Descendants of Robert Robinson of Cross Cliffe.

Generation One.

Robert Robinson of Cross Cliffe married Sarah Whitworth. They had two children:
     John Whitworth Robinson born 9 July 1804.
     Sarah Robinson born 14 May 1810.

Generation Two.

John Whitworth Robinson was born on 9 July and baptised on 10 August 1804 in Glossop. Parish register entries for the baptisms of their children show that the family lived at Hurst, Broadbottom and Crosscliffe. John was a shopkeeper. He married Emmelia Fielding, born 13 October 1808, daughter of Samuel Fielding and Hannah Hopwood (see Descendants of John Fielding of Whitfield 1674) on 24 August 1828 in Glossop. They had seven children:
     Hannah Robinson born 1828.
     Sarah Robinson, born in Glossop, baptised 3 November 1831 in Glossop. In 1881 census she is living with Hannah's family, age given as 47. She died in her 71st year on 10 February 1902, buried in Glossop.
     Robert Robinson, baptised 30 October 1834 in Glossop, died aged 4 on 26 January 1839, buried in Glossop.
     Deborah Robinson, born February 1838, died aged 4 months on 29 June 1838, buried in Glossop.
     Robert Robinson, born about 1839, died in the 20th year of his age on 23 January 1859, buried in Glossop.
     Samuel Robinson, born October 1842, died 9 February 1843, buried in Glossop. MI says he was aged 16 weeks when he died.
     John Robinson, born April 1845, died 17 May 1846, buried in Glossop. MI says he was aged 13 months when he died.
John Whitworth Robinson died on 8 July 1847 and was buried in Glossop. MI says he died aged 43 and records that 3 more children died as infants in addition to those named.
Emmelia died in the 56th year of her age on 14 January 1865 and was buried in Glossop.

Sarah Robinson was born on 14 May 1810 in Glossop. She married Luke Hague, born 26 June 1808, son of Joseph Hague and Betty Wild (see The Hague family of Glossop and Minnesota) on 1 March 1829 in Glossop.

Generation Three.

Hannah Robinson was baptised on 21 October 1828 in Glossop. She married John Hurst, baptised 16 September 1832 in Glossop (son of Thomas Hurst and Elizabeth Tideswell) on 29 November 1853 in Glossop Wesleyan Chapel. Witnesses to marriage were William Hurst & Lawrence Nuttall (son of John Hurst's landlady). They had four children:
     John Thomas Hurst born about 1855.
     Robert William Hurst, born about 1860 in Glossop. 1881 census gives his age as 21. His wife's name was Eliza.
     Emily Elizabeth Hurst, born about 1866 in Glossop. 1881 census gives her age as 14.
     Walter Hurst born 13 June 1870.
The 1881 census has the family at 12 Sheffield Road, Glossop. John was aged 50, a labourer on roads and Hannah aged 50.
John died on 22 November 1899 in Glossop.

Generation Four.

John Thomas Hurst was born about 1855 in Glossop. He and his wife Rachel had three children:
     Martha Ann Hurst, born 1875 in Glossop, died 11 April 1946 in Glossop. 1881 census gives her age as 5. She married Joe Rose Winterbottom, born 17 August 1871, died 11 April 1929 in Glossop.
     Hannah Hurst, born 1877 in Glossop, died 18 November 1946 in Glossop. 1881 census gives her age as 3. She married William Allen Dewsnap, died 17 February 1937.
     William Earnshaw Hurst, born about 1880 in Glossop. 1881 census gives his age as 6 months.
1881 census gives John's age as 25, a warehouseman in print works (cotton). He is recorded both in his parents' house and next door (No 14) with his own family. Rachel was aged 31. Also in the house was his aunt, Martha Hurst, a servant aged 59, born in Penistone, Yorkshire.

Walter Hurst was born on 13 June 1870 in Glossop. 1881 census gives his age as 10. He married Emma Copeland, born about 1854, possibly in Boston, Lincs. They had a son, Harold Hurst, born 26 February 1897.
Walter Hurst died in 1948.

Generation Five.

Harold Hurst was born on 26 February 1897 in Altrincham, Cheshire. He married Minnie Gray in 1918 and they had three children:
     Thomas Walter Hurst, born 1919.
     Robert Alex Hurst, born 1921.
     John Brian Hurst, born 1931.

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