The Ancient Parish of Glossop in a 20th Century Trade Directory

Surnames & Business Names beginning with P, Q and R

Name/Business Trade/description Town Location Set
Pack Horse Inn/Public House Whitle Bower Lane N26
Pack Horse Hotel Hotel Hayfield Market Street N26
Padgett's Butcher Hollingworth 25 Market Street G26
Page, S. Hairdresser Glossop 6 Norfolk Street G26
Palatine & Railway hotel Hotel Hadfield 133 Station Road G26
Palfreyman, J. Newsagent Whaley Bridge Horwich End N26
Parker, J & Son Skewer manufacturer Newtown N26
Parker, Miss Confectioner Hadfield 115 Station Road G26
Parrott, J & Sons Fruiterer/greengrocer New Mills Market Street N26
Patchett, T. Butcher Hadfield 32 Station Road G26
Patterson, Mrs General dealer Old Glossop Church Street G26
Pear Tree Inn Inn Glossop 25 High Street East G26
Pearson, Albert Inn proprietor Whitfield The Albion, Victoria Street G26
Pearson, H Grocer Bugsworth N26
Pearson, J.H. Butcher Whaley Bridge Horwich End N26
Pearson, R. Butcher Hayfield Market Street N26
Pearson's Fruit & Flower Depot Fruiterer/greengrocer New Mills 4 High Street N26
Peck, G.W. Wholesale & retail Fruiterer/greengrocer Glossop 123 High St East G26
Peck's Fish & chip potato dealer Whitfield 106 Victoria Street G26
Peel's Arms Inn Padfield 6 Temple Street G26
Pell, William Bootmaker Glossop 52 High Street West G26
Penny, L.P. Confectionery, groceries, sweets & mixed goods dealer Whitfield 62 Victoria Street G26
Penny, L.P. Wireless; all makes of instruments and parts at reasonable prices; aerials fixed; accumulators charged Whitfield 62 Victoria Street G26
Peplow, Mrs General dealer Glossop 197 High St West G26
Phethean, J. & Co Ltd Cotton spinner New Mills Beard Mill N26
Phethean, John & Co Ltd Bleacher New Mills Bate Mill N26
Pickford, Mrs Draper Padfield 31 Post Street G26
Pierce, G. Painter Whaley Bridge Market Street N26
Piper's Bazaar Fancy goods dealer Glossop 36A High St West G26
Piper's Bazaar New Mills 49 Market Street N26
Pitt, F. Plumber/glazier Hollingworth Market Street G26
Plant, J. Tripe Dealer New Mills 31 High Street N26
Platt, E. Confectioner Hollingworth 58 Woolley Lane G26
Platt, J. Coal dealer/merchant Glossop 11 Railway Street G26
Platt, M.D. Baker Glossop 3 High Street West G26
Platt's cafe Refreshment rooms Glossop 3 High Street West G26
Podmore, T.L. Confectioner Glossop 23 High Street East G26
Pogson, F & S Draper New Mills 5 Union Road N26
Pollard, Miss Grocer Hayfield 16 Gladstone Terr N26
Pollitt, J Sumner Solicitor New Mills 32 Union Road N26
Poole, G Ltd Oil merchant Newtown Albion Road N26
Porritt, Ralph Joiner Hayfield Church Street N26
Porritt, W. Grocer Hayfield Market Street N26
Potter, A & S Draper Whaley Bridge Horwich End N26
Potter, Edmund & Co Ltd Calico printer Dinting Vale G26
Potter, J. Cycle maker/agent & motor engineer Whaley Bridge Horwich End N26
Potts, A. Herbalist Newtown 76 Albion Road N26
Potts, C. Fruiterer/greengrocer Glossop High Street West G26
Potts, G. Confectioner Glossop 218 High St West G26
Potts, J. Plumber Whaley Bridge Wharf Road N26
Potts, James Pork butcher Newtown 52 Albion Road N26
Potts, S. Fruiterer/greengrocer New Mills 15 High Street N26
Potts, W. Grocer/Tea dealer Hadfield 12 Queen Street G26
Potts, W. Grocer New Mills 65 Hall Street N26
Powell, F.J. Confectioner & tobacconist Glossop 98 High Street West G26
Pownall, W. Bootmaker Whitfield 38 Victoria Street G26
Pownall, W. Draper Hollingworth 17 Market Street G26
Pownall, W.T. Fish & chip potato dealer Glossop 63 High Street West G26
Price, J.W. General dealer Whitfield 17 Freetown G26
Printers Arms Inn/Public House Thornsett N26
Proctor, J.H. Joiner Whaley Bridge Old Road N26
Proctor's Pharmacy Chemist/Pharmacist Whaley Bridge 16 Market Street N26
Puck's Stores General dealer Glossop High Street West G26
Queen's Arms Inn Old Glossop G26
Queen's Arms Hotel New Mills 1 Church Road N26
Railway Hotel Hotel New Mills 59 Market Street N26
Railway Inn Inn/Public House Hayfield Chapel Street N26
Ralph, I. Cycle agent Tintwistle 18 New Road G26
Ralph, I. Draper Tintwistle 20 New Road G26
Ralph, S. Hatter/hosier Glossop 16 High Street East G26
Rangeley, E Boot & shoe maker Hayfield Church Street N26
Ratcliffe, J. Draper Hadfield 121 Station Road G26
Redfern, A.L. Builder/Contractor Spring Bank N26
Redfern, Ann China, glass &c dealer Glossop 75 High Street West G26
Redfern, G & A Carrier New Mills Crescent Street N26
Refearne, P.A. Plumber New Mills N26
Refuge Assurance Co Ltd Insurance company Glossop Norfolk Square G26
Reliable Garage Motor engineer Whaley Bridge N26
Renshaw, Misses Milliner Hollingworth 68 Woolley Bridge G26
Rhodes & Son (Hadfield) Ltd Cotton spinner/ manufacturer Hadfield Hadfield Mills G26
Rhodes, Walter Confectioner Hollingworth 140 Market Street G26
Richardson, E Fruiterer/greengrocer Hayfield Church Street N26
Richardson, E. Fishmonger Hayfield Church Street N26
Richardson, J. Grocer Newtown 110 Buxton Road N26
Richardson's Newsagent Whaley Bridge 22 Market Street N26
Rideal Ltd Chemist/pharmacist Glossop 106 High St West G26
Ridley, Mrs General dealer Glossop 210 High St West G26
Riley, W. Fruiterer/greengrocer Whitfield 70 Freetown G26
Roberts Grocer/Tea dealer Hollingworth 35 Market Street G26
Roberts, A.J. Pork butcher New Mills 24 Market Street N26
Roberts, Mrs Confectioner, teas etc Furness Vale 18 Buxton Road N26
Robinson, J.E. China, glass &c dealer Glossop 21 High Street East G26
Robinson, Mrs Confectioner Tintwistle 61 Manchester Rd G26
Robinson, Mrs Wardrobe dealer Glossop High Street West G26
Robinson, R. Watchmaker Hollingworth Market Street G26
Robinson, W. Fruiterer/greengrocer Hollingworth 126 Woolley Bridge G26
Robinson's Bakery Confectioner & baker Hadfield 27 Station Road G26
Rogers, F. Fruiterer/greengrocer Hadfield 15 Station Road G26
Rogers, W. Tailor/clothier/ outfitter Hadfield 77 Station Road G26
Rolley, T.J. Tobacconist Glossop 81 High Street East G26
Roome, J. Fishmonger Whaley Bridge 4 Market Street N26
Rose & Crown Inn Inn Glossop 89 High Street West G26
Ross, A.E. Draper Whaley Bridge 12 Market Street N26
Rothwell, E. Grocer/Tea dealer Hadfield 94 Station Road G26
Rowbotham, J.E. & Co Ltd Manufacturer Newtown Buxton Road N26
Rowbottom, J. Fruiterer/greengrocer Whitfield 104 Victoria Street G26
Rowbottom, J. Tripe Dealer New Mills 35 Market Street N26
Rowbottom, J. Ltd Cotton spinner/ manufacturer Glossop Hurst Mills G26
Rowbottom, S. & Co Ltd Cotton spinner/ manufacturer Glossop Meadow Mills G26
Royal Hotel Hotel Hayfield N26
Royal Liver Insurance Society Insurance company Glossop 25 Norfolk Street G26
Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Insurance company Glossop 3 Shaw Street G26
Royal Oak Inn Glossop Sheffield Road G26
Royal Oak Inn/Public House New Mills Market Street N26
Rudd, Mrs Grocer Furness Vale Station Road N26
Rudd, Mrs I. Confectioner Furness Vale 1 Station Road N26
Rumney, Edward B. Calico Printer New Mills Watford Bridge Print Works N26


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