The descendants of William Oldham of Hayfield.

Generation One.

William Oldham's first child seems to have been born from a relationship with Ellen Bennett, baptised 20 May 1753 in Hayfield, daughter of Randle Bennett and Ellen Gregory (see The Lomas family of Chinley). Ellen and William Oldham never married but the baptism entry for Olive Lomas, baptised 22 December 1776 in Chinley (Malcoffe), says “daughter of Ellen whose Husband is reported as Robert Lomas and absent from her for above these three years past but the father who begot the child to whom she has sworn it is one William Oldham of Hayfield”.
William married Mary Stafford (possibly a widow with six children already) on 4 November 1777 in Glossop Parish Church. They had two children:
     Betty Oldham, baptised 7 July 1793 in Hayfield.
     Joseph Oldham baptised 22 April 1798 .
Mary was buried on 31 January 1799 in St Matthew's, Hayfield.
William married Martha Didsbury (possibly also a widow, with one daughter) on 5 July 1802 in Glossop Parish Church. They had two children:
     Alice Oldham, baptised 24 April 1803 in Hayfield.
     Hannah Oldham, baptised 26 March 1805 in St John's Methodist, Hayfield.
Martha was buried on 12 April 1808 in Hayfield.

Generation Two.

Joseph Oldham was baptised on 22 April 1798 in St Matthew's, Hayfield. He married Elizabeth Hall, born 17 April 1796 in Chinley, baptised 22 May 1796 in Chinley Independent (daughter of William and Hannah Hall) on 7 July 1822 in Glossop. They had nine children:
     Joseph Oldham, born about 1826. 1841 census gives his age as 15, collier. He married Anne Lowe (daughter of James Lowe) on 16 November 1845 in Glossop Parish Church.
     William Oldham born 18 June 1826.
     Wright Oldham, born about 1828. 1841 census gives his age as 13, collier. He married Sarah Hinchliffe, a widow, on 2 December 1850 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Elizabeth Oldham, born about 1829. 1841 census gives her age as 12, piecer.
     Eliza Oldham born 19 April 1831.
     Athaniel Oldham born about 1832.
     Mark Oldham, died, aged 4 months, on 27 December 1837, buried in St Mary's Charlesworth.
     Aaron Oldham, born in1838 in Charlesworth. Census 1861, age 22, Labourer Dye House Print work. He married Sarah Ann Hardman (daughter of John Hardman) on 20 May 1861 in Glossop Parish Church.
     Moses Oldham, died aged 3 months on 15 July 1842, buried in St Mary's Charlesworth.
They were living in Charlesworth in when William was baptised in 1826.
At the 1841 census they were at Chisworth (Fatting Hey), Joseph and Elizabeth both colliers aged 40. Also recorded living with them were Ann Beard, aged 20, Hannah Hall (25) and Peggy Hall (20).
At the 1851 census they were at Gamesley where Joseph was a farmer of 15 acres, both he and Elizabeth aged 55. Also at the house was Eliza Oldham, granddaughter, aged 4 months plus Elizabeth's father, William Hall aged 80 pauper, brother Moses aged 58 mason's labourer and William's grandson John aged 3.
At the 1861 census 1861 Joseph was aged 65, grocer & corn dealer at Littlemoor, Elizabeth aged 66. Also at the house were John Hall, grandson, age 14, Labourer Dye House Printworks, born Tintwistle and Mary Hinchliffe, granddaughter, age 14, servant, born Yorkshire.
Elizabeth died, aged 66, on 29 November 1862 in Lower Whitfield and was buried on 2 December 1862 in St Mary's Charlesworth. The MI also remembers Ann Beard who died 10 January 1843 aged 21.
William remarried to Ruth Large (widow of Simon Large), born about 1806 in Edale (daughter of William Ridall, woollen clothier)
At the 1871 census Joseph was a 73 year old coal dealer living at 9 Sumner's Place, Ruth aged 65. Also in the house George L Lomas, grandson aged 6, born Glossop.
Joseph Oldham died, aged 75, on 28 September 1873 at High Street West, Glossop and was buried on 1 October 1873 in St Mary's Charlesworth.

Generation Three.

William Oldham was born on 18 June 1826 in Charlesworth, baptised 18 June 1826 in Hayfield. He married Esther Robinson, born 18 March 1833 in Dodworth, Yorkshire (daughter of Jonas Robinson and Sarah Seddon) on 22 August 1853 at St Stephen's church, Richmond, Melbourne. They had eleven children:
     Sarah Oldham, born 2 June 1854 in Richmond Vic. She married John McEwan in 1876 in Wallsend.
     James Platt Oldham born 24 May 1856.
     Phoebe Oldham, born 27 March 1858 in Ararat Vic, died 1860 in Newcastle.
     Joseph William Oldham born 14 June 1860.
     Maria Oldham, born 22 June 1862 in Newcastle, NSW.
     Eli (Bill) Oldham, born 15 February 1864 in Newcastle, NSW.
     Frederick Oldham, born 20 February 1866 in Newcastle, NSW.
     George R Oldham, born 12 February 1868 in Newcastle, NSW. Wife's name Amelia.
     Mary Ellen Oldham, born 2 February 1870 in Newcastle, NSW. She married William Clarkson in 1889 in Adamstown.
     Louisa Oldham, born 23 July 1872 in Newcastle, NSW.
     Esther Elizabeth Oldham, born 6 August 1874 in Newcastle, NSW. She married James Pascoe in 1893 in Lambton.
Esther died on 7 March 1886 in New Lambton and was buried on 9 March 1886 in St Andrews, North Waratah (which is now St Andrew's Church Street Mayfield. Graves are now under the driveway.).
William Oldham died on 12 April 1889 in Kendall Street, Lambton, Australia and was buried on 14 April 1889 in St Andrew's North Waratah.

Eliza Oldham was born on 19 April 1831 in Glossop and baptised on 31 October 1831 in Spring Mount Primitive Methodist, New Mills. She married James Platt, baptised 28 February 1828 in Glossop, son of John Platt and Elizabeth Sydall (see The Platt family of Glossop) on 7 August 1848 in St James Church, Whitfield.

Generation Four.

James Platt Oldham was born on 24 May 1856 in Borehole (Hamilton) Newcastle NSW. He married Mary Caroline Stephenson, born 23 May 1861 in Sandhurst Vic (daughter of Anthony Stephenson and Esther Isabel Noble) on 3 September 1879 in Wallsend. They had four children:
     Jonas Robinson Oldham, born 17 July 1880 in Lambton, died 13 May 1950 in 43 Bridge Street Waratah, buried 15 May 1950 in Church of England, Sandgate. Operated several boot repair shops around Newcastle. He married Maria Banks, born 1879 in Durham, UK (daughter of Sarah Ann Wallett and Noah Banks) on 2 July 1902 in Plattsburg (Wallsend). Maria died on 29 December 1948 in 43 Bridge Street Waratah, buried in CofE Cemetery Sandgate.
     William Anthony Oldham born 7 March 1882.
     Angelina Eva Oldham born 21 December 1883.
     Gertrude May Oldham born 27 June 1885.
James Platt Oldham died on 10 May 1913 in Lambton and Mary died on 15 November 1924 in Lambton, both buried in Baptist - Sandgate Cemetery.

Joseph William Oldham was born on 14 June 1860 in Happy Flat, Newcastle, NSW. He married Jane Kerr in 1883 in Newcastle. They had eleven children:
     Joseph W Oldham, born 1884 in Lambton. He married Fanny Carmichael in 1911 in New Lambton.
     Lydia M Oldham, born 1886 in Lambton. She married John Collinson in 1904 in New Lambton.
     Lily D Oldham, born 1887 in Lambton. She married David J Webster in 1905 in Lambton.
     Eric C Oldham, born 1900 in New Lambton.
     Leslie Oldham, born 1897 in New Lambton.
     Margaret I Oldham, born 1890 in Lambton. She married Edward M Hughes in 1912 in Lambton.
     Ruby M Oldham, born 1892 in Lambton. She married Harold M Hutton in Stockton.
     Walter H Oldham, born 1894 in Lambton, died 1918.
     Leila Oldham, born 1902 in New Lambton.
     Hiram A Oldham, born 1905 in Lambton.
     Jenny B Oldham, born 1907 in Lambton.

Generation Five.

Children of James Platt Oldham.

William Anthony Oldham was born on 7 March 1882 in Sandhurst Vic. He married Thirza Grace Payne, born 1 June 1878 in Lambton (daughter of Arthur Lydney Payne and Thirza Grace Johns) on 3 January 1906 in Parents House, Lambton. They had four children:
     Thirza Isabell (Bele) Oldham, born 4 July 1907 in Wallsend, died 5 January 1992.
     Gertrude May Oldham, born 12 May 1910 in Lambton. She married Archibald Treloar on 8 September 1934 in Cessnock.
     Nettie Grace Oldham, born 23 September 1913 in Coonamble. She married Allen Newton Heywood in 1944 in Cessnock.
     James Leslie Oldham, born 17 June 1916 in Maclean.
Thirza died on 29 March 1955 and William on 15 June 1968, both at 56 Love Street Cessnock.

Angelina Eva Oldham, born 21 December 1883 in Lambton. She married Arthur Brown, born 11 October 1833 in Waratah (son of Joseph Brown and Fanny Wilson) on 11 April 1906 in Lambton. They had two children:
     Aubrey Arthur Brown, born 27 April 1910 in Lambton.
     Joyce Wilson Brown, born 29 November 1911 in Lambton.
Angelina died on 28 September 1968 in Rathmines. Arthur died on 6 March 1971 in Rathmines.

Gertrude May Oldham was born on 27 June 1885 in Lambton. Lived at 45 Parry Street, Cooks Hill. She married Frederick Harold Nicholls, born 16 April 1886 in Newcastle (son of James Nicholls and Matilda Page) on 11 May 1910 in Lambton. They had two children:
     Freda Ellen May Nicholls, born 1913 in Waratah. She married Joseph William Burch in 1938 in Newcastle.
     Harold Oldham Nicholls, born 1915 in Lambton. He married Marjorie Gertrude Ranclaud.
Gertrude died on 19 October 1964 in Newcastle.

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