The Wardlow family of Charlesworth and Bridgefield.

Generation One.

William Wardlow was born about 1765. He worked Bridgefield Mill. He married Jenny Hadkin on 6 October 1789. They had nine children:
     James Hadkin. Born 1789 before the marriage, also known as Wardlow.
     Mary Wardlow. She married Joseph Howard, son of John Howard (see The Howards of Ludworth and Bridgefield) on 14 June 1810 in Glossop.
     Jane Wardlow. She married Thomas Garside of the Hague, Mottram, on 21 August 1831 in Glossop.
     Sarah Wardlow born 1792.
     Betty Wardlow, born 1795, baptised 1795 in Charlesworth Top Chapel.
     William Wardlow born 1796.
     George Wardlow, born 26 November 1800, baptised 27 February 1801 in Charlesworth Top Chapel.
     Joseph Wardlow, born 7 November 1804, baptised 14 February 1802 in Charlesworth Top Chapel.
     Jenny Wardlow, born 23 June 1808, baptised 12 Jul 1808 in Charlesworth Top Chapel.
William Wardlow died, aged 69, on 17 December 1834. Probate of his will, signed 5 December 1834, was granted to his sons James and William. William died not long afterwards and the estate was not settled. On 7 March 1878, James's widow, Hannah, obtained letters of administration as James had died intestate.
According to Hamnett: Bank Wood (Botany) Mill was built by Thos. Bottomley, of Charlesworth, in 1791. He was not successful in business, and he assigned the mill to John Garlick. In 1801 it was assigned to William Wardlow and Thomas Higginbottom. In 1807 Mr Wardlow was the sole owner and occupier. Bankwood Mill was from 1836 to 1840, worked by James and William Wardlow. It was empty for several years, when Thomas Howard and George Wardlow became the occupiers on 28 December 1855.

Generation Two.

Sarah Wardlow was baptised in 1792 in Charlesworth Top Chapel. She married Benjamin Harrison, born 7 February 1788, baptised 30 Mar 1788 in Charlesworth Top Chapel (son of James and Mary Harrison). Benjamin was a cotton manufacturer at Kinder Lee Mill. They had seven children:
     Wright Harrison.
     James Harrison.
     William Harrison.
     George Harrison.
     Elizabeth Harrison. She married Samuel Thornely.
     Mary Harrison.
     Jane Harrison. She married James Rowbottom.
Sarah died, aged 47, on 6 December 1839.
Benjamin Harrison died on 24 August 1844.

William Wardlow was baptised in 1796 in Charlesworth Top Chapel. He married Mary Beard on 3 December 1815. They had two daughters:
     Hannah Wardlow, born 25 August 1820, baptised 25 January 1821 in Charlesworth Top Chapel.
     Jane Wardlow, born 6 June and baptised 3 August 1816 in Charlesworth Top Chapel.
William Wardlow died on 23 June 1836. Mary obtained letters of administration of William's estate (£1500) on 11 January 1837 but must not have completed the administration because she obtained further letters (estate £3000) on 28 June 1839.

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