The Ancient Parish of Glossop in 19th Century Trade Directories

The Trade Directories

In the earliest directory I've used (Pigot's Directory of 1821/2) there is a set of entries for the township of Glossop and its neighbourhood and a second set covering New Mills, Hayfield and Mellor and their neighbourhoods. Note: The fiche from which these entries were transcribed was obtained from Derbyshire Family History Society. DFHS sold the fiche in good faith as the 1821/2 edition but now believe that it is actually the 1828/9 directory identified incorrectly on the fiche.

The later directories (Pigot's of 1835 & 1842 and Slater's of 1850) reflect the rise in populations as a result of the cotton industry and have four sets of entries, for the neighbourhoods around Glossop, Hayfield, Mellor and New Mills.

Glover's Directory of 1827-9 takes a different approach, listing people under the individual hamlets but with significant descriptions only for the main centres. For convenience, I've grouped these narrative entries into the four areas mentioned above.

The narratives can be accessed by following these links:

The Database

A couple of notes of caution

In the database tables there is a column headed "Set". This gives the Directory year and the set of entries in which the reference is found:

In order to limit the sizes of the pages to be downloaded I've split the entries by initial letter of the surname. Just click on the appropriate letter to access the set you want.

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