Sidebottoms of Hollingworth.

Generation One.

John Sidebottom was a nailer of Staley. He moved to the Manor House, Hollingworth, by 1797 and built Millbrook Mill. John married Elizabeth Kelsall of Hollingworth (daughter of William Kelsall). They had five sons: George, James, Joseph, William & Thomas who together built Broad Mills at Broadbottom.

Generation Two.

James Sidebottom was baptised on 24 January 1762 at Mottram.. He had four sons:
     John Sidebottom, born 1793, died 1865.
     William Sidebottom born 1797.
     James Sidebottom, born 10 March 1800, died 30 June 1869. One of the first elected councillors for Hadfield Ward, and was elected an Alderman
     Ralph Sidebottom.
James Sidebottom died in 1835.

Generation Three.

William Sidebottom was born in 1797. He built Bridge Mills, Tintwistle, in 1856. He was appointed a County Magistrate on the 3rd January, 1843. William married Agnes Harrop (daughter of Jonah Harrop) in 1825. They had six children:
     Emma Sidebottom.
     Anne Kershaw Sidebottom born 1 January 1838.
     Thomas Harrop Sidebottom, born about 1826, died 26 May 1908. Elected a councillor for Hadfield Ward on the 11th August, 1869, retiring on the 1st November, 1872. He became a J.P. 4th January, 1870. He also became a deputy Lieutenant, and was a member of Parliament for Stalybridge for over 20 years. He married Edith Eliza Murgatroyd, daughter of James Murgatroyd and Sarah Lees (see The Lees family of Padfield and Woolley Bridge mills) on 23 June 1886.
     James Sidebottom. Became a councillor for Hadfield Ward on the 1st November 1871 and an Alderman on the 9th November, 1872. He was Mayor of Glossop 1879-85; 1886-88.
     William Sidebottom. Elected councillor for Hadfield Ward 2nd November, 1874-86. He was the Mayor 1873-74 and appointed J.P. 27th December, 1893. He was elected the Member of Parliament for the High Peak Division, County of Derby on the 4th December, 1885 and represented the Division continuously until the dissolution of Parliament in 1900.
     Mary Sidebottom.
William Sidebottom died in 1870.

Generation Four.

Emma Sidebottom married John Hill Wood, born 28 Jul 1813, son of John Wood and Alice Hill (see Wood and Hill-Wood families) on 13 June 1854.

Anne Kershaw Sidebottom was born on 1 January 1838. She married Samuel Wood, born 24 January 1819, son of John Wood and Alice Hill (see Wood and Hill-Wood families).

Mary Sidebottom married John Chapman, cotton manufacturer of Hurst. They had a son, John Chapman.

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