The Ancient Parish of Glossop in a 20th Century Trade Directory

Surnames & Business Names beginning with H

Name/Business Trade/description Town Location Set
Hadfield & Hollingworth Coal Association Ltd. Coal dealer/merchant Hadfield Goods yard G26
Hadfield Cycle Co Cycle agent Glossop 82 High Street West G26
Hadfield Dairy Co Butter factor Hadfield Station Road G26
Hadfield Meat Stores Butcher Hadfield 2 Station Road G26
Hadfield, C. Refreshment rooms Glossop 23 High Street West G26
Hadfield, J & Sons Spring mattress manufacturer Whitfield Derby Street G26
Hadfield, J. Bootmaker Glossop 97 High Street East G26
Hadfield, J.J. Bleacher Thornsett N26
Hadfield, Joseph Tobacconist Glossop 60 High Street East G26
Hadfield, Mrs Confectioner Thornsett N26
Hadfield, W. Herbalist Whitfield 14 Charlestown Road G26
Hadfield's Confectioner Glossop 23 High Street West G26
Hadwin, Harry Bleacher's engineer; Hadwin's patent self-sharpening scrimp rail Glossop Howard St G26
Hagger, R.H. Dentist Newtown 39 Albion Road N26
Hague, J. Fruiterer/greengrocer Whaley Bridge 15 Macclesfield Rd N26
Haigh, H. Newsagent Hadfield 1 Railway Street G26
Haigh, Miss Confectioner Whitfield 136 Victoria Street G26
Haigh, Mrs General dealer Whitfield 26 Derby Street G26
Haigh's Costume Shop Draper Glossop 28 High Street West G26
Hall & Son Draper Glossop High Street West G26
Hall & Son Tailor/clothier/ outfitter Glossop High street West G26
Hall, E. Grocer/Tea dealer Whitfield 146 St Mary's Road G26
Hall, E. Hairdresser Hadfield 84 Station Road G26
Hall, Edward & Bro Ltd. Bleacher Whaley Bridge Tel address "Halls Bleachers, Whaley Bridge" Phone No 2; Manchester office 6 Fetter Lane, Phone No 4972, Central N26
Hall, J. Bootmaker Glossop 201 High St East G26
Hall, J. Herbalist Whitfield 138 Victoria Street G26
Hall, James Inn proprietor Little Hayfield New Inn (The), Glossop Road N26
Hall, John Blacksmith Glossop Howard St Forge G26
Hall, Mrs Drapery & fancy goods; all kinds of smallware New Mills 63 Low Leighton N26
Hall, T. Watchmaker Hadfield 5 Station Road G26
Hallam, F. General dealer Whitfield 1 Charlestown Road G26
Hallam, W.H. Musical instrument dealer Newtown 13 Albion Road N26
Hallworth, J.W. General dealer New Mills 77 High Street N26
Hamnett's Picture framer Glossop High Street East G26
Hampson, J & Son Furniture Remover Whitfield Hague Street G26
Hampson, J. & Son Bootmaker Glossop 47 High Street West G26
Hamson's Butcher Hadfield 114 Station Road G26
Hancock, F. Boot & shoe maker Whaley Bridge 24 Market Street N26
Hanson, G. Fish & chip potato dealer Hadfield 11 Brookfield G26
Hanson, Mrs Draper Birch Vale Hayfield Road N26
Harding, Mrs Draper Glossop 4 Norfolk Street G26
Hardman, Misses Corset maker Whitfield 88 St Mary's Road G26
Hare & Hounds Hotel Old Glossop 27 Hall Street G26
Hare & Hounds Hotel Low Leighton N26
Harrison, A. Newsagent Hollingworth 76 Market Street G26
Harrison, A. Ltd Coal dealer/merchant Hadfield Goods yard G26
Harrison, C. Confectioner Whaley Bridge Horwich End N26
Harrison, C.S. Grocer/Tea dealer Glossop 122 High St West G26
Harrison, Mrs Draper Tintwistle 10 New Road G26
Harrop, J & A Draper New Mills 39 Union Road N26
Harrop, W. Rope manufacturer Newtown Newtown Ropery N26
Harvey, Miss Milliner Whaley Bridge Horwich End N26
Hawley's Newsagent, printer, tobacconist, bookseller & stationer Glossop 1 High Street West G26
Hawthorn, John & Co Brass & Iron Founder Newtown Albion Road N26
Hayfield Co-operative Society Grocer Hayfield Church Street N26
Hayfield Printing Co Ltd Calico Printer Hayfield N26
Hazlewood, F. Hairdresser Glossop 10 High Street West G26
Heap, The Misses Confectioner Glossop 105 High St East G26
Heap's Stores Newsagent, bookseller & stationer Glossop 81 High Street West G26
Heeling & Bunting Coal merchant Hayfield Station yard N26
Henmer, A Glass/china dealer Whaley Bridge N26
Hepworth's Ltd Tailor/clothier/ outfitter Glossop High Street East G26
Hesketh, R. Coal dealer/merchant & corn merchant Whitfield 61 Charlestown Road G26
Hibbs, A. Newsagent Newtown 20 Albion Road N26
Higginbotham, Edwin & Co Ironmonger Newtown 46-48 Albion Road N26
Higginbottom & Simpson Brass & Iron Founder New Mills Hyde Bank N26
Higginbottom, A. Builder Tintwistle Manchester Road G26
Higginbottom, G & E Chemical Manufacturer New Mills High Street N26
Higginbottom, J & Sons Ironmonger New Mills 14 Market Street N26
Higginbottom, M Grocer New Mills 26 High Street N26
Higginbottom, Mrs Draper Glossop 17 High Street West G26
Higginbottom's Hairdresser Whitfield 85 Victoria Street G26
High Peak Advertiser Newspaper New Mills N26
High Peak Reporter Newspaper New Mills N26
High Street Supper Bar Fish & chip potato dealer Glossop 91 High Street West G26
Higton, H. Grocer/Tea dealer Hollingworth 106 Market Street G26
Hill, A. Fruiterer/greengrocer & high class fishmonger New Mills 7 Union Road N26
Hill, C.J. Fancy draper, hosiery and bed-linen Newtown 78 Albion Road N26
Hill, Isaac Grocer Thornsett N26
Hill, J.W. Newsagent & tobacconist Glossop 24 High Street East G26
Hill, Mrs General dealer Tintwistle 38 New Road G26
Hill, Mrs Draper Whaley Bridge 3 Canal Street N26
Hill, W. Fruiterer/greengrocer Hadfield 82 Station Road G26
Hill's Stores Grocer & general store Glossop 72 High Street West G26
Hinchcliffe, Mrs F. High class confectioner Hadfield 61 Platt Street G26
Hobson, F. Baker New Mills 41 Union Road N26
Hobson, F. Confectioner & baker Newtown 80 Albion Road N26
Hobson, J. Confectioner New Mills 29 Market Street N26
Hodgson, Mrs Confectioner Tintwistle 117 Manchester Rd G26
Hodkinson, E. Boot & shoe maker Newtown 70 Albion Road N26
Hodson, J. Herbalist Hadfield 118 Station Road G26
Holden's Repair Shop Watchmaker Hadfield 76 Station Road G26
Holdgate, J.B. Painter Glossop 149 High St West G26
Hollingberry, John K. Chartered Accountant Glossop Howard Chambers, Howard St G26
Holmes, Mrs Confectioner Whitfield 12 Charlestown Rd G26
Holt, W. Billiard rooms Glossop 119 High St East G26
Horse Shoe Inn Inn Charlesworth G26
Household Stores Grocer/Tea dealer Glossop 11 High Street East G26
Howard, David Herbalist New Mills 17 High Street N26
Howard, J. Painter New Mills Rock Street N26
Howard, Mrs Confectioner New Mills Station Road N26
Howard, W & Son Builder Whitfield 27 Hadfield Street G26
Howarth, E. Furniture dealer Glossop 138 High St West G26
Howarth, M.E. Grocer & confectioner Whaley Bridge Buxton Road, Bridgemont N26
Howarth, Wright & Co Bleacher Newtown Albert Works N26
Howbrook Bros Builder Hadfield Hadfield Saw Mills G26
Hudson, G.W. Bookseller & stationer Glossop 55 High Street West G26
Hudson, J & Sons Builder/Contractor Low Leighton N26
Hudson, J.W. Blacksmith Low Leighton N26
Hudson, L Grocer Birch Vale N26
Hughes, Mrs General dealer Hollingworth 114 Woolley Bridge G26
Huley & Sons Builder/Contractor New Mills N26
Hulme, Miss Milliner Hadfield 45 Station Road G26
Hulme, W. Confectioner Whaley Bridge Horwich End N26
Hunter, T.P. Draper Glossop 9 High Street West G26
Hunter's Ltd Grocer New Mills 43 Market Street N26
Hunter's Tea Stores Grocer/Tea dealer Hadfield 39A Station Road G26
Hunter's Tea Stores Ltd Grocer Newtown 72 Albion Road N26
Hurst, T. Monumental mason Birch Vale Hayfield Road N26
Hurst, Walter Tailor/clothier/ outfitter Glossop 9 High Street East G26
Hyde, G.S. Hairdresser New Mills 57 High Street N26
Hyde, Mrs Confectioner Hadfield Hadfield Road G26
Hyde, Mrs Draper Newtown 17 Albion Road N26
Hyde, W. Newsagent Birch Vale N26
Hyde, Walter Hatter/hosier Glossop 34 High Street West G26


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