (including Westwood) in 1728. The name of his wife is unknown but he had only one child, Hannah Hadfield, born about 1733. She was described as of Mottram in the licence when she married Samuel Goodier on 28 September 1763 in Mottram parish church. Samuel was described as a bachelor, of Newton, Mottram, in the marriage licence application, a yeoman in the register entry and a tanner (of Newton in Mottram) in Thomas Hadfield's admon (guarantor for Hannah as administratrix).
Thomas Hadfield, of Westwood, died on 26 November and was buried on 29 November 1761 at Dukinfield Chapel.

Generation Five

Children of George Hadfield

Mary Hadfield was baptised 13 August 1717 in Glossop Parish Church. She married John Wood of Marple on 21 April 1739 at Peak Forest, they had two identified children:
     George Wood.
     Rebecca Wood.
Mary was buried on 16 June 1766 in Marple (wife of John Wood of Spouthouse).
John Wood died on 9 May and was buried 11 May 1784 in Marple.

Thomas Hadfield was born on 5 May and baptised on 16 May 1719 in Glossop Parish Church. He lived at Hadfield Hall and Simmondley Old Hall. Whether he obtained the latter by marriage or purchase is not known. Thomas was named in the deeds of 11th & 12th September 1766 as Thomas Hadfield of Symmondley in the parish of Glossop in Derby, Gentleman, eldest son & heir of George Hadfield late of Hillend in the parish of Mottram in Longdendale Yeoman deceased. He married Martha Cooper, a spinster born about 1744, on 21 July 1768 in Glossop parish church by licence. They had six identified children:
     Zipporah Hadfield, buried 29 November 1770 in Glossop parish churchyard (daughter of Mr Thos. Hadfield of Simmondley).
     Martha Hadfield born 1769.
     Moses Hadfield, baptised 12 August 1770 in by declaration of parents, died 17 November 1844. He married Harriet Brook and lived at Shiloh, Mellor and Mottram Old Hall. He was reputedly connected with Chunal Mill.
     George Hadfield, was born in Simmondley and baptised on 1 April 1772 in Glossop Parish Church (birth date suggested as 11 March 1772). Of Hollingworth Old Hall and Mottram Old Hall (inherited from his uncle Samuel), he bought Thorncliffe Hall from the Tattons in 1810 and “embellished” it. He was a Captain in the Militia and travelled widely in Europe. George, aged 60 of Old Hall, Mottram, died on 28 September and was buried on 4 October 1831 in Glossop parish churchyard. After his death, his brother Samuel erected a statue of him at Mottram Old Hall. The probate of George's will describes him as of Old Hall, Hollingworth. In the will he mentioned cousins (possibly second cousins) Thomas Marriott, John Braddock, James Braddock, Elizabeth Farrel & Mary Bagshaw.
     Samuel Hadfield, born 1775, died aged 67 on 21 February and buried on 28 February 1842 in Glossop churchyard.
     Hannah Hadfield born July 1779.

Thomas Hadfield died on 11 January and was buried on 17 January1789 in Glossop churchyard, aged 69 of Simmondley Hall. In his will, written on 3 May 1784, he name: son George (received freehold estate in Hadfield, to pay £200 to Martha and Hannah between them when he reached age of 21); son Samuel (freehold estate at Carlecoates Townhead in Penistone, to pay £200 to Martha and Hannah between them when he reached age of 21); son Moses (freehold estate in Romiley & copyhold estate at Overthong, Holmfirth, to pay £200 to Martha and Hannah between them when he reached age of 21); property at Edale Cross to be shared by all three sons; personal estate shared between Martha and Hannah; executors brother Samuel and sister Martha.
Martha died about 1824.
It has been suggested that Martha Cooper was possibly his second wife as Glossop parish register has a baptism on 4 July 1762 of Ann, daughter of Thomas of Simmondley. However, Ann is not mentioned in his will so presumably if she were his daughter she died young. No records of an earlier marriage or burials of Ann and her mother have been found.

Samuel Hadfield was baptised on 25 October 1724 in Glossop Parish Church. He married Mary Mitchell, born about 1721, and they had one identified child:
     Zipporah Hadfield born 1765.
Samuel was named in the deeds of 11th & 12th September 1766 as of Londonderry. He became a wealthy hat manufacturer in Oldham, and purchased Hollingworth Old Hall in the late 1700s and Mottram Old Hall in 1800.
Samuel Hadfield died in Manchester and was buried on 20 May 1807 in Glossop parish churchyard, aged 83 of Old Hall. His will, written 20 May 1806, named: nephew Moses Hadfield (received £4,500), nephew Samuel Hadfield (£5,500), nephew George Hadfield (all real & personal estate and executor). The will was proved at Manchester on 8 September 1807 and at Lichfield (by George Hadfield of Old Hall, Mottram) on 23 July 1823 when Samuel was described as a Gentleman of Manchester.
Mary, of Glossop aged 87, was buried on 19 June 1808 in Glossop.

Generation Six

Children of Mary Hadfield

George Wood was baptised 8 June 1747 in Marple. His marriage has not been found but he had one identified child,
     John Wood born September 1784. He married Hannah Hadfield, daughter of Thomas, see below.
George possibly had other children as Mary Wood, Martha Wood, Thomas Wood, James Wood were all mentioned as cousins in the will of George Hadfield (1772-1831)).

Rebecca Wood. She married Thomas Rice on 19 October 1784 in Stockport St Mary. They had one identified child, Thomas Rice, baptised on 26 July 1788 in Spouthouse, Marple by James Bartle dissenting minister of Marple Bridge. Thomas senior was described as a merchant of Coleraine in the baptism record. Thomas junior, aged 56 of Bath, was buried 17 August 1844 in Marple.

Children of Thomas Hadfield

Martha Hadfield was born in 1769. She married John Woodhead of Blackley, Yorkshire and they had four identified children:
     Bessie Woodhead, died 12 June 1861. No issue.
     Hannah Woodhead, born 1796, died 10 December 1814, aged 18, buried in Glossop churchyard.
     Thomas Woodhead.
     George Woodhead, died 4 May 1861. No issue. Inherited Mottram Old Hall, together with the Hadfield estate at Hadfield and much of the other lands and wealth of George and his brothers Moses and Samuel after 1844. It was hoped he would take the name Hadfield to continue the line but he never did.
Martha died on 13 August 1818 in her 50th year (MI).

Hannah Hadfield was born in July 1779. She married John Wood, born September 1784 (son of Mary Hadfield and George Wood above). They had five identified children:
     George Wood, born 24 February and baptised 7 March 1809 in Tintwistle Independent Chapel, buried 13 March 1809 in Glossop parish churchyard, Infant.
     Martha Wood, born 21 July and baptised 18 August 1811 in Tintwistle Independent Chapel. She inherited Hollingworth Old Hall after 1844 and also inherited Thorncliffe Hall. She married Edwin Hugh Shellard on 20 November 1850 in Mottram parish church. Edwin died on 1 February 1885 in Old Hall, Mottram. Martha died on 17 February 1886 in Mottram Old Hall. Administration of her estate was granted to her brother John of Arden near Stockport.
     Jane Wood, born 22 April 1813. She died on 19 March 1889 in Ardern Hall. Administration of her estate was granted on 13 May 1889 to John Wood, brother and only next of kin but revoked by Registrar's order 1 October 1889 (presumably because of John's death).
     John Wood, was born on 12 July and baptised on 22 August 1815 in Tintwistle Independent Chapel (son of John and Hannah Wood of Hadfield). He lived at Ardern Hall and inherited Mottram Old Hall after the deaths of George and Bessie Woodhead, both without issue, in 1861. He never married. John Wood died on 2 August 1889, aged 74, at Arden. Probate granted to Francis Bede Ellison 14 September 1889, resworn October 1892.
     Zipporah Wood, born 28 September 1818. She married William Collier Vaudrey (son of John Vawdrey and Allie Collier), baptised 19 September 1809. Zipporah died, aged 55, on 19 May 1874 in of Holly Bank, Bredbury and was buried on 25 May 1874 in St Mark's, Bredbury (Memorial in Glossop). Probate granted 22 August 1784 to William Collier Vaudrey; second probate grant 11 May 1896 to Charles Hutchman Braddon, surgeon, David Shaw, colliery proprietor and William Henry Vaudrey, solicitor. William Collier Vaudrey died aged 79 on 14 December 1888 in Holly Bank, Bredbury and was buried on 19 December 1888 in St Mark's, Bredbury. Probate granted 30 January 1889 to Charles Hutchman Braddon, surgeon, David Shaw, colliery proprietor and William Henry Vaudrey, solicitor.
Hannah Wood died, aged 50 of Thorncliffe Hall, on 13 October and was buried on17 October 1829 in Glossop churchyard.
John Wood, aged 49 of Thorncliffe Hall, died on 24 February and was buried on 2 March 1833 in Glossop churchyard.

Child of Samuel Hadfield

Zipporah Hadfield was born in 1765. She married Thomas Marriott on 30 June 1789 in Stockport St Mary and they had one child:
     Rebekah Marriott, born 3 December 1792 and baptised 1 February 1793 in How Lain in Cheshire.
Zipporah died aged 29 of consumption on 5 July and was buried on 8 July 1794 in Marple.

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