Hadfields of Lees Hall.

Lees Hall in the 1890s.

Generation One.

William Hadfield of Padfield was born in 1679 and buried on 1 June 1731 in Glossop. He had a son, John Hadfield, born in 1704.

Generation Two.

John Hadfield, born 1704, became Schoolmaster of Glossop and then Curate at Mellor from 1738 until his death. He married Elizabeth Garside, born in 1707, heiress of Lees Hall, Glossop, in 1728 at Chesterfield. They had five identified children:
     John Hadfield, born 1728, baptised 31 May 1729 in Glossop. He lived in Charlesworth, where he was a tanner. John died 5 March and was buried 8 March 1782 in Glossop parish church.
     Joseph Hadfield, baptised 16 March 1730/31 in Glossop.
     Charles Hadfield born 1735.
     Betty Hadfield, baptised 31 August 1741 in Glossop.
     William Hadfield, baptised 4 January 1749 in Glossop.
John Hadfield died in 1781 and Elizabeth in 1782.

Generation Three.

Charles Hadfield was born in 1735 and baptised on 1 September 1735 in Glossop. He married Mary Oldham on 5 January 1757 in Glossop. They had seven children in total, including:
     John Hadfield, baptised 20 October 1757 in Glossop, died 3 July and buried 6 July 1785 in Glossop, aged 28. He followed his grandfather to Oxford University and became a clergyman.
     Elizabeth (Betty) Hadfield. She married John Simpson, a Tobacconist, of Manchester, on 10 October 1785 in Glossop.
     Ann (Nancy) Hadfield. She married Arthur Bostock on 16 October 1791 in Glossop.
     Mary (Polly) Hadfield, born about 1777, died 18 February and buried 20 February 1802 in Glossop, aged 25.
     Joseph Hadfield born 1779.
Charles Hadfield built Charlestown mill in 1792. He died on 3 May and was buried on 6 May 1795 in Glossop.

Generation Four.

Joseph Hadfield was born in 1779. He married Mary Ellison, born 1782, daughter of Matthew Ellison and Winifred Mould (see Ellisons of Glossop Hall), on 11 January 1801. Joseph was a lieutenant in the Glossop Volunteers in 1803 and built Primrose mill. One of the family built Primrose House (at one time the residence of Francis Sumner). Joseph and Mary had six children:
     Charles Hadfield, born 1801, died 17 May 1802, buried in Glossop, aged 8 months.
     Winifred Hadfield, born about 1803, died 30 Apr 1876 aged 73, buried in Glossop All Saints RC Church Yard.
     Kate Hadfield.
     Charles John Hadfield.
     Matthew Ellison Hadfield, born 8 September 1812, died 9 March 1885. He was the architect of Glossop Town Hall and several other local buildings. He married Sarah Frith (daughter of William Frith).
     Elizabeth Hadfield, born about 1814, died 4 Dec 1848, buried in Glossop All Saints RC Church Yard, aged 34. She married Henry Williams on 20 June 1838 in Glossop Parish Church, after a ceremony at the Roman Catholic Church.
Joseph Hadfield died on 5 January 1854, aged 74, and was buried in Glossop All Saints RC Church Yard.
Mary died on 7 June 1864, aged 82, and was buried in Glossop All Saints RC Church Yard.

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