The Ancient Parish of Glossop in a 20th Century Trade Directory

Surnames & Business Names beginning with V, W and Y

Name/Business Trade/description Town Location Set
Valentine's Confectioner Furness Vale Buxton Road N26
Viaduct Inn Inn Dinting Dinting Vale G26
Victoria (The) Garage Motor repairs, petrol, oil, accessories; motor cycles bought, sold and exchanged Whitfield 62 Victoria Street G26
Victoria Chemical Co Chemical Manufacturer New Mills St George's Road N26
Victoria hotel Hotel Whitfield 17 Gladstone Street G26
Victoria hotel Hotel Hadfield Bross Croft G26
Vine Tavern Inn/Public House Ollersett N26
Waddington, F. & Son Hairdresser Hayfield Church Street N26
Wadsworth, Mrs Tobacconist Hadfield 2 Bank Street G26
Waggon & Horses Inn Charlesworth G26
Wain & Sons Monumental Mason Glossop Simmondley Lane G26
Wain, A. Grocer/Tea dealer Glossop 27 Sheffield Road G26
Wain, Joseph & Son Tailor/clothier/ outfitter Glossop 59 High Street West G26
Wain, S. Grocer/Tea dealer Hollingworth 156 Market Street G26
Walker, A. Solicitor 8 Spring Bank N26
Walker, E.M.& Son Draper Hadfield 105 Station Road G26
Walker, S. Solicitor New Mills 8 Market Street N26
Walker's Grocer/Tea dealer Hollingworth 124 Market Street G26
Walmsley, Mrs Confectioner Padfield 5 Post Street G26
Walsh, H. Grocer/Tea dealer Hadfield 8 Bank Street G26
Walton, A & E Confectioner Newtown 50 Albion Road N26
Walton, J. Ltd Bleacher Whitfield Charlestown Road G26
Walton, W. Stationer Newtown 48 Albion Road N26
Ward Optician Glossop 73 High Street West G26
Ward, Sydney C. Motor & cycle engineer; sole district agent for Triumph motor cycles Whaley Bridge Cock Hotel Garage, Tel add "Ward, Engineer, Whaley Bridge" N26
Ware, R. Grocer Whaley Bridge Bridge Street N26
Warhurst, John Ironmonger Hollingworth 4 Market Street G26
Warhurst, Miss Milliner Hadfield 90 Station Road G26
Warksmoor Mill Co Cotton spinner Newtown N26
Warrington, A. Butcher Glossop 19 High Street East G26
Warrington, E High-class supper restaurant New Mills 69 High Street N26
Warrington, Miss Grocer Hayfield Fairy Bank N26
Waterhouse & Higginbottom Laundry Glossop Ellison Street G26
Waterhouse, F & Co Motor engineer Glossop 100 High St East G26
Waterhouse, Mrs J. Photographer New Mills 20 High Street N26
Waters, H.S. & Son Sign writer Whitfield 76 Freetown G26
Watson & Co Butcher New Mills Victoria Market Hall N26
Watson, S. Butcher New Mills 72 Hall Street N26
Watts, G.E. Draper Whaley Bridge 30 Market Street N26
Watts, Mrs A, Sweets, cigarettes etc Hadfield 104 Station Road G26
Webb, J.W. Hairdresser Hadfield 134 Station Road G26
Webb, Mrs Confectioner Glossop 131 Hall Street G26
Wharmby, E. Confectioner New Mills 29 Union Road N26
Wharmby, G. China, glass &c dealer Glossop 127 Hall Street G26
Wharmby, J.T. & Son Confectioner & baker New Mills 42 Market Street N26
Wharmby's Refreshment Rooms New Mills 86 Market Street N26
Whitaker, Mrs S. Confectioner & general dealer, Refreshment Rooms; teas provided Whaley Bridge Old Road N26
White Hart Hotel Whaley Bridge Buxton Road N26
White Hart Inn/Public House New Mills High Street N26
White Horse Hotel Whaley Bridge Horwich End N26
Whitehead, C. Confectioner Hollingworth 88 Market Street G26
Whitehead, C. Draper Hollingworth 86 Market Street G26
Whitehead, Mrs Confectioner Whitfield 19 Gladstone Street G26
Whiteley Stores Draper Glossop 197 High St East G26
Whittaker, Wm. Confectioner & grocer Whitfield 142 St Mary's Road G26
Whittle, Mrs Fruiterer/greengrocer Tintwistle 113 Manchester Rd G26
Wilcocks, W. Fried fish shop Whaley Bridge Horwich End N26
Wild & Sons Tripe Dresser Whitfield 1 Collier Street G26
Wild, E. Butcher Whaley Bridge Old Road N26
Wild, H. Butcher Hadfield Station Road G26
Wild, John & Sons Joiner Newtown 68 Albion Road N26
Wild, Mrs Grocer New Mills 42 Meal Street N26
Wild, S. Grocer Newtown N26
Wild, S. Tobacconist Whaley Bridge Horwich End N26
Wilde & Bennett Blacksmith & wheelwright Hadfield Station Road G26
Wilde's General dealer Whaley Bridge Macclesfield Road N26
Wildgoose, J. Confectioner & hardware dealer Hadfield 23 Station Road G26
Wiles, Miss Draper Whaley Bridge Horwich End N26
Willey, J.H. Cabinetmaker & upholsterer Glossop 23 Hope Street G26
Williams Deacon's Bank Ltd Bank Whaley Bridge N26
Williamson, S.L. & Son Wheelwright Newtown Buxton Road N26
Wilson & Bates Mineral water manufacturer Glossop Howard Street G26
Wilson, G.H. Solicitor Glossop Norfolk Square G26
Wilson, Mrs Draper Whaley Bridge Old Road N26
Wilson, R Ltd Baker Glossop 174 High St West G26
Wilson, R. Ltd Baker New Mills Buxton Road N26
Winn, Mrs Baker New Mills 38 Meal Street N26
Winterbottom, G. Fish & chip potato dealer Glossop 185 High St West G26
Winterbottom, J. Confectioner Glossop 267 High St West G26
Winterbottom, T. Watchmaker & repairer Glossop 139 High St West G26
Wittle, Mrs General dealer Tintwistle 113 Manchester Rd G26
Wood Inn/Public House Hayfield N26
Wood, D. Candle wick manufacturer Newtown N26
Wood, H.J. & E Draper New Mills 28 Market Street N26
Wood, J. General dealer Tintwistle 14 New Road G26
Wood, J. & Bros Ltd Cotton spinner/ manufacturer Glossop Howard Town Mills G26
Wood, J.A. Boot & shoe maker & repairer New Mills 49 Union Road N26
Wood, J.R. Joiner & wheelwright Whaley Bridge Old Road N26
Wood, Mrs Confectioner Hadfield 95 Platt Street G26
Wood, Mrs Fish & chip potato dealer Tintwistle New Road G26
Wood, Mrs Confectioner Newtown 11 Buxton Road N26
Wood, R & S Wheelwright Charlesworth G26
Woodcock, J. Grocer & provision merchant Tintwistle 2 Woodhead Road G26
Woodcock, P. Draper Glossop 31 High Street West G26
Woodhead, Geo Butcher Whitfield 141 Victoria Street G26
Woodhead, J.T. Baker Whitfield 72 Victoria Street G26
Woodhouse, A.C. Butcher Old Glossop 36 Church Street G26
Woodhouse, J. Hardware dealer & ironmonger Hollingworth 3 Woolley Lane G26
Woodhouse, S.S. Butcher Hadfield 99 Station Road G26
Woodhouse, S.S. Confectioner Hadfield 97 Station Road G26
Wood's Herb Stores Herbalist New Mills 8 High Street N26
Woodward, J.C. Hairdresser Hadfield 106 Station Road G26
Woodward, William Fruiterer/greengrocer Newtown Buxton Road N26
Woolley, G. Butcher Hollingworth 90 Market Street G26
Woolley, H. Painter Tintwistle 49 Manchester Road G26
Woolley, R. Butcher Glossop 77 High Street West G26
Worsley, Arthur Undertaker Hadfield 40 Bross croft G26
Worth, J.A. Stationer Furness Vale Buxton Road N26
Wren, W & Co Saddler Whaley Bridge Market Street N26
Wright, F. Fried fish shop New Mills 3 Torr Top Street N26
Wrigley & Neild Draper Glossop 50 High Street West G26
Wyatt, J.A. Butcher Newtown Albion Road N26
Wyatt, J.W. Confectioner New Mills 6 Spring Bank N26
Wyatt's Confectioner Hadfield 3 Station Road G26
Wyld, J.W. Butcher Furness Vale Buxton Road N26
Wyman & Sons Ltd Newsagent Glossop Railway Station G26
Yates, A Draper New Mills 26 Market Street N26
Yates, E & Sons Brass & Iron Founder New Mills Britannic Works N26


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