The Boardman family of Castleton and Glossop, blacksmiths.

Generation One.

David Boardman was born in Middleton, Lancashire (son of James and Ann Boardman) and baptised on 2 December 1804 in St Leonard's, Middleton. He became a blacksmith at Castleton, Derbyshire where he married Esther Hall, baptised 2 September 1804 in Castleton (daughter of Ellis and Mary Hall). They had seven identified children:
     Ann Hyde Boardman, baptised 22 January 1831 in Castleton, buried 8 May 1831 in Castleton, infant.
     Mary Boardman.
     Harriet Boardman, baptised 29 May 1836 in Castleton, died 5 April 1878 in Castleton, buried in St. Edmund's Churchyard, Castleton. She had worked as a house servant, being at the house of Samuel Royse, lead miner and innkeeper, in Cross Street, Castleton in the 1851 census and at the house of Samuel Mellalieu, east of turnpike road, Middleton, Lancs in the 1871 census.
     Alice Hyde Boardman.
     William Hyde Boardman born 16 November 1841.
     Esther Ann Boardman, baptised 30 November 1845 in Castleton. At the time of the 1871 census she was working with Harriet as a house servant at the house of Samuel Mellalieu.
According to census records the family lived variously at Cross Street, Castle Street and Daniel Knowle, Castleton.
Esther died aged 78 and was buried on 22 January 1883 in Castleton churchyard.
David Boardman died on 23 November 1890 in Castleton.

Generation Two.

Mary Boardman was baptised on 25 May 1834 in Castleton parish church. She married Samuel Pendlebury, born about 1832 in Middleton, Lancashire (son of Samuel Pendlebury), on 22 June 1854 in Castleton parish church. They lived at various addresses in Middleton and had ten identified children:
     James Pendlebury, born about 1855 in Castleton. He seems to have spent his childhood with his Boardman grandparents, being recorded there in 1861, 1871 and 1881 and learning the trade of blacksmith, before moving to Middleton by 1891.
     Martha Pendlebury, born 1856 in Middleton.
     Mary Jane Pendlebury, born 1858 in Middleton.
     Alice Ann Pendlebury, born 1859 in Middleton.
     Amelia Pendlebury, born 1862 in Middleton.
     William Sugden Pendlebury, born 1864 in Middleton.
     Harriet Pendlebury, born 1866 in Middleton.
     Thomas Pendlebury, born 1867 in Middleton, Lancs.
     Joseph Boardman Pendlebury, born 1870 in Middleton, Lancs.
     Sarah Ellen Pendlebury, born 1877 in Middleton.

Alice Hyde Boardman was baptised on 28 July 1839 in Castleton. In the 1861 census she is a 21 year old barmaid at 118 Brierly Street, Dukinfield (recorded as cousin, householder George Ellis). A few months later she had a son, Elias Hall Boardman, in Castleton.
Alice married Samuel Royse in 1868 in Castleton. In the 1851 census Samuel is recorded as a 4 year old at his grandfather's house where Alice's sister Harriet was a house servant. Samuel worked as a groom and became a dairyman when the family later moved to Manchester. Alice and Samuel had seven identified children:
     Alice Hyde Royse, born 1869 in Castleton.
     William Hyde Royse, born 1870 in Castleton.
     David Boardman Royse, born 1872 in Manchester.
     Isaac Albert Royse, born 1874 in Manchester.
     Robert Royse, born 1875 in Manchester, died 1875 in Manchester.
     John Robert Royse, born 1876 in Manchester, died 1878 in Manchester aged 2.
     Harriet Esther Royse, born 1879 in Manchester.

William Hyde Boardman was born on 16 November and baptised on 19 December 1841 in Castleton. He married Martha Maria Kirk, born 26 March 1841 in Chinley (daughter of John Kirk and Sarah Wood) on 30 September 1862 in Castleton Parish church. In the 1861 census Martha had been recorded as a 21 year old general servant at Sumner's Hall (Easton), Glossop working for Francis Sumner. They moved to Glossop about 1864 and William established a blacksmith business. The census records show them living at 19 Surrey Street, 165 High Street East, 79 High Street East and Jordan Street. William and Maria had eleven identified children:
     Walter Boardman, born 1858 in Chinley. His birth was registered in the name of Walter Kirk and his is also recorded with that name in the 1861 census as 2 years old, living with his grandparents. After William and Maria married he took the name Boardman.
     Harriet Boardman born 1863.
     James Kirk Boardman born 1865.
     Herbert William Boardman born 1869.
     Arthur Boardman born 1872.
     Frank Boardman born 6 November 1873.
     Annie Boardman, born 1875 in Glossop. In the 1901 census she is a 25 year old, shop assistant living with Harriet. She married James Marshall, a 26 year old fruit seller of 4 Bispham Street, Preston (son of John Marshall) on 2 October 1901 in St James, Whitfield.
     Priscilla Boardman, born 1876 in Glossop. She married Thomas Ernest Bradbury, a 28 year old grocer of 16 Princess Street (son of Mark Bradbury), on 3 May 1898 in St James', Whitfield.
     Bertha Boardman, born 1879 in Glossop. In 1908, Bertha, described as a nurse and a Canadian national, entered the USA at Niagara Falls. She had been living in Hamilton and was bound for Frenton, New Jersey.
     Ada Boardman born 1880.
     Ernest Boardman, born 3 October 1883 in Glossop. He married Mary (Molly) Chesters, born about 1882 (daughter of George and Hannah Chesters) and the emigrated to Canada in 1911. The Manitoba census of 1926 recorded them as being Canadian citizens living at Second Avenue West, Swift Current. Hannah followed them to Canada in 1913 and was living with them in 1926. Ernest died on 8 March 1963 in Victoria, British Columbia.
Martha Maria died, aged 75, on 9 March and was buried on 14 March 1917 in Glossop cemetery.
William Hyde Boardman died, aged 75, on 23 June 1917 in 2 Jordan Street, Glossop and was buried on 26 June 1917 in Glossop cemetery.

Generation Three.

Child of Alice Hyde Boardman.

Elias Hall Boardman was baptised on 6 November 1861 in Castleton parish church. He is named as Ellis in some records but was registered and baptised as Elias. He was a 27 year old grocer's clerk of 37 Inkerman Street, Manchester when he married Hannah Hindley, born about 1869 in Manchester (daughter of James Hindley), on 28 September 1889 in Victoria Wesleyan Chapel, Prestwich. They moved to Brunswick Street, Gorton, initially number 44 where Elias is a clerk in the 1891 census and then number 5 where Elias is recorded as a commercial traveller in 1901 and a traveller, iron in 1911. Elias and Hannah had one daughter:
     Doris Boardman, born 3 August 1890 in Manchester, baptised 12 August 1890 in Albert Memorial parish, Manchester. In the 1939 register she is a children's milliner living alone at 5 Brunswick Street, Gorton.
Elias Hall Boardman died on 26 January 1937 and was buried in Southern Cemetery, Chorlton-Cum-Hardy.

Children of William Hyde Boardman.

Harriet Boardman was born in 1863 in Chinley. She married James Bradbury, a 20 year old overlooker of Whitfield (son of Joseph Bradbury), on 3 September 1884 in St John's, Godley. They had one child:
     Martha Alice Bradbury, born 1886 in Glossop, buried 2 October 1896 in Glossop cemetery aged 10.
Harriet was recorded separately from her husband in the censuses of both 1891 (at her parent's house with Martha) and 1901 as a confectioner on own account at 65 High Street East, Glossop.

James Kirk Boardman was, born in 1865 in Glossop and followed into the family blacksmith trade. He married Elizabeth Ann Preston, widow of Sam Parkinson Preston, on 11 April 1886 in St Thomas's, Norbury. Elizabeth and Sam had a daughter, Alice, in 1882 but she survived only a few months.
Elizabeth had various names in official records. She was the daughter of Charles John Mitchell Hughes and Emma Cundy (or Cunday), baptised on 22 August 1858 in Ashbourne as Elizabeth Ann Mitchell Hughes. In the 1861 census she appears as Honor Hughes and in 1891 as Anne. She was named as Elizabeth Ann Hughes, 23, of Disley when she married Sam, as Elizabeth Preston in the 1881 census and as Lizzie Ann Preston, 27, widow of Glossop when she married James. She was always Annie E Boardman in census records after she married James but is named on the family grave monument as Elizabeth Ann Boardman.
The 1891 census shows the family at 3 Manor Street and those of 1901 and 1911 at 2 Jordan Street. James and Elizabeth had seven children:
     Martha Elizabeth Boardman born 1887.
     Walter Kirk Boardman born 1888.
     Sarah Alice Boardman, born 1890 in Glossop, buried 8 October 1894 in Glossop cemetery aged 4.
     James William Boardman, born 1891 in Glossop, buried 12 May 1903 in Glossop cemetery aged 11.
     Frank Boardman, born 1892 in Glossop.
     Ada Devenar Boardman born 22 October 1893. She married Fred Warhurst, born 21 August 1886 in Glossop, son of Edwin Warhurst and Nancy Howard (see A Warhurst family of Hadfield), in 1921 in Glossop.
     Herbert Wilfred Boardman, born 1895 in Glossop, buried 7 January 1897 in Glossop cemetery aged 18 months.
Elizabeth Ann died aged 72 and was buried on 20 December 1929 in Glossop cemetery.
James Kirk Boardman died, aged 66, on 15 August and was buried on 17 August 1931 in Glossop cemetery, of Jordan Street.

Herbert William Boardman was born in 1869 in Glossop and also became a blacksmith. He married Rebecca Bowden, born about 1876 in Penistone. The family were living at 30 Milltown when William was baptised, at 89 High Street East at the time of the 1901 census and at 185 High Street East ten years later. Herbert and Rebecca had four children:
     William Hyde Boardman, born 20 November 1896 in Glossop, baptised 3 January 1896 in Glossop Parish Church. He married Anne Hughes of 21 Well Row, Broadbottom. He died on 12 August 1964 at 75 Church Street, Bolton.
     Cyril Boardman born 30 March 1904.
     Eveline Beatrice Boardman, born 24 August 1906 in Glossop, baptised 19 September 1906 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Olga Boardman, born 4 October 1908 in Glossop, baptised 28 October 1908 in Glossop Parish Church.
Herbert William Boardman died aged 51 and was buried on 16 June 1921 in Glossop cemetery.

Arthur Boardman was born in 1872 in Glossop. He became a wheelwright and coach painter. He married Florence Shepley, born 1873 in Charlesworth, daughter of Thomas Shepley and Mary Beeley (see A Shepley family of Charlesworth) on 2 October 1894 at Holy Trinity, Dinting Vale. They lived at Jordan Street and then at 189 High Street East and had three children:
     Harold Boardman born 1895.
     Irene Boardman, born 1905 in Glossop.
     Ernest William Boardman, born 1906 in Glossop, buried 1 July 1909 in Glossop cemetery aged 2 and a half years.

Frank Boardman was born on 6 November 1873 in Glossop, buried 19 August 1941 in Glossop cemetery aged 67. Also a member of the family business he married Mary Marsden, born 4 April 1873 (daughter of Elijah and Ellenor Marsden), in 1896 in Glossop Parish Church. They lived with Mary's parents at 79 Hall Street (which became 79 Manor Park Road, their address in the 1939 register). They had four identified children:
     Elijah Marsden Boardman born 31 May 1897.
     Hedley Boardman born 2 July 1904. He became a doctor. In the 1939 register he is recorded at Long Ridge, Eccles Road, Chapel en le Frith with his wife Evelyn.
     John Boardman born 10 November 1908. He also became a doctor. In the 1939 register he is recorded at Lyncroft, Compstall Road, Bredbury & Romiley, with his wife Annie.
     Lillian M Boardman, born 25 May 1911 in Glossop. In the 1939 register she is a hospital nurse living with her parents.
Frank Boardman died aged 67 and was buried on 19 August 1941 in Glossop cemetery.
Mary died aged 76 and was buried on 5 November 1949 in Glossop cemetery.

Ada Boardman was born in 1880 in Glossop. She married William Chesters, born about 1883 in Sandbach, Cheshire (son of George and Hannah Chesters), on 31 December 1912 in Glossop Parish Church. William was the brother of Mary who married Ada's brother Ernest. He was gardener to Lord Howard, emigrated to Canada and returned to marry Ada. They had a daughter, Ethel Chesters, born in 1914 and then emigrated again. In the Manitoba census of 1926 they are listed as Canadian citizens living at Central Avenue, Swift Current. William died in 1964.

Generation Four.

Children of James Kirk Boardman.

Martha Elizabeth Boardman was born in 1887 in Glossop. Her mother's maiden name name is given as Parkinson-Preston in her birth registration. She married Walter Swann, 23 year old overlooker of Freetown (son of John Swann), on 13 October 1909 in St James', Whitfield. They lived at 191 High Street East and had one identified child:
     Doris Swann, born 1910 in Glossop.

Walter Kirk Boardman was born in 1888 in Glossop. He became a hairdresser and moved to Blackpool where he was boarding at 9 Central Road at the time of the 1911 census. He married Lucy Hobson, born 24 January 1885 (daughter of George Hobson) of 25 Bagot Street, South Shore, Blackpool, on 11 June 1911 in South Shore parish church, Blackpool. They had three identified children:
     Marie Boardman, born 1912 in Glossop.
     Walter Boardman, born 21 August 1914 in Leigh, Lancashire.
     Audrey Boardman, born 19 November 1916 in Crewe. She married Cyril R Pankhurst in 1941 in Blackpool.
Walter Kirk Boardman died on 13 March 1922 in Crewe, Cheshire.
In the 1939 register Lucy is at 35 Shetland Road Blackpool, widowed electrical engraver, with Walter and Audrey.

Child of Herbert William Boardman.

Cyril Boardman was born on 30 March 1904 in Glossop and baptised 12 May 1904 in Glossop Parish Church. His wife Emma was born on 29 September 1905. In the 1939 register they are recorded at 115 High Street East, where Cyril was a farrier & smith (agricultural).
Cyril Boardman died, aged 46, on 15 February 1951 at 163 Clarence Street, Bolton and was buried on 19 February 1951 in Glossop cemetery.

Child of Frank Boardman.

Elijah Marsden Boardman was born on 31 May 1897 in Glossop and baptised on 30 June 1897 in Glossop Parish Church. His wife Mary Hannah was born on 20 August 1905. In the 1939 register they are living at 81 Manor Park Road where Elijah was Borough Treasurer of Glossop and local Fuel Overseer.
Elijah Marsden Boardman died aged 62 and was buried on 24 March 1960 in Glossop cemetery.
Mary Hannah died aged 65 and was buried on 19 July 1971 in Glossop cemetery.

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