The Ancient Parish of Glossop in a 20th Century Trade Directory

Surnames & Business Names beginning with F and G

Name/Business Trade/description Town Location Set
Farnsworth & Co Fruiterer/greengrocer Glossop 112 High St West G26
Farrar's Stores Glass/china dealer New Mills 27 Union Road N26
Farrow's Fruiterer/greengrocer Hayfield Church Street N26
Fenton, R. Ladies & gents tailor & outfitter New Mills 33 Union Road N26
Fernally Printer Hadfield Station Road G26
Fidler, W. Draper Hadfield 107 Station Road G26
Fidler, W. Ladies & gents outfitter Hadfield 128 Station Road G26
Field, E. Fish & chip potato dealer Padfield 1 Post Street G26
Field, E. Groceries, sweets & mixed goods dealer Padfield Post Street G26
Fielding, E & Son Watchmaker Glossop 39 High Street West G26
Fielding, Misses Confectioner Whitfield 57 Whitfield Cross G26
Fielding, Mrs Baker Glossop 40 High Street East G26
Fielding's Stores Draper Whitfield 116 Victoria Street G26
Firth, Abraham Fruiterer/greengrocer Whaley Bridge 17 Market Street N26
Fisher, C.E. & Son Joiner Glossop Ellison Street G26
Fisher, F & Son Painter Hollingworth Woolley Lane G26
Fletcher, A. Fish & chip potato dealer Whitfield 60 Victoria Street G26
Fletcher, G. Grocer/Tea dealer Whitfield Charlestown Road G26
Flint, M Draper New Mills 19 Union Road N26
Florry, S Wood turner Newtown Albion Road N26
Ford, H Tobacconist Birch Vale P.O. N26
Ford, W. Glass/china dealer Furness Vale Buxton Road N26
Forster, F.G. General fancy draper & hosier Hollingworth 50 Woolley Bridge G26
Fountain, E.A. Draper Hadfield 68 Station Road G26
Fowler, W Newsagent Hollingworth 31 Market Street G26
Fox Inn Inn/Public House Hague Bar N26
Fox, Madame Milliner New Mills 13 Church Road N26
Fox, Thomas Fish & poultry dealer Glossop High Street West G26
Foy, T. Fruiterer/greengrocer Glossop 76 High Street West G26
Frank, C. Newsagent Whaley Bridge Old Road N26
Freeman, Hardy & Willis Ltd Bootmaker Glossop 27 High Street West G26
French & Walshaw Plumber/glazier; also authorised gas, steam, hot-water heating and sanitary engineers Glossop 72 High Street East & 22 Stanyforth Street, Hadfield G26
Frith, H.D. Dental Surgeon Glossop Norfolk Street G26
Frith, W. Saddler Newtown Albion Road N26
Fuller, N & M Milliner Glossop 90 High Street West G26
Fuller's Saddler Glossop Henry Street G26
Gadd, F.A. House furnisher New Mills 3 Union Road N26
Garlick, William Confectioner & tobacconist, refreshment rooms; teas etc Whaley Bridge The Hut Tea Rooms, Buxton Road, near Wesleyan Chapel N26
Garlick's Stores Grocer New Mills 65 Hall Street N26
Gartside & Co Ltd Cotton spinner/ manufacturer Hadfield Waterside Mills G26
Gartside, J. Fruiterer/greengrocer Newtown Buxton Road N26
Gee, T Blacksmith Newtown 88 Albion Road N26
George & Dragon Inn Charlesworth G26
George Hotel Hotel New Mills 72 High Street N26
George Hotel Hotel Hayfield Church Street N26
Gibbons, H. Bootmaker 16A High St East, Glossop Repairs a speciality G26
Gibson, R. Tailor/clothier/ outfitter Hollingworth Woolley Bridge G26
Gladwin & Clarke Carrier New Mills N26
Globe Inn Glossop High Street West G26
Glossop Advertiser Printing & Publishing Co Ltd Newspaper & Printer Glossop Howard Street G26
Glossop Carriage Co Ltd Undertaker Glossop Howard Street G26
Glossop Co-operative Society Ltd Baker Glossop 46 High Street West G26
Glossop Dale Chronicle Printing & Publishing Co Ltd Newspaper & Printer Glossop 18 Norfolk Street G26
Glossop Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd Grocer/Tea dealer Glossop Norfolk Square G26
Glossop Iron Co Ltd Brassfounder Glossop Surrey Street G26
Glossop Motor Co Ltd Motor engineer Glossop Arundel Street G26
Glossop Palace Amusement Glossop George Street G26
Glossop Printers Ltd. Printer Hadfield 114 Station Road G26
Glover, C. Fish & chip potato dealer Glossop 62 Edward Street G26
Goddard & Co Newsagent Glossop 242 High St West G26
Goddard, H. Draper Glossop 42 High Street West G26
Goddard, John T. Estate agent, auctioneer & valuer Glossop 12 Howard Street G26
Goddard, W. China, glass &c dealer Glossop 240 High St West G26
Golding, G.F. Tobacconist Whaley Bridge Market Street N26
Goldthorpe Stores Grocer/Tea dealer Glossop 33 Charles Street G26
Goodwin's Confectioner Glossop 112 High St East G26
Gorham, E. Fruiterer/greengrocer Whitfield 24 Charlestown Rd G26
Gould, N & Co Ltd Grocer New Mills 57 Market Street N26
Goyt Mill Co Cotton spinner Whaley Bridge N26
Grapes Inn Glossop 305 High St West G26
Greaves, G. Bootmaker Hadfield 55 Hadfield Road G26
Greaves, W. Confectioner Hadfield 103 Station Road G26
Green, F. Confectioner Whitfield 36 Hadfield Street G26
Green, F. Cycle maker/agent Hayfield Market Street N26
Green, F. Tobacconist New Mills 64 Market Street N26
Green, W.H. Fried fish shop & refreshment rooms New Mills 72 Market Street N26
Green's Tea Rooms Refreshment Rooms; teas provided, also confectioner Hayfield Station Road N26
Greenwood, John Stone merchant & quarry owner; monumental stone and grit setts a speciality Glossop Lees Hall Low & Mouslow Quarries G26
Greenwood's Butcher Hayfield Market Street N26
Griffiths, T. Tobacconist New Mills Hibbert Street N26
Grimes, Miss Draper New Mills 2 High Street N26
Grosvenor, Mrs General dealer Glossop 8 Collier Street G26
Grouse Hotel Birch Vale Hayfield Road N26
Grove Inn/Public House Newtown Buxton Road N26
Grove Mill Paper Co Ltd Papermaker Newtown N26
Guest, A.E. Hairdresser Newtown 82 Albion Road N26


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Last updated: 25 January 2012