The Oates family of Handsworth and Glossop.

Generation One.

William Oates had two sons:
     Jonathan Oates, baptised 24 June 1764.
     James Oates, baptised 22 May 1768.

Generation Two.

Jonathan Oates was born in Richmond, Handsworth and baptised on 24 June 1764 in Handsworth. He married Hannah Redferne, baptised 24 February 1768 in Handsworth (daughter of Joseph Redferne) on 27 January 1789 in Handsworth. They had ten children:
     Joseph Oates born 1 February 1790.
     Jonathan Oates born 2 May 1792.
     Mary Oates, baptised 21 April 1794 in Handsworth, died 13 October 1795 in Handsworth.
     Ann Oates, baptised 28 August 1796 in Handsworth. She married William Buckle. William Oates, baptised 24 March 1799.
     Benjamin Oates born 21 October 1801.
     John Oates, baptised 18 December 1803 in Handsworth, died 17 October 1806.
     George Oates, baptised 26 July 1805 in Handsworth, buried 13 September 1826 in Glossop.
     Mary Oates born 4 January 1808.
     Henry Oates, born 1811, died 1850, buried at Glossop Parish Church. MI gives his age as 39 and describes him as of Hobroyd. He married Harriett Hadfield, born 16 March 1812, baptised 19 April 1812 in Glossop, daughter of Joseph Hadfield and Mary Lee (see The descendants of James Goddard of Waterside). At the 1851 census Harriett was aged 39, a widowed charwoman living in Howard Town; also in the house was Mary Ellen Firth, Niece aged 2, born Bolton, Lancashire, England. At the 1861 census Harriett was aged 49, widowed dressmaker living with brother Eli's family.
     John Oates born about 1811.
Jonathan moved to Glossop with most of the family about 1822/3.
Hannah was buried on 10 March 1837 in Glossop.
Jonathan Oates died on 25 August 1850 in Glossop.

James Oates was born in Richmond, Handsworth and baptised on 22 May 1768 in Handsworth. He married Jane Bell on 7 July 1789 in Handsworth. They had seven children:
     John Oates, baptised 5 December 1789 in Handsworth, died 29 May 1815 in Handsworth.
     Mary Oates, baptised 26 November 1791 in Handsworth, died 27 May 1815 in Handsworth.
     George Oates, baptised 6 October 1793 in Handsworth, died 6 November 1794 in Handsworth.
     Sarah Oates, baptised 25 February 1795 in Handsworth.
     Jane Oates, baptised 6 January 1799 in Handsworth.
     Elizabeth Oates, baptised 1 March 1801 in Handsworth. She married Joe Belcher on 3 January 1822.
     Benjamin Oates, baptised 22 May 1803 in Handsworth, died 1871 in Sheffield.

Generation Three.

Children of Jonathan Oates.

Joseph Oates was born on 1 February and baptised on 5 April 1790 in Handsworth. He married Mary Ann Wilson, born about 1788, on 11 July 1810 in Sheffield, Cathedral Church of St Peter & St Paul. They had five children:
     Joseph Oates, born 25 June and baptised 28 July 1811 in Handsworth.
     Jane Oates, born about 1816.
     William Oates, born about 1821.
     Henry Oates, born about 1821.
     Joseph Oates, baptised 10 April 1824 in Glossop.
Joseph was licensee of The Tontine (Norfolk Arms) from 1823 to 1837 and The Albion Hotel from 1838 to 1845.
He married Mary Moseley, born about 1788 in Cawthorn, Yorkshire, on 23 December 1840 in Glossop Parish Church.
In the 1841 census Joseph is a 50 year old auctioneer; he was Head Borough for Whitfield, Chunal and Simmondley the same year. Whites 1857 directory names him as High Bailiff of Glossop County Court and inspector of weights & measures for Glossop market in addition to being an auctioneer in High Street. He was also recorded as running the Post Office in 1857 (appointed 1823, part of the Norfolk Arms being used for the post office). 1861 census - Bailiff in High St aged 71.
Mary was killed in a carriage accident whilst returning from The Woodlands on 24 July and was buried on 27 July 1853 in Glossop Parish Church
Joseph Oates died, aged 82, on 15 December and was buried on 19 December 1872 at Glossop Parish Church.

Jonathan Oates was born on 2 May and baptised on 10 June 1792 in Handsworth. He married Ann Gibsen on 21 June 1821 in Duffield. They had four children:
     William Gibsen Oates, baptised 28 July 1822 in Alfreton.
     Walter Oates, baptised 4 April 1824 in Alfreton, died 1880 in Derby. He married his cousin Ann Oates, baptised 9 November 1835 (daughter of Benjamin Oates and Sarah Wainwright below) on 29 April 1859 in Hathersage. Ann died on 29 April 1859 in Hathersage.
     William Oates, baptised 27 June 1826 in Alfreton.
     Ann Oates, baptised 23 March 1828 in Alfreton.
Jonathan Oates died in 1866 in Bakewell.

William Oates was baptised on 24 March 1799 in Handsworth. He married Mary Woodward, born about 1815, in 1838 at Cheadle. They had six children:
     Hannah Oates, baptised 2 October 1839 in Glossop.
     Joseph Oates baptised 7 April 1841.
     Elizabeth Oates, baptised 3 January 1843 in Glossop.
     Mary Oates, baptised 11 July 1844 in Glossop.
     Zipporah Oates baptised 3 March 1846 in Glossop. She married William Rhodes in 1867 at St Michael's Ashton u Lyne
     William Oates born 1848 in Stalybridge.
     George Oates born 1850 in Stalybridge.
     Emily Oates born 1851 in Stalybridge. She married Walter Brown in 1873 at St John's Manchester.
In the 1841 census the family was at Bridge End, William a coach proprietor aged 40.

Benjamin Oates was born on 21 October 1801 in Richmond, Handsworth and baptised on 6 December 1801 in Handsworth. He married Sarah Wainwright, born 5 September 1811 in Penistone (daughter of Gilbert Wainwright and Martha Gelder) on 10 July 1826 in Glossop, by licence with the consent of her mother. They had five children:
     Joseph Oates, baptised 9 November 1826, died 1865.
     Mary Oates, baptised 13 December 1827.
     George Oates, baptised 5 December 1831 in Glossop. He married Sarah Cottrill, born about 1842 (daughter of John Cottrill) on 29 April 1861 in Hathersage.
     Ann Oates, baptised 9 November 1835, died 29 April 1859 in Hathersage. She married her cousin Walter Oates, baptised 4 April 1824 in Alfreton (son of Jonathan Oates and Ann Gibsen see above) on 29 April 1859 in Hathersage. Ann died in 1880 in Derby.
     William Oates baptised 2 June 1839.
Benjamin was a Glossop churchwarden in 1832. In Pigots directory of 1835 he is listed under Gentry at Cowbrook. Left Glossop 1835 /1839 and moved to Bridge Holme just east of Langsett Yorks. In the 1850s the family moved into the Derwent Valley and occupied Grainfoot farm which was pulled down when the valley was submerged for the making of Ladybower Res. Benjamin and Sarah left Grainfoot in the late 1860s & went to live with their son George and his wife in Manchester, where they both died, Sarah in 1881 and
Benjamin in 1883.

Mary Oates was born and baptised on 4 January 1808 in Handsworth, Yorks. She married Joseph Robinson, born 27 December 1799, baptised 2 February 1800 in Glossop, son of Joseph Robinson and Mary Bramhall (see The Robinsons of Gnat Hole) on 18 October 1830 in Glossop.

John Oates was born about 1811. He married Ann Handford on 4 April 1833 in Glossop and they had four children:
     William Oates born 1 March 1835.
     Joseph Oates, baptised 10 July 1836.
     Hannah Oates, baptised 4 March 1838.
     Emma Oates, baptised 29 September 1839.

Generation Four.

Children of William Oates.

Joseph Henry Oates was, born in 1841 and baptised on 7 April 1841 in Glossop. He worked for the railways in India where he possibly married Elizabeth Humphreys, widow of Frederick Humphreys, on 4 March 1861 in Cawnpore, Bengal, India.

Emily Elizabeth Wood, baptised 27 August 1837 at St. Paul's Canterbury (daughter of John and Mary Ann Wood) had married Frederick Humphries in 1854 at Canterbury.
They had a son, William Henry Humphries, born 4 April and baptised 18 April 1858 at Chinsurah, Bengal, India.
William Henry Humphries (father Frederick John Humphries) married Jemima Eliza Olyett (father Robert William Olyett) on 10 February 1880 in Calcutta.
Frederick Humphreys died 28 September 1860, Cawnpore, Bengal, India aged 35.

Joseph and Emily had five children:
     Robert Joseph William Oates, born 19 December 1861.
     George Henry Oates, born 24 March 1867 in Calcutta.
     Herbert Clough Oates, born 16 October 1871 in Calcutta, baptised 26 November 1871 in Calcutta. 1891 census, at Chorlton-Cum-Hardy with first cousin once removed, Zipporah Garlick, aged 19 (see The Garlick family of Pikes and The Junction).
     Florence May Oates born 27 September 1875.
     Emily Mary Oates, died 15 August 1877 in Calcutta.
Emily died, aged 45, and was buried on 8 March 1883 at Brompton. Residence: East Bourne House, 205 Brixton Road, Middlesex.
Joseph Henry Oates died in 1899 in St Annes. In his will he refers to Mary Eliza Garlick (see The Garlick family of Pikes and The Junction) as his cousin. They were engaged but Joseph didn't wish to marry because of his ill health.

William Oates was baptised on 2 June 1839 in Bridge Holme, Langsett. He married Priscilla Thorp, baptised on 18 April 1841 in Derwent (daughter of William Thorpe and Sarah Turner) on 16 February 1865 in Hathersage. After William and Priscilla married they went to live at Hancocks Farm in the Derwent Valley, which is now under the Derwent reservoir. They had five children:
     Allen Oates born 1865.
     Bertha Oates.
     Willis Oates.
     Harvey Oates, baptised 12 October 1873 in Derwent, died 10 May 1878, buried in Derwent.
     Sarah Jessie Oates, born 1 June 1876 in Derwent, died 29 May 1908 in Blackpool. She married Edward Morgan in 1906 in Blackpool.
     Ida Oates, baptised 24 November 1879 in Derwent, died 16 April 1943 in Westminster. She married Harold Whittaker (son of Henry Whittaker and Elizabeth Hartley) on 29 December 1902 in St Paul's, Blackpool. Harold died on 27 June 1948 in Hertford.
     Rodger Oates born 13 November 1881.
Priscilla died on 13 November 1881 in childbirth and was buried at Derwent Church.
William married his second wife, Sarah, in 1891 in Ecclesall Bierlow. After remarriage he took over as licencee of The Robin Hood & Little John pub (now just called called The Robin Hood) at Millhouses, Sheffield. In 1900 William, Sarah and children Sarah, Jessie, and Ida moved to 58 Warley Rd, Blackpool.
William Oates died on 10 November 1910 in Blackpool and was buried in Derwent.

Child of John Oates.

William Oates was born on 1 March 1835 in Glossop. He married his wife Elizabeth, born about 1834, in Lincoln and they had four children:
     Emma L Oates, born 1862 in Retford.
     John H Oates, born 1865 in Retford.
     William H Oates born 1867.
     Edith A Oates, born 1869 in Liverpool.
In the 1881 Census, William is recorded as a Railway Agent living at 60 Menzies St, Toxteth Park, Lancashire.
Generation Five.

Child of Joseph Henry Oates.

Robert Joseph William Oates was born on 19 December 1861 and baptised on 5 February 1862 in Allahabad, Bengal. He married Jessy Garlick, baptised 23 August 1866 in Chorlton upon Medlock, St Paul daughter of John Howard Garlick and Zipporah Robinson (see The Garlick family of Pikes and The Junction) on 5 September 1889 in Didsbury
After Jessy died he married Mary Ann Margaret Connors (daughter of James Connors) on 12 October 1897 in All Saints Cathedral, Allahabad.

Florence May Oates was born on 27 September and baptised on 3 November 1875 in Calcutta. 1891 census, at Chorlton-Cum-Hardy with first cousin once removed, Zipporah Garlick, aged 15. She married Henry Cecil Mckenzie Dowie (son of Kenneth Mckenzie Dowie) on 27 December 1899 in Calcutta. Henry was an Engineer. They had a daughter, Enid Cecil Dowie, born 20 September 1907, baptised 12 January 1908 in Calcutta.

Children of William Oates (William's son).

Allen Oates was born in 1865 at Hancocks Farm, Derwent and baptised on 15 August 1865 in Derwent. He married Mary (Polly) Wain, born 1868 in Barton-on-Irwell (daughter of David Wain and Martha Wilcock) in 1889 in Derwent. They had three children:
     Edmund Oates born 1890.
     Kathleen Oates, born 1893 in Hollinsclough Farm, Derwent, died 1967 in Bath, Somerset. She married Walter Nelson King, born 1872 in Trowbridge, Wilts (son of Walter and Eliza A King) in 1933 in Manchester, Walter died in 1969 in Bath.
     Cecil Oates born 22 July 1897.
When Allen married he took over the farm next door, Hollinsclough, & stayed there until the farm was taken over for the construction of the Derwent Reservoir about 1902 and moved to Stanley Lodge Farm on Stanley Moor, between Gt Hucklow and Tideswell Dby. In 1909 the family moved to Burrs Mount at Gt Hucklow, then about 1911 they moved to Granby House, Smalldale, Bradwell, Dby. Allen and Polly lived at Bradwell until about 1930 when they moved to Manchester.
Allen Oates died on 9 October 1934 in Manchester. Polly died on 19 April 1938 in Manchester. Both were buried in Southern Cemetery, Manchester.

Bertha Oates was baptised on 3 April 1870 in Derwent. She married Henry Hirst Marsden, born 1866 in Feltham (son of James and Myra Marsden) in 1892 in Sheffield. They had a son, James William Arthur Marsden, born January 1894, died 10 August 1894.
Bertha was living at St Helens Road, Hastings when her father died.

Willis Oates was baptised on 10 September 1871 in Derwent. He married Florence Louisa Cooper, born 1874 in Old Ford (daughter of Joseph and Ellen Cooper) in 1899 in London. They had a son, Harvey Cooper Oates, born 1899 in Wandsworth, died 21 August 1918.
From 1913 to 1937 Willis was licencee of The Alexandra Hotel, Exchange St, Sheffield, then moved to Aston Nr. Sheffield.
Willis Oates died on 8 June 1952 in Aston.
Following Willis's death, Florence returned south to be near her family. She died in 1965 in Rother Valley reg. District.

Rodger Oates was born on 13 November 1881 in Derwent. He married Lotta Walker, in 1908 in Sheffield. They had a son, Royston Oates, born 1911 in Newport, Monmouth.

Child of William Oates (John's son).

William H Oates was born in 1867 in Liverpool. He and his wife Winifred, born about 1869 in Liverpool, had three sons:
     Harry R Oates, born about 1895.
     William E Oates, born about 1897.
     George B Oates, born about 1899.
In the 1901 census William is recorded as a Railway Collector and Traffic Canvasser, living at 13 Errol St, Toxteth Park.

Generation Six.

Children of Allen Oates.

Edmund Oates was born in 1890 at Hollinsclough Farm, Derwent. He married Emily Ingham, born in 1899, baptised at Aston, in 1928 in Manchester,
Edmund died 15 November 1934 and Emily in 1964 in Manchester. Both buried in Southern Cemetery, Manchester.

Cecil Oates was born on 22 July 1897 in Hollinsclough Farm, Derwent. He married Eleanor Cameron, born 4 July 1909 in Reeds Avenue, Blackpool (daughter of Digard Cameron and May Wain) on 3 June 1936 in St Clements New Church, Chorlton cum Hardy.
Cecil died on 19 April 1965 in Ford Road, Sheffield and Eleanor died on 14 February 1978 in Rockmount Nursing Home, Blackburn, both buried in Southern Cemetery, Manchester.

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