Dewsnap family of Hadfield.

Generation One.

James Dewsnap of Hadfield, blacksmith married Mary Wood of Penistone on 24 October 1791 St John the Baptist church, Penistone. They had seven children:
     Martha Dewsnap, born 5 October and baptised 13 November 1796 in Glossop. She married Job Cartwright of Mottram on 23 June 1817 in Glossop.
     Thomas Dewsnap, born about 1791 in Hadfield. A blacksmith, he married Sarah Robinson, born about 1796 in Hatherton, Cheshire, on 22 October 1816 in Glossop.
     John Dewsnap born 9 December 1798 in Hadfield.
     Joseph Dewsnap born 9 November 1801.
     Hannah Dewsnap born 25 November 1803.
     Mary Dewsnap, born 30 June and baptised 2 August 1807 in Glossop.
     Sarah Dewsnap born 24 January 1810.
James Dewsnap died on 15 March 1835.

Generation Two.

John Dewsnap was born on 9 December 1798 in Hadfield and baptised on 6 January 1799 in Glossop. A blacksmith of Simmondley, he married Esther Hill, born about 1800, on 25 October 1827 in Stockport. They had four children:
     Joseph Dewsnap, baptised 23 June 1828 in Glossop.
     Charlotte Dewsnap, baptised 6 May 1831 in Glossop, died 1901, buried in Top Chapel. She married David Roberts on 5 July 1857 in St Michael, Ashton Under Lyne.
     James Dewsnap, baptised 26 January 1834 in Glossop.
     William Dewsnap, baptised 26 September 1836 in Glossop, died 1890, buried in Top Chapel.
In the 1861 census the family is recorded living next to John Dewsnap, Stone Mason, son of Moses of the Hare and Hounds (see Dewsnap family of Hargate Hill and Simmondley).
Esther died in 1873 and was buried in Top Chapel.
John Dewsnap died in 1882 and was buried in Top Chapel.

Joseph Dewsnap was born on 9 November and baptised on 27 December 1801 in Glossop. Of Hadfield and Wooley Bridge, blacksmith, he married Betty Garlick, born 19 May 1802, daughter of John Garlick and Rebecca Hadfield (see The descendants of John Garlick of Padfield and Waterside), on 23 August 1824 in Glossop Parish Church. They had four children:
     John Dewsnap.
     James Dewsnap, baptised 22 April 1827, died in in his 4th year, buried at Hadfield Wesleyan chapel.
     George Dewsnap, baptised 29 November 1829 in Glossop, died in in his 2nd year, buried at Hadfield Wesleyan chapel.
     Sarah Dewsnap, buried at Hadfield Wesleyan chapel, infant.
Betty died on 8 March 1833 and was buried at Hadfield Wesleyan chapel aged 30.
Joseph Dewsnap died on 17 December 1852 and was buried on 21 December 1852 at Hadfield Wesleyan chapel aged 51.

Hannah Dewsnap was born on 25 November 1803 and baptised on 1 January 1804 in Glossop. She married David Hampson, born 29 September 1802, son of John Hampson and Martha Broadbent (see The Ham(p)son family of Whitfield), on 13 December 1824 in Glossop.

Sarah Dewsnap was born on 24 January and baptised on 11 February 1810. She married Andrew Willis on 14 December 1829 in Glossop. They had one identified child, Charles Willis, born 20 September and baptised 31 October 1830 at Hadfield Wesleyan chapel.

Generation Three.

Child of Joseph Dewsnap.

John Dewsnap, baptised 20 November 1824 in Glossop Parish Church. A butcher of Hadfield, he married Martha Winterbottom. They apparently had twelve children but details of only three have been nioted so far:
     Edward Dewsnap born 1850.
     Evelyn Georgina Dewsnap born 1866.
     William Dewsnap born 1867.

Generation Four.

Evelyn Georgina Dewsnap was born in 1866 in Hadfield and baptised on 11 March 1866 in Glossop Parish Church. At the time of the 1881 census aged 15 servant for Edward & Fanny Platt at Padfield Lane (Edward was 3rd cousin twice removed of John, her future husband). At the 1891 census she was aged 25 living with her father and siblings at 46 Hadfield Road. She married John Platt, born 26 November 1865 in Glossop, son of Thomas Platt and Harriet Smith Hobson (see The Platt family of Glossop), in 1894 in Howardtown Wesleyan Chapel.

William Dewsnap was born in 1867. He married Elizabeth Wadsworth. They had one identified child, John Dewsnap born in 1898.

Generation Five.

John Dewsnap was born in 1898 in Hadfield. He married Dora Carrington on 6 June 1925 in St Andrew's, Hadfield. They had one identified child, Wilfred William Dewsnap, born in 1926 in Hadfield.

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