The Alsop family of Glossop and California.

Generation One.

John Alsop had a son named Robert Alsop, baptised on 28 April 1771.

Generation Two.

Robert Alsop was baptised on 28 April 1771 in Glossop. He married Betty Hollingworth, baptised on 29 October 1770 in Glossop (daughter of Thomas and Martha Hollingworth) on 19 May 1793 in Glossop. It is thought that Robert, who was a shoemaker, died before 1841 as the 1841 census shows Betty as a widow (though it is crossed out). Robert and Betty had ten children:
     Mary Alsop, born 31 January 1793 in Glossop, baptised 18 November 1803 in Glossop.
     Betty Alsop, born 22 March and baptised 27 April 1795 in Glossop. Must have died in infancy given the second Betty.
     Nancy Alsop, born 12 February 1797 in Glossop, baptised 2 April 1797 in Glossop. Possibly married James Robinson 1819.
     Betty Alsop, born 31 January 1798 in Glossop, baptised 18 November 1803 in Glossop.
     George Alsop born about 1800.
     John Alsop born 26 September 1803.
     Joseph Alsop born 10 November 1805.
     Sarah Alsop, born 3 August and baptised 18 September 1808 in Glossop.
     Moriah Alsop, born 25 July and baptised 28 September 1811 in Glossop.
     Ann Alsop, baptised 14 February 1815 in Glossop. Died in infancy.
Betty died on 13 April 1852.

Generation Three.

George Alsop was born about 1800 in Glossop. He was also a shoemaker, living at Top of Town in 1841 and Market Cross in 1861. He married Hannah Harrup, born about 1801, on 30 January 1831 in Glossop. They had one daughter, Nancy Alsop baptised 22 February 1831 in Glossop.

John Alsop was born on 26 September and baptised on 18 November 1803 in Glossop. He was living at Back Sitch in both 1841 and 1861. He married Mary Ann Goodwin, born about 1806, on 4 September 1831 in Glossop. They had five children:
     Esther Alsop, baptised 5 February 1832 in Glossop.
     Ann Alsop, baptised 13 March 1834 in Glossop.
     Hannah Alsop, baptised 30 November 1836 in Glossop.
     Robert Alsop, baptised 28 November 1837 in Glossop.
     Ruth Alsop, baptised 5 February 1842 in Glossop.

Joseph Alsop was born on 10 November and baptised 24 December 1805 in Glossop. He married Ellen Hadfield, born 1 September 1810, daughter of Joseph Hadfield and Mary Lee (see The descendants of James Goddard of Waterside) on 3 August 1829 in Glossop. They had five children:
     Mary Alsop, born 4 August and baptised 5 August 1832 in Glossop.
     Harriett Alsop born 23 November 1836.
     Robert Alsop born 8 March 1839.
     Samuel Alsop born May 1841.
     Joe Alsop, born June 1847 in Denby Dale, Yorkshire. He emigrated to Fall River, USA in April 1868 and was naturalised in 1873. He and his wife Mary married in 1892 (1900 census says married 18 years). He was initially a baker & later had interests in salmon & timber. Joe Alsop died on 21 April 1938 in USA.
Ellen died on 15 April 1855 in Huddersfield, buried 18 April 1855 in St Peter's, Huddersfield.
Joseph married Ellen, widow of Henry Clarke on 20 January 1857 in Huddersfield.
Joseph Alsop died on 14 November 1865 in Wesley Terrace, Halifax, buried 15 November 1865 in Stoney Royd Cemetery, Halifax (No 624).

Generation Four.

Children of Joseph Alsop.

Harriett Alsop was born on 23 November 1836 in Glossop, died in Blackpool. She married Thomas Westhead, born about 1841 (son of John Westhead). They had one daughter, Ellen Westhead, baptised 16 September 1868 in Blackpool. She was living with her great uncle John Hadfield and his second wife Sarah in 1871 and 1881 - a niece aged 2 in 1871 and an adopted daughter aged 12 in 1881.
Harriett died in Blackpool.

Robert Alsop was born on 8 March 1839 in Hall Lane, Old Glossop. He married Eliza Beaumont, born 6 September 1841 in Paddock, Huddersfield (daughter of Joseph Beaumont and Susan Bedford/forth) on 18 April 1862 in High St Chapel, Huddersfield. They had seven children:
     Ellen Alsop, died 2 May 1863. Lived only 3 weeks.
     Emma Alsop, born 12 September 1865 in Halifax, died 10 October 1956 in 7 Clare St, Halifax.
     Louisa Alsop, born about 1868 in Halifax, died about 1872.
     Joe Alsop born 19 November 1871.
     Albert Alsop, born about 1874, died about 1876.
     Annie Alsop, born about 1876, died about 1880.
     Beatrice Alsop, born 30 August 1879, died 16 February 1968 in Laurel Bank Res Home, Halifax. She married Edward Georgeson, born about 1880 in Hipperholme (son of Benjamin and Barbara Georgeson) on 1 March 1916. Edward died on 28 May 1941 in 2 Clare St, Halifax.
Robert Alsop died on 19 February 1915 in 7 Clare St, Halifax, buried 20 February 1915 at Lindley United Methodist Ch, Nr Halifax.
Eliza died on 21 January 1923 in Halifax.

Samuel Alsop was, born in 1841 in Glossop. He married Ann Clarke, born November 1842 in Huddersfield (daughter of Henry and Ellen Clarke) in June 1862 in Huddersfield. They had six children:
     Joseph Harvey (Jay) Alsop born 14 March 1863.
     Arthur Alsop born January 1866.
     Wright Alsop born February 1868.
     Robert V (Vipond?) Alsop, born 10 November 1872 in California.
     Samuel Nance Alsop born 29 September 1875.
     Ellen Rose (Nellie) Alsop, born May 1879 in California.
Samuel and Ann emigrated to USA in May 1870, naturalised 1876. Lived in Portland, Oregon. Had salmon & timber interests.
Ann died in 1916 in Bellingham, WA.
Samuel Alsop died on 12 May 1924 in 512 Magnolia St, Bellingham, WA, USA.

Generation Five.

Child of Robert Alsop.

Joe Alsop was born on 19 November 1871 in 9 Clare St, Halifax. He was an architect, draughtsman & gas engineer. He married Emily Halliwell, born 12 June 1877 in Halifax (daughter of John Daniel Halliwell and Mary Alice Hiley) on 15 June 1898 in St Augustine's, Halifax. They had two sons:
     Robert Halliwell Alsop born 6 July 1899.
     John Stewart Alsop born 10 October 1908.
Emily died on 29 March 1944 in 16 Bourne End Rd, Northwood and was buried on 1 April 1944 in Rickmansworth, Herts.
Joe Alsop died on 14 September 1953 in 101 Langley Rd, Watford, Herts, buried in Chorleywood Rd, Rickmansworth, Herts.

Children of Samuel Alsop.

Joseph Harvey (Jay) Alsop was born on 14 March 1863 in Huddersfield, died 24 November 1932. He migrated to USA 1871, naturalised 1876. He married Ada D Sexton, born 10 December 1871 in California, in about 1889. They had six children:
     John Wright Alsop born 30 January 1890.
     Samuel Ralph Alsop born 21/25 March 1892.
     Clara Nellie Alsop born 22 February 1894.
     Ethel Beatrice Alsop born 5 July 1895.
     Alma Alsop, born ca 1900, died ca 1902.
     Sarah Ann Alsop born 18 December 1904.
Joseph Harvey (Jay) Alsop died on 24 November 1932.
Ada died on 28 March 1971 in Pebble Beach, CA.

Arthur Alsop was born in January 1866 in Halifax. His wife Jennie was born in March 1873 in Missouri/California, USA. They had five children:
     Arthur Alsop, born about 1891 in California, died after 1900.
     Fred E Alsop, born in July 1893 in California, died in April 1972 in Multnomah Co, Portland, OR.
     Robert Vernon Alsop, born 10 May 1897 in Salinas, CA.
     Carleton William Alsop born 18 October 1900.
     Gladys Alsop, born about 1913 in Bellingham, WA?

Wright Alsop was born in February 1868 in Halifax, Yorks. He married Ocie Sexton, born in October 1869 in Salinas, in 1890 in Monterey Co, CA. They had six children:
     Lester Wright Alsop born 24 February 1892.
     Hazel M Alsop, born 5 November 1893 in Salinas, California.
     Gussie Lois Alsop born 4 November 1895.
     Roy Victor Alsop born 2 December 1898.
     Raymond John Alsop born 20 August 1908.
     Robert Clark Alsop, born 15 November 1911 in Salinas, California.
Wright Alsop died in 1929 in Salinas, CA and Ocie died in 1937 in Salinas, CA.

Samuel Nance Alsop was born on 29 September 1875 in California. He married Lucy (Lulu) Agnes Rice, born about 1880 (daughter of Aaron and Emma Rice) in about 1899. They had four children:
     Dorothy Ellen Alsop born 18 June 1900.
     Norma Beatrice Alsop born 22 June 1901.
     Ethel Ann Alsop born 29 June 1905.
     Nance Alsop born about 1912.
Samuel Nance Alsop died in April 1966 in Bellingham, WA 98225.

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