The Ancient Parish of Glossop in a 20th Century Trade Directory

The background to these pages

Having created a set of pages to collate the entries in 19th Century trade directories relating to the Ancient Parish of Glossop, I decided to create a complementary set comprising entries from the Midland Counties of England Trades Directory of 1926-27.

It is interesting to note that, whilst the 'sets' of entries expanded from two (the neighbourhoods around Glossop and New Mills) in 1821-2 to four (the neighbourhoods around Glossop, Hayfield, Mellor and New Mills) later in the century, by 1926-27 there was a reversion to the two initial sets. The narrative entries for the townships had shrunk significantly as well, merely giving lists of the towns and villages covered and mentioning the Early Closing and Market days - as shown below.

Glossop including Broadbottom, Charlestown, Charlesworth, Dinting, Hadfield, Hollingworth, Old Glossop, Tintwistle, Whitfield, Woolley Bridge &c. Early closing - Tuesday; Market - Saturday

New Mills, including Birch Vale, Bugsworth, Furness Vale, Hague Bar, Hayfield, High Lea, Little Hayfield, Low Leighton, Newtown, Spring Bank, Thornsett, Torr Vale, Whaley Bridge &c. Early closing - Wednesday; Market - Saturday

The Database

A couple of notes of caution

In the database tables there is a column headed "Set". This gives the Directory year and the set of entries in which the reference is found:

In order to limit the sizes of the pages to be downloaded I've grouped the entries by initial letter of the surname. Just click on the appropriate letters to access the set you want.

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Last updated: 7 May 2019