Nields of Mouselow.

Daniel Nield, husbandman of Mouselow, died on 22 July 1747 aged 82 according to his MI in Glossop parish church yard (meaning he had been born about 1665).
He had married Ann Stanfield of Crosscliffe on 5 March 1716/17.
In his will, dated 19 February 1744, Daniel left the bulk of his estate (including the tenement at Mouselow) to Ann and, following her subsequent marriage or death, to Joshua Platt of Shaw (see The Platt family of Glossop). He made bequests to Joshua's sons James, Joshua and Daniel and mentions sons of James and Joshua both called James.

He also made bequests to John Nield of Saddleworth, James Nield of Saddleworth, Daniel Nield, Timothy Nield, Jonathon Nield of Saddleworth, John Moss wife in Hadfield, Esther Hardy, John Earnshaw, John Whitehead, James Whitehead's eldest son, Mary Whitehead, Hannah Whitehead, Daniel Whitehead, John Hall of Crodenbrook, John Nield carpenter, Dorothy Riddings, Hannah Nield, Ann Nield, Edmund Bowers children, John Garside of Allmans heath and Ann Bowers in Gamesley.

There is no indication of what relationships the various Nields were to Daniel but it seems that “John Nield carpenter, Dorothy Riddings, Hannah Nield, Ann Nield” were the children of John and Hannah Nield of Dinting.

John Nield, son of John and Hannah Nield of Dinting, was baptised on 19 September 1701. Hannah predeceased John, who was buried in April 1730. The will of John Neild of Mouselow, dated 24 April 1730 mentions only his son John and his daughters Dorothy, Hannah and Ann. Dorothy was named as executor but renounced the responsibility in favour of her brother John, who is noted in the documentation as a carpenter of Mottram Andrew, Prestbury parish.

Available records mean that it is not possible to build the families of all the Nields in Glossop accurately (it should be noted that the spellings Nield and Neild were both used, often for the same people, in parish register entries) but it seems certain that the descendants of James Nield of Chunal, born about 1725 (see Nields of Chunal and Dinting) were descended from the Mouselow family as James's daughter in law Betty and grandson John (wife and son of his son James, baptised 1762) were buried in the same grave as Daniel Nield of Mouselow (shared MI). It is likely that the family of Daniel Nield, clothier of Jumble, Whitfield and Simmondley (see Nields of Whitfield and Hadfield), is also linked to the Mouselow line.

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