The Rhodes family of Tintwistle and Mersey Bank.

Generation One.

Thomas Rhodes of Tintwistle and his wife Sarah had nine children:
     William Rhodes baptised 11 March 1781.
     John Rhodes, baptised 13 March 1783 in Mottram.
     Thomas Rhodes, born 29 October and baptised 3 December 1786 in Tintwistle Independent Chapel, died 14 September and buried 19 September 1821 at Tintwistle Independent Chapel. According to Hamnett's notes, Thomas Rhodes, son of Thomas, formerly a dyer at Staley, died a bachelor.
     Hugh Gartside Rhodes, born 17 June and baptised 2 July 1789 in Tintwistle Independent Chapel. Became a church minister at Fulwood.
     Samuel Rhodes, born 15 April and baptised 1 May 1791 in Tintwistle Independent Chapel.
     James Rhodes, born 18 March and baptised 31 March 1793 in Tintwistle Independent Chapel.
     Ann Rhodes, born 16 June and baptised 12 July 1795 in Tintwistle Independent Chapel. Her father's will names her as Hannah.
     Betty Rhodes, baptised 20 March 1785.
     Sarah Rhodes, born 17 June and baptised 2 July 1797 in Tintwistle Independent Chapel.
Hamnett wrote in his notes: Thomas Rhodes, woollen manufacturer, Bottoms Mill (Rhodes Mill) took an active part in putting down the Luddites in 1811-12. The information he gave to the civil and military authorities led to the arrest of many persons who had taken an active part in rioting and destroying mill machinery. Several were sentenced to death and others transported.
According to a diary which was the subject of an article in the Glossop Advertiser of 21 January 1955: In 1792, John Platt entered into partnership with Thomas Rhodes "in the business of scribling, carding and billying of wool". This John Platt was probably the brother of Molly Platt (see The Platt family of Glossop), the great great grandmother of Tom Platt, water inspector for Glossop Corporation, who owned the diary in 1955. A paragraph in a Hamnett article of 29 November 1901 says that the diary was that of George Roberts (see The Kershaw family of Hurst and Whitfield) and it had been found by (Alderman) John Platt, Tom Platt's father.
Thomas Rhodes died in 1814.

Generation Two.

William Rhodes was baptised on 11 March 1781 in Mottram. A woollen manufacturer, of Tintwistle, he married Sarah Wood and they had seven children:
     Thomas Rhodes born 13 April 1815.
     George Rhodes, born 26 June 1816, baptised 6 January 1817 in Tintwistle.
     John Rhodes, born 6 December 1817.
     William Rhodes, born 27 July 1819.
     Ann Rhodes, born 21 April and baptised 14 October 1821 in Tintwistle Independent Chapel.
     Samuel Rhodes, born 3 April 1823.
     Sarah Rhodes, born 12 January and baptised 20 February 1825 in Tintwistle Independent Chapel.
William Rhodes died on 11 January 1825.

Generation Three.

Thomas Rhodes was born on 13 April and baptised on 22 May 1815 in Tintwistle. He worked Mersey and Hadfield Mills. He married Mary Shepley, born 21 February 1812 in Glossop, daughter of Samuel Shepley and Nancy Platt (see The Shepley family of Old Glossop and Brookfield) on 2 August 1837 in Glossop. They had one son, William Shepley Rhodes, born in 1841 in Hadfield.
Mary died, aged 35, in 1848 and Thomas married Amelia Fletcher, born about 1831 in Manchester (daughter of Samuel Fletcher) on 20 February 1850 in Mottram in Longdendale. They had 6 children:
     Mary Elizabeth Rhodes, born 1851. She married John Levy of Rochester.
     Edith A Rhodes, born about 1855. She married F Raynor J.P. of Ashton under Lyne.
     Thomas Rhodes, born about 1858, died 1893 in California. He had been absent abroad for over 17 years when he died.
     George Wood Rhodes, born about 1860. Ran Mersey Mill after his father's death.
     Herbert Rhodes born 1863.
     Amelia Rhodes, born 1872. 1891 census aged 18 living with William, named as Amy.
In 1851 and 1861, Thomas and Amelia's home was Hollingworth Street, Hollingworth. In 1871 and 1881 they were living at Mersey Bank.
Thomas Rhodes died on 14 August 1883.
Amelia died on 3 September 1887.

Generation Four.

William Shepley Rhodes was born in 1841 in Hadfield. He worked Mersey and Hadfield Mills and lived at Mersey Bank.
William Shepley Rhodes died on 28 December 1894.

Herbert Rhodes was born in 1863. In the 1891 census he was living at Thorncliff Hall aged 27, cotton manufacturer. He married Anne Beatrice Whalley (daughter of Samuel S Whalley) on 22 June 1887. They had two children:
     William Herbert Rhodes, born 1888. Lived at the Woodlands, Stalybridge. President of the Padfield Conservative Club.
     Thomas Stanley Rhodes, born 1890, died 16 August 1911 from the effects of a motor accident. He had only recently married Mabel Russell and was only 22 years of age.
According to Hamnett: Mr Herbert Rhodes, the fourth son of Mr Thomas Rhodes, was elected a Liberal councillor for Hadfield Ward in 1885. On March 25 1895 he was elected an Alderman. He had become a Unionist in politics. Before then he had unsuccessfully contested the High Peak Division of the County of Derby as the Radical candidate. He retired as the candidate on the 10 January 1888. He was made a County Magistrate in January 1899. He was a County Councillor for Hadfield Ward, a position he resigned on 9 July 1890. He was the Mayor of Glossop 1895, until his death at the early age of 33. Mr Herbert Rhodes, with Sir Edward Partington, built the Victoria Hall and Library as a Jubilee gift to the Borough of Glossop.
Herbert Rhodes died on 18 February 1897.

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