Bennett family, blacksmiths of Rose Green.

The headstone of a grave at Glossop Parish Church which remembers James Bennet (1801-1875), Alice his wife and Alice his daughter also remembers Ann, the daughter of John and Sarah Bennett who died on 17 January 1751, and Mary, the daughter of Robert Barber of Little Padfield who died on 13 May 1754. Sarah Bennett was Mary's sister; they were both daughters of Robert Barber (see Barber family of Padfield, Deepclough and Torside).
John Bennett was a blacksmith who left a will written 21 December 1780 in which he names Sarah as his executrix, probate was granted to Sarah on 2 May 1781. For a possible linked family see Bennett family of Hilltop.
The fact that parish records have been lost means it is not possible to discover whether Robert Bennett (1778-1839) was the son or grandson of John and Sarah.

Generation One.

Robert Bennett was born about 1778, died 30 July 1839 in the Isle of Man and buried on 2 August 1839 in Glossop aged 61. Baptism records describe him as a carter (when Rosanna was baptised) and as a blacksmith of Rose Green subsequently. He married Hannah Robinson, born about 1780, on 3 August 1800 in Glossop. They had nine children:
     James Bennett born 5 January 1801.
     Charlotte Bennett, born 17 April and baptised 5 June 1803, died 30 December 1803, buried 1 January 1804 in Glossop aged 8 months.
     Betty Bennett, born 9 February and baptised 26 June 1805 in Glossop. She married Thomas Froggatt on 6 September 1832 at Glossop.
     Mary Bennett born 27 May 1807. She married George Bennett, born 6 December 1803 (see The Bennett family of Whitfield), on 3 November 1828 in Glossop.
     Ann Bennett, born 12 July and baptised 20 August 1810 in Glossop. She married Joseph Walton, a slater of Glossop (son of Matthew Walton, slater) on 7 August 1837 at Glossop.
     Rosanna Bennett, baptised 5 September 1814 in Glossop.
     Robert Bennett, baptised 14 October 1816 in Glossop, died 28 June and buried 1 July 1817 in Glossop aged 10 months.
     William Bennett, baptised 2 May 1819 in Glossop, died 18 May and buried 21 May 1824 in Glossop aged 5.
     Hannah Bennett, baptised 10 August 1826 in Glossop, died 21 October 1826, buried in Glossop aged 2 months.
Robert Bennett died on 30 July 1839 in the Isle of Man (according to his MI) and was buried on 2 August in Glossop aged 61.
Hannah died on 20 September and was buried on 22 September in Glossop, aged 73.

Generation Two.

James Bennett was born on 5 January and baptised on 8 February 1801 in Glossop. He was a blacksmith of Rose Green. He married Alice Jowle, born about 1796, on 7 April 1822 in Glossop. They had six children:
     Hannah Bennett, baptised 11 July 1822 in Glossop.
     William Bennett, baptised 14 August 1825 in Glossop.
     Mary Bennett, baptised 27 July 1828 in Glossop.
     Charlotte Bennett, baptised 2 October 1831 in Glossop.
     Alice Bennett, baptised 12 October 1834, died 26 November and buried 29 November 1862 in Glossop aged 28.
     Betty Bennett, baptised 26 February 1837 in Glossop.
Alice died on 5 July 1859 and was buried in Glossop aged 63.
James Bennett died on 12 April 1875 and was buried in Glossop aged 74.

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