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This section of the web site contains a number of articles on various aspects of Glossop local history.

Some of the articles were initially written to complement the family history pages on this web site. Others are revisions of articles (written from my own research, using materials from my own collection and my own subscriptions to on-line repositories) initially published elsewhere but since deleted. In order that the information in the articles should not be lost to the public view I have reworked/revised those articles and republished them on this web site.
My aim in doing so is to make information about Glossop's history as freely and widely available as possible.
Some of the articles owe a great deal to the copy of his transcript of Hamnett's articles which Neville Sharpe gave to me many years ago. As Neville said at the time "Mr. Hamnett must have spent years in collecting this information which I feel should be made more easily available to anyone interested in local history. After all, the history of the town is part of our heritage, not the preserve of some narrow academic clique.".

Ancient Parish of Glossop
Outline and Bibliography.

Borough Centenary Celebrations
Centenary Handbook Transcript.
Centenary Carnival Programme Transcript.
Centenary Celebrations 1966 Ephemera.

The Joseph Hague Charity.

Glossop Area Schools, Historical Notes.
Pioneers of Education in Glossop; Institutes and Friendly Societies.
St Andrew's Church of England School, Hadfield, class photos.
The Establishment of Hadfield Nursery School.
A Brief History of Glossop Grammar School.

Glossop's Theatres and Cinemas.
Bankswood - Hadfield's Park.
Hadfield Carnival 1926
The Manor Park Paddle Boats

Facts & Figures
Glossopdale & Longdendale in the 19th Century.
Glossop in 1881/2.
Glossop Town Plan 1954-1971.

The Hadfield Family Farm at Whitfield and Cross Cliffe Mill.
Churn Milk Hall at the Corner of Hadfield Place and James Street.
The Excelsior Works of John Hadfield & Sons, Glossop.
Gnat Hole - a Woollen Mill in a Cotton Town.
Notes on the Mills of Glossopdale.
Relationships Between the Mill Owning Families of Glossopdale.
The Importance of Water to the Mills of Glossopdale.
The Cotton Panic of the 1860s as it affected the Glossop area.

Landmarks and Events
The Glossop Drinking Fountains.
The Development of Norfolk Square.
The Opening of Glossop Cemetery.
The Lighting of Glossop's Streets.
Glossop's Early Council Housing.

Municipal Handbook Transcripts
The Official Handbook of the Glossop Borough Council, circa 1933/34.
Glossop Official Handbook 1948.
Glossop Official Handbook circa 1953.
Glossop Official Guide, circa 1957.
Photos of Glossop
Images of Glossop in Multi-view postcards.
High Street West, Glossop over the years.

Rev. A. C. M. White, Vicar of St. Andrew's, Hadfield 1917-1955.
St. Andrew’s Mothers’ Meeting, Hadfield, Golden Jubilee 1943.
Charlesworth Independent Chapel Triple Jubilee Commemoration 1798 — 1948.
Whitfield St. James Church, Centenary 1946.

Shops and Businesses
Number 1 High Street West, Glossop's Noted Corner Shop.
Bank Buildings, Victoria Street and High Street West.
Town Hall Shops, 5 to 23 High Street West.
The First Hundred Years of Banking in Glossop.
Station Road, Hadfield - Then and Now.

W. G. Grace in Glossop.
Glossop and District Cricket League 1900.
Tintwistle Cricket Club 1903 (photo).

Township Histories
The Hamlet of Charlesworth (including Gamesley).
Chisworth and Ludworth.
The Hamlet of Chunal.
The Hamlet of Dinting.
The Hamlet of Hadfield.
Historical Review of the Township of Padfield.
The Hamlet of Padfield.
The Hamlet of Simmondley.
A Ramble Through Whitfield and Chunal.
Whitfield In The Past.
The Hamlet of Whitfield.
The Whitfield Enclosure Award, 1813.
Longdendale and Woodhead.
Longdendale Historical & Descriptive Sketches, 1863.

Trade Directories
Transcripts of Glossopdale & Longdendale entries from Trade Directories.

Gamesley and Dinting Railway Layouts 1850-1900.
Park Road footbridge, Hadfield.

War Memorials
Memorials in the Glossop area and pen pictures of the Fallen.

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