The Robinsons of Gnat Hole.

Hamnett, in his notes, wrote that John Robinson who built Gnat Hole Mill came from Saddleworth to Glossop. The family certainly had connections to Saddleworth, where Robinsons were also woollen clothiers, but they had been in Glossop from at least the early years of the 18th century, as is shown below. It would also appear that John Robinson (who was eventually to build Gnat Hole Mill) was sent to his relatives in Saddleworth as an apprentice to learn the woollen trade.

Gnat Hole Mill about 1875.

For more about the Gnat Hole Mill and the Robinsons see Gnat Hole - a Woollen Mill in a Cotton Town.

Generation One.

George Robinson was born about 1703. Parish register entries also show him living at Deepclough, Jumble and Lane End. He married Mary Harrop, born about 1712, on 16 April 1732 in Glossop. They had two children:
     John Robinson baptised 4 March 1733 in Glossop.
     Betty Robinson baptised 16 July 1738 in Glossop.
Mary died on 6 May and was buried on 8 May 1786 in Glossop, the wife of George Robinson of Lane End, Whitfield, aged 74.
George Robinson died, aged 85, on 25 January and was buried on 27 January 1788 in Glossop.

Generation Two.

John Robinson was baptised on 4 March 1733 in Glossop. He married Zipporah Bowden, baptised 12 August 1732 in Glossop (daughter of James Bowden) on 28 October 1754 in St Chad's, Saddleworth. John was a cloth dresser of the parish of Saddleworth and Zipporah of the parish of Glossop when they married. When James was baptised their place of residence is described as Woodbrook, Saddleworth. In other parish register entries as 'of Jumball'. They had eight children:
     Mary Robinson baptised 26 October 1755.
     John Robinson born about 1758.
     George Robinson born about 1760.
     James Robinson baptised 4 September 1763.
     Robert Robinson, born about 1766. He married Mary Shepley, born about 1771, daughter of John Shepley and Betty Arundale (see The Shepley family of Old Glossop and Brookfield) on 25 March 1811 in Glossop Parish Church. Mary was known as "Old Molly of Chunal". Robert Robinson, of Chunal, represented Chunal as a Select Vestryman from 1808 to 1827, with the exception of three years. He was buried on 11 January 1844 in Glossop parish church aged 78.
     Joseph Robinson born about 1769.
     William Robinson.
John Robinson died, aged 67, and was buried on 25 July 1800 in Old Glossop.
Zipporah died aged 69, widow of Chunal, and was buried on 6 March 1802 in Glossop.

Generation Three.

Mary Robinson was baptised on 26 October 1755 in St Chad's, Saddleworth, YKS. She married Jordan Bradbury (son of Jordan Bradbury and Betty Whitely) on 22 December 1776 in Glossop. They had three children:
     Joseph Bradbury born 6 June and baptised 27 July 1784 in Glossop, died 24 July 1788 and buried 25 July 1788 in Glossop.
     Jordan Bradbury baptised 16 December 1792 in Glossop.
     Betty Bradbury born 10 January 1799 in Glossop, baptised 31 July 1800 in Glossop.

John Robinson was baptised on 13 March 1758 in St Chad's, Saddleworth. He lived at Jumble. It was this John Robinson who received land under the Whitfield Enclosure Award of 1813, two pieces of land at the Jumble (Jumbo) and one on Whitfield High Moor. He married Anne Andrew, of Mottram, born about 1768, on 8 November 1795 in Glossop and they had six children:
     Mary Anne Robinson born 19 September and baptised 16 October 1796 in Glossop.
     John Robinson born 9 September 1798.
     Jane Robinson born 25 July 1800.
     Kitty Robinson, born 30 June 1803 and baptised 14 August 1803 in Glossop. 1861 census - aged 57, farmer of 7 acres at Jumble. Kitty died on 15 May 1861.
     Mariah Robinson, born 12 April 1808 and 24 May 1808 in Glossop.
     Ann Robinson, born 13 March and baptised 3 May 1810 in Glossop. She died on 27 February 1848 and was, buried in Glossop. John Gould of Jumble (died 12 November 1829 aged 70) was buried in same grave.
John Robinson died, aged 56, on 1 July and was buried on 5 July 1814 in Glossop.
Anne died on 12 May and was buried on 17 May 1839 in Glossop.

George Robinson was baptised on 11 October 1760 in St Chad's, Saddleworth. Glossop parish register has a baptism on 19 April 1766 for George, son of John Robinson of Jumball - was this a second baptism? Age on burial suggests the former. Worked Charlestown Mill. His wife Jane was possibly Jane Buckley of the parish of Ashton under Lyne who married George Robinson of the parish of Glossop by banns on 22 November 1781, at Ashton. They had one daughter, Mary Robinson, born about 1782.
George Robinson, aged 50 of Charles Town, died on 10 March and was buried on 13 March 1811 in Glossop.

James Robinson was baptised on 4 September 1763 in St Chad's, Saddleworth. Parish register entries describe him as of Jumbal, Lane End and Whitfield Green. He married Mary Bower, born about 1765, daughter of John Bower (see The descendants of John Bower of Hadfield) on 7 December 1783 at Glossop parish church. They had eight children:
     Martha Robinson born 31 December 1784.
     John Robinson, born 1 January and baptised 30 January 1787 in Glossop.
     James Robinson born 27 March 1789.
     Robert Robinson born 1 October and baptised 1 November 1791 in Glossop.
     William Robinson born 20 June 1796.
     George Robinson, born 17 November and baptised 25 December 1798 in Glossop.
     Joseph Robinson born 19 April 1802.
     Mary Robinson, born 1804, buried 7 November 1804 in Glossop.
Mary was buried, aged 46, on 29 December 1811 in Glossop.
James Robinson died on 11 August and was buried on 13 August 1813 in Glossop. When he died, he left a wife named Mary who renounced her rights to administration of his estate. This was possibly Mary Lowe as there is a record of a marriage on 29 October 1812 at Glossop.

Joseph Robinson was born about 1769. He was the builder of Gnat Hole Mill. He married Mary Bramhall, born about 1777 in Whitfield, daughter of Joseph Bramhall and Lettice Booth (see A first Bramhall family of Chunal) on 17 February 1795 in Glossop. They had eight children:
     Zipporah Robinson born 23 September 1795.
     George Robinson born 29 January 1798.
     Joseph Robinson born 27 December 1799.
     Robert Robinson, born 28 July and baptised 5 September 1802 in Glossop, buried 1 April 1804 in Glossop. The parish register gives his age at death as 20 months.
     Mary Robinson, born 31 July and baptised 9 September 1804 in Glossop, died 10 February and buried 14 February 1881 in Glossop Cemetery. The census records show her living at Gnat Hole as a farmer of 58 acres in 1861 and a farm bailiff in 1871.
     Robert Robinson born on 22 November 1807, baptised on 31 January 1808 in Glossop. The 1851 census describes him as a clothier. He died suddenly, aged 47, on 2 January 1854 whilst visiting friends in Edale. The roads at that time were impassable to ordinary vehicles owing to the snow, so the coffin was tied to a ladder and sledged by that means to Glossop, where he was buried on 7 February 1854 in Glossop Parish Church. The executor of his will was Thomas Robinson of Woodbrook, Saddleworth, possibly a relation given the connection. An entry in the 1851 census at Saddleworth shows Thomas Robinson as a magistrate.
     Lettice Robinson, born 19 October and baptised 26 November 1809 in Glossop, died 21 February and 26 February 1874 in Glossop Cemetery. As with her sister Mary, she is shown in census records as a farmer and farm bailiff.
     John Robinson born 31 August 1813.
Joseph Robinson died on 28 August 1846 in Glossop.
Mary (known as Mally) died on 7 November 1862 aged 86. Her death was announced in the Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser 15 November 1862.

William Robinson. He is described in parish register entries as "of Jumble". He married Mary Scofield on 6 March 1800 in Glossop and they had three children:
     Mary Ann Robinson, born 26 July and baptised 14 September 1801 in Glossop, buried 11 April 1830 in Glossop. The parish register entry for her burial says "age 28, of Charles Town".
     William Robinson, born 20 February and baptised 11 April 1803 in Glossop.
     John Robinson, born 6 October and baptised 7 November 1804 in Glossop.

Generation Four.

Children of John Robinson.

John Robinson was born on 9 September and baptised on 7 October 1798 in Glossop, died 8 August 1842, buried in Glossop. Parish register entries say he lived at Jumble, Hadfield Lodge, Tintwistle, Waterside and Mill Town. He married Betty Shaw, baptised 28 March 1799 in Mottram (daughter of Thomas and Sarah Shaw) on 18 July 1819 in Glossop. They had seven children:
     John Robinson, baptised 23 April 1820 in Glossop, died 7 June 1841, buried in Glossop.
     Robert Robinson, baptised 9 December 1821 in Glossop, died 3 January 1850, buried in Glossop. MI says he was aged 28 when he died.
     Thomas Shaw Robinson was baptised on 16 January 1824 in Glossop. He and his wife Elizabeth had one daughter, Maria Ann Robinson born about 1848 in Chisworth.
At the 1851 census Thomas and Maria were living with his Aunt Jane in Howard Town. At the 1861 census they were living with his Aunt Kitty at Jumble. Elizabeth died on 19 March 1848, buried in Glossop. MI gives her age as 23 when she died. Thomas Shaw Robinson died on 12 December 1861 and was buried in Glossop. MI says "of Jumble" and gives his age as 39 when he died.
     Sarah Ann Robinson, baptised 17 August 1825 in Glossop, died 1 May 1856, buried in Glossop. Census 1851 - living with her Aunt Jane in Howard Town.
     Maria Ann Robinson, baptised 19 July 1829 in Glossop.
     Eliza Robinson, baptised 8 May 1831 in Glossop.
     Elizabeth Robinson, baptised 8 May 1834 in Glossop.
John Robinson died on 8 August 1842 and was buried in Glossop.
Betty died on 27 June 1846 and was buried in Glossop

Jane Robinson was born on 25 July and baptised on 31 July 1800 in Glossop. 1851 census - aged 50, grocer, at Howardtown with John's children Thomas and Sarah. 1861 census - aged 60, retired grocer, at Jumble. She had a son, George Robinson, baptised 16 December 1824 in Glossop, died 5 June 1842.

Child of George Robinson.

Mary Robinson born about 1782. She married William Kershaw, born 20 March 1776, son of Samuel Kershaw and Hannah Roberts (see The Kershaw family of Hurst and Whitfield) on 21 September 1803 in Glossop.

Children of James Robinson.

Martha Robinson was born on 31 December 1784 in Glossop and baptised on 4 January 1785 in Glossop. She married John Hadfield, born about 1781 on 31 December 1804 in Glossop (see The descendants of John Hadfield, farmer of Hadfield).

James Robinson was born and baptised on 27 March 1789 in Glossop. Parish register entries describe him as a clothier, farmer and beerseller.
According to Robert Hamnett he built the Beehive at Whitfield and was the owner of a considerable number of dwelling houses; he built the Surrey Arms in Victoria Street in 1847, and three houses adjoining which he called 'Norfolk Buildings'; the lease dates from the 28th March, 1846; he also built the Whitfield Brewery in 1849 and, on 26 January, 1851, he is recorded as agreeing to supply water to Mr. John Hadfield's tenants in Hollincross Lane. He and his wife Hannah, born about 1782, had four children:
     George Robinson, born 31 October 1814, baptised 9 November 1817 in Glossop. Possibly buried 1866 at Littlemoor Chapel.
     Mary Robinson, baptised 9 November 1817 in Glossop. Named in her father's will as Mary Clayton. She married William Clayton.
     Betty Robinson was baptised 6 May 1822 in Glossop, buried 10 June 1824 in Glossop.
     James Robinson, baptised 11 June 1826 in Glossop. Possibly buried 1889 at Littlemoor Chapel.
Hannah died, aged 54, and was buried on 27 September 1836 at Littlemoor Chapel.
James Robinson died on 2 December 1852.

William Robinson was born on 20 June and baptised on 13 July 1796 in Glossop. In parish register entries he is described as a book keeper, shop keeper and cotton spinner. He occupied Warth Mill (later Knott's Mill) from 1812. According to the rate books in 1833 he was assessed for 3,648 spindles. He married Sarah Hadfield, born 21 January 1798 in Glossop, daughter of William Hadfield and Mary Collier (see The Hadfield family of Cowbrook) on 22 November 1818 in Glossop. William and Sarah had eight children:
     Mary Robinson was baptised on 24 September 1820 in Glossop. She married Lewis Lister, born about 1829 in Mirfield, Yorkshire (son of John Lister and Sophia Fillingham) on 16 December 1851 in Glossop (see The Listers of Mirfield, Glossop and Paddington).
     John Robinson, baptised 29 December 1822 in Glossop. 1861 census - age 38, manager. 1871 census aged 48, invalid.
     Ruth Robinson, baptised 17 October 1824 in Glossop, died February 1909, buried in Glossop Cemetery. In the 1861 census she is a 36 year old school mistress living with her aunt Elizabeth Hadfield at Cowbrook. At 54 Sheffield Road, Glossop in 1881, living on Interest of Money. MI describes her as of Cowbrook. Joshua Henry Hadfield (her cousin) was buried in the same grave.
     Milicent Robinson, baptised 18 November 1827 in Glossop. 1861 census - age 28. 1871 census aged 38, housekeeper. 1881 census in Pikes Lane. She married someone named Ernhill.
     George Robinson, baptised 30 May 1830 in Glossop, died 11 April 1846, buried in Glossop.
     Elizabeth Robinson, baptised 5 January 1834 in Glossop, died 20 March and buried 24 March 1837 in Glossop. Parish register gives her age as 3 yr 3 mth when she died.
     Thomas Robinson, baptised 5 July 1835 in Glossop. He married Sarah Handforth, born about 1839 in Stalybridge, daughter of John Handforth and Ellen Garlick (see The descendants of John Garlick of Padfield and Waterside) on 6 July 1862 in Glossop Wesleyan Chapel. The marriage was reported in the Glossop Record of 9 August 1862 as taking place on the "6th ult". Thomas and Sarah were living in her father's house at the times of then1871 and 1881 censuses. Thomas was the manager at Shepley Mill (owned by John Handforth) for many years. On 23 November 1870 he was the unsuccessful candidate at the bye-election caused by Coun. G. Wooffenden being elected an Alderman. On 27 March 1887, he was presented with an address by the scholars and teachers of the Howard Town Wesleyan Sunday School on the occasion of his moving from Glossop to Colwyn Bay. He was for many years the superintendent of the Sunday School.
     William Henry Robinson, died 27 June 1846, buried in Glossop. MI gives his age as 7 when he died.
William Robinson built numbers 2-8 Whitfield Cross in 1849. In both the 1861 and 1871 censuses he is recorded as a cotton mill manager at High Street Cottage. That was Wren Nest Mill where he was known as "Old Billy". On 17 August 1867 William Robinson was presented with a gold watch by the workpeople at Wren Nest Mills, he having been the manager for 25 years. Sarah was presented with a silver teapot. The presentation took place in the Primitive Methodist Schoolroom, and there were 800 people present.
Sarah died on 27 August 1870 and was buried in Glossop.
William Robinson died on 27 June 1878 in Shaw Street, Glossop and was buried in Glossop.

Joseph Robinson was born on 19 April and baptised on 27 May 1802 in Glossop. He is recorded in parish registers as living at Hadfield & Waterside, a cotton dresser & overlooker. He worked as a weaver at Sidebottom's mill at Waterside where he later became manager of the mill. He married Sarah Garlick on 3 August 1825 in Glossop, born 22 June 1804 in Hadfield, daughter of Thomas Garlick and Sarah Warhurst (see The descendants of Thomas Garlick of Hadfield). They had ten children:
     Mary Robinson, born in Hadfield, baptised 5 November 1825 in Glossop. Described as a Warper in the 1851 census. She married William Bramall on 7 June 1855 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Ann Robinson, baptised 25 February 1828 in Glossop.
     James Robinson, baptised 22 August 1830 in Glossop, died 14 November 1832 in Glossop. Parish register gives his age when he died as 2 yrs 5 mths.
     George Robinson born 1833.
     Thomas James Robinson born at Waterside, baptised 13 December 1835 in Glossop. Described as a Clerke in the 1851 census.
     Sarah Robinson, born 17 March 1838 at Waterside.
     Ruth Robinson, born 13 February 1843 at Waterside. 1861 census aged 18, dressmaker.
     Zipporah Robinson, born 12 September 1845 at Waterside.
     Elizabeth Robinson baptised 7 December 1845 in Glossop. Died as an infant.
     Eliza Ellen Robinson, born 29 August 1849 at Waterside. 1861 census aged 11.
In the 1861 census the family is at 45 Station Road, Joseph aged 58, confectioner and overlooker in cotton mill, Sarah aged 56 confectioner.

Children of Joseph Robinson.

Zipporah Robinson was born on 23 September and baptised on 20 October 1795 in Glossop. She married Joseph Ridgway, born about 1797, son of Samuel Joseph and Deborah Ridgway (see The Ridgways of Little Hayfield) on 17 November 1816 in Glossop.

George Robinson was born on 29 January and baptised on 8 February 1798 in Glossop. He married Mary Gill on 5 October 1817 in Glossop and they had seven children:
     Joseph Robinson, baptised 13 May 1818 in Glossop.
     George Robinson, baptised 22 April 1820 in Glossop.
     Sarah Ann Robinson, baptised 20 April 1822 in Glossop.
     Jane Robinson, baptised 4 July 1824 in Glossop, buried 13 August 1827 in Glossop. Parish register says she was 3 when she died.
     Zipporah Robinson, baptised 25 June 1826 in Glossop.
     Samuel Robinson, born in Glossop, baptised 7 July 1829 in Glossop.
     Charles John Robinson, baptised 11 October 1831 in Glossop. 1841 census aged 9 at Gnat Hole with his grandparents.
Mary was buried on 16 September 1834 at Littlemoor Chapel.
George married Elizabeth Burton, baptised 26 June 1814 in Mellor (daughter of Benjamin and Maria Burton) on 18 April 1837 in Cheadle, Cheshire. They had four children:
     Alfred Robinson, baptised 17 January 1838 at Littlemoor Independent, Glossop.
     Benjamin Burton Robinson born 1840.
     Anna Maria Robinson, born 1844. She married Archibald Angelo Eaves (son of Thomas Eaves), the marriage being announced in the Glossop Record of 23 May 1868.
     Frederick John Robinson, born 1849. Possibly died 1905 in Salford.
Pigot's directory of 1831 shows George at Primrose Mill where he was, for a time, a partner with his brother Joseph. By the time of the 1841 census the family had moved to St Andrew Street, Manchester. George became a Glass paper manufacturer, the family living at Walters Place, Chorlton, in 1851 and Percival Street, Chorlton (next door to the family of Zipporah and John Howard Garlick (his niece and her family)) in 1861.
George Robinson died, aged 66, on 25 October 1864 in Ardwick.
In the 1881 census, Elizabeth was a 66 year old annuitant visitor in John Robinson's household at Gnat Hole.

Joseph Robinson was born on 27 December 1799 and baptised on 2 February 1800 in Glossop. He married Mary Oates, born on 4 January 1808 in Handsworth, Yorks, daughter of Jonathan Oates and Hannah Redferne (see The Oates family of Handsworth and Glossop) on 18 October 1830 in Glossop baptised 4 January 1808 in Handsworth, Yorks, died 8 May 1873 in Glossop. Joseph and Mary had seven children:
     Zipporah Robinson born 15 April 1832.
     Joseph Robinson born 27 July and baptised 28 September 1834 in Glossop, died 18 May and buried 22 May 1852 in Old Glossop Churchyard.
     Walter Robinson born 21 November 1837 in Glossop and baptised 14 January 1838 in Glossop, died 1 September and buried 5 September 1900 in Glossop Cemetery. He worked in the family drapery business at Norfolk Street and took it over after his parents' deaths. He and his wife Harriett, born 31 January 1842 in Haughton Green, married on 17 May 1871 and had no children. Harriett died on 14 May 1913.
     Hannah Robinson born 25 June 1840.
     Mary Robinson born 12 March 1843.
     Eliza Robinson, born 2 December 1845 and baptised 1 February 1846 in Glossop Parish Church, died 8 February and buried 11 February 1849 in Old Glossop Churchyard.
     Eliza Ann Robinson born 29 July 1850.
Joseph is recorded in parish register entries as living at Charlestown and Bridge End. His drapery business was located initially at Bridge End before he built the houses in Robinson's Court, and the shops, Nos. 12-16. Norfolk Street, using 12 and 14 together for the business as a woollen draper and residence. On May 5 1849, Joseph Robinson was robbed of cloth whilst having his breakfast; five days later three men committed for the robbery got 6 months each. The family was still living at 12 Norfolk Street in the 1871 census but Joseph and Mary were living at St Mary's Road when they died.
Joseph Robinson died, aged 73, on 25 February and was buried on 1 March 1873 in Old Glossop Churchyard.
Mary died on 8 May 1873 and was buried on 10 May 1873 in Old Glossop Churchyard.

All that remains of the day to day pottery used by the family.

John Robinson was born on 31 August 1813 at Gnat Hole and baptised on 4 October 1813 in Glossop. He married Mary Collier, born 1 February 1822 in Glossop (daughter of James and Sarah Collier (see below)), on 12 May 1847 in Glossop baptised 13 February 1822 in Glossop. They had two children:
     Frederick Vaudrey Robinson born 4 April 1848.
     Henry Robinson, born 26 January 1850 in Charlestown, died 2 October 1887 in Frankford, Westbury, Tasmania.
John carried on the business at Gnat Hole, initially with brother Robert and sisters Mary and Lettice, but after his sons emigrated the mill and farm were sold and he moved to 29 Charlestown where he died.
Mary died on 8 September and was buried on 11 September 1879 in Glossop Cemetery.
John Robinson died on 19 January and was buried on 24 January 1888 in Glossop Cemetery.

The Collier family, Publicans, Commercial Inn, Glossop.

James Collier was born about 1784. James was a shoemaker, Pigot's directory of 1829 listing him at Lane end and that of 1835 as a boot & shoe maker at Rose Green. The Census of 1841 shows James & Sarah as publicans at the Commercial at Rose Green with William having apparently taken over the shoemaking business. At the census of 1851 (following James' death) Sarah, William and Lydia were recorded at the Commercial, Sarah being innkeeper and William a brewer. The Commercial was subsequently taken over by Lydia & James.
James Collier and his wife Sarah, born about 1790, had six children:
     John Collier, born 28 February 1814, baptised 13 July 1816 in Glossop.
     Jane Collier, baptised 6 July 1816 in Glossop, died 29 August 1851, buried in Glossop.
     William Collier, baptised 28 April 1819 in Glossop, died 1860, buried in Glossop Cemetery.
     Mary Collier born 1 February and baptised 13 February 1822 in Glossop. Married John Robinson on 12 May 1847 in Glossop.
     Lydia Collier baptised 25 January 1825 in Glossop, died 1866. White's directory of 1857 shows her at the Commercial Inn, Rose Green. In the 1861 census she is a 35 year old innkeeper at The Commercial, Hall Street. Also at the Commercial at the time of the 1861 census were two nephews, William Gould (26 year old printer compositor born in Hyde) and James Collier (15 year old engraver born in Manchester).
     James Collier, baptised 23 September 1827 in Glossop, died 1885. In the 1861 census he is a 32 year old brewer, at the Commercial, Hall Street.
James Collier senior died on 8 February 1851 and Sarah died on 4 June 1851. Both were buried in Glossop.

Naming patterns suggest that James may have been a son of John Collier and Lydia Vaudrey (see The Vaudrey-Collier connection) but no baptism for him has been found.

Generation Five.

Child of Joseph Robinson.

George Robinson was baptised on 20 October 1833 in Glossop. He went to Canada to study railways. He became a ticket collector for the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway, later Head of the Cashier's Dept then Manager of the Goods Dept. He married Harriett Hawke, baptised 15 September 1833 in Attercliffe Parish Church (daughter of John Hawke and Sarah Mallison) on 27 September 1855 in Fairfield Parish Church, Derbyshire. They had five children:
     John George Robinson born 31 January 1856 in Portland St, Nether Hallam, Sheffield, died 5 December 1923. 1861 census aged 5 staying with his Robinson grandparents in Hadfield. Named as John George Hawke Robinson.
     Frederick William Robinson born 17 May 1861 in 15 Infirmary Road, Sheffield, died 25 October 1863 in Darnall, Sheffield. Cause of death certified as Dentition, Convulsions 2 days. The informant of the death was Ann Brayshaw of Darnall who was present at the death.
     Eliza Hawke Robinson born 6 October 1865 in Darnall, Sheffield, died 12 August 1867 in Darnall, Sheffield. Cause of death certified as pneumonia, 7 days.
     William Hawke Robinson born 27 July 1870.
     Henry Robinson born 17 April 1873 in 7 Mandeville St, Darnall, Sheffield. Registered his father's death on 6 October 1884. His address is recorded as 7 Mandeville Street, Darnall, Attercliffe, Sheffield. 1881 census gives his age as 7.
George Robinson died on 5 October 1884 at 7 Mandeville St, Attercliffe, Sheffield and was buried in Darnall Cemetery, Sheffield.
Harriett died, aged 69, on 14 February 1903 at 45 Fieldhead Rd, Eccleshall Bierlow and was buried in Darnall Cemetery, Sheffield.

Children of George Robinson.

Zipporah Robinson was baptised on 25 June 1826 in Glossop. In the census of 1841 she was recorded at Gnat Hole with her grandparents. She married Thomas Jennings Fothergill, baptised 6 April 1828 in Manchester Cathedral, (son of James Fothergill and Alice Saxon) in 1851 in Chorlton, Lancs died on 29 March 1887 in 2 Holly Bank, Accrington. They had four identified children:
     Mary Alice Fothergill born in 1854.
     Eliza Ada Fothergill, born about 1858 in Hulme. Recorded in the 1881 census as a school mistress.
     Zipporah Fothergill, born in 1860 in Hulme. Recorded in the 1881 census as an assistant school mistress.
     Thomas Robinson Fothergill, born about 1864 in Glossop. Recorded in the 1881 census as a colour mixer for cotton manufacturer and ten years later as an assistant manager calico printers.
In the census of 1861 the family was at Thorncliffe Barn, Mottram in Longdendale, Thomas being an engraver to calico printers.
By the census of 1871 they had moved to 100 St Mary's Road, Glossop, and were still there in 1891, by which time Thomas had become a foreman engraver to calico printers.
Thomas Jennings Fothergill died on 29 March 1887 at 2 Holly Bank, Accrington. The probate record describes him as formerly of 100 St Mary's Road, Glossop but late of 2 Holly Bank, Accrington, engraver.
In the census of 1891, Zipporah was recorded as a 63 year old widow living on her own means at 8 Spring Side, Higher Booth, Rawtenstall. She died in 1893.

Benjamin Burton Robinson was born in 1840. He married Esther Heywood, born about 1845 (daughter of Matthew Heywood) in 1866. They had four children:
     George B Robinson born about 1867 in Prestwich.
     Elizabeth B Robinson born about 1870 in Prestwich.
     Anne M B Robinson born about 1873 in Prestwich.
     Matthew B Robinson born about 1875 in Prestwich.
Benjamin Burton Robinson, who was a glass and paper manufacturer in Prestwich in 1871, died in 1876 and was buried on 22 July 1876 at Holyrood, Prestwich.
In the 1881 census Esther was aged 36, a widowed laundress at Park Terrace, Prestwich.

Children of Joseph Robinson.

Zipporah Robinson was born on 15 April and baptised on 30 April 1832 in Glossop. She married John Howard Garlick, born 25 September 1829 in Glossop, son of Thomas Garlick and Emma Garlick (see The Garlick family of Pikes and The Junction).

Mary Robinson was born on 12 March and baptised on 6 June 1843 in Glossop. She married Thomas Woolley, born about 1847 in Mellor, on 23 February 1870 in Whitfield Parish Church. They had five children:
     Joseph Woolley born about 1872 in Glossop. 1891 census gives his age as 19.
     Mary Emma Woolley born about 1876 in Glossop. 1891 census gives her age as 15.
     Tom Woolley born about 1879 in Glossop. 1891 census gives his age as 12.
     Zipporah Woolley born about 1882, died in 1892. 1891 census gives her age as 9.
     William Woolley born about 1889. 1891 census index gives his age as 2.
The family lived at 61 High St West, Glossop at the time of the 1881 census.
Thomas Woolley died on 14 November at 61 High Street West and was buried on 18 December 1896 at Glossop Cemetery.
Mary died on 13 February 1907 at 75 Sheffield Road, Godley, aged 64, and was buried on 16 February 1907 at Glossop Cemetery.

Eliza Ann Robinson was born on 29 July and baptised on 25 August 1850 in Glossop Parish Church. She married John Hadfield, born 20 August 1850 in Glossop, son of Isaac Gee Hadfield and Sarah Wood (see A Hadfield family of Whitfield) on 19 June 1873 in Manchester Cathedral.

Children of John Robinson.

Frederick Vaudrey Robinson was born on 4 April and baptised on 12 July 1848 in Glossop Parish Church. He married Mary Mellor, born 29 November 1852 in Glossop, daughter of Joseph Mellor and Betty Carrington (see The Mellor family of Sparrowpit) on 28 December 1881 in Christ Church, Southport and they had six children:
     John Henry Robinson born about 1883.
     Frederick Vaudrey Robinson born 23 February 1885.
     Mary Collier Robinson born 2 October 1886 in Westbury, Tasmania.
     Joseph Maurice Robinson born 8 June 1888 in Frankford, Tasmania. Thought to have moved from Tasmania to South Australia.
     Ester Eileen Mellor Robinson born 4 February 1890 in Frankford, Tasmania.
     Robert Vaudrey Robinson born 26 August 1892.
Fred initially worked in the family business at Gnat Hole, becoming a trustee of the Hague Trust on 10th December, 1878 until he emigrated. He and his brother Henry supposedly emigrated to Tasmania to become gold miners and because they did not want to manage a woollen mill. However, Henry died and prospecting was not successful so Fred worked at Waverley Woolen Mills then became a farmer. He is recorded as a farmer in the birth registrations of Frederick, Mary, Ester, Joseph & Robert (Gnat Hole farm Frankford in some registrations).
Mary died on 27 April 1929 in Launceston, Tasmania.

Generation Six.

Child of George Robinson.

William Hawke Robinson was born 27 July 1870 at Mandeville St, Darnall, Sheffield, died in Canada. He married Lena Lizzie Hiller, born 22 February 1873 in 117 Barker's Pool, Sheffield (daughter of Frederick Hiller and Elizabeth Ward) on 5 September 1895 in St Matthias Church, Sheffield. They had three children:
     George Hawke Robinson born 26 May 1896.
     Bertha Robinson born 4 September 1900 in 45 Fieldhead Rd, Eccleshall Bierlow, died 20 April 1901 in 45 Fieldhead Rd, Eccleshall Bierlow, buried in City Road Cemetery, Sheffield.
     Lena May Robinson born 27 June 1903.
William was described on his marriage certificate as a 25 year old paper merchant of 127 Steade Road, Sheffield and as a commercial clerk on Bertha's birth certificate. The 1903 White's Directory for Sheffield lists him as a clerk living at 362 Firth Park Road, West Brightside, Sheffield. Lena May's birth certificate describes him as a clerk at Steel Works. William Hawke Robinson died in Canada.
Lena died on 20 July 1933 in Sheffield and was buried in City Road Cemetery, Sheffield.

Children of Thomas and Zipporah Fothergill

Mary Alice Fothergill was born in 1854 in Hulme. She married Edwin Walter Pettit, born in 1852 in Leamington, Warwickshire (son of Jabez and Mary A Pettit), in 1878 in Mount Pleasant United Reform Church, Glossop. They had five identified children:
     Thomas Walter Pettit, born in 1880 in Glossop, recorded in the 1901 census as a calico printers colour mixer and then years later as a clerk for cotton cloth manufacturer, buried on 4 July 1914 in Glossop cemetery, aged 33.
     Mary Fothergill Pettit, born 26 October 1882 in Glossop. She married James Herbert Crompton, born 21 Dec 1871, in 1909 in Glossop. In the census of 1911 they are recorded as living at 103 Market Street, Hollingworth where James was a boot maker. In the 1939 register they are at 26 Torbay Road, Manchester, James being a commercial traveller. James Crompton died in 1948. Mary Crompton died on 2 February 1953 in All Saints Nursing Home, 14 All Saints Road, St Annes on Sea.
     Henry Pettit born in 1885.
     Zipporah Robinson Pettit, born in 1887 in Glossop. In the 1939 register her date of birth was given as 8 May 1890, retailer wool and drapery at 15 Moor Lane, Crosby. Zipporah died on 2 February 1956 at 4 Leach Lane, St Annes on Sea.
     Alice Allard Pettit was born in 1891 in Glossop. In the 1939 register her date of birth was given as 23 June 1894, retailer wool and drapery at 15 Moor Lane, Crosby. Alice died on 20 January 1969 at 4 Leach Lane, St Annes on Sea.
In the 1881 census the family was recorded at 27 High Street West, Glossop where Edwin was a printer and stationer. Ten years later they were at 12 Howard Street, Glossop with Edwin recorded as a printer manager. He had taken over the publication of the Advertiser series of newspapers when his brother Thomas emigrated.
In the census of 1901 the family was at 124 & 126 Market Street, Hollingworth, running a grocery business (though Edwin still retained ownership of the newspapers).
Mary Alice Pettit was buried on 29 January 1908 in Glossop Cemetery, aged 54.
In the 1911 census, Edwin was a widowed newspaper manager at Devonshire House, Surrey Street, Glossop with his three unmarried children.
Edwin Walter Pettit (of Devonshire House, Surrey Street, Glossop) died on 7 March and was buried on 11 March 1918 in Glossop cemetery aged 66.

Child of Benjamin Burton Robinson.

Matthew Burton Robinson was born about 1875 in Prestwich. He married Clara Redford, born in 1873, on 14 August 1899 in Prestwich. They had one identified child, Gladys Ada Robinson born 19 November 1904.
In the census of 1901 the family was living in Chorlton, Lancs.
In 1911, they were living at 115 London Road, Stockton Heath, Runcorn, Cheshire. Matthew was Managing Director of Alumina Co., Chemical Manufacturer
Matthew Burton Robinson died in 1937 in Southport, of Hodgkin's disease.
Clara died in 1957 in Southport.

Children of Frederick Vaudrey Robinson.

Apart from other employment, these three Robinson brothers became photographers and produced a comprehensive record of life in Tasmania in the first half or the twentieth century. The Robinson Archive is preserved and on display to this day.

John Henry Robinson was baptised on 1 April 1883 in Christ Church, Southport. He worked in the store and office of Bischoff Tin Mining Co, once the richest mine in the world. He married Martha Hindell and they had three children:
     Nancy Robinson born 11 March 1915.
     Molly Jean Robinson born 7 December 1920.
     Ivan Frederick John Robinson born 24 August 1928.
John Henry Robinson died in 1953.

Frederick Vaudrey Robinson was born on 23 February 1885 in Launceston, Tasmania. He married Vera Clarice Crossley (daughter of A Wallis Crossley) on 25 September 1912 in Holy Trinity Church , Launceston. They had two children:
     Garth Robinson.
     June Robinson, died about 1994/5. She married Ted Clayton.

Robert Vaudrey Robinson was born on 26 August 1892 in Frankford, Tasmania. He married Anne Bertha Wells, born 21 August 1890 (daughter of Albert and Ellen Wells), on 20 December 1917 and they had six children:
     Albert Vaudrey Robinson born 28 October 1918.
     Robert Percy Robinson born 15 November 1919.
     Horace M. Robinson born 31 July 1921.
     Noel Kearnan Robinson born 16 October 1923.
     Betty Ellen Robinson born 25 June 1925.
     Joyce M. Robinson born 3 July 1927. Joyce married widower Eric Moore, a champion cyclist. They had two sons.
Anne died on 10 August 1953.
Robert Vaudrey Robinson died on 22 November 1953 in Tasmania.

Generation Seven.

Children of William Hawke Robinson.

George Hawke Robinson was born on 26 May 1896 in Eccleshall, Sheffield. He was educated at Sheffield University. He married Dorothy Marjorie Eastwood, born 10 July 1897 in Blackwell, Derbyshire (daughter of William Eastwood and Sarah Ann Whitaker) on 16 August 1924 in Christ Church, Pitsmoor, Sheffield. Dorothy managed the Baby Linen Department of Walsh's department store in Sheffield before marriage.
Dorothy died on 14 July 1970 in Illogan North, Redruth, Cornwall and her funeral was on 20 July 1970 in Penmount Crematorium, Truro, Cornwall.
George Hawke Robinson died on 21 April 1972 in Penzance, Cornwall and his funeral was on 26 April 1972 at Penmount Crematorium, Truro, Cornwall.

Lena May Robinson was born on 27 June 1903 at 362 Firth Park Rd, West Brightside, and died on 12 January 1975. She married John Edward Challans on 17 April 1930. John was born about 1903 and died on 13 April 1964.

Child of Edwin and Mary Pettit.

Henry Pettit (known as Harry) was born in 1885. He married Fanny Maria Prince, born 11 December and baptised 28 December 1882 in St James, Whitfield 1882 (daughter of William and Fanny Prince), in 1915 in Prestwich. They had two children:
     Jack Pettit, born 19 April 1910 in Glossop, baptised 29 May 1910 in St James, Whitfield. He married Bertha Blakely, born 27 February 1917, in 1942 in St James, Whitfield. Jack died in 1977 in Glossop. Bertha died on 31 March 2004 in Glossop aged 87.
     Dorothy Margaret Pettit, born 1 September 1921 in Glossop. She married James Jarvis Ash, born in 1919, in 1947 in Glossop. James was buried on 17 August 2001 in Glossop cemetery aged 82. Dorothy was buried on 1 March 2004 in Glossop cemetery aged 82.
In the census 1911, Harry, Fanny and Jack were boarders at 7 Charlestown Road (the home of an Ann Mason). Harry was a speculation pattern clerk in cloth warehouse and Fanny was a labourer in bleachworks.
Harry Pettit was buried on 15 June 1936 in Glossop cemetery aged 51.
In the 1939 register the family was at 18 Derby Street, Glossop. Fanny was a cloth maker in the bleachworks, Jack a production process worker textile finishing and Dorothy a general office worker textile.
Fanny Pettit was living at 36a Simmondley Lane with her daughter and son in law when she died. She was buried on 23 July 1963 at Glossop cemetery, aged 80.

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