A first Bramhall family of Chunal.

Generation One.

Joseph Bramhall was born about 1723, died on 25 May 1792, buried 29 May 1792 in Glossop. Parish registers describe him as of Chunal and Hurst. He and his wife Hannah, born about 1725, had seven children:
     Thomas Bramhall baptised on 16 November 1749.
     Margaret Bramhall baptised on 15 February 1752.
     Joseph Bramhall baptised on 4 September 1754.
     Robert Bramhall, baptised on 30 September 1757 in Glossop, died on 4 October 1770.
     Hannah Bramhall, baptised on 19 August 1760 in Glossop.
     Nelly Bramhall baptised on 10 May 1767.
Hannah died on 2 May and was buried in Glossop.
Joseph Bramhall died on 25 May and was buried on 29 May 1792 in Glossop.

Generation Two.

Thomas Bramhall was baptised on 16 November 1749 in Glossop. Parish registers describe him as of Chunal. He married Mary Wadsworth, born about 1756 (daughter of Jonathan Wadsworth) on 12 July 1780 in Glossop. They had seven children:
     Hannah Bramhall, born about 1783, died, aged 26, on 12 August 1809, buried 16 August 1809 in Glossop.
     John Bramhall, born 25 December and baptised on 27 December 1785 in Glossop.
     Jonathan Bramhall, born 2 April and baptised on 14 April 1788 in Glossop, died on 21 January and buried on 25 January 1870 in St James, Whitfield.
     Joseph Bramhall, born 24 June and baptised on 25 July 1790 in Glossop, died on 3 November 1861, buried in St James, Whitfield. MI says he lived at Dry Mount.
     Mary Bramhall (possible only – a Mary was born on 16 March 1793 and baptised on 7 April 1793 at Top Chapel, Charlesworth).
     Thomas Bramhall, born on 21 October and baptised on 20 November 1795 in Glossop, died on 1 May 1837, buried 4 May 1837 in Glossop. MI says he was 42 when he died, PR says aged 41.
     Robert Bramhall, born 22 March 1798, baptised on 22 April 1798 in Glossop.
Mary died, aged 48, on 9 July and was buried on 11 July 1804 in Glossop.
Thomas Bramhall died on 16 November and was buried on 19 November 1820 in Glossop.

Margaret Bramhall was baptised on 15 February 1752 in Glossop. She married John Fielding, baptised on 14 February 1750, son of Samuel Fielding and Mary Fielding (see Descendants of John Fielding of Whitfield 1674) on 4 December 1778 in Glossop.

Joseph Bramhall was baptised on 4 September 1754 in Glossop, died on 19 January and buried on 22 January 1824 in Glossop. Parish registers describe him as of Whitfield & Chunal. He married Lettice Booth, born about 1754 (daughter of John and Elizabeth Booth of Simmondley) on 10 April 1773 in Glossop. They had five children:
     Betty Bramhall born about 1775. She married John Nield on 8 September 1796 in Glossop (see Nields of Chunal and Dinting).
     Mary Bramhall born about 1777.
     Thomas Bramhall born about 1780.
     Joseph Bramhall born 14 April 1784.
     Lettice Bramhall, born 9 June and baptised on 8 August 1786 in Glossop, died on 3 January and buried on 5 January 1790 in Glossop.
Lettice died on 18 May and was buried on 21 May 1789 in Glossop.
Joseph married Dolly Platt, baptised on 4 September 1757 in Glossop, daughter of John Platt and Mary Bowden (see The Platt family of Glossop) on 7 May 1799 in Glossop.

Hannah Bramhall was baptised on 4 September 1754 in Glossop. She married John Shaw (son of Thomas Shaw). The parish register describes John Shaw as of Simondly, Whitfield, Hurst and Lower Mill. They had four children:
     Thomas Shaw, born 9 October and baptised on 13 November 1785 in Glossop.
     Mally Shaw, born 25 April and baptised on 27 May 1787 in Glossop.
     Joseph Shaw, born 14 December 1789, baptised on 21 January 1790 in Glossop.
     Betty Shaw, born 4 April and baptised on 4 May 1801 in Glossop.

Nelly Bramhall was baptised on 10 May 1767 in Glossop. She married James Wood (son of John Wood) on 24 July 1787 in Glossop. They had two children:
     John Wood, born 12 November and baptised on 25 December 1787 in Glossop.
     Hannah Wood, born 5 July and baptised on 1 August 1790 in Glossop.

Generation Three.

Children of Joseph Bramhall.

Mary Bramhall, born about 1777 in Whitfield. She married Joseph Robinson, born about 1769, son of John Robinson and Zipporah Bowden (see The Robinsons of Gnat Hole) on 17 February 1795 in Glossop.

Thomas Bramhall was born about 1780. He married Martha Bramhall, born 20 January 1789, daughter of Thomas Bramhall and Priscilla Gill (see A second Bramhall family of Chunal) on 11 November 1824 in Glossop. They had four children:
     John Bramhall, born 8 November and baptised on 23 November 1825 in Glossop Wesleyan Methodist, died on 10 March 1874, buried in St James, Whitfield. Census 1841 aged 15.
     Betty Bramhall born 11 July 1827.
     Lettice Bramhall born 30 December 1829.
     Hannah Bramhall born 7 February 1832.
The census 1841 shows Thomas as a farmer at Chunal aged 55 and Martha aged 50.
Martha died on 9 April 1854 .Thomas Bramhall died on 4 January 1865. Both were buried at St James's, Whitfield.

Joseph Bramhall was born on 14 April and baptised on 16 April 1784 in Glossop. He was a cotton spinner & stocking weaver. Parish registers describe him as of Whitfield, Bridge End & Hayfield. He married Betty Wood and they had ten children:
     Lettice Bramhall, born 24 September and baptised on 13 November 1803 in Glossop.
     John Bramhall, born 7 September and baptised on 29 October 1805 in Glossop.
     Mary Bramhall, born 20 June and baptised on 21 July 1807 in Glossop.
     Hannah Bramhall, born 4 June and baptised on 30 July 1809 in Glossop, buried 27 May 1810 in Glossop.
     Betty Bramhall, born 10 July and baptised on 22 September 1811 in Glossop.
     Ann Bramhall, baptised on 26 December 1813 in Glossop.
     Mariah Bramhall, baptised on 5 May 1816 in Glossop, buried 21 September 1823 in Glossop.
     Ruth Bramhall, baptised on 6 July 1818 in Glossop.
     Nelly Bramhall, baptised on 3 August 1823 in Glossop.
     Joseph Bramhall, baptised on 25 May 1828 in Glossop, buried 8 June 1837 in Glossop.

Generation Four.

Children of Thomas and Martha Bramhall.

Betty Bramhall was born on 11 July 1827 in Glossop. She married Thomas Wood, born about 1826 in Padfield, in 1848 in Glossop. They had seven children:
     John Wood born about 1849.
     Nancy Wood, born about 1851, buried 8 March 1857 in St James' Whitfield.
     Harriet Ellen Wood, born about 1853, buried 25 March 1857 in St James', Whitfield. Aged 3 years 9 months when she died.
     Charlotte Wood born about 1856.
     Harriett Wood, born about 1861 in Glossop. 1881 census gives her age as 20. She married Lewis Clegg.
     Elizabeth Wood, born about 1863, died on 28 March and was buried on 30 March 1873 in Glossop Cemetery.
     William Wood, born about 1867 in Glossop. 1881 census has him as a 14 year old assistant in a rag warehouse.
At the time of the 1881 census the family was living at 6 Derby Street, Glossop.
Thomas died on 20 December and was buried on 23 December 1903 in Glossop Cemetery.
Betty died on 2 December and was buried on 6 December 1909 in Glossop Cemetery.

Lettice Bramhall was born on 30 December 1829 in Chunal, died on 29 May 1911 in Whitfield, buried 31 May 1911 in Glossop Cemetery. She married Harvey Simpson, born about 1835 in Chesterfield, on 6 August 1850 in St James', Whitfield. Harvey was apprentice to Joseph Robinson at Gnat Hole at the time of the 1851 Census. Lettice and Harvey had three children:
     John Simpson born 4 November 1850.
     Ephas Ann Simpson born 16 July 1856.
     Harvey Bramhall Simpson born 4 November 1871.
Harvey Simpson, of Chunal, died on 8 December and was buried on 11 December 1872 in Glossop Cemetery.
In the 1881 census Lettice is recorded as aged 51 at 69 Charlestown Rd, Whitfield.
Lettice married James Roberts, born about 1832 in Glossop, on 9 November 1887 at St Mary's, Charlesworth.
James was recorded in the 1881 census as aged 49, at Herod Farm, Glossop. He was buried on 29 January 1895 in Glossop Cemetery.
Lettice died on 29 May and was buried on 31 May 1911 in Glossop Cemetery.

Hannah Bramhall was born on 7 February and baptised on 22 April 1832 in Glossop Wesleyan Chapel. She married John Chadwick, born 16 April 1830 in Gamesley, in 1854 in Ashton under Lyne. They had five children:
     Martha Ann Chadwick, born 23 September 1854 in Chunal.
     William Thomas Chadwick, born 8 October 1861 in Glossop.
     Lettice Chadwick, born 22 January 1864 in Glossop.
     Mary Chadwick, born 2 May 1866 in Glossop.
     John Charles Chadwick, born 6 September 1868 in Glossop.
     Elizabeth Chadwick, born 23 May 1874 in Glossop.
The family was living at at 329 High St W, Glossop in the 1881 census. John is recorded as a widower in the 1891 census.

Generation Five.

Children of Betty Bramhall.

John Wood was born about 1849 in Glossop, buried 2 April 1938 in Glossop Cemetery. He married Eliza Bowden, born about 1848 in Glossop, and they had nine children:
     Herbert Wood, born about 1872 in Glossop, buried 22 June 1945 in Glossop Cemetery.
     Edmund Wood, died on 30 March and buried on 1 April 1874 in Glossop Cemetery. Aged 9 months when he died.
     William Wood, buried 17 April 1875 in Glossop Cemetery. Aged 3 months when he died.
     Elizabeth Wood, born about 1877 in Glossop.
     Emma Wood, born about 1879 in Glossop, buried 9 September 1885 in Glossop Cemetery. 1881 census gives her age as 2.
     Harriet Wood, born about 1881 in Glossop. 1881 census gives her age as 3 months.
     Thomas A. Wood, born about 1884.
     Martha Bramhall Wood buried on 12 July 1887 in Glossop Cemetery. Aged 8 days when she died.
     Nancy Wood, born about 1891.
Eliza was buried 26 on July 1893 in Glossop Cemetery.
John Wood was buried on 2 April 1938 in Glossop Cemetery.

Charlotte Wood was born about 1856 in Glossop. She married Thomas Charles Fielding, born about 1851 in Glossop. They had a son, Fred Fielding, born about 1879 in Glossop.
At the time of the 1881 census the family was living at 1 Shaw Street, Glossop.

Children of Lettice Bramhall.

John Simpson was born on 4 November 1850. He married Betsy Williamson, born about 1846 at Hague, Mottram (daughter of Nathan and Nancy Williamson) on 11 January 1870 in St James', Whitfield. John and Betsy had two sons:
     Alfred Simpson, born 7 June 1871 in Glossop.
     Levi Simpson, born 4 June 1873 in Glossop.
At the time of the 1881 census Betsy was a 34 year old confectioner born in Mottram, living at 132 West Bar, Sheffield. She is described as married and has Alfred and Levi living with her. John was aged 31, a police constable living at 69 Leverton Street, St Pancras, London with Isobella as his wife and son John Simpson aged 2 months.
He married Isobella Banks, born about 1849 in Westmorland, in 1883 in St Pancras, London. John and Isobella had four sons:
     John Simpson Banks/Simpson born 2 February 1881.
     William Simpson.
     Ernest Walter Simpson, born 14 February 1885 in London.
     Albert Simpson born about 1890.
John Simpson died on 13 October 1941 in Malachi, Ontario, Canada, buried in Malachi Cemetery.
Isobella died on in 1946 in Malachi, Ontario, Canada, buried in Malachi Cemetery.

Ephas Ann Simpson was, born on 16 July 1856 in Chunal. She married Thomas Henry Handford, born in Charlesworth, in 1881 in Ashton under Lyne, Lancs. They had two sons:
     Robert Handford born 8 March 1882.
     Frederick Handford, born 3 September 1884 in England, died on 31 August 1954 in Port Coquitlam, B.C., Canada, buried September 1954 in Mt Ida Cemetery, Salmon Arm, B.C., Can.
Ephas died on 8 September and was buried on 11 September 1897 in Glossop Cemetery.

Harvey Bramhall Simpson was born on 4 November 1871 in Chunal. He married Ruth Thornley, born 29 August 1871 in Simmondley (daughter of Robert Thornley and Sarah Harrison) on 15 February 1891 in Whitfield. They had twelve children:
     John Bramhall Simpson, born 15 March 1891 in Glossop, died on 18 March and buried on 21 March 1891 in St James', Whitfield.
     Lettice Simpson, born 24 March 1892 in Glossop, died on 31 October and buried on 2 November 1894 in Glossop Cemetery.
     Thomas Simpson born 16 September 1894.
     Annie Simpson born 14 February 1896.
     Alice Simpson, born 23 July 1897 in Hollingworth, Cheshire, died on 11 December 1897 in Hollingworth, Cheshire, buried 14 December 1897 in Glossop Cemetery.
     William Simpson, born 29 January 1899 in Glossop, died on 21 April and buried 24 April 1900 in Glossop Cemetery.
     Robert Simpson, born 1 May 1900 in Glossop, died on 8 November 1950 in Killarney, Manitoba, Canada, buried 11 November 1950 in Killarney Cemetery.
     Hilda Simpson born 25 February 1902.
     Frank Simpson born 30 August 1903.
     Harvey Simpson, born 22 November 1904 in Glossop, died on 30 October 1966 in White Rock, B.C., Canada, buried 3 November 1966 in Ocean View, Burnaby, B.C., Canada.
     Ruth Simpson, born at 43 Hague Street, Glossop on 4 April 1906, died on 16 April and buried 20 April 1907 in Glossop Cemetery.
     Sarah Simpson born 25 April 1910.
Harvey Bramhall Simpson died on 11 January 1920 in Malachi, Ontario, Canada and was buried on 14 January 1920 in Elmwood Cemetery, Winnipeg.
Ruth died on 7 August 1932 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and was buried on 10 August 1932 in Elmwood Cemetery, Winnipeg.

Generation Six.

Children of John Simpson.

John Simpson Banks/Simpson was born on 2 February 1881 in Kentish Town, Middlesex. A fur trader, he owned Malachi Trading Store in Malachi, Ontario and was in the North West Mounted Police. He married Harriet Jane Thomas, born 17 June 1871 in Orono, Clarke Twp, Northumberland, Canada. They had a daughter, Marion Simpson born 4 January 1912.
Harriet died on 1 July 1917 in Malachi, Ontario, Canada, buried in Crookston, Minnesota, USA.
John married Mabel A. Evans, born 9 January 1895 in Rome, New York State, USA, on 10 September 1918 in Transcona, Manitoba, Canada.
John Simpson Banks/Simpson died on 15 December 1984 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Mabel died about 1995/6 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

William Simpson was born in London, England and immigrated to Canada in 1898. He and his wife, Daisy, had a daughter, Kathleen Isabella Simpson born 5 April 1909.

Albert Simpson was born in 1890. He married Gertrude Muncer, born about 1895.
Gertrude died on 1 September 1947 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, buried 4 September 1947 in Elmwood Cemetery, Winnipeg.
Albert married Ella Clarke, married in 1949.
Albert Simpson died on 1 October 1968 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, buried 4 October 1968 in Elmwood Cemetery, Winnipeg.

Child of Ephas Simpson.

Robert Handford was born on 8 March 1882 in Greenfield, Saddleworth, Yorks. He married Margaret Elliott. Robert died on 19 March 1954 in Silver Creek, Salmon Arm, B.C., Canada, buried 22 March 1954 in Mt. Ida Cemetery, Salmon Arm, B.C. Can.

Children of Harvey Bramhall Simpson.

Thomas Simpson was born on 16 September 1894 in Glossop. He married Elsie June Dunn , born 17 June 1913 in Sec 9-20-12W, Westbourne, Manitoba, Can, on 9 September 1933 in St Phillip's, St Boniface, Manitoba.
Thomas died on 30 November 1980 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, buried 3 December 1980 in Elmwood Cemetery, Winnipeg.
Elsie died on 14 September 1976 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, buried 17 September 1976 in Elmwood Cemetery, Winnipeg.

Annie Simpson was born on 14 February 1896 in Glossop. She married Arthur Marson, born 12 August 1884 in Scarborough, Yorks on 28 June 1916 in Malachi, Ontario.
Arthur died on 12 March 1959 in St Boniface, Manitoba, Canada, buried 16 March 1959 in Elmwood Cemetery, Winnipeg. Manitoba.
Annie died on 2 August 1974 in Oliver, B.C., Canada, buried 13 August 1974 in Elmwood Cemetery, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Hilda Simpson was born 25 February 1902 in Glossop. She married Ernest E. Hurley, born 3 March 1882 in Halifax, Yorks on 17 March 1925 in Transcona, Manitoba, Canada.
Ernest died on 29 September 1958 in Ottermere, Ontario, Canada, buried 3 October 1958 in Elmwood Cemetery, Canada.
Hilda died on 31 July 1960 in Ottermere, Ontario, Canada, buried 3 August 1960 in Elmwood Cemetery, Winnipeg.

Frank Simpson was born on 30 August 1903 in 61 Charlestown Road, Glossop. He married Genieva Alice Robinson born 7 December 1920 in Leamon, Alta, Canada, on 14 October 1944 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
Frank died on 19 December 1984 in Oliver, B.C. Canada, and was cremated on 21 December 1984.
Genieva died on 2 April 1988 in Oliver, B.C., Canada, cremated 8 April 1988.

Sarah Simpson was born on 25 April 1910 in 61 Charlestown Road, Glossop. She married Harry Percival Hillier, born 4 April 1905 in Ninga, Manitoba, Canada (son of Thomas Hillier and Martha Louise Fairhall) on 29 September 1933 in Ninga, Manitoba, Canada.
Harry died on 4 November 1972 in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, buried 7 November 1972 in Rosewood Cemetery, Brandon.
Sarah died on 29 September 2000 in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.

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