The Kershaw family of Hurst and Whitfield.

Generation One.

Samuel Kershaw was born about 1730. He might be the “son of Martha Royl of Stealey the supposed father is Samuel Kershaw of Stealey” baptised on 4 April 1732 at Mottram. He married Hannah Roberts, born about 1742 (daughter of Joshua Roberts of Deepclough), on 11 April 1764 in Mottram. They had four children :
     Margaret Kershaw, born 21 February 1765.
     John Kershaw born 12 August 1767.
     James Kershaw born 17 July 1770.
     William Kershaw born 20 March 1776.
Hannah's brother was George Roberts (see box at the foot of the page). According to Hamnett, as an accountant and financier, George Roberts guided the fortunes of his nephews, William, John, and James Kershaw, whose cotton ‘empire’ included Hurst Mill (built in 1799 upon Roberts' own freehold at Whitfield Hurst).

Generation Two.

John Kershaw was born on 12 August 1767, died 15 January 1838, buried at Littlemoor. He was working Hurst Mill in 1811 and subsequently worked Turn Lee. Described as a gentleman, of Hurst, in his will. He married Nanny Slack, born about 1781 in Chapel en le Frith, on 11 April 1803 in Glossop. They had seven children:
     Elizabeth Kershaw, born about 1804, died, aged 38, on 23 November and buried 30 November 1842 at Littlemoor. In the census 1841 she was living at Hurst with John, age given as 35.
     Hannah Kershaw, born 30 March and baptised 22 April 1805 in Tintwistle. Census 1841 at Hurst age given as 30. Census 1851 at Rose Mill, Rose Green, aged 45. 1861 census at Hurst age 56, housekeeper, described as sister (John & family in Sidmouth).
     John Kershaw born about 1807.
     Ann Kershaw, born 11 July and baptised 10 August 1809 in Tintwistle Independent.
     Margaret Kershaw born 12 February 1811.
     Mary Kershaw.
     Martha Kershaw, born about 1820, died aged 32 on 6 September and buried on 10 September 1853 at Littlemoor. Census 1841 at Hurst age given as 20. Census 1851 at Rose Mill, Rose Green, aged 30. Described as a spinster of Rose Green in her will and probate documents.
John Kershaw died on 15 January 1838 and was buried at Littlemoor.
Nanny continued to live at Hurst, being shown there in the 1841 census age 60, independent.
In the census of 1851 she is at Rose Mill, Rose Green, a widow aged 71, Independent (Life interest in mill & land) recorded as Mary.
Nanny died, aged 72, on 11 December and was buried on 16 December 1851 at Littlemoor.

James Kershaw was born on 17 July 1770. He was a machine maker who worked Hurst mill and Turn Lee with his brother John. Hamnett wrote that he came from Hollingworth to Charlestown in 1816. His wife Judith was born about 1773. They had three children:
     Margaret Kershaw, born about 1802, died 26 August 1886. Census 1861 aged 58, mortgagee at Littlemoor.
     Robert Kershaw, born 18 December 1804 in Hollingworth, baptised 19 December 1804 in Tintwistle, died 13 January 1864 in Slateland's House, Whitfield, buried 19 January 1864 in Tintwistle. Built the Kershaw Institute on Kershaw Street. Worked Turn Lee. Census 1861 aged 56, retired cotton spinner at Littlemoor.
     Mary Kershaw, born about 1811, died 13 January 1889. Census 1861 aged 50, mortgagee at Littlemoor.
James Kershaw died on 13 June 1836 and Judith died on 26 May 1843.

William Kershaw was born on 20 March 1776. He worked Turn Lee. He married Mary Robinson, born about 1782, daughter of George and Jane Robinson (see The Robinsons of Gnat Hole) on 21 September 1803 in Glossop by licence. They had seven children:
     Samuel Kershaw, born 22 April and baptised 24 April 1804 in Glossop, buried 14 May 1804 in Tintwistle Independent.
     Hannah Kershaw born 28 September 1806.
     Mary Elizabeth Kershaw, born 10 March and baptised 17 March 1809 in Glossop.
     Margaret Kershaw born 23 July 1810.
     George Roberts Kershaw, born 16 February and baptised 15 March 1813 in Glossop Parish Church. Moved to Dobcross and became a Bankers Clerk. Administrator of the estate of Jane Robinson in 1842.
     Samuel Kershaw, born 11 August 1815, baptised 8 September 1815 at Littlemoor. Worked Turn Lee. His wife's name was Mary.
     John Kershaw, born 20 July and baptised 6 September 1818 in Glossop Parish Church, died 6 July 1848. Described as a gentleman of Charlestown in his will.
William Kershaw died on 13 August 1825.

Generation Three.

Children of John Kershaw.

John Kershaw was born about 1807. He succeeded his father at Hurst Mill. At the time of the 1861 census he must have been in holiday as he was found with his family at 2 Denby Place, Sidmouth, age 54, retired cotton spinner. He married Jane Buckley, born 24 May 1810, daughter of Nathaniel Buckley and Betty Collier (see A Buckley family of Staley) on 27 July 1831 in St. Chad's Church, Rochdale. John and Jane had three children:
     Harriett Anne Kershaw born 31 January 1833.
     Alfred Buckley Kershaw, born 30 January and baptised 8 May 1835 at Littlemoor, buried 24 October 1853 at Littlemoor, aged 18.
     James Kershaw, born 21 December 1836, baptised 3 February 1837 at Littlemoor. At the time of the 1861 census he was aged 24 with his father in Sidmouth.
Jane died, aged 30, and was buried on 28 October 1840 at Littlemoor.
John married Mary Shirt, born about 1807 in Edale (daughter of George Kirk and Martha Shirt) on 17 November 1841 in Castleton. At the time of the 1861 census she was aged 54 with John at Sidmouth.
John Kershaw died, aged 54, on 4 December and was buried on 9 December 1861 at Littlemoor.

Margaret Kershaw was born on 12 February and baptised on 18 February 1811. She married Thomas Platt, born 10 February 1801 in Padfield, son of George Platt and Evelyn Georgina Hadfield (see The Platt family of Glossop) on 5 May 1847 at Littlemoor.

Children of William Kershaw.

Hannah Kershaw was born on 28 September and baptised on 5 October 1806 in Glossop. She married Joseph Bennett, born 27 June 1800, son of John Bennett and Sarah Bagshaw (see The Bennett family of Turnlee) on 12 May 1828 in Glossop Parish Church.

Margaret Kershaw was born on 23 July and baptised on 7 August 1810 in Glossop. She married Robert Slack, born about 1807, son of Robert Slack and Anne Ibbotson (see Slack family of Hayfield) on 29 February 1832.

Generation Four.

Child of John Kershaw.

Harriett Anne Kershaw was born on 31 January and baptised on 16 May 1833. At the 1861 census she was age 28 with her father in Sidmouth. She married John Ward, born about 1837 in Idle, Yorks., on 7 June 1862 at Littlemoor chapel. At the 1861 census John was age 28, Student of Medicine with the family of Dr James Rhodes, High Street, Glossop. They had eight children:
     Harriett Evangeline Ward, born about 1863 in Glossop.
     William Latimer Oakden Ward, born about 1866 in New Mills, died 10 June 1938 a (Reverend) clerk of 24 Longfleet Road, Poole. 1881 census at Woodstock Villa, Chester Road, Aston, Warwickshire, described as "son" (parents away) aged 15. 1901 census age 35, CofE clergyman at The Hurst.
He married Elizabeth Keynes Durden in 1903. 1911 census age 45 at The Rectory, Tadley, Near Basingstoke, Hampshire, married, Clergyman Established Church.
     Ernest Alfred Buckley Ward, born 3 September 1867 in New Mills, died 29 May and buried 1 June 1955 in Glossop cemetery aged 87. 1881 census at Woodstock Villa, Chester Road, Aston, Warwickshire, described as "son" aged 13. 1891 census at Western College, Cold Bath Road, Harrogate, Assistant tutor, aged 23. 1911 census at The Hurst age 43, Tutor. 1939 register at The Hurst, Retired Tutor.
     Nathaniel Hurd Ward born about 1870.
     George Arnold Ward, born 3 December 1870 in Adpar, Cardiganshire, died 22 February 1942 in The Hurst, buried 25 February 1942 in Glossop cemetery aged 71. 1891 census, living with his mother, aged 20, Student. 1901 census, age 30, Tutor at The Hurst. He married Nellie Gwendoline Brady, born 10 December 1876 in Chelsea, in 1909. Nellie died 19 August 1962, buried 22 August 1962 in Glossop Cemetery aged 85. 1911 census at 1 Railton Avenue Whalley Road W R, South Manchester, age 40, Clergyman Established Church. 1939 Register at the Hurst, Retired clerk in holy orders.
     Daniel Oakden Ward, born about 1873 in Grange over Sands, Lancs. 1891 census, living with his mother, aged 18, Scholar. 1901 census, living at The Hurst, age 28, Civil engineer sanitary. 1911 census, living at The Hurst, age 38, Sanitary engineer.
     Oswald Erasmus Ward born about 1875.
     Margaret Emily Ward, born about 1876 in Kents Bank, Lancs. 1901 census, living at The Hurst, age 25. She married Charles William Paulet Hollingberry, born about 1877 in Glossop, in 1903 in All Saints, Glossop. 1911 census at Athlone, Victoria Avenue, Prittlewell, Essex, age 35; Charles age 34, Insurance Clerk.
In the 1871 census John was at Emlyn Cottage, Llandyfriog, Newcastle in Emlyn, Cardiganshire, age 34, General Practitioner. At the 1881 census he was at Main Street, Carlton, Basford, age 44, M.D.St And M.R.C.S.L. Not At Present In Practice (Divinity Student).
Harriett, at the 1891 census, was aged 58, living on own means at Driffold Lane, Sutton Coldfield, Aston, Warwickshire. In 1901 she was a widow age 68 at The Hurst. In 1911 living at The Hurst, age 78, Private means.
Harriett was buried on 17 November 1911 in Glossop Cemetery.

Generation Five.

Children of Harriett Kershaw.

Nathaniel Hurd Ward was born about 1870 in Woodchester, Gloucestershire. He married Minnie Selina Hand, born about 1870 in Walsall, in 1896 and they had a daughter, Gwendoline Mary Ward, born about 1903 in Hampton in Arden.
1901 census at Hazeldene, 1, Minstead Road, Erdington, Aston, age 31, Commercial Clerk. 1911 census at Red Bank Yardley Fields Road, Yardley, age 41, Cashier To Gas Water And General Engineers.

Oswald Erasmus Ward was born about 1875 in Grange over Sands, Lancs. 1901 census boarding at 1, Pikes Lane, Glossop, aged 26, Physician & Surgeon M R C S L R C P. He married Wilhelmina Isabel Alice Hartshorne, born about 1871 in Salford, in 1905 in Salford. They had a son, Oswald Hartshorne Ward, born 1907. At the 1911 census at 21 Victoria St Chesterton, Staffordshire, aged 36, Registered Medical Practitioner General Practice.

George Roberts (brother of Hannah who married Samuel Kershaw) was the son of Joshua Roberts of Deepclough and was baptised at Glossop Parish Church on 16 April 1746. Some family histories on the Internet claim his father was Daniel and that he was baptised at Mottram on 18 June 1738. However, as Hamnett tells us, the "Trust Book" of the Whitfield Endowed School contains the entry "November 22nd, 1778: Whitfield School was first opened for teaching by George Roberts, born at Deepclough, in the Parish of Glossop.".

George had spent eleven years as master at Tintwistle School before he moved to Glossop to become the first master of (Hague's) Whitfield Endowed School, which opened on 22 November 1778. He was there for a little over 11 years as well, resigning on 27 January 1800. He subsequently became a trustee of the school until his death.

He was also a land surveyor, accountant and amateur lawyer. He often travelled to Manchester, Stockport and around the area in general. Whenever he did so he gathered information for the overseers of the poor and churchwardens, delivered messages and took orders from neighbours for items such as pen knives, ink and paper. As an amateur lawyer he advised his fellow Whitfield freeholders in their ill-fated attempt to enclose Whitfield Moor in 1794. He enjoyed more success in drafting many of the Glossop area wills, business agreements and apprenticeship indentures.

When he died in 1804 (he was buried at Tintwistle Independent Chapel on 30 September 1804, being described as "of Wolley") he left land and sums of money to many relatives including his Kershaw nephews. His will also contained an unusual bequest. He left a sum of money, the interest of which was "Upon trust that they the said John Kershaw (Hurst) and George Hadfield (Simmondley Hall), their heirs, executors, or administrators, or some of them, and the schoolmaster of Whitfield School for the time being, do and shall yearly for ever upon the 3rd Sabbath day in every month of May cause and procure a sermon to be preached against the abominable, wicked, and unchristianlike practice of nations making war, for which yearly sermon they or some of them are to pay out of the interest of the said subscription money the yearly sum of one guinea, and the remainder of the said interest(if any) is to go to defray incidental charges attending the same, the first sermon to be preached in Glossop Church upon the day appointed, the first month of May after my decease, the 2nd in Tintwistle Chapel, the 3rd in Mottram Church, and the 4th in Charlesworth Chapel, by the respective clergymen and ministers of those churches and chapels for the time being, and so on in regular rotation in each church and chapel for ever; and if at any time hereafter any of the clergymen or ministers of the said churches and chapels should delight more in war and bloodshed than in the mild peaceable doctrines of Christianity so as to refuse to preach the said sermon, in that case I hereby declare it to my will that such clergyman or minister be passed by until a man of more religion and humanity succeeds in his place, and that my will is that previous notice be given of each sermon two weeks before the day in church or chapel."
The George Roberts Sermon Charity was wound up in 1995.

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