The descendants of John Hadfield, farmer of Hadfield.

Generation One.

John Hadfield was born about 1781. He married Martha Robinson, born 31 December 1784 in Glossop, daughter of James Robinson and Mary Bower (see The Robinsons of Gnat Hole) on 31 December 1804 in Glossop. They had ten children:
     Hannah Hadfield born 21 March 1805.
     William Hadfield, born 4 October and baptised 11 December 1808 in Glossop, died 21 December 1852.
     Thomas Hadfield born 11 June 1811.
     Mary Hadfield, baptised 20 February 1814 in Glossop.
     Elizabeth Hadfield born about 1816.
     Sarah Hadfield, baptised 17 May 1818 in Glossop, buried 23 June 1823 in Glossop.
     Eliza Hadfield born about 1820.
     Martha Hadfield, baptised 27 June 1822 in Glossop, died 29 March 1854.
     John Hadfield baptised 29 October 1824.
     Charles Hadfield born 13 January 1827.
John Hadfield died on 21 May and was buried on 25 May 1832 in Glossop.
Martha, who was named in the will of her grandfather John Bower, died on 13 April 1858.

Generation Two.

Hannah Hadfield was born 21 March and baptised 21 April 1805 in Glossop. She married James Alsop, born 30 September 1807 in Glossop, son of James Alsop and Sarah Bowden (see The Alsop family of Glossop and Illinois) on 3 September 1834 in Glossop.

Thomas Hadfield was born on 11 June and baptised on 21 July 1811 in Glossop. He married Sarah Garlick, baptised 7 December 1818 (daughter of Martha Garlick of Simmondley) in 1837 in Stockport. They had two children:
     Martha Garlick Hadfield born 17 January 1838.
     John Hadfield, born about 1840 in Glossop.
Sarah died in 1842.
Thomas married Mary Ann Johnson, born about 1820 in Glossop, on 8 December 1844 in St Michael, Ashton Under Lyne. They had five children:
     Elizabeth Hadfield, born about 1847 in Glossop.
     Charlotte Hadfield, born about 1849 in Glossop.
     Eliza Hadfield, born about 1852 in Glossop.
     Walter T Hadfield, born about 1857 in Glossop.
     James J Hadfield, born about 1860 in Glossop.
At the 1861 census Thomas was aged 49, mill mechanic at Brookside, Old Glossop, Mary aged 41.
At the 1881 census Thomas was 69, Mechanic cotton factory, and Mary was 61. The family is at 151 High St East, Glossop.
Thomas Hadfield died in1881.

Elizabeth Hadfield was baptised on 14 July 1816 in Glossop. She married Joe Lee, born about 1817 in Hadfield. They had a daughter, Sarah Ann Lee, born about 1846 in Hadfield.
The family was living at 101 Maine Road, Hadfield in the 1881 census.
Elizabeth died, aged 58, in 1875 and Joe Lee died, aged 79, in 1892, both buried at Tintwistle.

Eliza Hadfield was baptised on 16 July 1820 in Glossop. She married James Bradshaw, born about 1817 in Glossop. They had a son, James Robinson Hadfield, born about 1842, died, aged 27, in 1869 and buried at Tintwistle.
The family was living at 109 Maine Road, Hadfield in the 1881 census.
Eliza died in 1892 and James Bradshaw died in 1893, both buried at Tintwistle.

John Hadfield was baptised on 29 October 1824 in Glossop. He married Mary Sherriff, born about 1824 in Buckinghamshire. They had two children:
     Hannah Hadfield, born about 1849, died 17 August 1852, buried in Glossop parish churchyard.
     William Hadfield, born about 1853 in Hadfield. The 1881 census recorded him aged 28 as a boarder at the home of Robert Toplis, Coachman, of 18 Forester St, Derby St Werburgh.
Mary died on 29 March 1854 and was buried in Glossop parish churchyard.
John married Elizabeth Pye, born about 1831, on 18 November 1858. They had six children:
     Martha Hadfield born 16 September 1859.
     George Hadfield born about 1861. He had a son, Charles Ernest Hadfield
     James Hadfield, born 18 April 1866.
     Alfred Hadfield, born about 1867 in Blyth, Lincolnshire. He was an errand boy, living with uncle Joe Lee, in the 1881 census.
     Albert Hadfield.
     Charles Hadfield.

Charles Hadfield was born on 13 January and baptised on 13 February 1827 in Glossop. He was living at 14 Dale Street, Broughton, aged 25, when he married Hannah Withington, born about 1830 in Droylesden, Lancashire (daughter of Joshua Withington) on 28 October 1852 in Manchester Cathedral. Hannah was living at Polygon, Broughton, aged 23, at the time. They had six children:
     John Preston Hadfield, born about 1854 in Hadfield.
     William Henry Hadfield, born in 1855 in Hadfield, baptised 20 April 1856 in Hadfield. He became a railway clerk.
     Martha Ann Hadfield, born about 1858 in Hadfield.
     James Edward Hadfield, born about 1860 in Hadfield. He became an Assurance Clerk.
     John J. Hadfield, born about 1864 in Derbyshire.
     Arthur Hadfield born about 1869.
Charles was a coal dealer when William Henry was baptised but by the time of the census of 1861 he was a Brick & Tile Manufacturer employing 4 men & boys, age 34. The family was living at Paradise, Hadfield, Hannah aged 31. Also at the house was Mary Preston aged 52, visitor, out of business, born Salford, Lancashire.
In the 1881 census, Charles is a 54 year old Commercial traveller. The family is at 73 Stanley St, Cheetham, Manchester, Hannah aged 51. Hannah's sister, Betsy, aged 57 and born in Manchester was with the family at the time.

Generation Three.

Child of Thomas Hadfield.

Martha Garlick Hadfield was born on 17 January and baptised on 28 January 1838 in Glossop, died 29 September 1893 in Australia. She married Joseph Wyatt, born 4 January 1842 in Glossop (son of Joseph Wyatt and Ellen Bartle) on 27 June 1863 in Glossop Wesleyan Chapel. They emigrated to Maryborough, Queensland about 1864, moved to Melbourne in 1868 then a few months later to Buchan, Victoria where Joseph managed a lead & silver mine at Murrindal. They built a house named Sunny Point on the Buchan. Martha and Joseph had nine children:
     Sarah Ellen Wyatt, born 10 August 1864 in Maryborough, Queensland, died 27 January 1866.
     Ann Wyatt born 28 June 1866.
     Joseph Thomas Wyatt, born 19 September 1868 in Maryborough, Queensland, died 18 October 1868.
     Joseph Henry Wyatt, born 3 September 1869, died 18 December 1882, killed in a dray accident.
     Ellen Wyatt, born 21 October 1870, died 28 June 1929. She married Ben Whitaker.
     John Charles Wyatt born 1 December 1871.
     Cephas Thomas Wyatt, born 9 June 1874, died 2 October 1916.
     George Hadfield Wyatt, born 11 May 1878 in Bairnsdale, Victoria, died in 1937. Fought in the Boer War. Joined the South African police force and stayed in South Africa for about 7 years.
     James Robinson Hadfield Wyatt, twin of George, born 11 May 1878 but died at birth.
Martha died on 29 September 1893 in Australia.
Joseph Wyatt died on 11 October 1911.

Children of John Hadfield.

Martha Hadfield was born on 16 September 1859 in Hadfield. She married Robert Garlick, born about 1846 in Hadfield, son of Joseph Garlick and Mary Bintcliffe (see The descendants of John Garlick of Padfield and Waterside) on 4 February 1880..

Arthur Hadfield was born about 1869 in Manchester. He married Eliza Smith and they had two children: Frank Hadfield and Marjorie Hadfield.

Generation Four.

Children of Martha Garlick Hadfield.

Ann Wyatt was born on 28 June 1866 in Maryborough, Queensland. She married Charles Moon on 25 January 1888. They had nine children:
     Garnet Charles Moon, born 4 December 1888, died 1976. He married Elena Hopkins.
     Isabella Louisa Martha Jane Moon, born 23 July 1890, died 1954. She married Henry Hodge.
     Albert George Moon, born 5 December 1892, died 1974. He married Emily Von Rozynski.
     Jean Evelyn Moon, born 18 October 1894. She married Arthur Doyle.
     Kathleen Ellen Moon, born 21 August 1896, died 1899.
     Clarence Frederick Moon, born 8 January 1899, died 1980. He married Lillian Von Rozinski.
     Robert Francis Claude Moon, born 18 August 1901, died 1951. He married Effie Lotton.
     Norman Keith Moon, born 21 September 1903, died 1962. He married Constance McAllister.
     Leslie Arnold Moon, born 16 December 1905, died 1975. He married Kathleen Brown.
     Ivy Annie Ruth Moon, born 21 January 1908. She married Robert Humphrey.
     Daisy May Moon, born 14 January 1911. She married (1) James Webster, (2) John Ballantyne.
Ann died on 7 June 1943.

John Charles Wyatt was born on 1 December 1871, died 24 April 1944. Lived at Riverview House, Buchan, Victoria. He married Georgina (Georgie) Ann Charters, born 28 November 1878 (daughter of Clarence Hooper Charters) on 1 September 1904 in Presbyterian Ch, Flemington, Victoria. They had six children:
     Thelma Irene Wyatt, born 17 July 1905, died 5 July 1913.
     John Cephas Wyatt born 14 August 1906.
     Iris Charters Wyatt, born 11 October 1908, died 30 November 1988.
     Doris Hadfield Wyatt born 25 July 1910.
     Una Mary Ellen Wyatt, born 8 September 1911. She married John Cecil Schruhm.
     George Gordon Clarence Wyatt, born 4 September 1913, died 1914.
John Charles Wyatt died on 24 April 1944.
Georgina died on 7 December 1967.

Generation Five.

John Cephas Wyatt was born on 14 August 1906, died 24 April and cremated 27 April 1967.

Doris Hadfield Wyatt was born on 25 July 1910. She married Alexander Nicholas Harry, born 24 August 1909 (son of Nicholas Harry and Alice Knight) on 8 June 1935.
Alexander died 11 June 1980 and Doris died 4 September 1988.

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